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Cemeteries of Grayson County, Virginia



This index lists about 560 cemeteries identified in Grayson Co. Virginia. About 500 of these have been surveyed with files listing burial information presented here. Over 25,000 graves are listed.

Included in this index are several cemeteries where there is no available information on the burials and cemeteries where we do not currently have sufficent information to find them. Some of these may be duplicates of other known cemeteries.

Cemeteries are listed in alphabetical order using the family surname, community name, institution name, etc. Cemeteries may be known under different names by different groups. We have attempted to use the most widely used name and to include alternate names in the description.

Go to Galax Cemeteries for cemeteries that are within the current city limits of Galax, Va. This list includes cemeteries that are in areas that were formerly part of Grayson or Carroll counties.

These cemetery listings are the result of the collected efforts of many people. The information in these listings is now available in a three volume book set that can be purchased from the Grayson County Virginia Heritage Foundation. These books have some additional cemeteries and corrections and updates to some of the cemetery listings that are here on New River Notes.

Currently there are no plans to keep the listings on New River Notes updated or to correct errors. However, if you have corrections or additional information about the burials listed here please send them to the Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation.