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David Cole Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Flatridge

Directions: From the junction of Comers Rock Rd (Rt 658) and Flatridge Rd (Rt 601) go north about one mile on Flatridge Rd. The cemetery is on private property just past the junction of Rockbridge Rd (Rt 794) and Flatridge Rd. The cemetery is about 0.2 mile across a field through a gate on Flatridge Rd. The cemetery is visible from the road. It is located on the property of Jonas Cole Lane

GPS Coordinates: N36.683311 W81.335571

Surveyed by: Jonas Cole Lane in 1992, Paul Herndon in 1995, Barbara Norvell in 2004


David Cole Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
COLE, Clinton Dexter 1 Feb 1891 27 Feb 1920 [s/o Linder and Darthula Weaver Cole; h/o Lillian Russell]
Row 2
CORNETTE, Infant     infant d/o J.E. Cornette
CORNETTE, Annie Lee 5 Apr 1911 2 Oct 1913 [d/o John E. and Izora A. Haga Cornett]
unknowns     two unmarked graves
Row 3
ROSS, W[illiam] G[ranville] 13 Jan 1828 4 Jan 1898 [s/o Stephen B. and Elizabeth Anderson Ross]
ROSS, Diann 14 Jun 1830 4 Aug 1907 [nee Rymer]; w/o W.G. Ross
HASH, Hanna 13 Aug 1841 18 Mar 1937 w/o Joseph Hash
HASH, Joseph [20 Mar 1858] 22 May 1923 [s/o Henderson and Rose Anne Hash]
HASH, Rose Ann Crouse     [w/o Henderson Hash]
Row 4
ROSS, Troy Alexander 10 Jan 1870 4 Jan 1947 [s/o William Granville Ross and Diann Rymer]
ROSS, Almedia 5 Mar 1868 25 Jan 1947 [d/o David and Manerva Parks Cole; w/o Troy Alexander Ross]
COLE, David 15 Dec 1830 10 Jul 1913 [s/o Charles and Elizabeth Haga Cole]
COLE, Menerva [20 May] 1831 [12 Aug] 1922 [w/o David Cole; d/o John C. and Catherine Weavel Parks]
Row 5
HAGA, Elbert Ellis 8 Mar 1886 12 Apr 1887 [s/o William K. and Irena Cole Haga]
RUSSELL, Billy Scott 9 Apr 1943 27 Apr 1943 s/o Dean and Anna Mae Russell
Row 6
RUSSELL, F.M. 4 Jan 1876 3 Sep 1942 [James Monroe, s/o James F. & Lutitia Ross Russell; initials should be J.M., not F.M.]
RUSSELL, Fannie Lee 15 Feb 1879 30 Apr 1915 [d/o of M.W. and Amanda C. Pugh Kiser; w/o J.M. Russell]
unknowns     six graves marked only with rocks
Row 7
TESTERMAN, Albert Roby 9 Oct 1892 8 Apr 1918 [s/o Peter & Sarah Ann Haga Testerman]
TESTERMAN, Peter Riley 1 Nov 1865 14 Oct 1939 [s/o Jesse & T.J. Testerman; h/o Sarah Ann Haga]
COLE, W.C.      
unknowns     five graves marked only with rocks
COLE, R.M.     slate type rock lying on the ground with the name scratched on it; [Rosamond M., d/o Lewis & Delila Haga; w/o K. Columbus Cole]
COLE, K. Columbus 30 Mar 1851 7 Mar 1876 [s/o David and Menerva Parks Cole]
TESTERMAN, Infants 22 Nov 1901 18 Mar 1910 infants of Pete and Sarah [Haga] Testerman
Row 8
unknowns     six graves marked only with rocks
HAGA, Infant Mar 1897 26 Apr 1897  
Row 9
PARKS, Cornelia   10 Mar 1890  
PARKS, Minnie   7 Nov 1890  
PARKS, Eliza   3 Mar 1890  
HAGA, James Yose 17 Nov 1847 14 May 1916 [s/o Henry and Elizabeth Cooper Haga]
HAGA, Elizabeth Hash 5 Jan 1842 25 Sep 1895 w/o James Yose Haga
unknowns     four graves marked only with rocks
Row 10
YONCE, Mathilda 10 Oct 1833 31 Mar 1911 [d/o John C. and Catherine Weavel Parks; w/o Peter Yonce]
YONCE, Peter     grave marked only with rock; [Peter believed to be buried here]
YONCE, Jarvis 1 Apr 1868 27 Mar 1897 [s/o Peter and Matilda Parks Yonce]; double stone with next
YONCE, Rosa Belle 8 Aug 1874 5 Dec 1900 [d/o James Y. and Elizabeth Hash Haga]