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Hampton-Collins Cemetery

aka John Newton Hampton Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Baywood Community

Directions: This cemetery is on a hilltop in a wooded area about 500 feet from the road on the east side of Greenwich Road (Rt 623) 0.3 mile from its intersection with Old Baywood Road (Rt 626). There is a cleared roadway from the highway to the cemetery.

GPS Coordinates: N36.61320 W81.00078

Surveyed by: Pat Davis in 1990; genealogy information from Paul Herndon’s files; updated by Buford C. Wilson 24 Apr 2008

Comments: The cemetery has a good fence and it appears to be well maintained.

Hampton-Collins Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
HAMPTON, John Newton 24 Dec 1853 24 Dec 1937 [s/o Litrille Hickerson Hampton & Nancy Blevins]
HAMPTON, Frances Leviah 3 Apr 1856 15 Apr 1920 [d/o Wiley G. Collins & Sarah Ann Brewer; w/o John Newton Hampton]
HAMPTON, Merty Nancy 18 Apr 1884 21 Aug 1885 [d/o John Newton Hampton & Frances Leviah Collins]
Row 2
unknown field stone
COLLINS, T[homas] P[reston] 19 May 1857 16 Nov 1916 [s/o Wiley G. Collins & Sarah Ann Brewer]
COLLINS, Pheba A. 27 Aug. 1864 30 Oct 1916 shared stone with above; [Phebe Adaline, w/o Thomas Preston Collins; d/o Litrille Hickerson Hampton & Nancy Blevins]
unknown field stone
COLLINS, Mack Granville 30 Apr 1889 18 May 1890 [s/o Thomas Preston Collins & Pheba Adaline Hampton]