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Creed Carrico Family Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Stephens Creek area

Directions: From Scenic Rd (SR 94) turn north (left) on Tanglewood Rd (Rt 815). Go west 0.5 mile. Turn left onto Stevens Creek Rd. (Rt 647) and go west 1.6 miles. Turn left onto Pine Ridge Ln (Rt 644) and go 0.2 mile. A private road will be on the left. A locked gate across the road. Walk 0.4 mile up this road southwest; turn left and you will see the cemetery.

GPS Coordinates: N36.729206 W81.004517

Surveyed by: Anita Salcido and Violet White on 22 Feb 1992 and Juanita H. Watson on a later date.

Comments: The cemetery is located in the Elon Community at Stephens Creek. On the way to the cemetery, you pass the old home place of Creed Carrico built in the 1800’s. The house contains twelve rooms with pine boards six to eight inches wide and hand hewn with an axe. Permission must be obtained to visit the cemetery. The cemetery is located on top of a hill, encircled by a chain link fence and beautiful magnificent old trees. Near the center of the cemetery is a very large stone with the names, years of birth, and death dates of Rev. William Carrico’s children engraved on it. Several grandchildren are also buried in the cemetery. Around the large stone are smaller stones or flat stones with either initials or names engraved on them. There was a section on the back side of the cemetery that at one time had field stones marking graves. These field stones were removed by a caretaker at an earlier date and these stones were placed at the edge of the fence so he could mow there and when he finished mowing, he forgot where the stones went. The stones were never put back.

Creed Carrico Family Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Rows of stones are no longer there; see above comments.
Row 1 (beginning at the SE corner of the cemetery)
unknown     field stone
Row 2
unknowns     two field stones
Row 3
unknown     field stone
Row 4
unknown     field stone
Row 5
LARUE, Ada Cole 23 Mar 1906 9 Jul 1934  
unknowns     base for double stone but stone is missing
Row 6
unknowns     two field stones, open space for perhaps six graves, four field stones
DUKES, Rosie B. 2 Jul 1901 1902 d/o A.J. and Mamie Dukes
unknowns     two field stones
Row 7
CARICO, Harvey 15 Nov 1816 20 Sep 1885 68 yrs 10 mos 5 days
CARICO, Nancy C. 15 Nov 1818 Mar 21 1880 age 61 yrs 4 mos 6 days; w/o Harvey Carico
unknowns     open space for several graves
CARRICO, A. Fleming [17 May] 1860 1862 [Andrew Fleming, s/o Creed & Rosamond Vaughan Carrico]
CARRICO, Wiley T. [15 Apr] 1856 1862 [Wiley Thompson, s/o Creed & Rosamond Vaughan Carrico]
very large monument representing the Carrico family
side facing east [Creed Carrico, wife, and children]
CARRICO, Creed [4 Apr] 1834 [6 Jun] 1898 [s/o John Wesley and Matilda Cooley Carico]
CARRICO, Rawseyline [7 Dec] 1836 [26 Sep] 1909 [w/o Creed Carrico; d/o William and Elizabeth Hines Vaughan]
CARRICO, Wiley T. 1856 1862 [separate stone above]
CARRICO, Jeffrey C. 1858 1947 [separate stone below]
CARRICO, A. Fleming 1860 1862 [separate stone above]
CARRICO, Byron W. 1861 1941 [separate stone below]
WITCHER, Laura B. [12 Nov] 1865 1956 w/o John R. Witcher
CARRICO, Melville H. 1867 1961 [separate stone below]
CARRICO, Viola 1869 1959 [separate stone below]
CARRICO, Robert E. 1871 1954  
CARRICO, W. Edgar [13 Jul] 1873 [17 Dec] 1947 [William Edgar, h/o Mamie Baxter]
CARRICO, Rose J. 1875 1915 [separate stone below]
CARRICO, Wilhelmina 1878 1934 [separate stone below]
CARRICO, T. Creed [18 Dec] 1881 1961 [Thomas Creed, s/o Jean Pepper]
On the side facing west [seven generations of Carricos]
CARRICO, Abel 1700 1800  
CARRICO, William, [Rev] 1766 [23 Oct] 1857 [s/o Abel and Nancy Ann Kent Carrico; m Louisa Jane Taylor]
CARRICO, John W. 1798 1869  
CARRICO, Creed 1834 1898  
CARRICO, Jeffrey C. 1858 1947  
CARRICO, Everett C. [Oct] 1885 1955 [Everett Cleveland; m Myrtle Evans]
CARRICO, Everett, Jr. 1918 19__  
Row 7 continued after large monument
CARRICO, Melville H. [15 May] 1867 1961 [Melville Hix, s/o Creed & Rosamond Vaughan Carrico; h/o Nan Sayers]
VAUGHAN, Julia Rose 20 Jun 1890 19 Mar 1899 [d/o Leon and Viola Victoria Carrico Vaughan]
CARRICO, Rose J. 1875 1915 [d/o Creed & Rosamond Vaughan Carrico]
CORNETT, Kate 6 Oct 1888 4 Aug 1947 [d/o Leon & Viola Carrico Vaughan; w/o G.M. Cornett]
VAUGHAN, Viola V[ictoria] [8 Apr] 1869 1959 [Viola Victoria, w/o Leon Vaughan; d/o Creed and Rosamond Vaughan Carrico]
Row 8
CARICO, Elmo Richard 8 Dec 1902 23 Apr 1946  
MELTON, Alma C. 2 Sep 1884 5 Jan 1903 w/o Robert Melton
CARICO, Lelia Bell 7 Mar 1889 __ 1991 [d/o Andrew and Mary Ann Warner Carico]
CARICO, Matilda 9 Mar 1807 29 Jan 1892 [d/o Peter Cooley; w/o John Wesley Carico]
CARICO, John W. 18 Jan 1798 10 Apr 1869 [John Wesley, s/o William and Jane Taylor Carico; brother of Creed Carrico]
CARICO, Hardin 2 Apr 1896 2 Apr 1896 [Hardin Cooley, infant s/o Jeffrey Cooley and Alice Bartlett Carico]
CARICO, Alice Belle 17 Feb 1861 27 Nov 1910 [d/o Alfred G. and Malinda Mallory Bartlett; w/o Jeffrey C. Carico]
CARRICO, Jeffrey C. [26 May] 1858 1947 [Jeffrey Cooley, s/o Creed and Rosamond Vaughan Carico]
PORTER, Ina Mae 20 Sep 1899 12 Jan 1983 [d/o Jeffrey Cooley and Alice Belle Bartlett Carrico]; double stone with next
PORTER, Cleve H., Sr. 29 Sep 1908   [Cleveland Howard, s/o William Thornberry and Clara Williams Porter]
Row 9
CARRICO, Andrew [Oct] 1835 1923 Co C 8th Va Cav CSA; [s/o John Wesley and Matilda Cooley Carico]
CARRICO, Mary Ann 23 Apr 1863 17 May 1952 [d/o James and Talitha Shupe Warner]
unknowns     four field stones
CARRICO, Van Wyatt 5 Dec 1902 5 Jun 1907 [s/o William Edgar and Mamie Baxter Carrico]
unknown     field stone
Row 10
MARTIN, Daniel P. 3 Mar 1877 31 Jan 1941 [s/o John & R. Martin]
MARTIN, Wilhelmina 9 Jun 1879 18 Mar 1934 [d//o Creed & Rosamond Vaughan Carrico; w/o Daniel P. Martin]
MARTIN, Howard Carico 18 Aug 1906 19 May 1975  
JENNINGS, Mabel Martin 12 May 1908 14 Dec 1986  
MARTIN, Wilma Rose 13 Jul 1901 5 Feb 1988  
PAYNE, Louise Martin 24 Mar 1913 25 Apr 1989  
Row 11 – no markers or field stones
Row 12 – no markers or field stones
Row 13
HAWKS, Cora Virginia 4 Sep 1888 9 Feb 1960 [nee Poe; w/o Thomas Franklin Hawks]
HAWKS, Thomas Franklin 29 Mar 1882 19 Dec 1942  
HAWKS, Virginia Adair 28 Jun 1917 9 Apr 1919 [d/o Thomas Franklin and Cora Virginia Poe Hawks]
HAWKS, Harry Clifford 27 Apr 1927 27 Jun 1927 [s/o Thomas Franklin and Cora Virginia Poe Hawks]
CARRICO, Byron Winton [25 Dec] 1861 1941 [Byram, s/o Creed & Rosamond Vaughan Carrico]
CARRICO, Mary 1867 [28 Sep] 1951 [d/o Harvey and Ann Boyer; w/o Byram Winton Carrico]
CARRICO, Eugene Harvey [1 Dec] 1904 [Feb] 1972