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William Long Cemetery

aka Dodge Phipps Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: North of Independence

Directions: The cemetery is in Long’s Gap on the west side of Elk Creek Pky (US Hwy 21) between Cloverdale Ln (Rt 729) and Big Ridge Rd (Rt 611) in front of the old Long and Phipps homeplace. The cemetery is visible from the highway.

GPS Coordinates: N36.676405 W81.2030578

Surveyed by: Roderick Coates, July 2002; Renea Estep and Jane Halsey, 1984; Mary Harrington 1992; Olive Benkelman, George Scott, Mrs. Willard Stone, 1970. additional genealogy provided by Ginger Ballard.

Comments: The cemetery was cleaned up in 2008. This cemetery is also known as the Dodge Phipps Cemetery because he was a more recent owner of the land and home.

William Long Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
PHIPPS, J. Dodge 8 Dec 1848 8 Jan 1899 aged 50 yrs 1 month
PHIPPS, Sena abt 1936 [nee Mitchell; w/o J. Dodge Phipps]; unmarked grave
SNOW, B. Leota 15 Oct [1919] [d/o W. Houston & Rosa A. Snow. Other dates obliterated. Another child, Orvata Snow, also should be buried here.]
SNOW, Bob Caudel 28 Oct 1925
SNOW, Rosa A. 1877 1941 [nee Hensdale; m1 Walter Kirby, m2 William Houston Snow. Some descendants believe that her name was Rose; however, it is written as Rosa on her marriage record.]
SNOW, W. Houston 1874 1955
BLAND, Robert Hurley 15 Dec 1896 16 Apr 1909 aged 12 yrs. 4 months 1 day. [s/o George & Dora Bland]
EDWARDS, Clabie V. 15 Apr 1919 22 Aug 1920 [Three babies of Walter & Bessie Edwards share this stone: Clabie V., Lockie B. & Opal L.]
EDWARDS, Lockie B. 30 Oct 1923 27 Feb 1924  
EDWARDS, Opal L. 7 Mar 1930 18 Mar 1930
BOWERS, Giles CSA Co C 56 N.C. Inf CSA
BOWERS, Nancy Louise 3 Jan 1847 26 Apr 1933 [w/o Giles Bowers]
BOWERS, Rose V. 15 Feb 1908 5 Jan 1923 [d/o Dol & Mary Bowers]
SHAFFER, Nancy 25 Nov 1855 1 Dec 1917 [w/o Lee Shaffer]; moved to Forest Methodist Church Cemetery
SHAFFER, Mary Lucinda 15 Apr 1887 10 Sep 1923 [w/o Markis F. “Dink” Shaffer]; moved to Forest Methodist Church Cemetery
SHAFFER, Markis F. “Dink” 10 May 1877 22 Mar 1950 moved to Forest Methodist Church Cemetery
SHAFFER, Earnest Fields, Jr. 14 May 1932 [s/o E.F. Shaffer, Sr. and Ruby Sutherland Shaffer]; moved to Forest Methodist Church Cemetery
SHAFFER, Lee 20 May 1866 26 Apr 1945 moved to Forest Methodist Church Cemetery
SHAFFER, Johnnie Dale 18 Mar 1947 3 May 1947 [s/o E.F. Shaffer, Sr. and Ruby Sutherland Shaffer]; moved to Forest Methodist Church Cemetery
POE, Isabelle 1875 1963 [d/o Rosey Hash; w/o James Poe, Jr. who is buried in the Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery.]
POE, James Worth 1 Feb 1912 11 Mar 1923 s/o Isabelle H. Poe
BOWERS, Dol H. 14 Apr 1877 3 Aug 1962 shared stone with next; [s/o Giles & Nancy Louise Bowers]
BOWERS, Mary E. 5 Jul 1886 12 Dec 1966 [w/o Dol H. Bowers.]
BOWERS, Infant 10 Dec 1925 25 Dec 1925 [c/o Alex A. Bowers & Lillian Boyer]
DUNCAN, Nancy 3 May 1894 [1904] 22 May 1900 [1906] [d/o Will & Lue Duncan]
BILLINGS, J. Irwin 13 Feb 1863 19 Feb 1927  
BILLINGS, Emma B. 21 Jul 1871 18 Aug 1950 [w/o J. Irwin Billings; d/o Giles & Nancy Louise Bowers.]
BILLINGS, Rance 9 Jul 1899 19 Jun 1942 [s/o J. Irwin & Emma B. Billings]
KING, Elijah W. “Elige” 26 Sep 1872 5 Jan 1932 [s/o William and F.C. King]; shared stone with next
KING, Margie 1 Jun 1875 1 Jun 1954 [w/o Elige W. King; d/o Thomas and Nancy Bolt]
KING, Fields 21 Apr 1910 8 Apr 1934 [s/o Elige & Margie King]
HOWARD, Frank ca 1835 [m1 Lucy Ann, m2 Mollie McKinney]
unknown [African-American. One of several “colored” persons` reportedly buried in this cemetery in unmarked graves.]
HOWARD, Lucy Ann ca 1840 bef 1900 [w/o Frank Howard]
unknown [possibly Mollie McKinney, w/o Frank Howard. Afro-American]
HOWARD, Minnie M. [1st wife of Frank Howard]
unknown ca 1908 Afro-American child
JONES, Percy
unknown Afro-American
unknown Afro-American
HUDSON, children [two children of Leonard Hudson & Sophia Stamper. Sophie later married Fred Thompson.]
SAWYERS, Infant child of Harrison Sawyers & Ethel McLean
The following are believed to be buried here.
LONG, William, Jr. [ca 1777] [1861] [s/o William & Catherine Long]
LONG, Elizabeth “Betsy” [ca 1785] [nee Howell; w/o William Long, Jr.]
LONG, Catherine “Caty” [ca 1822] [14 Mar 1891] [d/o William Long, Jr. & Elizabeth Howell]
LONG, Jestiana [ca 1833] [d/o William Long, Jr. & Elizabeth Howell]
LONG, Emily [ca1835] [d/o William Long, Jr. & Elizabeth Howell]
LONG, Martin [ca 1844] [CSA; relationship to other Long’s unknown. He served in Grayson Co Militia CSA]
LONG, John, Sr. [1845] [s/o William & Catherine Long]
LONG, William [ca 1755] [1821]
LONG, Catherine [ca 1760] [ca 1828] [w/o William Long]
ELLER, Margaret [w/o Frederick Eller; d/o William & Catherine Long]
ELLER, Frederick
LONG, Catherine “Caty” [d/o William & Catherine Long]
BOYER, Polly [ca 1784] [8 Mar 1864] [d/o William & Catherine Long; w/o John Boyer]
OWENS, Infant [child of _____ Owens & Cora King]