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William Rhudy Cemetery

originally known as Brewer-Rhudy Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: East of Elk Creek Community

Directions: This cemetery is on William Rhudy’s former estate on the west side of Summerfield Road (Rt 696) about half a mile south of the intersection with Carsonville Road (Rt 660). The cemetery is behind a small brick house and just north of a large old brick house. It cannot be seen from the road and is in a clearing behind a row of trees.

GPS Coordinates: N36.70319 W81.14783

Surveyed by: Susan Taylor Woodson; resurveyed by Rich and Ginger Ballard on 15 April 2003. Genealogy was provided by Mary Taylor Harrington and Susan Taylor Woodson and info from Paul Herndon’s files.

Comments: This cemetery at one time has been well-maintained but today is in danger. The fence has been partially removed and many of the stones are fallen, broken, or both. The few surviving wooden markers had been substantial and pretty but are in an advanced state of decay.

William Rhudy Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
BREWER, Baby girl 1973 1973 metal marker
BREWER, Baby boy 1960 1960 metal marker
BREWER, Nettie M. 1888 1966 metal marker
unknown     unmarked grave
BURRIS, Hazel M. 29 Aug 1919 3 Jan 1942  
Row 2
BREWER, Patsy Lucille 30 Jun 1927 24/25 Nov 1930  
BREWER, Stephen M. 27 Feb 1860 3 Jun 1935 [s/o Mastin and Betty E. Brewer]; double stone with next
BREWER, Betty E. 10 Jul 1862 10 Feb 1929 [d/o G. and R. Funk]
BREWER, Dovie R. 28 Jan 1899 3 Apr 1917  
unknown     unmarked grave
BURRIS, Pearle O. 20 Oct 1886 30 Oct 1912 [nee Brewer]
unknown     unmarked grave
unknown     wooden marker, old
unknowns     three unmarked graves
Row 3
BREWER, Aaron L. 7 Jul 1855 16 Apr 1940 double stone with next
BREWER, Alice C. 21 May 1859 3 Dec 1951 [nee Cornett]
unknowns     four field stones
unknowns     perhaps five unmarked graves
COX, Izora 4 Aug 1884 21 Nov 1914 [w/o Samuel L. Cox]
COX, Guy S. 18 Feb 1904 3 Apr 1931  
unknown     unmarked grave
Row 4
unknowns     two unmarked graves
unknowns     three field stones
BREWER, Lewis 1760 [7 Mar] 1839 [Pvt NC Militia Revolutionary War]
unknowns     two field stones
unknown     unmarked grave
BREWER, Ethel Mae 5 Mar 1927 17 Sep 1929 dau. of J.L. & Cora Brewer
unknown     field stone
unknown     metal marker
Row 5
unknowns     two unmarked graves
unknowns     two field stones
BREWER, Elizabeth [ca 1805] 18 Nov 1851 [1st] wife of Mastin Brewer; [nee Phipps]
JONES, Luther 1932 1984 metal marker in 1997; gone in 2003
BREWER, “Dicy” 22 Mar 1826 10 Apr 1898 [nee Elizabeth “Dicy” Griffith; 3rd w/o Mastin Brewer]
unknowns     nine field stones
JONES, Luther Franklin 13 Apr 1901 16 Jan 1983/1985 stone fallen
unknown     field stone
Row 6
RHUDY, Calle J. 4 Feb 1847 30 Nov 1925 [d/o Alexander and Jemima Rhudy Cornett]; double stone with next; stone is an obelisk set “Scottish” style, 45 degrees to line of graves. These two graves are enclosed within an iron picket fence and covered with daffodils.
RHUDY, W.F. 8 May 1844 19 Jan 1913 age 68 yrs 8 mos 11 days; [William Friel, s/o William and Charlotte Cornett Rhudy]
RHUDY, William 11 Aug 1816 10 Mar 1887 [s/o Stephen and Elizabeth “Betsy” Cocke Rhudy]
RHUDY, Charlotte Cornett [27 Mar] 1820 1905 fallen stone; [d/o William Jefferson, Sr. & Jane “Jennie” Sutherland Cornett; w/o William Rhudy]
unknown     fallen stone
unknown     fallen stone
______, Mary   20 Aug 1878(?) age 14 yrs 5 mos 5 days; stone fallen, broken
TAYLOR, Mallie S. 1 Feb 1881 1 Feb 1881  
TAYLOR, William J[ames] 5 Mar 1862 20 Aug 1876 Headstone not found in 2003 but footstone “W.J.T.” still exists. [William James, s/o Anderson Lee and Nancy E. Rhudy Taylor]
unknowns     four or five unmarked graves
Row 7
GOODPASTURE, Minnie M. 3 Oct 1851 6 May 1874 wife of A.M. Goodpasture; stone fallen, broken; [d/o Alex and Olive Jemima Rhudy Goodpasture]
STONE, Amanda 26 Jun 1839 28 Jul 1866 wife of G[ustavius] B[eecher] Stone; stone fallen, broken; [d/o William and Charlotte Cornett Rhudy]
STONE, G[ustavius] B[eecher]     [s/o John and Nancy Fields Stone; h/o Amanda Rhudy]; location uncertain
TAYLOR, Thursey E. 23 Sep 1860 6 Feb 1861 age 4 mos 13 days; fallen stone; [d/o Anderson Lee and Nancy E. Rhudy Taylor]
RHUDY, Julia Ann 23/26 Jun 1853 23/26 Jun 1853 infant girl of W[illiam] M. and C[harlotte D. Cornett] Rhudy; fallen stone
unknowns     six to eight unmarked graves
DAY, Laura Mae 11 Jan 1921 27 Dec 1961  
unknowns     two unmarked graves
Row 8
RHUDY, Emma J. 27 Oct 1856 12 Sep 1919 large obelisk, set “Scottish” style at 45 degrees to line of graves; [Emma Jane, d/o Ephraim and Nancy Greer Gentry]; double stone with next
RHUDY, Bud 28 Dec 1857 2 Jan 1897 age 39 yrs 4 ds; [Alexander Mitchell, s/o William and Charlotte Cornett Rhudy]
RHUDY, Infant 15 Feb 1880 15 Feb 1880 infant girl of A.M. and E.G. Rhudy
RHUDY, Cora E. 3/13 Sep 1875 26 Feb 1876 This and the next grave are enclosed within an iron picket fence.
LAMB, Julia Fay 12 Nov 1906 12 Nov 1906 infant dau. of J.T. and Bessie Lamb
unknowns     several unmarked graves
Row 9
RHUDY, Infant 7 Dec 1886 7 Dec 1886 s/o G.A. and N.E. Rhudy; stone fallen
CORNETT, Lillie M. 22 Jun 1893 11 Nov 1902 [d/o Thomas H. & Minnie P. Rhudy Cornett]; double stone with next
CORNETT, Cleo S. 21 Oct 1888 26 Jan 1889 [d/o Thomas H. & Minnie P. Rhudy Cornett]
RHUDY, Amanda 17 Feb 1846 19 Jul 1897 joint stone with next; [d/o Bledsoe Austin & Nancy Moore]
RHUDY, Daniel Wesley 9 Apr 1847 22 Jun 1926 [s/o William and Charlotte Cornett Rhudy]
unknown     unmarked grave
Row 10
RUDY, Infant 16 Jul 1915 16 Jul 1915 infant of B[lake] A. and M[aude] H. Rudy
CORNETT, Thomas H. 30 Sep 1866 15 Jun 1942 [s/o James M. & Lydia J. Cornett]; double stone with next
CORNETT, Minnie P. 28 May 1869 19 Apr 1940 [w/o Thomas H. Cornett; d/o Daniel Wesley and Amanda Austin Rhudy]
CORNETT, Thomas Leonard 2 Nov 1921 3 Feb 1924  
unknown     unmarked stone
unknowns     about six unmarked graves
Row 11
RHUDY, Jennie [Jan] 1868 1941 metal marker; [d/o James Mack & Lydia J. Cornett; w/o James E. Rhudy]
RHUDY, Leland C. [Nov 1895] 17 Apr 1942 Va Pvt 3 Engr Training Regt; [only s/o James E. and E.V. “Jennie” Cornett Rhudy]
unknowns     two unmarked graves
Known to be buried here
CORNETT, James Mack [20 Sep 1896] [20 Jul 1951] [s/o Thomas Harvey & Minnie P. Rhudy Cornett; h/o Annie Rutherford]
CORNETT, Judy   [d/o Prince Burnett & Nellie Hamrick Cornett; age 6 mo]