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Cabin Creek Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location:  Approximately 2 miles north of Mt Rogers High School

Directions:  From the junction of Highlands Pkwy (US Hwy 58) and Cabin Creek Ln (Rt 749) go 0.2 mile north on Cabin Creek Ln to cemetery on left side of road.

GPS Coordinates:  N36.6116 W81.5218

Surveyed by:  Mr. and Mrs. William Hensley 9 May 1992

Comments:  The cemetery is visible approx 500 ft up slope from the road. It was fenced and tended. An unverified story says, Lee Massie carred a dead child from Massie’s Gap during a blizzard. He couldn’t go any farther, so E.C. Osborne permitted him to bury this child on his farm. This became the first grave in the graveyard. No one remembers the grave location.

General View of The Cabin Creek Cemetery

General view of Cabin Creek near Baker Ridge (near headwaters of this stream)

Cabin Creek Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
WEAVER, Thorton Reeves 1951 1975 [s/o Howard S. and Fina Perkins Weaver]
KEYS, Cassie 1 Aug 1912 6 Nov 1993 [d/o John P. and Cornelia Osborne Greer]; double stone with next
KEYS, William D.
BLACKBURN, Archie Lee [16 Dec] 1924 [19 Feb] 1978 [s/o Elisha and Fannie Baker Blackburn]
MOELLER, Sophia H 1904 1987 sister, nurse; [teacher and deaconess, LCA nurse. Konnarock Lutheran Mountain Mission]
BLEVINS, William Lester 1927 1983 [s/o Jim and Catherine Greer Blevins]
Row 2
GREER, John P. 1880 1968 [s/o Thomas and Elizabeth Kilby Greer]
GREER, [Cornelia] Nelia O. 1889 1965 [s/o John P Greer; d/o E.C. and Darthula Ingram Osborne]
GREER, Howard R. 1916 1935 [s/o John P. and Cornelia Osborne Greer]
Row 3
PERKINS, David L. 1963 1971 [s/o Gilbert and Regina M. Perkins]
OSBORNE, Lessie 1896 1917 [w/o Courtney Osborne; d/o William and Elizabeth Kilby Perkins]
OSBORNE, Rozetta 16 Feb 1917 16 Feb 1917 [d/o Courtney and Less Perkins Osborne]
PERKINS, Daisy 1898 1951 [w/o George Bruce Perkins; d/o E.C. and Darthula Ingram Osborne]
PERKINS, William Reeves 1916 1951 [s/o George Bruce and Daisy Osborne Perkins]
PERKINS, George Bruce 1892 1968 [s/o William and Elizabeth Kilby Perkins; h/o Daisy Osborne Perkins]
Row 4
GREER, Infant 28 Apr 1911 Infant of Mr. and Mrs. John Greer
HENDERSON, Ray 8 Dec 1910 19 Dec 1910 S/o David and Nora M. Henderson
GREER, Arden 30 Mar 1920 [infant s/o John P. and Cornelia Osborne Greer; died shortly after birth. Difference in the dates for Arden and twin Lance.]
unknown child
unknown infant
Row 5
unknowns two unmarked
HILL, Meredith
Row 6
HALL, Clyde H. 1901 1960 [w/o Benjamin F. Hall; d/o David A. and Nora M. Henderson]
HALL, Benjamin F. [7 Sep] 1895 [6 Jan] 1955 [Benjamin Franklin, s/o Max & Julia Upchurch Hall]
HENDERSON, Nora M. 1877 1965 [nee McGrady]; w/o David A. Henderson
HENDERSON, David A. [12 Mar] 1875 1944 [“Gus”, s/o James & Martha Henderson]
HENDERSON, Fanny [ca Mar 1889] Aged 15 years; [d/o James & Martha Henderson]
HENDERSON, Joseph [ca 1878] [s/o James & Martha Henderson]
HENDERSON, Victor Baby
HENDERSON, Nancy Elizabeth
Row 7
Also buried here
GREER, Lance 3 May 1920 29 Nov 1993 [h/o Florence Collier; s/o John P. and Cornelia Osborne Greer. Different dates show up on this survey for Lance and his twin, Arden.]