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W.N. Taylor Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Bethany Community, south of Independence

Directions: The cemetery is at end of Horse Ford Lane (Rt 702) southwest of Bethany Rd (Rt 700) two thirds of a mile west of Bethany Church. The cemetery can be reached by taking private drive to the right at the junction on Bethany Rd and Horse Ford Ln. The cemetery can be seen to the south from the end of the drive. Enter the field using the left gate.

GPS Coordinates: N36.573005 W81.185037

Surveyed by: Rich and Ginger Ballard 24 Apr 2003


W.N. Taylor Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
GAMBILL, Infant 11 Mar 1899 11 Mar 1899 infant of L.L. & Della Gambill [Lonnie Lee and Lousanna Cedell Taylor Gambill]
TAYLOR, Lovina 30 Jul 1898 30 Jul 1898 infant daughter of W.N. & L. Taylor [Wiley N. and Lucy G. Ham Taylor]
TAYLOR, Mamie C. 4/07 Feb 1893 27 Dec 1893 age 10 m 20 d; [Mamie Clyde, d/o Wiley N. and Lucy G. Ham Taylor]
TAYLOR, Myrtle 23 Mar 1890 24 Nov 1918 dau of W.N. & L.J. Taylor [Wiley N. and Lucy G. Ham Taylor]
TAYLOR, W.N. 22 Oct 1847 19 Jul 1926 [s/o Baswell and Nancy Ham Taylor]
TAYLOR, Lucy J./G. 17 Jul 1853 18 Nov 1929 [d/o William and Elizabeth Taylor Ham, gd/o John Ham; w/o Wiley N. Taylor]
Row 2
TAYLOR, Bettie 7 Sep 1869 15 Sep 1924 w/o T.J. Taylor; [nee Caudill]
TAYLOR, T.J. 21 Apr 1863 15 Jul 1947 age 84 yrs 2 mo 24 ds; [Thomas Jackson, s/o Baswell and Nancy A. Taylor]
Row 3
HAGA, Beth L. 20 Feb 1886 17 May 1887 d/o A.J. & Nancy A. Haga [Andrew Jackson and Nancy A. Taylor Haga]; stone fallen
HAMM, Jean Virginia 12 Oct 1875 29 Sep 1890 d/o M.B. & R.J. Hamm [Marion Bazel Taylor and Rebecca Jane Fowlkes Hamm]
TAYLOR, Cora A. 1 Mar 1888 2 Mar 1891/1981  
TAYLOR, J. Bryan 28 Aug 1897 20 Dec 1977 [Joseph Bryan, s/o Thomas J. & Betty Caudill Taylor]; double stone with next
TAYLOR, Christine J. 12 Jan 1896 15 Aug 1967 [d/o Will Vaughn]
COX, Virginia T. 1920 1971 [d/o Joseph Bryan and Christine J. Vaughn Taylor]
HAGA, Nancy A. 3 Oct 1857 30 Oct 1903 w/o A.J. Haga [Andrew Jackson Haga]; [d/o Baswell and Nancy Hamm Taylor]; stone broken