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Troy Ross Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Flatridge

Directions: From the junction of Flatridge Rd (Rt 601) and Chestnut Ridge Rd (Rt 676) go northwest 0.25 mile on Flatridge Rd to cemetery. There is no marked access to this cemetery from Flatridge Rd. However, there is likely a gated dirt road leading to the cemetery.

GPS Coordinates: N36.711597 W81.358200

Surveyed by: Cemetery was surveyed by Ginger Ballard on 28 Mar 2003.

Comments: This cemetery is fenced. There appear to be several graves here with no markers at all and others marked by cement blocks.

Troy Ross Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
ROBERTS, Nila Frances 7 Aug 1938 30 Sep 1987  
ROBERTS, Sonia Fay 16 Sep 1946 3 Feb 1947  
Row 2
ROBERTS, J. Kinley 17 Jun 1860 2 Feb 1925 [John Kinley, h/o Nancy M. Ross Roberts; s/o Joseph F. and Sarah Livesay Roberts]; double stone with next;
ROBERTS, Nancy M. 20 Jun 1857 18 Jul 1954 [w/o J. Kinley Roberts; d/o Joe W. and Lucinda Anderson Ross]
WILLIAMS, Nancy E. 13 Oct 1926 22 Nov 1926
Row 3
ROBERTS, Joe Darrell 22 Dec 1936 4 Jul 1937
Row 4
unknowns     two or more unmarked graves
Row 5
unknown     marker with only initials “V.O.H.”
Row 6
HASH, Mary Denton 16 Jul 1904 10 Dec 1916 d/o A.J. and J.C. Hash
HASH, Eloise 11 Mar 1907 7 Mar 1911 d/o A.J. and J.C. Hash
Row 7
HALL, Cornelia E. 1 Jan 1876 13 Oct 1941
Row 8
unknowns     two cement blocks
Row 9
ROSS, Mary [15 Jun]1859 1947 [d/o Daniel F and Gincy Jane Cornett Roberts; w/o S. F. Ross]
ROSS, S[tephen] F. [7 Nov]1849 1943 [Stephen Floyd, s/o Joseph and Lucinda Anderson Ross]
ROSS, John   8 Aug 1935 Pvt U.S. Marine Corps; [possibly s/o Joseph and Lucinda Anderson Ross, born 19 April 1854]
Row 10
unknowns     four cement blocks
Row 11
unknowns     six cement blocks
unknowns     two field stones
ROSS, Docha Almona 30 May 1898 30 May 1898
ROSS, Monrova 13 Jul 1899 14 Jul 1899  
unknowns     five cement blocks
Row 12
BREWER, Frances Plummer 9 Sep 1901 11 Feb 1998 [d/o James and Jemima Poole Plummer; w/o Walter Eugene Brewer]
BREWER, Walter Eugene 25 Feb 1893 26 Jul 1966 Va Pvt. Co A 606 Engineers, World War I; [s/o George W and Jerusha Belle Ross Brewer]
ROSS, James Troy [15 Mar 1840] [After 1910] Sgt Co C 8 VA Cav CSA; [s/o Joseph W. and Lucinda Anderson Ross]
BREWER, Glen T. 14 Apr 1902 22 Mar 1926 [s/o George W. and Jerusha Belle Ross Brewer]
BREWER, George W. 10 Dec 1864 13 Aug 1920 [s/o Lewis W and Sarah Ann Ross Brewer]
BREWER, Belle 21 Aug 1871 29 Nov 1904 [Jerusha Belle, w/o G.W. Brewer; d/o James Troy and Angeline Virginia Testerman Ross]
JENKINS, Bertie 30 Aug 1826 2 May 1920 [1st w/o George Jenkins]; double stone with next
JENKINS, George     [listed on this shared stone with Bertie Jenkins, but he is buried at Honey Grove Cemetery]
ROSS, Victoria Angeline 1848 1906 [d/o John W. and Evaline Testerman Ross; w/o James Troy Ross]
ROSS, Gleason 1908 1908  
ROSS, Flona 1909 1919  
ROSS, William Jasper [28 Mar] 1874 1922 [s/o James Troy and Angeline Testerman Ross]
Row 13
BREWER, Don Howard 24 Mar 1899 15 Jan 1974 [s/o George W. and Jerusha Bell Ross Brewer]