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Jesse Young Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Bear Branch, Wilson District

Directions: The Jesse Young Cemetery is on the north side of Bear Branch Road (Rt 721) about 2 miles west of the junction of Bear Branch Road with Troutdale Hwy (SR 16) at Mouth of Wilson. The most obvious landmark to find this cemetery is an old log house on the right side of the road which has collapsed and is in a considerable state of decay. From this old house, the cemetery is on the ridge above. It is a very difficult hike to reach this cemetery (steep hill, briars).

GPS Coordinates: N36.601583 W81.366850

Surveyed by: Jeff Weaver on April 3, 2003

Comments: Once on the top of the hill, there is a thicket of briars, thorns, old lilac bushes, boxwoods, etc. The cemetery is in this unfenced thicket. It are possibly 50 graves in this cemetery. Walking through what one can, you will find only one tombstone still erect, the rest having been knocked down by cattle and horses that are on this property. It is very likely that other grave stones are present that were not found during this survey, either being covered with soil or in portions of the cemetery inaccessible without considerable work to clear the brush. This cemetery shows signs of having been an elegant cemetery in days long since gone. The cemetery dates from at least 1867.

Jesse Young Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
YOUNG, Mazy 29 Mar 1816 24 Jul 1891 w/o Jesse Young
YOUNG, Jesse 8 Aug 1811 10 Dec 1899  
YOUNG, J. Lafayette 15 Nov 1851    
CARSON, Sarah Jane 12 Nov 1839 2 Oct 1923 aged 82 years, 10 mos, 22 days”
PUGH, Jennie 25 Dec 1848 25 Dec 1914  
YOUNG, Artie 11 Sep 1886 13 May 1898 d/o W. & Helen Young
YOUNG, Okie V. 12 Jan 1916 29 Jan 1916