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Preston B. Osborne Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: North side of Grayson Parkway (US 58) near the junction with Delhart Road (Rt. 626).

Directions: Access to the cemetery is by a small private road across US 58 from Delhart Road.  Bear to the right when you leave Grayson Parkway. Follow a narrow, crooked, steep roadway to the top of the hill and then drive along the ridge, past a cabin. The cemetery is at the end of the road.

GPS Coordinates: N36.63794 W80.97114

Surveyed by: Buford C. Wilson 10 May 2003; updated 24 Mar 2008

Comments: There is a large granite slab, 10 feet tall, with a lightening rod, and a bronze plaque honoring the Preston B. Osborne family. The cemetery is in very good condition and well maintained.

Preston B. Osborne Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
OSBORNE, Roscoe B. 12 Dec 1895 25 Nov 1959 [Roscoe Bayron, s/o Preston B. Osborne & Sarah Isabelle Cox]
OSBORNE, Dorothy L. 18 Nov 1904 [1 Oct 2000] [Dorothy Lucille, d/o Frederick K. Cool &  Daisy Mae Bradley; w/o Roscoe Bayron Osborne]; shared stone with above
FROST, Dempsey Edward 12 Jan 1919 29 May 1999 [s/o William Daniel Frost & Mammie D. Jones; h/o Dorothy Griffin Hinson & Frances Lucille Osborne]
FROST, Frances Osborne 23 Jul 1927 [4 May 2007] [Frances Lucille; d/o Roscoe Bayron Osborne & Dorothy Lucille Osborne] Shared stone with above
FROST, Deborah Frances 30 Apr 1958 30 Apr 1958 d/o Dempsey [Edward] Frost & Frances [Lucille] Osborne
Row 2
JENNINGS, Lillian O. 5 Dec 1893 18 Oct 1972 [Ida Lillian, d/o Preston B. Osborne & Sarah Isabelle Cox; w/o Thomas H. Jennings]
OSBORNE, Preston B. Jul 1847 Aug 1923 [s/o Zachariah Osborne & Jincy Burton]
OSBORNE, Sarah Isabelle Cox [6] May 1856 [24] Jan 1947 [d/o Enoch R. Cox & Susan Thomas; w/o Preston B. Osborne]; shared stone with above
OSBORNE, Enoch Cleve [8 Jun 1884] [24 May 1954] [s/o Preston B. Osborne & Sarah Isabelle Cox; h/o Laura Collins]; unmarked grave
Row 3
PHIPPS, Claude A. 16 Oct 1934 12 Aug 1994 Pfc. U. S. Army; [s/o Otto H. Phiipps & Mary Galyean; h/o Wanda Grimm]
GRIMM, George Calvin, Jr. 20 Jan 1933 7 Feb 2005 SP 4 U.S. Army; [s/o George Calvin Grimm Sr. & Cleo Belle Osborne]
GRIMM, Cleo Belle 9 Dec 1904 6 Nov 1966 [d/o Preston B. Osborne & Sarah Isabelle Cox; w/o Charles David Cain, George Calvin Grimm Sr., & Gleaves Don Dunford]
GRIMM, Wanda [31 Oct 1935] [19 Sep 2008] [d/o George Calvin Grimm Sr. & Cleo Belle Osborne]; unmarked grave