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Wells Ward Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Saddle Creek

Directions: This cemetery is on the Ward-Jenkins farm. From the junction of Saddle Creek Rd (Rt 682) and Twin Oaks Rd (Rt 683) go north 0.7 mile on Saddle Creek Rd. The cemetery is on right (east) side of the road, approximately 700 fee, on the east side of Saddle Creek. From the driveway entrance to the farm, cemetery is 0.26 mile north.

GPS Coordinates: N36.642292 W81.233177

Surveyed by: Joe W. Phipps and info from Paul Herndon’s files

Comments: Cemetery is well fenced and tended.

Wells Ward Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
BOLT, Thomas 1846 [24 Mar] 1933 [s/o Tyre and Ally Nester Bolt]
BOLT, Nancy P. Nina 25 Aug 1846 11 Apr 1912 [d/o David and Minerva Ward; w/o Thomas Bolt; m 17 Jun 1871]
BOLT, Troy 4 May 1872 6 Nov 1901 [s/o Thomas and Nancy P. Nina Ward Bolt]
KING, Ruth 15 May 1920 13 Jan 1923 [d/o Lige and Margie Bolt King]
Row 2
BOLT, James 1854 [9 Sep] 1936 [s/o Tyre and Ally Nester Bolt; h/o Rebecca Jane Ward; m 16 Feb 1879]
BOLT, Rebecca J. 2 Dec 1862 30 May 1895 [Rebecca Jane, d/o David and Minerva Ward; w/o David Ward]
BOLT, Laura Ennice 1 Sep 1871 29 Apr 1902 [d/o William & Margaret Poe; 2nd w/o James Bolt; m 13 Oct 1895]
EDWARDS, Laura Belle 27 Apr 1889 7 Nov 1907 wife of Glenn Edwards; [d/o James and Rebecca Jane Ward Bolt]; stone broken off below dates
Row 3
WARD, Susan Abigil   14 Apr 1879 age 6 years; [d/o David and Minerva Ward]
WARD, David 9 Apr 1823 24 Mar 1899 [s/o Stephen and Abigail Osborne Ward; h/o Minerva Ward]
WARD, Minerva 4 Oct 1826 21 Aug 1919 [d/o Enoch and Nancy Hash Ward; w/o David Ward]
Row 4
WARD, Reney   Dec 1863 age 5 yrs 7 mos; [Irena, d/o David and Minerva Ward; died of diphtheria]
WARD, Johnathan   16 Jan 1864 age 8 yrs 7 mos 24 days; [s/o David and Minerva Ward; died of diphtheria]
WARD, David   Dec 1863 age 2 yrs 6 mos 12 days; [s/o David and Minerva Ward; died of diphtheria]
WARD, Infant     infant of David and Minerva Ward
WARD, William   Aug 1817 “Bill”; [s/o Stephen and Abigail Osborne Ward; probably born Aug 1817]
POE, Robert Guy 1 Apr 1901 15 Jul 1905 [s/o Rush and Ennice Phelps Poe]
Row 5
WARD, Enoch D. 14 Jun 1850 25 Apr 1923 [Enoch David, s/o David and Minerva Ward]; double stone with next
WARD, Rosemond J. 21 Feb 1856 4 Jun 1931 [d/o Lewis and Mary C. Moss Carrico; m 8 Mar 1872]
WARD, Creed 7 Apr 1885 3 Oct 1961 [s/o Enoch David and Rosamond Carrico Ward]
WARD, Kenneth Lewis 4 Jul 1964 28 Apr 1990 [s/o Thomas Gayle Ward; gs/o Thomas Guy Ward]
WARD, Thomas Guy 20 Dec 1911 27 Jan 1941 [s/o Thomas Wells and Lillie Virginia Phelps Ward]
RHUDY, Madge W. 17 Jun 1899 7 May 1985 [Cora Madge, d/o Thomas Wells and Lillie Virginia Phelps Ward]
WARD, Thomas Wells 1 Jun 1867 10 Feb 1949 [s/o David and Minerva Ward]
WARD, Lillie Virginia 20 Feb 1877 27 Feb 1947 [d/o J.C. & M.C. Phelps; w/o Thomas Wells Ward]
JENKINS, Martin Alexander [30 Dec] 1903 1974 double stone with next
JENKINS, Lena Rose 1909   [d/o Thomas Wells and Lillie Virginia Phelps Ward]; In 1993 Rose furnished much of the information on this cemetery and on her kin.
Also known to be buried in this cemetery
BOLT, Infants     [two unmarked graves; infants of James and Laura Ennice Poe Bolt.]
BOLT, Jonathan [9 Aug 1889] [3 Apr 1892] [s/o James & Rebecca Bolt]
BOLT, Joseph [1887] [1888]  
WARD, Abigail     [nee Taylor; w/o William Ward]
POE, Infant     [infant of John and Rosa Durham Poe; baby was born unexpectedly while parents were away from home and assistance.]
WARD, Abigail     [d/o Stephen and Abigail Osborne Ward. Her children: Rush Floyd Ward and Wiley W. Ward]
BOLT, Infant [1882] [1882] [probably Charles, s/o James & Rebecca Bolt]