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Eli Reedy Cemetery

aka Alex Hash Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Southwest of Barton’s Crossroads

Directions: The cemetery is east of Chestnut Grove Road (Rt 734) about a quarter mile air distance or half a mile on foot. It is in a field above the residences at 2090 Chestnut Grove. Access is about a half mile southwest of junction with Flatridge Rd (Rt 658).

GPS Coordinates: N36.647614 W81.375145

Surveyed by: Mildred McGrady on 30 Oct 1995 and Rich and Ginger Ballard on 24 Mar 2003. Information about people known to be buried here from Dare Ball Parks (who was born in the house built by Eli Reedy) and passed on by her daughter Trula Purkey.

Comments: This cemetery is fenced but pretty well covered with rock lilies, vines, trees, and fallen limbs. Depressions show there are several unmarked graves here.

Eli Reedy Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
REEDY, Malissa 1875 1933 [nee “Lissie” Blevins], w/o Eli Reedy
REEDY, E[li] W., Rev. 12 Jan 1861 17 Dec 1920 [Eli Washington, s/o Granville H. and Johannah Quillen Reedy]; stone in shape of a tree stump
REEDY, Zollie L. 10 Jun 1897 20 Feb 1916 d/o E[li] W[ashington] & Lissie [Blevins] Reedy
REEDY, Alma A. 23 Dec 1899 23 Jul 1916 d/o E[li] W[ashington] & Lissie [Blevins] Reedy
REEDY, Infant 31 Jul 1910 10 Aug 1910 d/o E[li] W[ashington] & Lissie [Blevins] Reedy
PERKINS, Mary Bell 13 Jun 1914 26 Sep 1914 [d/o Monroe and Floy Perkins]
PERKINS, Alma Leota 10 Jan 1916 9 Feb 1916 [d/o Monroe and Floy Perkins]
Row 2
HASH, Mettie 1 Dec 1901 13 Mar 1902 daughter of J. G[uston] and R[uth] J. Hash
Row 3
unknowns     two field stones
Row 4
unknowns     two field stones
Row 5
unknown     field stone
unknown     metal marker, illegible
Known to be buried here
PERKINS, John Fulton 1858 1887 [s/o Jared and Rachel Pickle Perkins]
PERKINS, Nancy Lane 1858 1915 [d/o Moses and Elizabeth Wingate; w/o John Fulton Perkins]
HASH, Rhoda Phipps 24 Apr 1851 10 Jun 1888 [1st w/o Alexander L. “Alex” Hash; d/o Hugh Phipps and Edith Standsbury]
WARD, children     [three children of Nathan A. and Elizabeth Jane “Betty” Hash Ward]