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Wade Hampton Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: East of Baywood

Directions: This is on a hilltop on the south side of the residence at 2249 Old Baywood Road (Rt 624). The cemetery is behind a wooded area and is not visible from the road.

GPS Coordinates: N36.615163 W80.996942

Surveyed by: Pat Davis; updated by Buford C. Wilson 24 Apr 2008

Comments: The cemetery is well fenced and maintained

Wade Hampton Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
BOYER, Don M. 1884 1958 [s/o James M. & Mary M. Boyer]
BOYER, Violet R. 1885 1958 shared stone with above; [Violet Rose, d/o Litrelle Z. Hampton & Rosa Kirby; w/o Don M. Boyer]
EDGE, Samuel L. 13 Sep 1903 1 Aug 1970
EDGE, Ruth Hampton 1 Feb 1899 28 Jan 1973 shared stone with above; [d/o Litrelle Z. Hampton & Rosa Kirby]
Row 2
unknowns two field stones
BEDSAUL, Rosamond 11 Mar 1840 17 Jun 1889 w/o Byram Bedsaul; [d/o Wade Hampton & Nancy Robinson]
Row 3
unknowns two field stones
unknown illegible stone
unknown field stone
HAMPTON, Litrelle Z. 24 Feb 1849 22 Jun 1925 [“Little Lite”, s/o Wade Hampton & Nancy Robinson]
HAMPTON, Rosa Kirby 20 Apr 1860 24 Nov 1957 shared stone with above
Row 4
unknown field stone
BOYER, Crilly Ray 12 Sep 1918 27 Feb 2000 U. S. Army; [s/o Don M. Boyer & Violet Rose Hampton]
BOYER, Geneva G. 21 Feb 1921 shared stone with above; [w/o Crilly Ray Boyer]
unknowns three field stones
HAMPTON, Wade 31 Oct 1816 20 Mar 1901 [s/o Griggs Hampton & Phillis Sutherland]
HAMPTON, Nancy 17 Mar 1817 2 May 1882 [nee Robinson]
HAMPTON, Mark Co C 45th VA Inf CSA; [s/o Wade Hampton & Nancy Robinson]
unknown field stone
SUTHERLAND, Nancy C. 3 Apr 1853 Dec 1920 w/o J.R. Sutherland
unknown field stone