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Alexander Phipps Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: On Old Bridle Creek Road

Directions: From the junction of Wilson Hwy (US Hwy 58) and Old Bridle Creek Drive (Rt 601) go north 1.2 mile on Old Bridle Creek Dr to a hay field on the left (southwest) side of road. The cemetery is 0.1 mile west of the road. It is visible from the road, fenced, untended and overgrown.

GPS Coordinates: N36.626949 W81.255798

Surveyed by: Susan Taylor Woodson; updated by Ginger Ballard 14 May 2003.

Comments: The cemetery lies in a hay field and is surrounded by an old fence which is not intact. It can be seen from the road. While the brush has been cleared off part of the cemetery, that brush is piled within the cemetery. Probably half or more of the enclosed area is covered by overgrown flowering shrubs, rock lilies, and the cut brush. The remainder of the area is covered with tall grass. Groundhogs are numerous and the cemetery is in great need of attention with some of the stones having fallen. It is not possible to determine how many graves are located here.

Alexander Phipps Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
PHIPPS, Columbus [11 Feb] 1844 [3 Apr] 1933 [s/o Alexander and Ludema Thomas Phipps]; double stone with next
PHIPPS, Nancy Cox [8 Aug] 1849 [4 Sep] 1919 21 Aug 1919 d/o Isom and Gincy Phipps Cox
COX, Joseph P., Lieut. 23 Nov 1839 10/16 Sep 1862 CSA; [s/o Isom and Gincy Phipps Cox. Fell at the Battle of Fayette Court House]
PHIPPS, Marvin H. 4 Dec 1882 17 Sep 1884 s/o Columbus and Nancy Phipps
Row 2
PHIPPS, Ludema 24 Jan 1817 21 Jul 1871 [d/o William and Violet Pugh Thomas; w/o Alexander Phipps]
PHIPPS, Violet V. 22 Jan 1856 2 Dec 1861 [d/o Alexander and Ludema Thomas Phipps]; stone not seen May 2003
PHIPPS, Alexander 23 Dec 1819 [10 Aug 1860] death date below ground level
PHIPPS, Cynthia 27 Feb 1846 19 Mar 1846 [d/o Alexander and Ludema Thomas Phipps]
COX, Emma E. 20 Jul 1842 21/24 Oct 1861 aged 19 yrs 3 mos & 4 days; w/o J.P Cox; [Emma Emily, d/o Alex and Ludema Phipps]
COX, Mary Belle 2 May 1860 30 Oct 1861 aged 17 months; d/o J[oseph] P[hipps] and E[mily] E[mily] Cox
PHIPPS, Nancy E. Mar 1850 8 Nov 1861 d/o Alexander and Ludema Thomas Phipps
Row 3
PHIPPS, Sallie Marion [1 Jul] 1877 [19 Nov] 1955 [d/o John Meek and Amanda Cornett McLean]; double stone with next
PHIPPS, Edgar Isom [12 Jun] 1872 [3 Jun] 1939 [s/o Columbus and Nancy Cox Phipps]
PAINTER, David Crockett 13 Aug 1933 15 Jan 1962 [shared stone with parents, David Temple and Frances Phipps Painter] In May 2003 only stone labelled “Painter” was found.
PAINTER, [Frances Phipps] 1 Dec 1903 23 May 1985 shared stone; [d/o Edgar and Sallie Marion McClean Phipps]
PAINTER, David Temple 7 Apr 1900 24 Dec 1981 [s/o Thomas and Mary Stephens Painter]; shared stone