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William D. Baldwin Family Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location:  Whitetop/p>

Directions:  This cemetery is 0.2 miles east of the intersection of Highlands Pkwy (US 58) and Mud Creek Road (Rt 600). The cemetery is on the north side of Highlands Pkwy. Go through gate & up hill. The cemetery is approximately 100 ft. from the road and is barely visible. The driveway to the cemetery is on the inside of a sharp curve in Highlands Pkwy.

GPS Coordinates:  N36.609119 W81.577736

Surveyed by:  Bettina Allred and 2 Mar 2001

Comments:  Survey begins in the southwest corner. This cemetery was rechecked by Jeff Weaver on 3 May 2003.

William D. Baldwin Family Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
unknown     field stone
unknown     field stone
Row 2
unknowns     two field stones
Row 3
WYATT, Albert 24 Apr 1928 13 Sep 1989 [son of Dewey M. Wyatt and Stella Taylor Wyatt]
unknowns     2 field stones
Row 4
WYATT, Dewey M. 1900 1972 [s/o John Wyatt and Melissa Baldwin Wyatt; h/o Stella Taylor Wyatt]
WYATT, Malissa B. 1 May 1877 1918 [w/o John D. Wyatt; d/o Reuben K. Baldwin & Martha Osborne Baldwin]
WYATT, John D. 10 Feb 1871 1949 [h/o Melissa Baldwin Wyatt]
WYATT, Claude S. 1906 1961 [son of John Wyatt & Melissa Baldwin Wyatt]
WYATT, Maggie Mae 1911 1969 [w/o Claude S.Wyatt]
ROYAL, Ruby B. 17 Sep 1928 23 Dec 1984 [d/o Claude S. Wyatt & Maggie Mae Wyatt; w/o Redford Royal]
ROYAL, Redford 14 May 1917 21 July 1996 [h/o Ruby B. Redford]
BALDWIN, William D. “Bill Buck” 1812 10 Jan 1898 age 86 yrs; [s/o Joseph Baldwin & Catherine Hart Baldwin; h/o Margaret Stringer Baldwin]
BALDWIN, Margaret Stringer 1809 28 May 1901 age 92 yrs; [w/o William D. Baldwin “Bill Buck”; d/o John Stringer & Susannah Baker]
BALDWIN, Herbert Vermont 6 March 1914 22 Nov l992 s/o Robert “Bob” Baldwin & Nancy Burke Baldwin; h/o Virginia Mabe Baldwin]; double stone with wife
Row 5
unknown     field stone
ROOP, Louisa “Mandy” 30 Sep 1832 8 Feb 1912 [d/o William D. Baldwin & Margaret Stringer Baldwin; w/o King Roop]
WEAVER, Frankie Roop 1 May 1861   [w/o Robert Winton “Went’ Weaver; d/o King Roop & Louisa “Mandy” Baldwin]; field stone
Row 6
BALDWIN, K. Reuben 1852 18 May 1927 [s/o William D. Baldwin & Margaret Stringer Baldwin]; field stone
BALDWIN, Martha Osborne 1856   [w/o Reuben Baldwin; d/o James Osborne and Rachael Blevins Osborne]; field stone
BALDWIN, Hiram 1842 14 Oct 1892 Co D 1st Virginia;[h/o Juliana Osborne Baldwin; s/o William D. Baldwin & Margaret Stringer Baldwin]; field stone
BALDWIN, Julia Ann “Julianna” Osborne 1841   [w/o Hiram Baldwin; d/o James Osborne & Rachael Blevins]; field stone
BALDWIN, Cicero M. 9 Jan 1861 21 Jul 1939 [s/o Noah C. Baldwin & Mahalia Blevins Baldwin; h/o Mattie Garris Baldwin]
BALDWIN, Craft 24 Jul 1892 27 Jan 1919 World War I; [Noah Craft, s/o Cicero M. Baldwin & Mattie Garris Baldwin. After serving in France he contracted influenza at Ft. Dix, NJ, and died at home.]
BALDWIN, Lester 25 Jan 1895 29 Dec 1920 [World War I; Philip Lester, s/o Cicero M. Baldwin & Mattie Garris Baldwin]
BALDWIN, Mattie Garris 26 Jan 1865 23 Oct 1938 [w/o Cicero M. Baldwin; d/o Wiley Garris & Rebecca]
BALDWIN, Clarence B. 26 Jul 1903 17 Oct 1981 [World War II; s/o Cicero M. Baldwin & Mattie Garris Baldwin; h/o Eva Barley Baldwin]
Row 7
TAYLOR, Jane Baldwin [27 Apr 1877] [aft 1905] [d/o Noah C. Baldwin & Mahalia Blevins Baldwin; w/o Lee Taylor]; field stone
Baldwin, Noah C. 1837 9 Oct 1895 [1st Virginia Cavalry. s/o William D. Baldwin & Margaret Stringer Baldwin]
BALDWIN, Mahalia Blevins 1837 27 Jul 1905 [w/o Noah C. Baldwin; d/o Elisha & Elizabeth Blevins]
BLEVINS, Mattie Eleanor 22 Sep 1924 11 Dec 1927 [d/o John A. Blevins & Laura Baldwin Blevins]
BALDWIN, Laura 23 May 1886 3 Feb 1962 [d/o Cicero M. Baldwin & Mattie Garris Baldwin; w/o John A. Blevins]
Row 8
WOOD, Sarah   25 Nov 1911 Aged about 75 years
Row 9
WEAVER, Wiley     Age 6 mo; [s/o William M. Weaver & Catherine “Katie” Baldwin]
Row 10
WEAVER, Grover Cleveland 11 Mar 1901 16 Sept 1947 [s/o William L.”Willie” Weaver]
WEAVER, Eleanor Violet Baldwin 26 Jan 1906 2 Mar 2001 [w/o Grover Cleveland Weaver]
WEAVER, Richard 20 Sep 1935 26 Sep 1935 [s/o Grover Weaver & Violet Baldwin]
Row 11
unknown     field stone
WEAVER, Robert A. 23 Mar 1888 23 May 1968 World War I, 2nd Engineer Training Regiment; [Robert A. Rockingham, s/o Winton “Went” Weaver & Frances “Frankie” Roop]
Row 12
TAYLOR, Infant [bef 1888]   [d/o Lottie Baldwin Taylor]
Row 14
Unknown Soldier   6 April 1865 [This unknown soldier was found wounded and dying alongside an old road near the Byars cemetery that later became U.S. 58. Because of the animosities between the north and south, local people would not allow him to be buried in any of their cemeteries. Being apprized of the situation, William D. Baldwin said he could be buried in his land. This was the first interment in this cemetery and grave was marked with a field stone until 1978, when the Veterans Administration provided a grave marker designating him as an Unknown Soldier of the Confederate States of America. Since then I have been told he was a Union soldier, which would make more sense. In 1898 William D. Baldwin was buried here and the cemetery became known as the Wm. D. Baldwin Cemetery.]