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Johnson Cemetery (A-A)

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: North of Elk Creek

Directions: From the junction of Hunters Ln (Rt 659) and Victory Ln (Rt 791) go north on Hunters Ln 1.9 miles to its end. Then continue straight ahead up a steep graveled driveway, 0.1 mile, then turn right and continue up to the knoll. The cemetery is on this knoll and is not visible from Hunters Ln.

GPS Coordinates: N36.753910 W81.181570 (estimated)

Surveyed by: From Paul Herndon files.


Johnson Cemetery (A-A), Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
JOHNSON, Gladys   3 Jun 1903 infant. [Babies in this row all likely are the children of Mitchell Johnson and Susan A. Bailey.]
JOHNSON, Infants   23 Jun 1905 infant twin boys.
JOHNSON, Katie M.   27 Feb 1909 infant. [This is probably a d/o Mitchell Johnson & Susan A. Bailey; however, the date would be her birth date as she was listed in the 1910 census. She died before 1920.]
JOHNSON, Liza M.   18 Sep 1911 infant.
JOHNSON, Wm. M.   28 Feb 1916 infant
JOHNSON, Walter 18 Jan 1895 Nov 1918 [s/o Mitchell Johnson & Susan Bailey]
JOHNSON, Susie B. [ca Oct 1873] 10 Dec 1918 [d/o Daniel & Eliza Bailey; w/o Mitchell Johnson]
JOHNSON, Melvina [ca 1836] 23 Apr 1922 [w/o Gilbert Johnson]
JOHNSON, Calvin [ca 1864]   field stone; [s/o Gilbert & Melvina Johnson; m1 Mary Johnson, d/o Simon & Charlotte Johnson, m2 Elona “Lonie” Hale, d/o Wilson & Mary Hale]
JOHNSON, Reece 13 Jan 1907 19 Nov 1939 [s/o Mitchell Johnson & Susan Bailey]
JOHNSON, Mitchell 2 May 1860 20 Feb 1961 [s/o Gilbert & Melvina Johnson]
JOHNSON, Hurd 15 Jun 1891 20 Mar 1966 Pvt Co D 802 Pioneer Inf World War I; [s/o Mitchell Johnson & Susan Bailey]
GREEN, Ann J. 1928 1968  
ANDERSON, Rhonda D. 1919 1969  
KING, Shawn Q.   1975 infant
BRAXTON, Gracy M. 17 Apr 1903 25 May 1917 [d/o John Braxton & Minnie Johnson]
BRAXTON, John     unmarked grave; [probably s/o Joseph & Amanda Braxton, h/o Minnie Johnson]
BRAXTON, Joe     unmarked grave; [could be father, brother, or son of John Braxton]
JOHNSON, Friel     unmarked grave; [s/o Gilbert & Melvina Johnson, h/o Liz McLean]
JOHNSON, Liz     unmarked grave; [nee Elizabeth McLean; w/o Friel Johnson]
JOHNSON, Charlie     unmarked grave; [World War I]
JOHNSON, Irene 4 Oct 1911 30 Jun 1938  
JOHNSON, Conley 22 Jan 1879 1 Sep 1943  
JOHNSON, Nannie Hale 3 Oct 1876 7 Mar 1960 w/o Conley Johnson.
JOHNSON, Eula Hale 9 Aug 1891 22 Jun 1953 [w/o Wise Johnson; sister of McKinley Hale]
JOHNSON, Wise 1885 1972  
HALE, McKinley 25 Sep 1900 14 Nov 1955  
JOHNSON, Agnes     unmarked grave; [d/o Wise & Eula Johnson]
JOHNSON, Mary     unmarked grave
JOHNSON, Ella     unmarked grave
JOHNSON, Glen     unmarked grave
JOHNSON, Emma     [w/o George Johnson]; unmarked grave
JOHNSON, George     [h/o Emma Johnson]; unmarked grave.
JOHNSON, Nora 22 May 1892 14 Feb 1916  
JOHNSON, Molly     unmarked grave
JOHNSON, Willie 28 May 1885 23 May 1910 [brother of Wise & Conley Johnson]
HALE, Mary “Press”      
JOHNSON, Ray 18 Jan 1901 21 Jan 1929  
WILLIAMS, Kate L. 18 Aug 1903 2 Jul 1928 [sister of Ray Williams
WILLIAMS, Willie 28 Jun 1885 23 Jun 1910 age 24
BAILEY, Annie J. 2 Feb 1873 27 Jan 1962 [2nd w/o John Bailey; sister of Lawrence Robinson]
BAILEY, John W. 11 Jul 1863 2 Jun 1935 [m1 Molly Bailey, m2 Annie J. Bailey]
BAILEY, Neil     unmarked grave.
BAILEY, Ona     unmarked grave.
JOHNSON, Annie     [d/o Friel Johnson]
BOURNE, Ollie     unmarked grave
JOHNSON, Berlin     [s/o Calvin Johnson]; unmarked grave
JOHNSON, Lonie     [2nd w/o Calvin Johnson]; unmarked grave
JOHNSON, Mary     [1st w/o Calvin Johnson]; unmarked grave
JOHNSON, Clayton     [s/o Clayton Johnson]; unmarked grave
JOHNSON, Zina     unmarked grave
ROBINSON, Infant     [child of Helen Robinson]; unmarked grave
ROBINSON, Margaret M. 31 Jun 1918 14 Aug 1942  
ROBINSON, Charlie W. 27 Jan 1915 2 Jun 1932  
BRAXTON, Will     [s/o Joe and Amanda Braxton; h/o Ellen Patterson]; unmarked grave
JOHNSON, Anderson     [s/o Daniel and Lucinda Johnson]; unmarked grave
JOHNSON, Florence     [d/o Daniel and Eliza Bailey; w/o Anderson Johnson]; unmarked grave
PRESS, Mary     unmarked grave
JOHNSON, Temperence     unmarked grave
PATTERSON, Alex     He had been a slave. He is probably buried, “on the mountain, somewhere”, not in either cemetery in this area customarily used by African-Americans.