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Hall Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: West of Independence off of Power House Rd.

Directions: This cemetery is in a wooded area near the end of Mistic View Lane (Rt 914). Mistic View Lane is a dead end road that intersects with Rock Creek Road (Rt 685) 0.7 mile from Power House Road (Rt 685). At the end of Mistic View Lane, travel a private road 0.3 mile to a gate at an old farm house. Walk to the house and enter the woods at a gate there. The cemetery is about 500 feet from the house.

GPS Coordinates: N36.62854 W81.11690

Surveyed by: Buford C. Wilson 14 Jan 2007; updated 30 Apr 2008

Comments: The cemetery is abandoned and in poor condition. There are the remains of a fence around part of it. Not very many of the graves have an inscribed marker and are indicated by field stones or sunken ground.

Hall Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
WARRICK, Wiley Culmore 11 Dec 1894 13 Dec 1896 age 2 yrs 2 days; [s/o Fielden Kenley Warrick & Nina Etta Poole]
Row 2
FIGGAT, Glenn W. 7 Apr 1850 10 Jul 1927 [born in Lexington, VA]
FIGGAT, Sarah Ellen Hall 13 Apr 1873 9 Mar 1910 shared stone with above; [d/o William Hall & Amanda Pool]
HALL, Joseph [1887] [1907] Crumbled marker; [s/o William Hall & Amanda Pool; age 20]
HALL, Amanda Pool 1849 1907 [w/o William Hall; married 3 Jan 1869]
HALL, William 1851 1934 age 83
WARRICK, Mary F. 18 Sep 1889 29 Jul 1892 [d/o George W. Warrick & Rosa Hall]
Row 3
unknowns two unmarked, three field stones
Row 4
unknowns two unmarked, six field stones
HALL, Rebecca 1848 1928 broken stone
Row 5
unknowns one unmarked, six field stones
Row 6
unknowns five field stones
Row 7
unknowns six field stones
Believed to be buried here in unmarked graves based on information given to Paul Herndon
HALL, Emmett unmarked; [s/o Jacob Hall & Susan Warrick]
WARRICK, Ephraim unmarked
WARRICK, Elizabeth Ann Roberts unmarked; [w/o Ephraim Warrick; married 10 Jan 1848]
HALL, George W. [10 Aug 1855] [6 Jan 1928] unmarked; [s/o James & Polly Hall]
HALL, Betty Carr unmarked; [d/o Fielding & Nancy Carr; w/o George W. Hall; married 20 May 1875]
POOLE, John R. [28 Sep 1922] unmarked
POOLE, Caroline Hall [14 Oct 1845] unmarked; [w/o John Poole; d/o James & Polly Hall]
HALL, Jacob [ca 1849] unmarked; [s/o James & Polly Hall]
HALL, Susan Warrick [ca 1851] unmarked; [d/o Ephraim & Elizabeth Warrick; w/o Jacob Hall]
HALL, Ethel unmarked; [age 13 yrs; d/o George W. Hall & Betty Carr]