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Shuler Family Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Bethel

Directions: The cemetery is south of Comers Rock Rd (Rt 658) on Bethel Rd (Rt 672). From Bethel Memorial Methodist Church travel 0.3 mile northwest (back toward Comers Rock Rd) on Bethel Rd. Cemetery is on right (east) side of road but cannot be seen from road. Shuler Family Cemetery sign is visible from road.

GPS Coordinates: N36.695190 W81.273483

Surveyed by: Mary Taylor Harrington & Susan Taylor Woodson, plus info from Paul Herndon’s files.


Shuler Family Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
HASH, Joseph E. 25 Aug 1865 1922 [s/o Benjamin Hash]; double stone with next
HASH, Luedena 11 Feb 1867 13 Apr 1943 [d/o Calvin W. and Irena Ward Russell]
LONG, A. Foy 20 Sep 1878 17 Jan 1920 [s/o Levi D. and Sallie Delp Long]
LONG, Levi D. 5 Jun 1838   CSA; [s/o John and Celia Delp Long; served in Grayson Co. Militia and Co.12, 21st Va Inf]
LONG, Sallie 17 Apr 1838 23 Oct 1918 [d/o John and Polly Cornett Delp; w/o Levi D. Long]
WRIGHT, Drucilla Clementine     unmarked grave; [Clemmie, d/o Levi and Sallie Delp Long; 2nd w/o Andrew Whaley Wright]
Row 2
COMER, children     two unmarked graves for the children of Lert and Betty Delp Comer
McGRADY, Elizabeth 2 Dec 1822 1857 [d/o Joseph and Mary Hale Perkins; 1st w/o Aaron McGrady]
McGRADY, Aaron 5 May 1816 31 Oct 1890 [s/o Edward McGrady]
McGRADY, Polly 1853 1933 [“Aunt Polly”; d/o James and Amy Duncan; 2nd w/o Aaron McGrady]
CARRICO, Nancy Eveline 4 Jan 1838 23 May 1873 [d/o Joseph and Mary Hale Perkins; 1st w/o Miles Clark Carrico]
PHELPS, Mildred 1919 1921 daughter of R.A. and Nora Phelps
POE, Mary Eunice 14 Jul 1880 20 Mar 1920 [d/o John Calvin and Martha Caroline Phelps; w/o Rush Poe]
PHELPS, John Calvin 16 Sep 1832 16 Sep 1906 double stone with next
PHELPS, Martha Caroline 26 Jun 1847 25 Jun 1934
WRIGHT, Andrew Whaley ca 1854   unmarked grave
WRIGHT, Josephine McGrady ca 1853   [d/o Aaron and Elizabeth Perkins McGrady; w/o Andrew W. Wright]
Row 3
SHULER, Minnie Virginia 18 Apr 1879 13 Nov 1974 [d/o Alexander M. and Eliza Catherine Comer Sutherland; 2nd w/o Stephen Lee Shuler]; triple stone with next two
SHULER, Stephen Lee 11 Apr 1865 19 Sep 1946 [s/o James Kenny and Lois E. Perkins Shuler; m1 Fannie Melissa Givens, m2 Minnie Virginia Sutherland]
SHULER, Fannie Melissa 17 Jan 1866 4 Sep 1896 [nee Givens; 1st w/o Stephen Lee Shuler]
SHULER, Phebe Russell 1810 19 May 1870 [d/o Phillip and Rebecca Russell; 1st w/o George Shuler; (divorced)]; age 60
SHULER, Melvin F. 20 Jan 1862; 9 May 1862 [s/o James Kenny and Lois E. Perkins Shuler]
SHULER, James Kenny 15 Jun 1834 27 Jun 1925 [s/o George and Phebe Russell Shuler]
SHULER, Lois E. 4 Nov 1835 30 Jan 1908 aged 72 yrs. 2 mos, 26 days; [Lois Elmira, d/o Joseph and Mary Hale Perkins; w/o James Kenny Shuler]
SHULER, Lissa 27 Aug 1896 23 Feb 1980 [Callie Melissa, d/o Stephen Lee and Fannie Melissa Givens Shuler]
Row 4
POOLE, Charlie Winton 8 Feb 1889 28 May 1935 [s/o James K. and Marinda Caroline Delp Poole]
POOLE, Stella M. 13 Oct 1912 5/25 Feb 1913 [d/o Charles W. and Alice Roberts Poole]
unknowns     five unmarked graves
ROBBINS, Lydi 8 Nov 1883 1901 [s/o Alexander Whaley and Lucy Delp Robbins]
ROBBINS, Bramlet H. 20 Feb 1879 7 Aug 1903 [s/o Alexander Whaley and Lucy Delp Robbins]
Row 5
McKINNON, Wright M. 20 May 1866 28 Dec 1951 [s/o Milt and r Rachel Wingate McKinnon]
McKINNON, Minnie Anne 20 May 1867 7 Apr 1943 [d/o Louis and Emily Hall Wright; w/o Wright M. McKinnon]
McKINNON, Hurley Clarence 23 Oct 1896 18 Mar 1930 U.S. soldier; [s/o Wright M. and Minnie Ann Wright McKinnon]
DAVIS, Ollie Mae 3 May 1903 14 Jul 1950 [d/o James K. and Marinda Caroline Delp Poole; m1 Hurley C. McKinnon, m2 Thomas Davis]
McKINNON, J.C. 2 Dec 1928 14 Jan 1929 J.C. son of H.C. and Ollie McKinnon
POOLE, Ninnie B. 7 Dec 1892 16 Mar 1911 [d/o James K. and Marinda Caroline Delp Poole]
POOLE, Margaret E. 28 Aug 1883 11 Mar 1890 [d/o James K. and Marinda Caroline Delp Poole]
POOLE, Virginia E. 18 Dec 1886 21 Feb 1892 [d/o James K. and Marinda Caroline Delp Poole]
POOLE, James K. 22 Feb 1859 28 Feb 1935 s/o Granville and Catherine Catron Poole]; double stone with next
POOLE, Marinda Caroline 20 Nov 1859 16 Feb 1909 [d/o John and Polly Cornett Delp]
COLLINS, Lessie Ethel 23 Aug 1894 29 Nov 1948 [d/o James K. and Marinda Caroline Delp Poole; w/o Jacob Collins]
PHELPS, Deward 8 Aug 1902 29 Dec 1902 son of J.C. and M.A. Phelps
SEXTON, Ellen    
SEXTON, Losten    
SEXTON, Jincy    
HOLLAND, Maggie    
Row 6
YONCE, Robert Lester 9 Jul 1895 7 Aug 1975 [s/o Steve and Lura Nooncaster Yonce]; double stone with next
YONCE, Nonnie P. 3 Mar 1897 17 Dec 1953 [d/o James K. and Marinda Caroline Delp Poole]
YONCE, Roy   18 Jul 1925 sons of Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Yonce; shared stone with next
YONCE, Ray 8 Jul 1925
YONCE, Charles Thomas 30 Jan 1939 18 Feb 1956 [s/o Robert Lester and Nonnie Poole Yonce]
Row 7
HASH, Melvin Letcher 26 Aug 1886 24 Apr 1959 [s/o Troy and Mary Hash]; double stone with next
HASH, Minnie A. 13 May 1880 10 Mar 1963 [d/o James K. and Marinda Caroline Delp Poole; w/o Melvin Letcher Hash]
HASH, Anna Lee 1922 1930 d/o Melvin Letcher and Minnie A. Poole Hash]
Also buried here
YONCE, Patsy [11 Apr 1938] [22 Mar 1985] [d/o Walter D. and Gladys Fisher Jennings; w/o James Rex Yonce]
SEXTON, Sam [13 Aug 1901] [20 Sep 1990] [s/o Steve and Ellen Perry Sexton]
CORNETT, Alice   [1974] [nee Roberts; m1 Charlie Winton Poole, m2 Estel Cornett]