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William C. Halsey Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Fox Knob on the south side of New River.

Directions: From the junction of Wilson Hwy (US 58) and State Line Rd (SR 93) cross the river bridge and go south about 1⁄4 mi to Potato Creek Road (Rt 708). Follow the road east about 2 mi to Fox Knob Road (Rt 766) and turn left 1.6 mi down the road, turn left on Fox Wood Ln (Rt 852). Continue 0.7 mi to cemetery which is down the ridge above New River.

GPS Coordinates: N36.597073 W81.30526

Surveyed by: James and May Cox in Sept 1990, Joe W. Phipps, and Rich and Ginger Ballard in April 2003.

Comments: The cemetery, which is on the right side of the road, cannot be seen from the road. There is a locked gate leading to an old field filled with broom sedge. It is necessary to walk down the ridge through the broom sedge to the edge of the woods at the far end of the field. The cemetery is not maintained. A large tree fell across the cemetery some years back and broke some of the stones and obscured others. The trunk was sawed into sections but not removed. Mr. Phipps estimated there were 20 or 25 unmarked graves here. We would concur but have shown locations of field stones which he included in his count of unmarked graves.

William C. Halsey Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
WHEATLEY, Mary Virginia 14 Oct 1927 14 Oct 1927 [not found Apr 2003]
WHEATLEY, Henry Ford 27 Jun 1934 13 Sep 1936 [not found Apr 2003]
Row 2
HALSEY, Geneva P. 27 Feb 1917 3 Jun 1932  
HALSEY, William Terry 20 Oct 1881 18 Jul 1920 [stone broken]; s/o William Cecil Halsey
HALSEY, Verdia 1875    
Row 3
unknowns     two field stones
HALSEY, T.B.   30 Jul 1905 age 11 yr 9 mo 3 days
HALSEY, Rebecca A. Hash 27 Dec 1841 27 May 1929  
HALSEY, William C.   [4 Mar 1932] [William Cecil]; Co I 51st Va Infantry CSA
Row 4
unknowns     three field stones
Row 5
unknowns     three field stones
McMEANS, Zelia 4 Jul 1906 29 Oct 1917 d/o J.H. & Maggie McMeans
McMEANS, Coney 12 Feb 1895 5 Jul 1896 s/o J.H. & Maggie McMeans
Row 6
unknowns     three field stones
RUTHERFORD, L.J. 1810 1837 s/o A.N. & R.J. Rutherford [not found Apr 2003; not listed on the Cox survey]
RUTHERFORD, J.N. 11 Dec 1876 8 Mar 1877 s/o A.M. and J. Rutherford
Row 7
PARSONS, Teme E. 12 Aug 1892 24 Feb 1913 w/o J.T. Parsons; [stone broken, fallen; [Cox survey has name as Tine]
HALSEY, Grimesley   30 Jan 1892 age 35 yrs
unknown     field stone
Row 8
unknown     field stone
HALSEY, Alice 1860 1906 age 49; w/o W.H. Halsey
Row 9
unknown     field stone
ANDERSON, Jennie 10 May 1874 3 Mar 1945 stone broken