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The Bachelors Ward Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: West of Independence

Directions: From the junction of Wilson Hwy (US Hwy 58) and Old Bridle Creek Dr (Rt 601) go north 0.2 mile on Old Bridle Creek Dr.then turn right (east) onto a winding farm road. Follow this farm road 0.4 mile to the base of Buck Mountain.

GPS Coordinates: N36.626 W81.239 approximate

Surveyed by: Joe W. Phipps in 1994

Comments: This cemetery lies at the foot of Buck Mountain on the Parsons farm near the site of the home of the two men buried here.They were confirmed bachelors and referred to in the community as “the Bachelors Ward.” It is said that they were afraid of women and would run and hide if one approached the house. One story says that one of the brothers at one time considered getting married and brought his prospective bride to meet his brother and see the house. While he was walking the lady home, his brother “got to figuring” and calculated how much it would cost to support a third person in the household. When the courting brother got home, he discovered that his brother had set the table for three and divided the food three ways. The courting brother concluded that he didn’t have enough to eat and gave up his plans to marry.

The Bachelors Ward Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
WARD, Landreth 15 Feb 1811 8 Jan 1889 s/o Nathan and Sarah Ward
WARD, Silas 17 Apr 1813 17 Jun 1885 s/o Nathan and Sarah Ward