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Hampton C. Weaver Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: This cemetery is on a high ridge on the north side of Highlands Pkwy, 1.7 miles west of Mt. Rogers School.

Directions: From the junction of Highlands Pkwy (US Hwy 58) and Helton Valley Lane (Rt 783) go east 0.5 mile on Highlands Pkwy to the cemetery on the left (north) side of the road.

GPS Coordinates: N36.605949 W81.552887

Surveyed by: Jeff Weaver on 28 May 2003; updated by Eleanor Cox Mar 2009

Comments: This cemetery is neat, clean, well fenced and well maintained, despite the fact that it is difficult to access. There is no evidence of any grave being unmarked, or marked with a field stone.

Hampton C. Weaver Cemetery
General View of the Hampton C. Weaver Cemetery

Hampton C. Weaver Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
WEAVER, Dewey 20 Sep 1899 19 Jun 1961 [J. Dewey, s/o Hampton C. and Luzilla Sturgill Weaver; h/o Maggie Weaver]
Row 2
HARRINGER, Gladys W. 24 Oct 1896 31 Dec 1958/1967 [d/o Hampton and Luzilla Sturgill Weaver]
HARRINGER, Scott H., Sgt. 27 Oct 1925 3 Jun 1950 [s/o John and Gladys Greer Harringer; served in World War II 1943-1946; served in the Berlin Airlift in the 330th Squadron Jun-Oct 1949; died while on service at Chaunute AFB.]
JOHNSON, Ruth W. 15 Feb 1904 21 May 1994 [d/o Hampton C. and Luzilla Sturgill Weaver]; double stone with next
JOHNSON, Freeman E. 23 Mar 1911 23 Sep 1962 [s/o Sherman Johnson]
Row 3
WEAVER, Claude, Jr. 13 Feb 1920 18 Feb 1920 [s/o Hampton C. and Luzilla Sturgill Weaver]
WEAVER, H[ampton] C[olumbus] 23 Dec 1865 12 Apr 1941 [s/o Nancy Weaver Price; Commissioner of Revenue for Grayson County; member of the Virginia House of Delegates]
WEAVER, Luzilla 14 Jun 1870 5 Aug 1967 [nee Sturgill; w/o Hampton Columbus Weaver]
WEAVER, Fred M. 2 Sep 1906 4 Jul 1965 [s/o Hampton C. and Luzilla Sturgill Weaver]
WEAVER, Harry R. 6 Aug 1912 11 Mar 1974 [s/o Hampton C. and Luzilla Sturgill Weaver]; double stone with next
WEAVER, Fay C. 3 Jan 1912 30 Mar 1974 [nee Church]
WEAVER, Harry, Jr. 29 Nov 1938 15 Feb 2007 [s/o Harry & Faye Church Weaver]
Row 4
BALDWIN, Martha Jane 15 Mar 1902 4 Mar 1994 “Mattie”; [d/o Howard S. and Fannie Wiles Weaver; w/o Cleve Baldwin]
KILBY, Eula Nell 25 Jun 1922 24 Nov 1996  
KILBY, Helen Byrd 28 May 1932   double stone with next
KILBY, Mark W. 4 Oct 1919 11 Nov 1964 [s/o Luther and Flossie Weaver Kilby]; VA PFC Batry A 975th Field Artillery U.S. Army World War II
WEAVER, Howard S., Jr. 18 Apr 1918 16 Mar 1963 [s/o Howard S. and Fannie Wiles Weaver]; VA Pvt 31st Ord Tank Maint Co U.S. Army World War II
KILBY, Flossie O. 1884 1959 [d/o Wade Hampton Weaver; w/o Luther Kilby]
WEAVER, Fannie W. 2 July 1879 23 Jun 1961 [d/o John Wiles]; double stone with next
WEAVER, Howard S. 23 Feb/May 1880 15/18 July 1958 [s/o Wade Hampton Weaver]
PRICE, Howard M. 31 May 1880 18 Apr 1931  
PRICE, Nancy 1841 22 Oct 1916 aged 75 years; [d/o Joshua and Martha Lawrence Weaver; w/o W.C. Price]
PRICE, W.C. 25 Mar 1858 20 Nov 1920  
Row 5
OSBORNE, Nannie Levon 2 Nov 1906 5 Feb 1907 d/o Cicero Osborne
KILBY, Boyd Gene 25 Aug 1949 27 Aug 1949  
KILBY, Hampton 1940 1942 [s/o Clayborne and Alice Greer Kilby]
KILBY, Mrs. Alice 1905 1948 [nee Greer]
KILBY, Claiborne/Clayborne 1/11 Apr 1896 13 Mar 1964 [s/o Hillah Kilby]; Pvt Co F 4th Engr Tng Regt U.S. Army World War I
KILBY, Basil 26 Mar 1927 7 Mar 1993 [Walter Basil, s/o Clabe & Alice Greer Kilby]
WADDELL, C.E.     There is nothing on the head stone but “Waddell”, however the footstone has the initials “C.E.W.”
KILBY, Harold Junior 27 Jul 1936 27 Sep 1987 “Swede”; [s/o Clayborne and Alice Greer Kilby]