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Solomon Hamm Cemetery

aka Laurel Valley Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Burton’s Chapel

Directions: From Flatridge Road (Rt 601) go east on Lost Lake Road (Rt 603) approximately 1.25 miles. The cemetery is not visible from the road but lies 0.12 mile north of the road in a wooded area. A private road leads past the cemetery but fallen limbs would prevent driving to the cemetery even if the property were not posted.

GPS Coordinates: N36.732159 W81.346138

Surveyed by: Rich and Ginger Ballard 10 Mar 2003

Comments: This cemetery needs maintenance. Some of the graves are badly sunken. One stone has fallen and another leans precariously. The area is considerably larger than the space needed to contain the identified graves. There are probably several others here underneath the ground pines.Rodney Johnson provided an earlier survey by Donna Edwards and Donna’s information has been incorporated into this list as well.

Solomon Hamm Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
unknown     field stone
RAY, J.D. 1858 1926  
RICHARDSON, Mary 15 Jun 1850 28 May 1932  
Row 2
unknown     field stone
Row 3
unknown     unmarked
HAMM, Olife Dove 3 Nov 1918 17 Oct 1919 d/o W.R. & Mona Hamm
Row 4
HAM, Mary C. 23 Oct 1869 23 Mar 1928 2nd w/o S.C. Ham; [d/o G.W. Martin]; “Member of the Primitive Baptist Church” (stone fallen)
HAM, Solomon C. 18 Apr 1854 22 Jun 1939 “Deacon of the Primitive Baptist Church”
HAM, Elizabeth Ann 16 Jun 1862 7 Apr 1914 [1st] w/o S.C. Ham
unknown     field stone
Row 5
HAM, Lydia Gynnetia 15 Nov 1878 14 Oct 1897 d/o S.C. & Elizabeth Ham
HAM, Evert 28 Dec 1890 8 Oct 1891 s/o S.C. & E.A. Ham
unknown     field stone