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Old Bonham Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location:  In the Rockbridge Community (Grant)

Directions:  From the junction of Flatridge Rd (Rt 658) and Rock Bridge Rd go about one mile north on Rockbridge Rd (Rt 731). Turn right (southeast) on private road. Go approximately 1/4 mile to a “Y” intersection. Go right and follow cleared road past the old home to top of west ridge.

GPS Coordinates:  N36.6639716 W81.3701511 Coordinates estimated

Surveyed by:  Trula Fay Parks Purkey, 1984

Comments:  The following listing of burials was derived from the research reported in “Genealogy of William Bonham Pioneer Settler of Grayson County, Virginia” compiled by Trula Fay Parks Purkey copyright 1984 and is presented here with her permission. She and other researchers have compiled a list of people believed to be buried in the Old Bonham Cemetery. This is one of the oldest family cemeteries still in existence in Grayson County. We would like to hear from anyone who has knowledge of anyone buried in this cemetery. All information in the table below was derived from the report by Trula Fay Parks Purkey. It is not known if any of this was collected from markers at the cemetery.

Old Bonham Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
BONHAM, Allen Lofton [24 Nov 1838] [9 Jan 1905] [s/o Joseph and Tabitha Russell Bonham]
BONHAM, Buddy [5 Oct 1909] [5 Oct 1909] [s/o William and Lutisha Pugh Bonham]
BONHAM, Candacy Jones [Jun 1849] [7 Jan 1914] [d/o of Joseph and Susan Perkins Jones; w/o Allen Lofton Bonham]
BONHAM, Elizabeth “Betsy” [22 Sep 1774] [23 May 1854] [d/o Joseph and Catherine Edwards Williams; w/o William Bonham]
BONHAM, Ephraim [24 Oct 1831] [18 Apr 1880] [Ephraim Harvey, s/o Joseph and Tabitha Russell Bonham; h/o Martha Bishop Bonham]
BONHAM, Ephraim Harvey II [31 Jan 1892] [21 Dec 1892] [s/o Ephraim Monroe and Victoria Emaline Brewer Bonham]
BONHAM, Monroe [8 Oct 1862] [21 Mar 1894] [Ephraim Monroe, s/o Ephraim Harvey and Martha Bishop Bonham; h/o Victoria Emaline Brewer]
BONHAM, Hannah Tabitha [12 Mar 1868] [11 Nov 1880] [d/o Allen and Candacy Jones Bonham]
BONHAM, Joseph T. [ca 1798] [22 Feb 1881] [s/o William and Elizabeth Williams Bonham]
BONHAM, Lessie Mae [17 Aug 1902] [9 Nov 1917] [d/o Ora and Theodoshia Barker Bonham]
BONHAM, Lois Elmira [15 Oct 1886] [27 Oct 1887] [d/o Allen and Candacy Jones Bonham]
BONHAM, Martha Bishop [1827] [29 April 1870] [w/o Ephraim Harvey Bonham]
BONHAM, Marvin     [inf s/o Allen and Candacy Jones Bonham]
BONHAM, [Mary Alice] [14 June 1915] [14 June 1915] [Infant d/o of Samuel and Daisy Shuler Bonham; twin to Allen Glen Bonham]
BONHAM, Minne V. [27 Oct 1876] [14 Nov 1880] [d/o Allen and Candacy Jones Bonham]
BONHAM, Pearl [21 Jun 1900] [15 Nov 1908] [d/o William and Lutisha Pugh Bonham]
BONHAM, Sissy [9 Sep 1908] [9 Sep 1908] [infant d/o William and Lutisha Pugh Bonham]
BONHAM, Susan Ann     [d/o Allen and Candacy Jones Bonham; died young]
BONHAM, Tabitha L. [ca 1804] [22 Feb 1881] [d/o Phillip and Rebecca Russell; w/o Joseph Bonham; Grayson death records list dod as 18 Jun 1887]
BONHAM, William [ca 1768] [ca 1853] [first Bonham to settle in what is now Grayson County]
BYRD, Ellen [7 Jan 1907]   [d/o Thomas and Mary Bonham Byrd]
JONES, Ellen F.     [d/o Joseph and Susan Perkins Jones]
JONES, Joseph [ca 1795] [aft 1880]  
JONES, Susan Perkins [1818] [bef 1880] [w/o Joseph Jones; d/o Joseph & Mary Hale Perkins]
ROSS, Fleming R. [26 Mar 1859]   [infant s/o Jack and Lucy Bonham Ross]
ROSS, John W. [16 Jan 1864]   [infant s/o Jack and Lucy Bonham Ross]
TUCKER, Infant [24 Nov 1898] [24 Nov 1898] [s/o John A. and Celia Jane Brewer Tucker]
TUCKER, Infant [25 Apr 1899] [2 May 1899] [d/o John A. and Celia Jane Brewer Tucker]
TUCKER, Celia Jane [6 Mar 1862] [4 Nov 1933] [w/o John A Tucker; d/o Lewis W. and Sarah Ann Ross Brewer]
TUCKER, John A. [May 1862] [3 Apr 1939] [s/o John P. and Elizabeth Bonham Tucker]