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Razor Ridge Cemetery

aka Ross Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: East of Grant

Directions: From the junction of Troutdale Hwy (SR 16) and Flatridge Rd (Rt 658) go east and north about 3/4 mile on Flatridge Rd to Razor Ridge Rd (Rt 677). The entrance to this cemetery is about 2 miles north on Razor Ridge Rd and 0.4 mile east of the Razor Ridge Baptist Church. The cemetery itself is not in view of the road but lies 0.2 mile northwest of the public road at the end of the private road indicated by a sign.

GPS Coordinates: N36.6970499 W81.3873213

Surveyed by: Ginger Ballard, 4 Apr 2003.

Comments: This cemetery is fenced and well-maintained. There are an indeterminate number of unmarked graves at this site. Information on unmarked graves is from the files of Paul Herndon.

Razor Ridge Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
HAWKINS, James L. 27 Jun 1876 8 Dec 1961 double stone with next
HAWKINS, Martha D. 20 Feb 1908 14 Jul 1995 [Martha Dina, d/o James Newton & Mary Evelyn Smithers Johnson]
COMBS, Ora May 4 Dec 1934 5 Apr 2001 double stone with next
COMBS, Sherman Gayle 14 Apr 1933
JOHNSON, Mary E. 10 Feb 1884 11 Mar 1957 double stone with next
JOHNSON, James N. 24 Sep 1882 24 Mar 1955 wed 10 Dec 1900
BARKER, Rachel E. 21 Mar 1906 30 Apr 1950
Row 2
ROSS, Joe Alex 1900 1959
ROSS, Albert L. 16 Aug 1867 21 Oct 1931(?) hand carved, difficult to read
ROSS, Grover D. 1937 1997
ROSS, John M. 1892 1966 double stone with next
ROSS, Alice E. 1901 1960 married 1915
ROSS, Stella
ROSS, Boyd
ROSS, Fleet
unknown cement marker
Row 3
SEXTON, Reed J. 2 Jun 1941 22 Feb 1991 Sgt U.S. Army Vietnam; double stone with next
SEXTON, Shirley J. 1 Aug 1938 27 Oct 1996
ROSS, Leonard C. 10 Nov 1918 22 Sep 1975 double stone with next
ROSS, Alice C. 3 Jul 1915 11 Mar 2001
ROSS, Ralph 1921 1999 double stone with next
ROSS, Dorothy L. 1924
ROSS, Esther 10 Sep 1949 21 Oct 1949
Row 4
unknowns 6 cement markers
Row 5
unknowns 2 cement markers
Row 6
JOHNSON, Jeffrey R. 3 Aug 1971 22 Aug 1993 L Cpl U.S. Marine Corps; [Jeffrey Robert, s/o Louis V. & Maureen Gier Johnson]; “I was that which others did not want to be. I went where others failed to go. I asked nothing from those who gave nothing, and reluctantly accepted the thought of eternal loneliness. Should I fail, I have seen the face of terror, felt the stinging cold of fear, and enjoyed the sweet taste of a moment’s love. I have cried, pained, and hoped. But most of all, I have lived times others would say were best forgotten. At least one day I will be able to say I was proud of what I was–a Marine.” Obverse: “Carpe diem”
JOHNSON, Maureen L. 16 May 1944 [nee Gier]; double stone with next
JOHNSON, Louis V. 27 Jun 1927 24 Sep 1990
ANDERSON, A.J. 312 Oct 1875 30 Oct 1958 [Aquiller Jackson, s/o John Anderson and Elizabeth Grubb]
ANDERSON, Mildred 18 Mar 1923 26 Mar 1923
JOHNSON, Clive 23 May 1929 23 May 1929 hand carved foot stone: 23 May 1927
JOHNSON, Blanche M. 23 Nov 1905 19 Apr 1996 [Blanche Mae, d/o Aquillar & Bertie Johnson Anderson]
Row 7
unknowns 7 cement markers
Row 8
unknown cement marker
BLACKWELL, Claude N. 3 Apr 1921 12 Aug 1923 hand carved
Row 9
BLACKWELL, Ricky Lindon 20 Apr 1961 25 May 1986
BLACKWELL, Catherine Ray 20 Apr 1949 31 Aug 1949
BLACKWELL, Mary C. 31 Mar 1930 29 Aug 1999 double stone with next
BLACKWELL, Ray L. 11 Dec 1927 26 Jun 1992
Known to be buried here in unmarked graves
ROSS, Infant
ROSS, Infant
ROSS, Floyd
ROSS, Mattie [w/o Floyd Ross]
ROSS, Martha
ROSS, Pauline
WATSON, Infant [child of Irene Watson]
WATSON, Infant [child of Irene Watson]
WATSON, Infant [child of Irene Watson]
SMITHERS, child [possibly child of Mary Jane Smithers]
SMITHERS, child [possibly child of Mary Jane Smithers]
SMITHERS, child [possibly child of Mary Jane Smithers]