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McKnight Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Baywood Community

Directions: This cemetery is in a pasture beside Kemp’s River Rd (Rt 625) 0.3 mile from its intersection with Old Baywood Rd (Rt 626). Enter the field at a gate across the road from the residence at 359 Kemps River Road. The cemetery is visible from the road. It has a fence, but it has fallen down and the cemetery is very overgrown with briars and weeds.

GPS Coordinates: N36.59834 W81.02081

Surveyed by: Pat Davis in 1990, Paul Herndon in 1995 and updated by Buford C. Wilson 23 Apr 2008. This listing is a combination of the three surveys.

Comments: This cemetery has a fence but it has fallen down. The cemetery is overgrown with briers and weeds.

McKnight Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
McKNIGHT, J. Kenley 24 Jul 1867 20 Oct 1930 [James Kenley, s/o Andrew & Darcus Collins McKnight]
McKNIGHT, Ella V. Hampton 8 Mar 1873 6 Apr 1937 w/o J.K. McKnight; [d/o Mina Griggs & Angelina S. Davis Hampton]
COLLINS, Elijah 1802 10 Aug 1890 [s/o John & Effey Conley Collins]
COLLINS, Margie 15 Feb 1818 31 Jul 1904 shared stone with above; [Margie Ann, d/o Joshua & Mary Elizabeth Cannady Cox]
Row 2
McKNIGHT, Elijah C. 8 Aug 1879 7 Sep 1943 [s/o Andrew & Darcus Collins McKnight]
McKNIGHT, Pearl B. 2 Mar 1888 4 May 1920 w/o E.C. McKnight; [d/o Mina Griggs & Angelina S. Davis Hampton]
McKNIGHT, Andrew 13 Mar. 1831 9 Oct [1909] broken stone; [s/o Samuel & Nancy Welsh McKnight; 63rd VA Inf CSA. Jones Funeral Parlor records show a casket was bought for him 10 Oct 1909]
McKNIGHT, Darcus 27 Apr 1836 14 Apr 1909 w/o Andrew McKnight; [d/o Elijah & Margie Collins]
McKNIGHT, George A. 27 Nov 1903 9 Dec 1903 [s/o George & Cecil Thornsley McKnight]
McKNIGHT, Samuel 21 Jun 1881 23 Sep 1881 s/o Andrew & Darcus McKnight
McKNIGHT, Infant 3 Feb 1915 5 Feb 1915 s/o Pearl B. & E.C. McKnight
Row 3
ROBERTS, Kenny F. 8 Oct 1870 21 Mar 1953 stone now is overturned and lost; [s/o Swift & Margaret Roberts]
ROBERTS, Sarah J. Fields 20 Feb 1873 19 Sep. 1945 stone now is overturned and lost; [2nd] w/o K.F. Roberts; [d/o Henry W. & Thursa Fields]
ROBERTS, Lizzie 19 Apr 1867 5 Jan 1906 [1st] w/o K.F. Roberts; [d/o M.C. & Julina Hampton]
ROBERTS, Baby field stone; [By tradition this is an infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Roberts]
unknowns three field stones