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John Comer Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Comers Rock

Directions: From Elk Creek Parkway (SR 21) go west on Comers Rock Rd (Rt 658) approximately 4 miles, turn south (left) onto Mt. Zion Rd (Rt 611). Follow Mt Zion Rd and then continue left (south) onto Caty Sage Rd (611) for 1.5 miles to Falls Rd (Rt 662). The cemetery is located on Falls Rd on hill behind first house on left (south).

GPS Coordinates: N36.720531 W81.232030

Surveyed by: Mary Taylor Harrington and Susan Taylor Woodson; updated 2006 by Peggy Cornett Greene and Nancy Cornett Swetland.

Comments: The cemetery is not visible from the road.

John Comer Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
unknowns     two field stones
COMER, Nora Geressa A. 10 Sep 1892 1 Nov 1913 [d/o Martha Malvina Comer; w/o Lester Bates].
COMER, Martha Malvina 15 Nov 1852 8 Jan 1935 [d/o John P. Comer, Jr. & Susan Nelson Greer; m Sam Carrico, divorced]
unknown     field stone
HACKLER, Amanda Mary 8 Jan 1859 9 Jan 1929 [w/o Stephen T. Hackler; d/o Lytte Henry Burton Toliver & Nancy Amety Coretta Privitt]
HACKLER, Stephen Timothy 29 Nov 1855 14 Mar 1923 [s/o Wade Robert Hackler & Mary Ann Perkins; known as “Big Steve”]
unknown     field stone
Row 2
unknowns     three field stones
HACKLER, Verna L. 29 Jan 1893 16 Oct 1898 [d/o John Henry Hackler & Amanda Ellen Martin]
HACKLER, Oscar 16 Nov 1889 8 Mar 1890 [s/o John Henry Hackler & Amanda Martin]
unknown     field stone
COMER, John P., Jr. 22 Dec 1813 20 May 1878 [s/o John Phame Comer, Sr. & Sarah “Sallie” Holland; m1 Lundy Tempy Poole, m2 Susannah Nelson Greer Perkins]
COMER, Susannah Nelson 20 Aug 1817 29 Nov 1905 [d/o Noah Greer & Mary Bonham; m1 Timothy Perkins, Jr., m2 John Phame Comer, Jr.]
unknown     field stone
Row 3
unknowns     six field stones
unknowns     two spaces
Row 4
unknowns     six field stones
unknowns     two spaces
Row 5
unknowns     two spaces
HACKLER, Mary Malenia 24 Apr 1844 30 Nov 1907 [d/o Charles Roark & Isabelle Hale; w/o Stephen Harvey Hackler]
HACKLER, Stephen Harvey 5 Mar 1844 3 Jul 1924 [s/o Jacob Hackler & Nancy Comer; Co F (Grayson Dare Devils), 4th Reg with Stonewall Jackson. Civil War marker placed in 1991. Known as “Little Steve.”]
unknowns     field stones
BURTON, Susan Jane 8 Oct 1850 25 Nov 1925 [d/o Jacob Hackler & Nancy Comer; m1 Alex Sutherland, m2 Henderson “Ike” Burton. Story is she wanted to be buried by her mother, because she could not be buried with both husbands.]
Row 6
HARRINGTON, Robert Vivian 22 Nov 1903 7 Dec 1906 [s/o Aaron Gideon Harrington & R. Leuma Hale]
HARRINGTON, H.L 8 Jan 1892 12 Feb 1892 [d/o Aaron Gideon Harrington & R. Leuma Hale]
HARRINGTON, S.G. 30 Oct 1883 20 Aug 1884 [d/o Aaron Gideon Harrington & R. Leuma Hale]
HALE, M.A. 20 Oct 1923 20 Oct 1923 d/o J.H. Hale
HALE, J.F. 15 Aug 1875 20 Aug 1875 [oldest marker in cemetery; probably infant of Josiah B. Hale and Rebecca Hodson]
HARRINGTON, J.S. 14 Oct 1894 15 Oct 1894 [infant s/o James J. Harrington & Martha C. Hale]
HALE, Rebecca 25 Mar 1839 2 Nov 1891 [nee Hodson; w/o Josiah B. “Joe” Hale]
HALE, Josiah “Joe” B. 15 Aug 1831 9 Mar 1891 [s/o Thomas Hale & Sarah “Sallie” Sutherland]
Row 7
unknowns     four spaces
unknowns     field stones
Row 8
unknowns     six spaces
SUTHERLAND, Ella Martha 1 Mar 1907 1 Mar 1907 [infant d/o Creed Sutherland & Macalana Hale]
unknown     “RH” only readable information on headstone
unknowns     two field stones
The following are interments known to be in John Comer Cemetery, but grave sites have yet to be located.
COMER, Catherine 1760 1867 [nee Dove; age at death is said to be 107; w/o John Phame Comer. Sr. Folklore say she was the widow of a sea captain.]
SCOTT, Sarah 1847   [w/o J. Kenny Scott, d/o Jacob Hackler and Nancy Comer]
HARRINGTON, Henry C. 19 Nov 1910 4 Jan 1911 [s/o Aaron Gideon Harrington & Leuma Hale]
HACKLER, Jacob 5 Mar 1813 18 Mar 1897 [s/o Peter Hackler, Sr. & Mackalana Delp]
HACKLER, Nancy 19 Feb 1820 31 May 1906 [w/o Jacob Hackler d/o John P Comer, Sr. & Sarah “Sallie Holland]
HACKLER, Robert Wade 1821 7 May 1884 [s/o Peter Hackler & Mackalana Delp]
HACKLER, Mary Ann     [d/o Timothy Perkins & Susannah Greer; w/o Wade Robert Hackler]
COMER, John P., Sr, 1787 5 Sep 1867 [s/o John Comer & Catherine Dove]
COMER, Sarah “Sallie” Holland   abt 1850 [w/o John P. Comer, Sr.; d/o William Holland]
COMER, Lucy Temperence   1846 [nee Poole; 1st John P. Comer, Jr.]
COMER, Abegail 1841   [d/o John P. Comer, Sr. & Sarah “Sallie” Holland. In 1860 US census, she was age 46 & living with her father, John P. Comer, Sr. & grandmother Catherine Dove Comer, age 98.]
COMER, John 1753 1838 [h/o Catherine Dove Comer. He was the original owner of this property. Believed to have served in the Revolutionary War, at Norfolk, VA on James River, in Marine Service.]
MARLAND, Infants     four graves of babies
FINNEY, ____     female; only information provided
HALE, Jacob     no information provided
HALE, Cynthia     [w/o Jacob Hale]
PHIPPS, Mrs. Earl     no information provided
HAWKS, Infant     [s/o Ryburn & Stella Hackler Hawks]
HAWKS, Infant     [s/o Ryburn & Stella Hackler Hawks]
BARKER, Arthur Norman 20 Aug 1846 25 Mar 1923  
PHIPPS, Mrs. Earl   20 May 1873