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Cemeteries of Washington County, Virginia

Cemetery Index for Washington County, Virginia

Cemeteries are listed in alphabetical order. Family cemeteries are listed based on the surname, given name is used in the cemetery title. Note many cemeteries are known by more than one name.

Cemetery Index for Washington County, Virginia
Cemetery Graves Year Location
Azen Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery 701 Konnarock
Clear Branch Cemetery 22 1871 This cemetery is probably near the Clear Branch Church on Harleywood Rd. just north of the junction with Reedy Creek Rd.
East Hill Cemetery 43 1918 This cemetery partly lies in Bristol, Sullivan County, Tennessee and partly in the City of Bristol, Virginia.
Fleenor Cemetery 33 1849 Located on Route 802, (Mendota Road) in Washington County approximately three (3) miles down river from U. S. Route 19.
Green Cove Baptist Church Cemetery 355 1904 This cemetery is found just out of Konnarock up Hwy 58 towards Washington/Grayson County line. Turn right at State Road. Turn right on Green Cove Rd. The church is directly on your left.
Jackson Cemetery 12 1933 This cemetery is located at the corner of Pairgin Rd. & Rocky Hill Rd. In Wallace, Virginia.
Johnson, William Family Cemetery 22 1951 The William Johnson Family Cemetery is located opposite 31561 Poor Valley Road near the town of Saltville.
Konnarock Cemetery 114 1891 Located on a ridge behind the Konnarock Baptist Church.
Maple Grove Cemetery 21 1915
Pine Hill Church Cemetery ~45 1889
Rush Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery 286 1900 The Rush Creek Primitive Baptist Church and Cemetery are located on Route 605 in Widener Valley in Washington County, Virginia.
Sharretts Cemetery 65 1916 Elm Street, Bristol, Virginia.
Sugar Grove Cemetery 7 1930 Near Benhams, Washington County, Virginia.
Tumbling Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery ~100 + 1859 Located next to the Tumbling Creek Primitive Baptist Church on Poor Valley Road.
Warren Family Cemetery 132 1855 From the intesection of US-11 (Main St.) and US-19 (Porterfield Highway) head north on US-19 approximately 3 miles to the second intersection with Everett Hagy Rd. Make a “U” turn at the crossover and return south to Springlake Rd. Continue west on Springlake Rd and bear right a the “Y”. The cemetery is on private land behind house at 18266 Springlake Rd. There is a footpath at from the private driveway up to the cemetery.