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New River Notes Photo Gallery

A Collection of historic and current photos mostly covering the upper New River area of southwestern Virginia and northwestern North Carolina.

Top rated - Grayson County and City of Galax, VA People
aweaver2.jpg2404 viewsThis version of the Andrew and Malinda picture courtesy of Mary Ann Talbott. matalbott@seidata.com55555
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waltonjames1.jpg693 viewsThis early 20th century photo shows James Walton, his wife Almeda Kilby Walton and daughter Fannie Walton. Courtesy of Anita Kay Wyatt.55555
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virgilandmae.jpg675 viewsSarah Mae Parks and Papaw James Virgil Anderson before they married -- probably taken about 1930. They married in November 1930. Courtesy of Chrissie A. Peters
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Rosamond_Ann_Parks_2,_Flat.JPG686 viewsThis picture of Rosamond Ann "Rozzie" Parks Parks came to me from Joy, but also from my aunt, Lena Anderson Osborne. She was married to David Fleming Parks. Courtesy of Chrissie A. Peters.
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coxrose.jpg1093 viewsRose Imogene Cox and Roald Bayse Cox, children of Joe Catron and Ollie Imogene Spencer Cox. The picture was made in 1930. Courtesy of Eleanor Jo Cox
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spencerkilby.jpg954 viewsl to r: Kilby Spencer, Victor Spencer, Pruner Weaver, Lee Kilby, and Wayne Duvall
Courtesy of Eleanor Jo Cox
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spencerwt1.jpg909 viewsWilliam Troy and Alice Osborne Spencer Family
Back: William Glen; Middle: Victor Franklin, William Troy, Cynthia Alice (Osborne), Charles Enoch; Front: Isaac Greeley, Blannie Emaline, Audrey Wave, John Blake, Humphrey Kilby. The picture was made in 1904 before Imogene Ollie was born.
Courtesy of Eleanor Jo Cox
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bearpic.jpg1345 viewsThis is a ca. 1900 photo of Irwin Young and his pet bear. Irwin was the son of Calvin Young and Mary "Pop" Kilby.55555
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aweaver.jpg1232 viewsAndrew Weaver (1822-1899) (son of Isaac Weaver and Mary "Polly" Francis) and his wife and 3rd cousin Malinda Weaver (1825-1909) (daughter of Lieutenant Isaac Weaver and Jane Lewis.55555
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tspen.jpg938 viewsThis is Troy Spencer's image courtesy of Bryan Spencer. Troy Spencer served as a lieutenant in Company C, 63rd Virginia Infantry. He was executed for desertion in 1864.55555
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Richardson, John Franklin2089 viewsThis is a 1930s photo of Frank Richardson near Troutdale. He was the son of Martin Richardson and Mary Ann "Polly" Busic.55555
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Eastridge - Andrew and Martisha Eastridge555 viewsHe was the son of Pleasant Eastridge(born ~1808) and Phoebe Graybeal Eastridge (born 1810) - married in 1830.

Andrew had several brothers and sisters:

William b.1831, d.1888
John b. 1833, d. ?
Henry b. 1835 d.
David b. 1836,d. ?
Joel b. 1838, d. ?
Eli b. 1840, d.?
Lucy b. 1841 d.?
Mary b. 1843, d. ?
Martha b. 1846, d. ?
Sarah b. 1849, d. ?

This is the way the story goes as told by my grandfather Roby Eastridge: During the Civil War the Rebels got Andrew and were going to make him fight for them. His moth
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