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New River Notes Photo Gallery

A Collection of historic and current photos mostly covering the upper New River area of southwestern Virginia and northwestern North Carolina.

Perkins Family Group661 viewsHere is a group of Perkins relatives at Kathleen or Winnie Perkins' home years ago. I hope someone can help me with dates and who they all are. Courtesy of Cathy Bell
Perkins Family Group622 viewsHere is another picture of a family gathering at Kathleen Perkins home years ago. Anyone know when and who these are? Courtesy of Cathy Bell
kayespictures.jpg741 viewsThis is the a picture of the Hash children (well 6 of the 11) of Wiley Luther Hash and Almeda "minnie" Miller Hash. There were 11 children in all. Not sure of the year, I'm guessing 1933-1934 just looking at my mother, Juanita, the tall one in the rear, she appears to be 14 or 15 yrs old. That's' Dorothy b1924, Olive behind her b1918, the boy, Warren b1922, Juanita b 1919, Alta on her right b1927 and Jackie the youngest. b1929. There are only two children still living, Olive and Jackie. Courtesy of Kaye Bales
kilbycharityfrancis.jpg816 viewsCharity Francis Kilby (1827-_), wife of Nelson Kilby, is shown here in a tin type courtesy of Bryan Spencer. She was the daughter of Elijah Francis and Barbara Koontz,and the granddaughter of Charlie Francis.
kilbytroy.jpg798 viewsThis is a picture of Troy and Cosby Spencer Kilby. If you look closely you can see Alia Kilby standing in the top of the cherry tree with her arms spread out as if she were ready to fly!
Courtesy of Eleanor Jo Cox
kilbytroyfamily.jpg876 viewsIn the family picture the ones in the back row are (left to right) Charlie and Maxie Kilby and son Carver, Louis J. Kilby, Gaither Kilby, Luther and Bertha Kilby Richardson and baby daughter Maude Testerman, Harvey and Mattie Kilby Owen (Mattie is holding Mae and Harvey is holding Mary).
Front row (left to right) Millard and Annie Kilby with sons, Ivan, Guy, John (Annie is holding Ruth: two two sons are in front of them), Grandma Cosby holding Preston, Grandps Troy Kilby holding Ala, (Aunt Ala will be 102 next month) Luther and Flossie Kilby with sons, Gartman, Troy and Bruce on Flossie lap; in front of them is Carl and Webb Kilby.

Courtesy of Mary Campbell Worley
laverneetc.jpg740 viewsFrom left to right: LaVerne Spencer, Rose Cox, June Spencer, Carol Spencer, and Sherrill Spencer in the stroller. This was taken in the mid 1930s.
Courtesy of Eleanor Jo Cox
LEANDERRichardsonsmall.jpg731 viewsLeander and Catherine Hart Richardson. They were the Grandparents of Pearl Richardson Weaver. Courtesy of Mary C. Blevins
Richardson, Leander and Catherine708 viewsLeander and Catherine Richardson and family. Do you know any of the other people in this photo?
Courtesy of Mary Blevins

Louisa(Jennings)Blevins.jpg782 viewsHere is a photo of Louisa Jennings Blevins that someone gave me. She was b. Jan 1865 and married David W. Blevins who was a son of James Melvin Blevins who was a son of Wells Blevins. I have not proved any of this info but assume that it is correct. Courtesy of Irene Baldwin
KIlby, Louis and Della Testerman722 viewsLouis Jesse Kilby and Della Testerman, baby is Rosa Jane Kilby. Courtesy of Rachel Hamilton

lspen.jpg655 viewsFrom a tintype courtesy of Bryan Spencer.
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