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Will Book 1 Floyd County, Virginia

ALTIZER, John, deceased. Apr. of estate ret. February 1851.

BECKETT, John. Will proved November 1835. Names wife, Anna and children, Elizabeth Terry, Ann Walters, John, Samuel and William.

BIRD, John, deceased. Apr. ordered August 1843.

BOOTH, Abner. Will proved September 1836. Names children, Phroniah, Alfred, George, John, Catherine, Diannah, Abner and Angelina.

BOOTH, Isaac. Will proved September 1837. (of Lawrence Co., AR). Names wife, Mary and children, Permelia, George, Daniel, Isaac, Freelove Powers, Anna Alexander, Zilla Sanfson, Adah, Henry, Stephen, Wright, Ferguson and Robert. The heirs of a deceased son, Abner.

BOWERS, Christopher, deceased. Inv. returned March 1841.

BOWLES, Reuben. Will proved January 1844. Leaves estate to his housekeeper, Elizabeth Sowell, and her children, Rody, George, Robert and Lucy.

BURNETT, Josiah, deceased. Inv. returned May 1850.

CARRELL, Elizabeth (of Montgomery Co.). Will proved February 1832. Names children, Ann Bright (wife of George), Elizabeth Beemer and Fanny Baber, grandchildren, Emily Beemer and Elizabeth and John Baber.

CASTLE, Edward R. Will proved August 1849. Names wife, Malinda and children, names not given.

CLOWER, Jacob. Will proved June 1847. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, Nancy, Sally, Elizabeth, Daniel, John, Jacob and Lewis.

COLE, Joseph, deceased. Inv. returned February 1832.

CONNER, Andrew. Will proved May 1845. Names wife and children, John, William, Aaron, Namcy, Bethany, Daniel and Nancy Ann Hoback. Maston, Aris F., Dicey Bishop, Lucy Burks, Sarah and children, Luke, Ambrosa, Braxton, Maston, Aris F., Dicey Bishop, Lucy Burks, Sarah Quesenberry, Mary Phillips, Elizabeth Wade, Eunice Wilson and Nancy Lester.

DUNCAN, Blanch, deceased. Apr. returned January 1831.

DUNCAN, John, deceased. Account ret. August 1814.

DUNCAN, Thomas, deceased. Apr. of estate September 1847.

EARL, Timothy. Will proved February 1846. Names daughters, Rebecca and Susannah.

EDWARDS, Benjamin, deceased. Inv. returned August 1844.

EPPERLEY, Christian, deceased. Inv. returned March 1845.

EPPERLEY, Jacob. Will proved June 1849. Names children, Betsy, John, Catherine, Philip, Sally, Polly, Peggy, George and Daniel and heirs of deceased son, Jacob

FERROW, John, deceased. Apr. returned September 1832.

GARDNER, James, deceased. Inv. of estate ordered August 1832.

GILHAM, William, deceased. Inv. returned December 1831.

GOODSON, Mary, deceased. Sales bill December 1844.

GOODSON, Robert, deceased. Inv. ordered Jul 1834.

GOODSON, Thomas. Will proved September 1837. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, John, Elizabeth, Mary, William, George, Thomas, Charlotte Reader, Jane Kilgore, Grandchildren, Jane, Elizabeth and Ruth Shelor (children of Daniel Shelor), Samuel K. Vest (son of Philip Vest) and Robert Goodson.

GOODSON, Thomas. Will proved October 1838. Names wife, Mary and children, James, George, Samuel, William and America.

GRAHAM, Robert. Will proved July 1834. Names wife, Rachel and children, Luke, John, Samuel, Nancy Thompson, Mariam Howerton, Sara Reed and Elizabeth Akers.

GUNSON, William, deceased. Inv. returned August 1840.

HANCOCK, William. Will proved November 1841. Names wife, Nancy and nine children, gives only one, Elizabeth Hill. Grandchildren, William Hill and Jenny Terry.

HARMON, Solomon. Will proved September 1842. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, Mary Ann Phlegar, Benjamin, Jacob, John, Paeter, Margate Fingar and David.

HELMS, Jacob, deceased. Adm. act. returned August 1835. Names wife, Eliza and children, Madison S., Malinda C., Henry Dillon and John W. Heeden.

HEWETT, William. Will proved May 1837. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, John, Mary, Jefreys, William, Sally Prater and Elizabeth Nester. Heirs of deceased daughter, Aley Goad.

HOLT, Spratley. Apr. returned September 1849.

HOWARD, Sarah. Will proved December 1846. Names children, Nancy Moor, Elizabeth Banks, Joseph (eldest), Major and Ira Grandchildren, Richard Wells, (son of daughter, Sarah) and Sarah Banks.

HOWELL, David. Will proved March 1851. Names wife, Jane and children, Rhoda, Neomi, Stephen, Charity Speklehimer, Dorcas James (of IN), ElizabethHewett, Jenny Hungate, Daniel, and the heirs of deceased sons, Dariel andJames.

HOWELL, Mark, deceased. Apr. returned June 1851.

HUNDLEY, Hiram. Will proved May 1844. Leaves wife, Martha his entire estate.

HUNGATE, William. Will proved January 1833. Names children, John, Richard, Clark, Nancy Sumners, also a Nancy Hungate, and her son-relationship not stated.

HYLTON, George, deceased. Settlement ordered September 1841.

HYLTON, George. Will proved March 1845. Names children, Elijah, Archilius, John, James, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, George, Simeon, Nancy Quesenberry and Sally. The heirs of deceased daughters, Lucy Hylton, (husband was named John, and her children were, Betsy Ann, Tabitha and George) and Susannah Howell.

JONES, Henry. Will proved November 1831. Names wife, Cassander and children, Abraham J., Henry, Hannah Wade, William, Joshua, Neomy Stanley and Robert.

KERSEY, Isaac. Will proved August 1849. Names wife, Nancy, brothers, John and Thomas, a sister, Sara Billups.

KING, John. Will proved March 1843. Names children, Henry, Catherine, Catey, Mahala (wife of Isaac Wimmer), Rosanna, Elizabeth Shilling, Nancy Burnet and Masey Wimmer.

KITTERMAN, George, deceased. Apr. returned August 1847.

KITTERMAN, John. Adm. settlement, October 1835. Names heirs: wife, Juliann, George, David, Daniel, Henry, Philip and Solomon Kitterman, George P. Roup, Isaac Phlegar and John Morricle.

LEE, William. Will proved May 1851. Names wiife, Polly and children, John, Samuel, Alexander, William, abel, Jonathan, Nancy, Emela, Sarah and Elizabeth (all by first wife). Polly has minor children but number or names not given.

LESTER, Jacob, deceased. Apr. made March 1844.

LESTER, John. Will proved October 1851. Names wife (or Masy) and children, Malinda Booth, Katherine Booth, Noah L. Hewline, John, Amos, Bird and William. Grandchildren, George Washington and Emmeline Lester (children of deceased son, Jacob), two daughters of a deceased son, Hewline, by his first wife, Margaret and Juliann Weddle (daughter of Matilda Weddle.)

PETERMAN, George, deceased. Apr. of estate December 1834.

PHILIPS, John, deceased. Apr. of estate January 1836.

PHILIPS, Tobias, deceased. Inv. returned September 1832. Wife, Lucy and minor children.

REED, George. Will proved December 1837. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, Elijah, Mark and others unnamed.

RICHARDS, William, deceased. Apr. returned April 1843.

SANDIFUR, Matthew. Will proved September 1844. Names wife, Mary (2nd wife) and their children, Elizabeth and Jane. Names only one child by first marriage, America H. Goodson — “only child unopposed to my 2nd marriage.”

SCOTT, John, deceased. Apr. ordered July 1836.

SHELOR, George W., deceased. Inv. ordered August 1841.

SHELOR, William. Will proved April 1847. Names wife, Margaret and children, Rhoda Epperley, Elizabeth Wells, Thomas G., sons-in-law, John Goodson and Major Howard, daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Shelor, grandchildren, Cyrus and Matilda Goodson, Sarah A. Howard and Rufus Shelor.

SIMMONS, William. Will proved January 1852. Names wife, Rhoda and children, James, Clorina L., Harry, Erasmus M., William C., Ady Sowers, Rhoda Booth, Molly, Polly Graham and heirs of deceased daughter, Sally Graham.

SLAUGHTER, Martin, deceased. Inv. returned September 1847.

SLAUGHTER, William, deceased. Inv. returned September 1847.

SLUSHER, Christopher, deceased. Inv. ordered January 1846.

SLUSHER, David, deceased. Inv. ordered February 1840.

SLUSHER, John B. Inv. returned 1849.

SOWERS, John, deceased. Apr. ordered April 1836.

SMITH, Catherine. Will proved July 1845. Names children, Mary Magdelene and others, names not given. Grandchildren, Catherine, Frederick and Elijah Hylton.

SMITH, Humphrey. Will proved June 1847. Names children, Sarah (wife of James Light), Eliza Kennerly (widow) and two sons, unnamed.

SMITH, Jazeb, deceased. Apr. of estate ret. July 1844. Wife now Elizabeth Iddings.

SMITH, John W. and his wife, Mary, deceased. Inv. ret. January 1835.

SMITH, Peter. Will proved November 1837. Names children, Margaret, Elizabeth, Jacob, Alexander, Peter, William and James. The heirs of a deceased son, John.

STANLEY, Samuel (of Guilford Co., N.C.) Will proved February 1835. Names wife, Sarah and children, Richaard, Joshua, Isaac, Samuel, Jesse, William, Nathan, Elizabeth Pitts (wife of Cadwelleder Pitts), Dorcas (wife of George Hunt), Mary (wife of James Meredith) and Sarah Newly.

TERRY, Patience. Will proved February 1847. Names Isaac (son of Miles Terry), Elizabeth, Mary and James Cole, James Craig and Patience (wife of Lewis Day).

THOMPSON, Elisha. Will proved May 1848. Names wife, Nancy and children, Elizabeth, Nancy, Sarah, Clabourne, Willson and Levi.

THOMPSON, John W. Inv. ret. August 1839.

TICE, Manassaas, deceased. Inv. returned August 1849.

TURMAN, Charles. Will proved March 1849. Names wife and children, Matthew (wife’s name, Sarah), Elizabeth (wife of John Sumpter), Susan (wife of John Stype). Emancipates all slaves.

TURMAN, George, deceased. Apr. estate August 1839.

TURNER, Peter, deceased. Apr. of estate November 1847. Wife, Perina.

UNDERWOOD, Eleanor, deceased. Sale bill November 1846.

UNDERWOOD, Jesse. Will proved May 1850. Names children, Jesse, William, Sarah, Joseph B., Alexander, Miseniah, Richard, Samuel, Charles, Burwell and heirs of deceased son, Isham. Wife was Eleanor.

WADE, John. Will proved April 1849. Names children, Henry, Nathan, John, Oiven, Anna Cox, Frances Legleman, Elizabeth Epperly, Mary Weddle, Nancy Slusher, Ally (wife of Wm. Slusher), Ruth (wife of James Magatha) and Isaac. Granddaughter, Hannah Magatha.

WALTERS, Martin. Will proved November 1843. Names wife, and children, Rebecca Blackwell (wife of Moses), Catherine Richardson and five others, unnamed. Grandchildren, Andrew Cross. Heirs of deceased child, Abraham and Elizabeth Cross.

WEAVER, John, deceased. Sale bill March 1851.

WEDDLE, Andrew. Apr. ordered August 1847. His father was Benjamin and wife was Elizabeth.

WEDDLE, Barbary, deceased. Adm. of estate, January 1846. Heirs, Samuel, Permelia, Ascue, Dennis and Moses.

WEDDLE, Jonas. Will proved January 1846. Names wife, Polly and niece, Sopia Weddle, daughter of Peggy Huff.

WELLS, Jane. Will proved September 1836. Names Ira Howard and Asa Howard, “trusty friends.”

WELLS, Richard. Will proved September 1832. Names wife, Jane, nephew, Jobe Wells (and his sons, Richard and Major H.), brothers, Abner (and his children, Richard, Eli, John, Anna, Abner and Deborah), John (and his children, Isiah, Elizabeth and Susannah). Heirs of deceased brother, Benjamin.

WEST, Esther, deceased. Inv. returned February 1840.

WILLIAMS, Philip. Will proved May 1834. Names wife, Jane and children, Elizabeth, Joseph, John, James Ryley, Isabella and Sarah.

WINTHERS, Paulus. Will proved December 1839. Names wife Sarah and children, Barbary, Susannah, Mary, Nancy, David and George. Heirs of deceased daughter, Elizabeth.

ZENTMEYER, John. Will proved 1844. Names wife, Barbary and children, Elizabeth, Daniel, John N., Catherine Priddy, Rebecca Mary Ronald and David.