1887 Washington County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List - Upper

Government Tax File

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1887 Washington County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List


Transcribed by: Jack Hockett

Key/Note: Name of Person taxed, No. white (or colored in parentheses) males 21 or older. This tax list also lists the residence of each taxpayer which is generally not here transcribed. Initially I thought the listing of place of residence (meticulous for the first page or two) was superb, but quickly deteriorated into a sporadic effort by Mr. Blackwell. The handwriting is difficult to decipher, particularly the initials; hence this list should be checked against others for verification and the original/film viewed by the reader to make an ultimate decision/opinion. I have done some quick comparison with WCV Upper PPTLs 1886 and 1888; the distorted handwriting and use of initials is very problematic! My comments are in italics below; take or leave!

p. 1: A: ARNETT, A. (Andrew) G.; ALLISON, Wm. W.; AKERS, W. (Wm.) C.; AYERS, Isaac B.; ASBURY, Thomas; ANDERSON, W. J. (a Wm. T., 1886/8 PPTLs); AKERS, Oscar, Emmett C., Joseph M., James M.; ASHWORTH, J. S. (John S. Sr. & Jr., 1888 PPTL); ATHEY, John (T. Cove); ASTRAP (Aistrop), Oliver (T Cove), Hiram (T Cove), Wm. F. (T Creek), A. J. (Andrew Jackson) (T Creek), Thomas H. (Henderson); ADAMS, S. W.; ADDISON, Wm. J., O. G.; ADAMS, John; ANDERSON, Robert; AKINS(? Akirs?), Samul. & Anderson 2; ALDERSON, Christopher Dr.; ABEL, Michael; ALDERSON, Mary & Geo. W.; ADAMS, Milton B.; ALDERSON, Geo. W.; ARNOLD, M. S.; ABEL, Milton; ALDERSON, C. (Christopher) W.; ABEL, Alexr.; ASTON, E. E., Wm. H.; ARNETT, Wm. J.; ALLISON, C. E., S. (Samuel) D.; AKERS, C. (Chas.) B.

p. 2: AKERS, Samuel F.; ALLISON, A. G.; ADDISON, W. (Wm.) F.; ARNETT, Wm. F. (Fletcher); ANDREWS, W. N.; ABEL, Valentine; ANDREWS, Wm. T.; ANDERSON, James, Stephen G.; AKERS, J. (Jas.) W.; AUSTON (Austin), Grandison (1); AYERS, Jas. P.; AUSTIN, James (1), Frank (1)

p. 3: B: BLEVIS (as written; Blevins?), W. H.; BOWMAN, Peter; BUSKELL, Alex; BARKER, Wm. F.; BEAR (Bare), Larkin; BROYLES, Frank; BRUGH (Baugh, 1886), T. H.; BAKER, David; BIRD, B. (Benj.) F.; BUCK, C. S.; BARTON, Saml. M.; BROWNING, Geo. W., G. W.; BOWMAN, Dewil C.; BYARS, S. (Samuel) A., A. H.; BUCKLY (Buckley), W. A.; BUTLER, Gordon; BARNETT, B. (Benjamin) F.; BUCK, James L.; BOLES, Geo. W.; BALM, Hiram; BALDWIN, N. (Noah) C.; BAYLOR, E. R.; BOID (Boyd), Perry; BOWLES, Geo. W.; BOID (Boyd), Chesterfield; BRENIZER, L. (Lafayette); BUSSY (Bussey), C. (Cornelius) A.; BUMGARDNER, Adam; BALLARD, James; BOON (Boone), John; BUCHANAN, Jack, Moses S., Wm. H., A. F., Wm., Jas. A.

p. 4: BUCHANAN, D. D., Wm. R., J. S., R. G., R. E.; BURNS, David, J. M.; BONDURANT, J. (Jacob) J., T. (Thomas) J., A. (Albert) M.; BROWNING, Jessee, J. (James) L.; BARBARY, A. F. (Allen H., 1888?), Jas. H., T. C. (Perry C., 1888?), P. (Peter) J.; BARE, James, Nelson, Melvin, Mathew C., Marion; BEATY, Geo. A. C., Robert; BERRY, Thos. B., D. (David) F.; BLEVINS, Loyd, Wm. L., Eli, John, Polk; BUCHANAN, Thos. P., Ben. K., Jas. G., Columbus M., A. E., J. (Jas.) N.; BLACKBURN, J. N.

p. 5: BLACKBURN, W. L. (Wm. D., 1888?); BRANCH, Walter; BLEVINS, William, J. (Jas.) F., A. (Andw.) J., Joseph; BAILOR (Baylor), David; BARLOW, James, Saml. D., James, Michel, Jessee, Jas. C.; BOOTHE, J. M. (dup of Joel M. Below?), Hugh; BARLOW, Jessee, James; BLACKWELL, D. (David) L., David W.; BROWN, D. M. (R. M., 1886?), Benjamin F.; BROWN, Wm. F. (1), John, Jefferson D.; BOOTHE, Joel W.; BURK, Robt. F., W. (Winton) W., A. (Archie?), Wm.; BAYS, S. (Silas) J.; BLACKWELL, Elbert S. (Sevier), Jno. D.; BAILEY, Milton; BAILEY, John J.; BURK, John, B. M.

p. 6: BUCK, A. M.; BAILEY, Geo. D., Wm. D., Wm., John, Samuel T., Robt., William (Poor House); BRYAN, Frank M.; BAILEY, B. (Ben) C., James A.; BOOKER, A. P., M. L.; BERRY, Thomas J., Thomas T., James; BISHOP, Samuel D., Maidson (Madison); BRYAN, L. (Landon) C., M. (Milton) W., John W., F. (Frank) M., James A.; BAILEY, Nathen (1); BROWN, C. (1), Jackson (1), William (1), Lilburn (1), Reuben (1), Taylor (1); BRANCH, A.; BROWNLOW, Joseph; BRADLY (Bradley), Wm. C.; BOWEN, Alex (1); BEVERLY, Overton; BLOOMER, Richard; BOID (Boyd), Daniel, Thomas

p. 7: BRICE, Ned (1); BEVERLY, Calvin (1); BUCKNER, R. J. (1); BATES, Andrew (1); BRANCH, Robert (1); BRAUDY (Broady), Daniel (Morells Mills)(1); BOWSER, G. W. (1); BRANCH, L. (1); BRAUDY (Broady), Jas, Jno., Thomas (1); BENHAM, I. (Isaac) M.; BAUGH, John W.

C: CLARK, Jas. B., F. B., J. B.; CROUCH, Thomas E.; CLARK, John M. & Thos. B.; CUMPTON (Compton), Wm. T.; CLARK, Robert, Thomas W.; CASIDY (Cassidy; Cassedy), Ned; CLARK, Wm. D.; CROSSWHITE, Wm. C.; CARSON, R. F.; COLE, A. C.; CAYWOOD (Cawood), Joseph, Samuel, Tobias; CURTISS, B. M. (B. W.?); COLE, John W.

p. 8: CLARK, Thomas W., William H., John H., John F., William B., James H.; CHIDDIX, James; CLEMMENS (Clemmons), W. H.; CLARK, James A. of Robert; CAMPBELL, J. G.; CAULDWELL (Caldwell), Wm. S., W. L.; CLARK, Job; CAMPBELL, David; COLLINS, James; CRAWFORD, O. S.; CALDWELL, C. C., John M.; CREACY, William; CANTER, Andy; CLARK, James P.; CARMACK, A.W.; COPENHAVER, C. C., J. B. & H. V., F. (Frank) B., James; CRABTREE, Henry (Saltville); CROSSWHITE, R. (Robert) L.; CLARK, D. (David?) B.; CLARK, H. F.; CAMPBELL, James V.; COLLINGS (Collins), Robt. C.; CRAFT, Robert S.; CRENSHAW, G. (Geo.) S., Wm. J., J. (Jas.) C.; CHAPMAN, Conley, Isaac, Preston

p. 9: CAYWOOD (Cawood), Wiley T.; COOK, Eli A.; COLLEY, Wm. E. (Elias) (Saltville), Chas. W. (ditto); CLARK, J. Henry; COLE, John B.; CANADA (Kennedy), George; CLARK, W. L.; CARY, James; CASEY, John; CORNETT, W. (Wm.) J., C. (Caleb) B.; COLE, Alex; CORNETT, John M.; COAL (Cole), Josiah, Andrew; CREACY, Geo. W.; CLARK, J. P., C. B. & E. B.; COAL (Cole), Frank S.; COUNTS, Wm.; CLARK, P. D.; COUNTS, Wm.; CLARK, P. D.; COUNTS, Geo. W., Geo. W.; CUDDY, David, Robert D.; COUNTS, J. (Jas) M.; CARR (See also Kerr), John; COLLEY, W. (Wm.) L. (P House); CAMPBELL, F. E.; CLARK, I. Lewis; CARR, G. D.; CORNETT, Thomas W.; CLARK, Samuel (P House); CALDWELL, Robt. F.; COX, Calvin; CALLIHAN (see also Calliham), Jessy; COSBEY (Cosby), Jno. D.; CRAFT, J. (John) F.

p. 10: CROCKETT, Squire (1); CLARK, J. G.; CARTY, Charles H.; COMER, J. F. (at John Ramseys); CLARK, Wm. W., E. B.; CAMPBELL, Jacob (Poor House); COPENHAVER, Wm.; COMER, Eli (Friendship); CALLAHAN, John; COLE, Wm. R.; CROW, Edward J., A. (Andw.) L., C. (Claiborne) K., John C.; COLLY, Josep (as written); CRAIG, Robert; CLARK, A. F., Saml. J. son of Matthew; CAMPBELL, Jefferson, James L.; CATRON (Ketron; Kettering), F. (Frank & Jas. E., 1886?); COFFEE, Jessey; CRABTREE, J. (Jasper) N.; COLLINGS (Collins), Jas. R.; CAMPBELL, Jame (as written; James?) A., Louisa M.; CLARK, B. (Benj.) C., D. W.; CAYWOOD (Cawood), M. (Moses) G. (B Mill); CASEY, Samuel; CHILDERS (Childress), John W., James; COUNTS, James C., J. (Jas.) M.; CROSSWHITE, Golden; CLARK, H. C., J. A.

p. 11: CLARK, W. N. (Wm. M., 1888?), C. A.; CASEY, Thomas (Meadow View); CARTENER (Castener?), Jacob; CRIGGAR (Creggar), J. W.; CARTER, Alfred; COUNTS, Wm. E.; CASTEEL, Jno. & J. T. MILLER 2; CROSSWHITE, Wm. J.; COAL (Cole), Eli; CROCKETT, Sampson; COALMAN, James (1); CRONEN (Clouden, 1886), Campbell (1); COUDEN (Clouden, 1886), Brack (1); CAMPBELL, Jackson (1); COALMAN, Albert (1); CATO, Richard (1); CARTER, Andy (1), Ned (John Hall) (1), Wesley (1); CALAWAY, Joseph (1); CLARK, Robt. T. (Mountain View); CASEY, T.J.; COMER, J. F. (at H. F. Ramseys); CARMACK, A. W.; CROW, Jas; COLGATE, W.H.B.

p. 12: D: DILLARD, Nathan; DUNN, W. (Wm.) L., J. (John) F.; DAVIS, Jas. F.; DELP, R. (Rush?) E.; DAVIS, Eli, Chas. H.; DAVENPORT, E. (Edwin) L.; DEBUSK, Robert, Isaac E., Thomas, John, J.; DYE, John A. (Lindell); DAVIS, James R.; DARNELL, James; DINSMORE, J. (Jas.) M. (B Mill); DICKERSON, T. M. (R. M. Dickenson, 1886?); DAVIS, Jas. A.; DINKINS, Andrew; DONESON (Doneson; Donaldson?), Robert (Lindell); DUNN, Thomas E.; DUNGAN, Thomas N.; DOLLINGER, D. (David) M.; DUNN, George W.; DABNEY, Jno. C.; DICKINSON, W. (Wm.) B., R. N. (R. M., 1886); DAVIS, W. P., Jos. C.; DINSMORE, Samuel C. (Claiborn), John J.; DUTTON, J. (Jas.) A.; DUNCAN, J. (John) W.; DYE, H. (Harvey) C. (Lindell); DAVIS, Jn. M.; DEBUSK, Ira

p. 13: DEBUSK, Elija; DAVIS, W. (Wm.) A.; DUNN, Wesly; DEFRICE, Jerry; DEBUSK, James; DAVIS, Arthur C.; DINNISON, James M.; DEFRIECE, Wm. R.; DICKINSON, Jno. J., John T.; DUTTON, J. (Jas.?) A.; DEFRIECE, Elam; DAVENPORT, G. G. (Gardner Grant) (Middle Fork); DUNN, R. (Robt.) C.; DYE, Charles C.; DENNY, Jno. D.; DAVIS, A. M. (of Grayson Co VA in 1886); DEBUSK, James M., David, Geo. W.; DAVIS, R. (Robt.) J.; DENNISON, A. (Andw.) A.; DEBUSK, Thomas; DAVENPORT, L. (Lilburn) H., R. (Rodolphus) H. (Lindell), S. (Stephen) R., D. (Daniel) T. (Lindell), Jos. M.; DOAK, H. T.; DYE, Henry, Jefferson; DOSS, Joseph, Thomas, Henry; DEBUSK, Elihu & Wm. 2, Jno. C.; DICKENSON, James F.; DOSS, Elias Wm. 2, Jno. C.; DICKENSON, James F.; DOSS, Elias

p. 14: DEFRIECE, Riley; DOSS, Wm.; DEBUSK, David E.; DENKINS, J. T.; DOTSON, Wm. J., Wm. J. Jr.; DUNN, J. (John) D.; DOLLINGER, W. (Wm.) A.; DODSON, Wm. J.; DENKINS, John; DINKINS, Andrew; DENKINS, Alexander; DENISON, Robert; DUNLAP, W. W.; DUNCAN, James W. (Lindell), John C. (P. Valley), Jas. K. (ditto), James (ditto); DAVENPORT, A. (Alvin) T., P. (Peter) J., N. (Napoleon) E. (Lindell), Thomas J. (ditto); DUTTON, D. (David) H.; DUFF, D. (David) A.; DENTON, J. (Jas.) D.; DUFF, D. (David) T.; DUKES, J. (Jas.) L.; DENTON, Margaret & A. D.; DUFF, Sally, Thomas J.; DENTON, A. C.; DUTTON, J. J.; DAVIDSON, C. S. (Chas. L., 1886); DYE, Richard; DIMONS, Nathan (1); DAVIS, Alex (1); DELANA, Elbert (1); DUFF, F. C.

p. 15: E: ECHOLS, J. O.; EARNEST, W. (Wm.) B.; ESTAL (Estel; Estill), James (listed col 1888); EDMONDSON, Sampson; EGGERS, G. W.; EDMONDSON, M. V., James A.; EASTRIDGE, Ephraim (T Creek), Henry (ditto); EADES, J. (John) W.; EVANS, Wallace C.; EDMONDSON, H. (Henry) H.; ELAM, Geo. P.; ELLET (Elliott), Charles (1); ELSWICK, Talbert; EDMONDSON, James, Thomas; ELROD, Solomon H.; EDMONDSON, M. R.; ELLIS, John E.; EDMONDSON, John Sr., Isaac; EVANS, J. S.; EDMONDSON, Wm. F., A. (Andw.) B., Son of Samuel, S. P. (See 1886), J. B.; EARLES, L. D.; EDMONDSON, A. B.; EARNEST, Jas. H., Mrs. A. J.; ELDRETH, G. (Geo.) W.; EVANS, Robert A., Lewis A.

p. 16: ELLER, William (1); EDWARDS, Henry (1); EVANS, Richard (1)
F: FRANCISCO, L. (Lewis) M.; FLANAGAN, Alexander; FISHER, William; FICKLE, John B.; FOSTER, Reuben C.; FRY, John R.; FARIS (Farris), S. (Smith) P.; FERRIS (Farris), James W. (Washington) (Lindell); FRY, J. M. (W.?); FELTY, Chas.; FIELD, Geo. H.; FRANCIS, L. M. Sr.; FOSTER, Jno. G.; FOGLESONG, G. W.; FRAZER (Frazier), Wm., Andrew; FERREN (Foran), Martin (Poor Valley), Lilburn (ditto); FRANCIS, John D.; FARRIS, Wm. B.; FLANAGAN, Link; FERRIS (Farris), William, Wade, James; FRY, Austin; FULLAR (Fuller; Fullen?), James; FELTY, Chas.; FULK, John M.; FERRIS (Farris), G. (Geo.) W., John; FITZSIMMONS, Isaac

p. 17: FERRIS (Farris), T. (Thos.) J.; FARRIS, Ballard; FLANAGAN, David, Francis; FISHER, Teavis; FLANAGAN, John, Trigg A.; FINDLAY, A. (Alex) J., T. (Thos.) A., Thomas K.; FISHER, Chas. A.; FLEENER, Wm. W.; FULLEN, John J. (Lindell); FURGUSON (Ferguson), James W.; FRY, Wm. J.; FREEMAN, R. (Robt.) H.; FARE, Wm. (Wm. Fore, 1886?); FARNSWORTH, Wm. B.; FERRIS (Farris), David; FRANCIS, T. (Thos) L.; FERGUSON, Joel; FINDLAY, Wm.; FULLEN, M. (Mark) Sr., Buran, P. (Peter), Jasper, John (Note: All these Fullens should be listed mu but are listed as white; all listed residing T Creek – jh); FULCHER, Nancy; FIELDS, Henry (1); FULLEN, A. (Andrew) (1); FAUNTLEROY, Harrison (1); FRACTION, James (1); FOSTER, Wm. (1), Daniel (1); FIELDS, Henry (1); FULLEN, Guy (1)

p. 18: FULLEN, M. (Mark Jr. or Sr.?) (T Creek); FRANKLIN, Wm. (1); FULLEN, L. (Lewis) C.

G: GREGORY, James; GUINN, Isaac; GRAY, John; GALLIHER, Wm. J., John J., Mc. T. (McTeer), F. (Francis?) B., Wm. J.; GOODPASTURE, A. W.; GOBBLE, Henderson; GODBY, G. (Gabriel) F.; GEISLER, J. M., J. J.; GARVEY, J. (Jas.) H.; GREGORY, Jacob; GOOD, Thomas; GOFF, The. ((Theophilus) T Creek), L.; GROGAN, Nathan; GRIFFY, D. S.; GILLESPIE, P. F.; GOFF, Wilson; GAMMON, D. H.; GRANT, R. (Robt.) G., Gardner, G. Jr., I. Allen (Allen & I. A., 1886?); GILL, James A.; GREER, Eliza, Thomas; GALLIHER, Alsom B.; GARRETT, Wm. W.

p. 19: GREGORY, Summerfield (Lindell); GENE, Thomas; GOINS, J. M.; GARRETT, Frank S., Lawrence, Elias, Henry C.; GROSECLOSE, James T.; GENTRY, James; GROSECLOSE, Stephen; GOODMAN, Andrew; GOLDING, T. P.; GUY, Wm.; GOODMAN, Andy; GRAHAM, Geo., Mills W.; GLOVER, James; GLENN, R. J.; GRANT, A. M., James L.; GLENN, John & Robt. E. 2; GRUB (Grubb), Henry J.; GILLIE (Gilley), Alexander; GRANT, Robert G., H. M. P. (H.M.P. listed s/o Robt. G., 1888); GREAR, James; GROSECLOSE, Festus J.; GALLIHER, James W., John M., C. G., Mc.T.; GRACE, Frank; GALLIHER, Frank; GLOVER, C. W.; GRAY, Stephen; GRUBB, W. W.; GROSECLOSE, Jonas; GALLIHER, Abram

p. 20: GRACE, John E.; GRUBB, J. (Jacob) H., Wm. & P. F.; GOBBLE, Martin & CUNNINGHAM 2; GARRETT, W. (M.?) J.; GRACE, David S.; GOFF, Samuel; GEISLER, J. J. Admr of Jacob MORELL 0; GOLSBY, Jacob (1), John (1); GUINN, Isaac; GERRY, John (1); GANAWAY, James (1); GOINS, James C. (1), Granvill (1); GRAY, F. (Frederick) T.; GOINS, J. C. (1); GOODWIN, H. T.; GILLEM, Joseph (1); GANAWAY, Samuel (1); GALLIHER, William (Saltville)

p. 21: H: HUTTON, W. E., R. S. C.; HAGY, James V.; HICKS, Jas. P.; HILL, Robert; HUTTON, A. D., E. J. (Edwd. J., s/o Dr. A. D., 1888); HEATH, Scot; HARTGROVE, Haule; HENCKLY (Hinkley; Hankley), James H.; HENRY, Squire (1); HILL, John W.; HENEGAR (Hennigar [Henninger]), Andy; HALL, John D. & John BYARS & Wm. HALL 3, James; HARRICE (Harris), Wm.; HERREN, J. S.; HILLENBERG, C. G.; HARRIS, Saml. J.; HUGHS (Hughes), J. J. (1), T. W.; HARRELL (Herrell; Harold), Alexander M.; HALL, Nathan, John; HAWTHORN, N. (Noah) B., B. D.; HUMPHRIES, Jno.; HUTTON, Joseph S.; HASH, Crockett; HICKS, Jno. F.; HELLEMSTUTLER, Wm. H.; HAYTER, Absalom; HELTON, Lige (Elijah) (Poor Valley), Lige (Elijah) (Poor Valley); HERENDON (Herndon), Aaron; HERRELL, Wm. P., H. (Hugh?)

p. 22: HALE, Frank P.; HOLLY, Wm. D., Jack; HOLMES, James; HAGY, Jacob E., Samuel D.; HENLY, H. H., A. (Andw.) J.; HAGY (Haga, 1888), A. (Andw) J.; HENDERSON, Robert (Cedarville); HAND, James E.; HOCKETT, John C.; HENDERSON, W. F. (Whitley Fullen); HILL, Wesley W.; HENDERSON, Samuel M. (B Mile); HAYTER, Thomas J.; HELTON, John Lew (Lewis), Whitley (N Fork); HOCKETT, Daniel; HAWTHORN, Walter; HARWOOD, E. L., W. (Wm.) F.; HOGUE, John; HATCHER, Stuart; HARTE, Jas. H. (1); HARRISON, Walter; HEATH, Robert; HUTTON, C. A.; HAWTHORN, T. (Thos.) J.; HAND, John, Jas. W., Wm. A.; HUTTON, Elbert S.; HENDERSON, Wm. (White Top); HARTE, Andrew; HOCKETT, John; HENDERSON, Ryburn (Saltville)

p. 23: HAYNES, E. (Ernest) C.; HURLY (Hurley), Harvey; HAMMONS, Tobias; HAYTON, Samuel; HELTON, A. (Archibald) B. & W. (Wm.) E., Campbell, Jno. L.; HENDERSON, Jas., T. S. (Thomas Scott), Thos. D. (Poor Valley), S. A. (Samuel Arnett); HUFF, Geo. A., J. S.; HOW (Howe?), Michel; HAYTON, John, Wm.; HOCKET (Hockett), Samuel; HENDERSON, Wm. C. (Campbell); HELTON, R. (Reuben) H., J. K. (Jonas Kelly) (T Creek), James C. (T. Creek), Wesley (John Wesley) & Clay (Thos. Claiborne) 2, John; HENDERSON, Floid (Floyd) (T Creek), Jno. C., S. (Samuel) D.; HAGY, A. (Andw.) J.; HELTON, James (Whites Mill); HUBBARD, Wm. H.; HARRIS, Wm.; HOLMES, Alex; HELTON, Henry (B Mill), Milton (ditto); HOCKETT, Wm., Joseph; HICKS, M. B.; HICKS, T. R.

p. 24: HITE, Wm.; HARRIS, D. J.; HAND, J. (John) L.; HOCKETT, Jas. H., Thomas; HILL, N. (Newton) J.; HINES, E. J.; HAGY, Wm. D.; HAMMONS, W. N. K. (see 1888); HANKLY, W. (Wm.) H.; HARRISON, J. R. (Rev. J. R., 1888), Frank; HANDS (Hand; Handy, 1888), J. (John) B.; HERDEN, Richard; HAGY, J. (Jacob?) E., W. J. & Henry 3; HUBBARD, Wm.; HATHORN, Wm. R.; HAGY, D. (David) C., Geo. W.; HAYTON, William J.; HILL, F. (Felix) A.; HAGY, Geo. L.; HAYTER, Jas. C.; HAGY, Wm.; HOWINGTEN (Howington), J. J.; HAYTON, D. (Daniel) M.; HOWINGTON, James; HAGY, W. (Wm.) F.; HENDERSON, Conly F. (T.); HAWTHORN, Wm. C.; HARDY, L. (Lawson) M.; HUTTON, S. (Samuel.)J., Jas. D.; HORNE, A. F.; HITE, Wm. H.; HAM (Hamm), Ezekial (1); HONAKER & CLARK 0; HUMPHREYS, J. (Jas.) B.

p. 25: HALL, John, Wm.; HAMILTON, Joseph W.; HARRIS, Geo. G.(Geo. W., 1888?); HUNTER, Joseph (1); HUTCHENSON, Phillip (1); HEDIKEFER, Frank C.; HANN, William (1); HAMMONS, George (1); HANGER (Henniger?), C. A.; HUFFMAN, William (1); HUGHS, William (1); HARRIS, Conly (1); HUNTER, Jiles (1); MYLER, Marten C.; HEATH, Taylor; HUNTER, Alfred (1)

I: INGRAM, J. D.; IRESON, A. (Absalom) L.; INGRAM, F. L., Jacob, I. (Isaac) H.

J: JOHNSON, Marion; JONES, John B., Wm. G., John R., William

p. 26: JOHNSON, L. (Lossier, 1886 Lawson, 1888?); JONES, Mathew (N Fork); JENNINGS, John; GENTRY, Wm. M.; JOHNSON, C. H.; JONES, James M.; JACKSON, A. (Andrew) J.; JOHNSON, Wm. A.; JONES, Geo. W.; JESSEE, A. B.; JACKSON, Andrew (1); JOHNSON, Geo., Walter, Wm. A.; JIMMESON (Jamison), C. (Calvin?) D.; JOHNSON, G. (Geo.) W.; JOHNSON, Joseph H., Ben; JONES, J. (John) A., Isaih (Isaiah); JOHNSON, Wm. F.; JONES, N. A.; JOHNSON, R. L.; JACKSON, A. P. (Alfred Preston); JONES, Charles; JACKSON, Jacob, William; JAMES, N. S.; JEFFERSON, Thomas (1); JOHNSON, Crockett S. (1); JONES, Charles (1); GENTRY, Henry (1); JOHNSON, James (1); JOICE, Henry (Saltville) (1); JAMES, D. (1); JORDAN, Thomas W.

p. 27: K: KELLY, Jefferson (Saltville), James (ditto); KENSINGER, Noah B.; KELLY, William, Thos. C.; KID, (Cade; Kade, 1886), Noah; KELLY, M. (Milton) F.; KELLER, W. H. H.; KESNER (Kestner), M. (Astons Mill); KEYS, A. (Andw.) E., Robert; KELLY, W. R. (Ryburn); KENT, Andrew, J. D. (Jas. D. & Jacob D., 1888); KELLER, Joseph & W. J. KELLER 2; KINGSOLVER, C. J.; KESTNER, David W. (Whites Mill), Chas. (ditto), F. P. (Fairman Preston) (Wesly C.); KELLY, G. (Geo.) W.; KINDRICK (no given name listed) (Cedarville); KAYLOR (See also Caylor), C. M.; KETCHEM (See also Catchem), Joseph; KERR. (See also Carr), Wm. M.; KINDRICK (See also Kendrick), W. J.; KELLY, J. C. & R. E. 2; KING, C. S. (a Lafayette, 1886?); KENT. J. (Jacob) C., T. (Thos.) J.; KETCHEM, Andrew; KELLY, Andrew, Jas. E. & Walter 2, B. B., Wm. Keys(? Wm. King?), C. L.

p. 28: KEITH, James (Wolf Creek); KINCANNON, J. N., W. G. & R. D. 3; KESTNER, Charles H. (Whites Mill); KELLY, Jonas S., Daniel; KEITH, Jefferson D., James (Wolf Creek); KETCHUM (Ketchem; Catchem), Jno. H.; KELLER, J. J.; KESTNER, J. (John) C. & W. S. (Cedarville) 2; KELLER, Thomas & G. (Geo.) L. C. 2; KELLY, D. Alex; KESTNER, W. R. (Wolf Creek), W. G. (Old Furnace), Lilburn H. (Henderson) (B Cove), L. (Old Furnace); KING, London (probably should be listed mu – jh)

L: LETHCO, C. T. (a Curtis L., 1888?); LOVE, Winslow; LOGAN, Jas. A.; LESTER, Geo. M.; LOWELL, Haden; LITTON, L. M.; LYON, Jno. W.; LETHCO, J. (John) H.; LOMAN, W.; LOVEN, John, Joseph; LONGLEY, Seldon

p. 29: LESTER, Jordon, J. L. (a Jos. S., 1888?); LARIMER, W. (Wm.) S.; LAMBERSON, John; LETHCO, Robert (1), Joseph (1); Isaac (1), John O. (1), John F.; LOGAN, John; LARIMER, James; LITZ, John K.; LETCHER, C. M.; LETHCO, C. M.; LARIMER, C. (Christopher?); LONG, James H.; LARIMER, R. J.; LEE, E. (Emory) H.; LOGAN, C. (Caleb) J.; LANE (Love?), J. C.; LOVE, John J. son of J. C. LOVE; LASSON (Lawson; James R. LAWSON, 1886), J. R., James R. (At J. B. SMITHs); LITTLE, T. (Thos.) F., Branson, James; LEWIS, Joseph, John, J. B., Alexander; LEE, H. M., Conly L., J. M. (Jas. Mobley); LILLY, Jeff, John; LITTON, L. B.; LILLY, Joel; LEE, Wm. H.

p. 30: LARIMER, J. (Jas.) H., Wm. G., S. M, Wm. C.; LINES (Lyons), Isaac; LOYD, W. (Walter) P.; LYONS, C. (a Jos. C., 1888?); LOYD, J. (Jas.) R., Wm. P.; LIGON, B. (Benjamin) D.; LARIMER, T. E. P., E. J. L.; LEDBETTER, Henry C.; LEWIS, J. M.; LITTON, D. J.; LOGAN, R. A.; LOYD, Frank (Emory) (1); LELARD (Leland?), John R.; LOVE, J. (Jos) R., A. (Andw.) K.; LILLY, Chas.; LOGAN, G. A., R. (Robt.) R., James C., C. (Chas.) C., J. (Jas.) W.; LANDERS, John W.; LOVE, Joseph; LEE, Conly (1); LOGAN, Mark (1); LOCKETT, Wm. (1); LEE, Milt (1); LOCKETT, Thomas (1), Thomas (1); LEWIS, James (1), Charles (1); LOGAN, Talbert (1); LATHAM, Smyth (1)

p. 31: LEWIS, Frank (1); LARIMER, A. (Andw.) M., G. T. F. (G. L. F., 1886); LITTON, J. M. (Lafayette M.?); LITTRELL, Wm. J.; LOWRY, John M.

M: McCANN, John & Andy 2; MYERS, Snidor M.; MINK, Wm. J.; MORRISON, James; MORRELL, C. C.; MONTGOMERY, Samuel; McNICKELS (See also McNuckols; McNichols), Isaac (1); MORELL, Charles; McVAY, William; MASON, Wm. B.; McGINNIS, Lewis S.; McCALL, Margaret; MOORE, Milton F.; McVAY, Samuel; MOORE, William; MINK, S. (Samuel) A.; McTHENIA, John; MOORE, Joseph (1); McTHENIA, A. P.; McSPADDEN, John W.; McCRACKEN, John; McCLURE, D. J. & U. S. (Rev. U., 1888?) 2; MATNEY, H. A.

p. 32: McGEE, Jno. E.; MAGEE, Frederick H.; McCLANAHAN, Geo. W. (1); MOSER (Mosier), John; MATNEY, Wm. H.; McKEE, R. (Robt) S.; McSPADDEN, John K.; McCRADY (McCready), A. S.; MATHES (Mathews, 1888), Samuel (1); McNEW, John (B Mill); MATHES (Mathews), Robert; MILLER, William; MINNICK, John P.; McCRACKEN, Wm. S.; MILES, Geo. W. Jr.; McCRACKEN, John H.; McVAY, Wm; MONTGOMERY, Wm. H.; MILLER, J. S.; MOORE, James; MURDOCK, Wm. (1); McCORMACK, Wm. P.; MILLER, Joseph, F. M., Geo. W.; MAIDEN, C. E.; McNEW, Wm. H. (B Mill); MUSSELWHITE, John W.; MITCHEL, Abram; MUBERGER (Meeberger?), M. B.; MAST, H. P.; McVAY, John; MASON, Elisha (1); MORRISON, George; McCLURE, U. (Rev. U., 1889?); McCALL, James; MILLER, Robert A., James

p. 33: McCANN, Eli; MOUNTAIN, J. (Jas.) P.; McCORMACK, O. (Orr) C.; McCLOUD, A. (Andw.?) C.; McCORMACK, M., J. L.; McVEY, Thomas; MONTGOMERY, Wm.; MILLER, Milton W.; MOORE, J. B., James; McNEW, Samuel (Saltville); MORRIS, M. M.; MOORE, Ephraim (1); MAGRAL, Armistead (1); McCLANAHAN, Allen (1), Edmon (1); McKINNEY, Chas. W.; MUSSLEWHITE, S. (Samuel) H.; MITCHELL, G. V.; MILLS, Hiram; McNEW, D. (Daniel) B. (Saltville); MOORE, T. J.; McCALL, Rachel & John 1; McCOLLY (McCauley), A. B. (Emory); MINNICK, W. (Wm.) F.; MONTGOMERY, James M.; MOORE, Wm. M.; MOORE, Wm. M., Frank; MALLICOTE, A. (Augustus) R.; McCLANAHAN, Robert (Emory) (1); McVEY, Anderson; MILLER, Tobias; MILLER, John W.; MASON, Parris; MAIDEN, W. (Wm.) L.; MORGAN, John

p. 34: MONTGOMERY, John P.; MORGAN, Edward; McNEW, Abram (Saltville), William; McERAFT (McElraft), Henry; McKEE, S. (Saml.) B.; McCORMACK, Harvey; MITCHEL, Peter (Jas. BYARS) (1); McCORMACK, John M.; MARTIN, John H.; McCLELLAN, James L.; MUMPOWER, Geo.; MULLENS, J. (John) S.; MEAD (Meade), Walter (1), Frank (1); MOORE, Wm. A. H.; MAIDEN, Henry A., Albert G., Wm. H., S. (Samuel) L., John M., J. Milton; MOCK, John (1); MINNICK, Jas. S.; MAIDEN, John W.; McSPADDEN, W. (Wm.) R.; McCARTER, A. (Andw.) C.; MOUNTAIN, David P.; McKEE, M. (Moses) S.; McCLURE, Margaret & Priscilla, James; MORISON (Morrison), James; MOCK, Samuell; McCALL; MOCK, D. (David) S. R.; McCUTCHEN, Frank; MEADOWS, James; McNEW, C. (Charles) C.

p. 35: MEADOW, James F.; MEHAFFY (Mahaffey), J. (Jas) E.; MOORE, James W.; McNEW, J. (Jack, 1886) D.; MILLER, Jas. H., Isack (Isaac); MITCHEL, Joseph; MOCK, D. W.; MITCHEL, John; MAXWELL, A. (Alexr.?) M.; MEHAFFEY (Mahaffey), F. C.; McNEAL, A. D.; MITCHEL, Sam; McNEW, E. (Elbert) P., Jas. P. (Patton), Alex; MANN, Henry A., M. G. & N. W.; MITCHEL, Wm., James; MOOREFIELD (Morefield), Stephen, J. C.; McALLISTER, J. (John) B.; McNEW, G. H. (Lindell), Milton W., Elisha (Saltville); McCORMACK, Orr, Wiley (at J. B. SMITH); MATNEY, Mitch; MOORE, W. J.; MONTGOMERY, S. B., R. E.; MOORE, Jas. H.; MUSSLEWHITE, W. (Worley) H., J. W.; MILLER, John; McCALL, H. B.; MOORE, C. W.

p. 36: MOCK, A. (Albert) A.; McCRACKEN, Andrew, Robert; MILLER, Pils; MOCK, Elias; MARTIN, Floyd (1); McQUOWN, J. F. (1); MUSGRAVE, C. C.; MARTIN, F. F. (Fowler Fullen); McCRACKEN, R. R.; MITCHELL, John; MOORE, W. P. (Wm. Patton)

N: NEEL, T. G.; NELSON, Larkin; NEWMAN, Asa B. at A. CLARK; NEAL, J. B. D.; NEFF, Pierson; NEWTON, Thomas L. (1); NELSON, J. T. (prob. Jas. P., 1886/8?) (Emory); NYE, A. H.; NEELY, K. (King) B. & Isaac; NEAL, William J., Daniel, J. C., Walter; NEELY, John; NEFF, P. (Peter) F.; NEWMAN, John; NELSON, James P.; NUNLY (Nunley), G. R., C. R.

p. 37: NUNLY, G. W.; NEAL, Wm. E.; NUNLY, Jno. P.; NELSON, James W. (Emory); NEWTON, Daniel (1); NELSON, William; NEEL (Neal; NED, 1888; Erastus G. Neely?), E. G.; NAFF, John W.; NICHOLS, Isaac (1); NELSON, H. (1); NICHOLAS, Frank R. (1); NEFF, A. (Andw.) M.; NEFF, Jacob

O: O’REAR, J. C.; ONEY, W. B.; ORR, Emily; OWENS, J. (John) B.; ORR, James A.; OSBORN, Thomas, Aaron; OVERLY (Overby; Overbay), H. B.; ORR, James, Newton; OSBORN, Robert; ORR, E. J. H.; OWENS, M. E., Saml. D.

P: PRICE, W. H. (Wm. H. Rev, 1888); PORTERFIELD, L. B., E. L.

p. 38: PRICE, D. V.; POWELL, Elisha; PERRY, Stephen; PRESTON, Wm. G.; PALMER, G. (Geo.) W. & Jas. CHEDDIX 0; PATRICK, James F.; PRICE, Timothy; POOL, Chas. POINDEXTER, William (1); PRESTON, John; PATTERSON, S. (Sampson) C.; PRINCE, J. W.; PRUNER, A. E.; PATRICK, John W., Morgan; PARRIS, A. J., S. J.; PRINCE, Geo. D.; PRUNER, W. H. (Dr. W. H., 1888); PRESTON, T. (Thos.) J., R. B., John G.; PRUITT, Wesly; PARRIS, John R.; PRESTON, T. M.; PICKLE, John; PRESTON, Robert; PARCEES, V. K.; PENDLETON, Abram; PENDLINGTON (Pennington?), Troy; PENDLETON, Wills; PENDLINGTON, William; PARDEW (Perdue), Jarel M. (Friendship); PIERCE, W. (Wm.) A.; PICKLE, Daniel; PORTERFIELD, F. (Francis) H., Thos. M., H.

p. 39: PATRICK, Whit; POOL, Simeon; POSTON, Joseph; PENDLINGTON (Pennington?), Chas. C.; PIERCE, W. A.; POSTON, Jno. W.; PAULLY (Pauley), W. (Wm.) J. (Lindell); PATRICK, W. R. (Wolf Creek); POWERS, Saml. H.; POOL, Charles; POSTON, K. (King) H.; PARK, Sarah A.; PETERS, Wm. E.; PENDLINGTON (Pennington?), Wm. R., John A.; PORTER, Wm. J. (Poor House); PATRICK, James, William (Emory), Alfred F.; POWELL, Albert; PRESTON, R. A. (written like H.?); PICKLE, J. A.; PHILLIPS, William; PRICE, A. (Andw.) J., J. (John) W., R. P. A., James M.; POOL, I. (Isaac) A. (Meadow View); PEAK, James; PETE, James; POWERS, J. (Jas.) M.; POPE, James C.; PETERMAN, Harvey S.; PRICE, Geo. W. (Lindell); PHIPPS, J. H., Jerome; POSTON, Peter

p. 40: POSTON, E. M.; POOL, C. S.; POLK, James

R: RUTH (Rudy, W. N., 1886), W. N.; RYBURN, W. M. (Wm. McRyburn?), Wm. A.; ROBERTS, Jas. D., William; ROSENBALM, Clark; RYBURN, W. (Wm.) B.; RIFFEY, David; ROLLINS, Edwin (1); ROE, Thomas J.; ROE, James; REMINE, James; ROBERTS, John W.; RIMMER, Wm.; RICKMAN, Wm., H.; RAKES, R. (1); ROBINSON, A. L., M. W. (Moses Walter?); RICHARDSON, R. (Rufus) E.; RAMBO, Wm. D.; ROSENBALM, Asa; RICHRADSON, Lee; ROUCE (Rouse), Nicholas; ROE, John; REEDY, Lee; ROBINSON, J. (John) E.; RAINEY, James; ROLAND, Geo. W.; ROBINSON, Thos. J., James; RAMSEY, H. F. & M. R. (M. B., 1886?)

p. 41: ROSENBALM, J. (Jacob?) E.; ROBERTS, Thomas; RAMBO, I. (Isaac) C.; RIMMER, Saml. L.; RYAN, D. T. (Daniel F., 1886); ROBERTS, E. K.; ROBERTS. W. R.; RUDY, James D.; RYBURN, L. L., Jno. D. G.; REED, Benjamin, Benjamin Sr.; RICKMAN, Jno. R.; ROBERTS, David, Peter; ROBINSON, J. (John) R.; ROSENBALM, Frank, Alfred, Campbell; ROUSE, James P.; RAMBO, Joseph T., Saml. K.; RATLIFF (Ratliff; Ratcliffe), Richard S. (L. Springs); ROBERTS, Thomas; RICHARDS, Wesley; RYBURN, Patrick; REED, D. (David) B.; REED, James E.; RHEA, Jacob H.; RUTLEDGE, Athony; ROSENBALM, John, Alfred; REED, Ather (Arthur?); ROSENBALM, Alex (1), Geo.; RUTLEDGE, William; ROSENBALM, Aaron F., Joel

p. 42: ROSENBALM, Aaron; ROBERTS, Alfred; RAMBO, A. K. (A. F., 1886?); RUDY, Saml.; ROSENBALM, I. F. (J. F., 1886?); REMINE, H. B. (A. B., 1886?); RECTOR, T. B.; RATLIF (Ratcliff; Ratliff), John; ROBINSON, H. (Harvey?) S., P. S. & Mary 1; ROSENBALM, Jno. De.; RAKES, Rofus (Rufus, 1886); RICKETTS, E. D. (E. C. 1886) & W. W. 2; ROSENBALM, E. D.; RITCHIE, J. (Jas.) L.; ROGERS, Chas.; ROE, A. (Andw.) M., E. F.; ROBERTS, T. J.; RUTLEDGE, Michael; ROBERTS, Jno. G.; RUTLEDGE, Peter; REEDE, G. H.; RAMBO, J. (Jas.) K.; RUMBLY, E.; RITCHIE, M. M.; RUSH, D. O.; RECTOR, W. W.; RYAN, J. (Jas.) R., Jas. A. P.; RAGAN, B. (Blair) B.; RAMSEY, Jno. F.; ROBINSON, M.; RYAN, D. C.; ROSENBALM, Abram, A. D.; RUDY, Wesley N.; ROE, John E.

p. 43: RATLIFF, Geo. W. (B Mill); ROBERTS, C.; RYAN, D. (Daniel) C.; ROUSE, William; RYBURN, W. F.; ROBERTS, R. W.; RUNNELS (Reynolds), Mat; ROSS, Lewis; RATLIFF (Ratcliff; Ratcliffe), A. J. (Piles Mill), G. R.; RYBURN, W. S.

S: SMYTH, Jno. L.; SNODGRASS, Jno.; SEALS, Geo. (1); STOATS, Elias; SIMPSON, William; SMYTH, F. (Frank) A. (M View), G. (Geo.) W.; SCOTT, Thomas; SMART, Thomas; SHELTON, J. (Jas.) S.; SNEAD, Charles (T Cove), Oliver (T Cove, Richard (T Cove), D. C. (David Crockett) (T Creek); SMYTH, Thos. L.; SNODGRASS, Wm. F.; SHORT, Mrs. Dorcas E., A. (Aaron) D. L. (Shortsville); SPRINKLE, Wm. H.; SCIFERS (Scyphers), J. (John) B.; SANDEFER, Wm. J.; SEALS, Dred (1)

p. 44: SCOTT, Charles; SAVAGE, Granville; SWEET, Henry S.; STEVENS, Geo. W., James M.; SWEET, Fairman P. (Preston); SMITH, William J.; SHARP, T. (Thos.) J., Nancy R.; STEFFY, Geo. A.; STERGAN (Sturgeon), Sam, Joe & Mc 3; SASHER, Charles; SMITH, David J.; SHORT, Leander; SMYTH, William C.; SWEETE, William, David, Charly; STOCKTON, John; SMYTH, S. K. (1), G. (1); SANDIFER, J. (John) B.; SMYTH, Charles (1); SNAPP, Chas. O.; SEAL, Phillip (1); SCOTT, Moris (1); SMITH, R. (Robt.) F.; SANDERS, R. (Robt.?) J.; SEALS, John; SURBER, Wm. & C. R. 2; SUTTON, W. (Wm.) J.; SHARP, Jas. L.; SMITH, John B.; SCOTT, J. C., G. (Geo.) W., W. P.; SHUFF, James; SMYTH, Samuel (Emory) (1)

p. 45: STURT (Stuart), Michel; SHOFFY, Wash (G Springs) (1); SMYTH, J. C. (Chesterfield), Samuel M.; SURFACE, G. (Geo.) D.; SUTHERLAND, Puston (Preston); SPRIGGS, H. (Hugh) B.; SHEETS, William; SCOTT, Robert H., R. E. L.; SNODGRASS, C. (Charles) W. (N Fork) STEEL, Chas. W.; SMYTH, Wm. (Lindell); SCOTT, J. F.; SHUFF, David E. (P. Valley); SISK, Jasper; SMYTH, David (1); SHELL, Harvy; SPRIGGS, John; STATZER, F. (Francis) N. (M.); SPRIGGS, A. J.; SMYTH, J. R.; STEVENSON, James S.; STUMP, W. (Wm.) D.; SMYTH, Jas. K.; SLAUGHTER, Pleasant (1); SNEAD, F. R. (Fullen B. 1888?), N. B. (Napoleon Bonapart), Jacob M. (Merchant), O. N. (Oliver Nickerson); SUITS, Zebulon; SMYTH, John W.; SUIT, G. (Geo.?) W; SIMMONS, John; SOUTH, C. (Clark?) A.; SHERWOOD, John; SHEFFIELD, John; SHEARER, J. (Joel) P.

p. 46: SCOTT, Thomas M.; SMYTH, T. L.; SUIT, Robert; SOLE, Clyde; SISK, N. B.; SINGLETON, David L.; SMYTH, John (1), William (1); SULLENS, W. P. (1); SNODGRASS, William; SANDERS (See also Saunders), Stephen for Wm. CREECY 1; SNODGRASS, William; SAMPSON, F. S.; STUMP, David; SHUGART, Mathew R.; STATZER, James A.; SUITER, A. T.; SPRIGGS, Richard; SWEET, Walker L.; SHEFFIELD, Francis K.; SOUTH, Charles E.; SPEERE, Andy, A. W. (N.?), J. R.; ST JOHN, A. (Anthony) D. & M. E. 1; SOUTH, John M.; SNODGRASS, Wm. M., James; STOUT, Frank (1); STRINGER, Thomas; SPEER, John D.; SHUFFLE, Thomas P. (Debusks Mill); SMYTH, Andy (1); SMITH, Robert (1); SALMON, E. T.; SULLIVAN, Wiley; SHEAVER, W. N., John

p. 47: SMYTH, J. S.; SMITH, Lewis H.; SWINEY, Geo. W.; SISK, A. (Andrew) J.; SALYER, J. T. (T.T., 1886?); SALMON, J. (John) R.; SUTTON, John; STUART, Geo. Adm., Ge.

T: TALLY, James M. (Lindell); THOMPSON, Locy (Emory) (1), Walter O., A. G. Jr.; TAYLOR, Frank (T Creek); THOMPSON, A. G.; TIPTON, Wm. & John 2, D. A.; THOMAS, J. (John) C., THOMAS BROS & THOMAS 2; THOMAS, J. (Jas) M.; LASLY (Lasley), Rees T.; THOMPSON, Samuel; THOMPSON, S. (Samuel) A.; TALBERT, David (T Creek); TAYLOR, Chas. A. (T Creek); THOMPSON, Wm. (T. Creek); TALBERT, Andrew, S. C. (Saltville), T. H. (S.G. & T. B., 1886?); THOMPSON, Joseph; THOMAS, William; TILSON, J. (Jas.) R.// p. TURNER, Geo. A.; THOMAS, Geo.; TRENT, Isaac; THOMAS, Robert C.; TOMLINSON, L. (Leonidas) L.; TALBERT, D. (David) M., Sydney (Greenfield), Thomas; THOMPSON, Calvin; TROXELL, F. (Francis?) B., G. (Geo.) R., G. (Geo.) W.; TILSON, Wm. J.; TURNER, James (1); TALBERT, A. (Andrew) J.; TADLOCK, W. C.; TERRY, J. J.; TEDDER, Jessy T. (1); THOMAS, James; TAYLOR, Isaac B. (B Cove), Henry (N Fork); TETER (Teeter), Solomon; THOMAS, John; TRIPLET, Wm. A.; TERRY, John W.; TURNER, Peter (1); THOMAS, David; TADLOCK, William; TIPTON & HONAKER 0; TALLY,., William J.; THOMAS, William; TERRY, William; TURNER, Shelly (Shelby) (1); THOMAS, Geo.; THOMPSON, Steven (1); THOMAS, Geo. W.

p. 49: THOMPSON, Beverly (1); TURNER, Marshall; THOMAS, Edward, Lewis; TIREY (Tyree?), Frank; THOMAS, Chesterfield; TRENT, Claeb (Claiborne); TALBERT, R. (Robt.) L.; TOLLIVER, Calvin; TRENT, Jas. S.; THOMPSON, Steven, G. (Geo.?) W.; TOLLIVER, John; TRENT, N. C. J., Lewis; TERRY, John B.; TADLOCK, John B.; THAYER, Jacob G.; THOMPSON, Jas. H., Charles A., Mrs. H. V.; TERRELL, Samuel W.; TRIPLET, Dock (1); TAYLOR, T. (Thos.) C.; TERRY, Geo.; THOMAS, Henry, David; TRENT, Claiborne; THOMAS, John; TRIGG, Jos. E C., Lilburn, A. B.

p. 50: U: UMBARGER (Umberger), E. (Ephraim) T.; UPCHURCH, Columbus

V: VANDERPORT, W. H.; VANCE, Jas. A.; VANHUSS, James C., Valentine; VANCE, Emmet; VENABLE, David; VERTEGAN, E. (Edwd.), Geo. S.; VERMILLION, J. C., J. W.; VESTAL, John, Jessee, Bartholomew, W. J., Geo. B., Henry, Robert, Lod

W: WARD, Benjamin; WRIGHT, Miles W.; WORLEY, D. (Donelson?) B.; WRIGHT, Thomas J.; WILLIAMS, W. William & AKERS 3; WIDENER, A. (Andw.) S., Wm. J., John W., John, Michael

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p. 52: WIDENER, Andrew C.; WILLIBY (Willoughby), David (1); WILLIAMS, Geo. (1); WEBB, O. H. (Ota Hopkins); WISE, Charles C.; WORLEY, Robert; WIDENER, Stephen; WEDDEN (Wedding?), Esesly; WARREN, John B.; WISE, Geo., Charles C.; WHITLEY, John R.; WOODWARD, Joseph A.; WHORLEAY (Worley?), J. N.; WILKERSON, James A.; WILSON, Charles C.; WHETT (Whitt), F.; WHITE, Freeman L.; WHITE, John of Spencer, J. (Jas.) S.; WARREN, James; WOODWARD, Newton (N Fork); WIDENER, Wm. E., John Mc.; WOLF, Noah B.; WIDENER, J. P.; WALS (Walls), Henry (1); WALDEN, James L.; WYATT, P. (Pinkney) W.; WIDENER, Wm. M.; WOLFE, C. S.; WOOLF (Wolf), James D.; WEEKS, Daniel; WIPS (Wiss?) William (at EARNESTs); WARDEN, Wm.; WIDENER, Andrew, James; WEEKS, P. (Peter?)

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