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Washington County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List — 1862

D.A.P. Campbell: Property End. Jno. Burwell (Upper District)

Jack Hockett: 31 Dec 2004

Below is a quick transcription (no time to recheck, so, reader, please double check!) of the Upper District PPTL for WCV, taken about a year after the Civil War had officially begun in Virginia. It should provide some valuable historical information for Civil War buffs and also to supplement the 1860 Census for the area. The handwriting makes for a sometimes most difficult interpretation of initials, especially.

Note: Read 1 for No. of male inhabitants who have attained age of 21 years unless otherwise stated. No. slaves in parentheses

ALDERSON, Christ. (4); ARNOLD, Thos.; ALDERSON, Elizabeth, 0, (8); ABEL, Joseph; ABEL, Alexr.; ALLISON, Josiah; ALLISON, Israel; ANDERSON, Philip (1); ANDERSON, Jos. J.; ALLLISON, Mary, 0, (3); ALLISON, Wm. W., (1); Same Guardian of Jno. A., Thos. C. & W. B. CLARK, ditto, ditto of Emily & Ellen CLARK, 0; ALLISON, Robt C.; ASBERRY (Asbury), Moses; ASBERRY, Wm. L.; AYERS, Jno. P.; ARNETT, Jas.; ARNETT, Jas. F. (Fletcher); ARNETT, Wm. L.; ALLISON, Saml.; ACCAMON, Philip; AUSBURN (Osborne), Calaway; ACCAMON, Jno.; ABEL, Valentine; ASBERRY, Mansfield; AYERS, Isaac.; ALDERSON, George W., (2); ARDEN, Abram; ASTROP (Aistrop), A. J.; ARNOLD, Rebecca, 0; ASTEN (Austin), A. W.

1861, WCV, UPPER DIST.: ARNETT, Jas. F.; ARNETT, Wm.; ARNETT, Jas.; AYRES, Jno. P.; ASBERRY, Moses; ASBERRY, Wm.L.; ASBERRY, Mansfield; ASTROP, A. J.; AYRES, Isaac W.

BOWIE, Robt. S.; BISHOP, Wash J.; BEATIE, Elizabeth; BLESSING, Jno.; BRUER (Brewer), Wm.; BRUER, Jessee; BARKER, Jno.; BETTS, Wm. H., (13); BUMGARNER (Baumgardner), Add.; BROOKS, Moses; BARLOW, Joseph, 1; BEATIE, Absolem, 2, (18); BARBARY (Barbro [Barbreaux], Quinby; BUCHANAN, Saml. Sen.; BLACKARD, Charles; BISHOP, A. J.; BISHOP, Matt; BLEVINS, Jessee; BLEVINS, Daniel; BROWN, Jno. & Gray, 2; BLEVINS, J. A.(?); BLACKWELL, Jos. Senr.; BOWIE, N. S., Trustee; BAUGH, R. & Cath., 0; BEKEM, C. S., (5); BRYANT, Jas. A.; BERRY, Thos. T.; BEATIE, N. J. M.; BULLIN, Welcher; BUCHANAN, A. E, (5); BUCHANAN, Jas. E.; BYARS, Jno. & Jno. D. HALL, 2, (10); BUCHANAN, Jas. S., (4); Same Guardian of Saml. G. MOORE, 0; BYARS, Wm. B., (17); BOOTH, Jas.; BUCHANAN, Rosanna, (6); BUCHANAN, Wm. R.; BROWNING, Jessee; BRYANT, L. C.; BAUGH, Caleb; BASS, Wm., 1 free colored over 21; BYARS, A. H.; BUCHANAN, Jno. D., 2; BARROW, Wm., (4); BUCHANAN, Mary A. G., 0; BARBARY, Jno.; BYARS, Jas. N., (10); BUCHANAN, Philip, (5); BUCHANAN, Matt.; BISHOP, Saml. D., 2; BARLOW, Jno.; BARBARY, Smitick; BYARS, W. B.; BERRY, Jno. D.; BYARS. Wm. Col., (25); BUSKELL, Jas.; BERRY, Thos.; BERRY, Jas.; BOWMAN, Mattias, 1 free negro above 21y; BURNS, Jno.; BRIGGS, Wm.; BRANSON, Moses; BOWMAN, Saml.; BAILEY, Robt.; BURON (Buren?), Jno.; BAILEY, Jas. A.; BLACK, Wm. W. D.; BEATIE, Madison; BUTT, Wm. A.; BRYANT, Wm.; BLACKWELL, Jos. Jr.; BLACKWELL, Wm. Jr.; BLACKWELL, Wm.; BLACKWELL, M. R.; BOYD, Perry; BOYD. Jas.; BUCHANAN, Matt, Jas. & ? (recording error)., 5; BUCHANAN, Miss Jane B., 0; BLACKWELL, Jno. D., (2); BLACKFORD, Wm. W.; BUCHANAN, Benj. K., (10); BRAUDY (Broady), Thos., 1 free colored above 21y; BUCHANAN, N. H.; Same Admr. of Cath. HOCKET (Hockett), 0; Same Admr. of W. R. BUCHANAN, 0; Same Admr. of Geo. W. HOPKINS, 0; BUCHANAN, M. H. & Jas. E. KELLY, Admrs. of A. B. KELLEY, 0; BERRY, Alexr. R.; BEATIE, Wash., 1 free colored above 21y; BEATIE, Steve, 1 free colored above 21 years

1861, UPPER DIST.: BLACKWELL, Jno. D.; BLACKWELL, Jos. (of Wm.?)); BLACKWELL, Wm; BLACKWELL, Matt. R.; BROWNING, Jessee; BURK, McCagy; BOWMAN, Isaac; BRAUDY (Broady), Jas.; BRAUDY, Jos.; BRAUDY, David

1862, LOWER DIST.: BOARDWINE, Joshua, (2); BOARDWINE, Lewis; BOARDWINE, Miss Leah, 0; BOWMAN, Harrison, 1; BOWMAN, Tyree, 0; BLACKWELL, Leonidas; BOWMAN, Uriah; BOWMAN, Parron

CORNETT, Hiram; COLE, Jas., (1); COALE, Andw. of Jac.(?); COUNTS, L. C.; CHAPMAN, Jas. Jr.; CHILDRESS, Jas. J.; CHILDRESS, Lilburn; CHILDRESS, Leonidas; CASEY, Jas; Cato, Wm. T.; CHAPMAN, Andw.; CHAPMAN, Jas.; COUNTS, Jno.; COUNTS, Jas.; CUDY (Cuddy), Henry; CLARK; CLARK, Jas.; CLARK, Andw. D.; CATRON (Ketron; Kettering), Jno. A., Same Admr., 0; CLARK, Jas. A. of Jas., (1); COLGATE, W. H. B.; CUNNINGHAM, Mary G., 0, (2); COALE (Cole), Mrs. Eliza, 0; COALE (Cole), Jas. L. of A.; CLARK, Jas. of Jas., (5); Same Admr., 0; COALE, Martha, 0; COALE, Thos. of T.; COOK, Wm.; CASEY, Wm.; CLARKSON, Jno. N. (50); CLARK, Robt. of Jas., 2, (11); CLARK, Wm. D.; CLARK, Jont. H.; CAMPBELL, David L., 2; CAMPBELL, Robt.; CROW, Arthur; COOK, Jno.; CROSSWHITE, Robt.; COLDWELL (Caldwell), Jno. S.; COLDWELL, Robt. J.; COLDWELL, Jno. M.; COLDWELL, Jessee H.; CLARK, Jas. & Jno. B., 3, (4); CLARK, Jas. of Jno., 0; COWAN, Jackson; COLDWELL, Jno. L.; CLARK, Jas. A., (2); CLARK, Frans. S.; CLARK, Jno. J., (1); CLARK, Pleast. D.; CUDY (Cuddy), Lilburn; CUNNINGHAM, Pat.; CAMPBELL, Geo. A.; COUCH, David; COALE, Jas. L., (2); Same exr. of Peleg COLE, 0; CATRON, Christ. S.; CEARLEY, Wm. R.; CLARK, Robt. of R., (1); CATRON, Frans. K., 2; CROW, Wm. R.; CALLAHAM, Wm.; CROW, Jas.; CASSELL, Adam; CASSELL, Saml. A.; CARPENTER, Mrs. & D. G. GRANT, (5); COPENHAVER, Jas; CATTON (Cotton?; Calton?), L. A.; CLARK, Peter; CLARK, Jas. T. (P.?); CLARK, Martha of J., 0; COSBY, Lewis F., (4); CARSON, Wm., (1); CLARK, Wm. T., (1); CARTER, Henry J.; CUNNINGHAM, Polly, (1); COOPER, Alexr.; CAULEY (Colley), Christ.; CAULEY (Colley), Wm. L. N.; CAULEY (Colley), Thos. W.; CARPENTERS, A. (Andrew) J.; CLEMMONS, Craven; COX, Susan T.; CLARK, Isabella B., 0, (1); CLARK, Jas. H.; CALLAHAM, Wm. J.; CAMPBELL, Andw. E.; COOK, Jno.; CAMPBELL, R. L. C.; CAMPBELL, Jno. W., (1); CAMPBELL, Ann of D., 0, (6); CAMPBELL, D. A. P.(T.?); CAMPBELL, Jacob T.; CATRON, Delila, 0; CUDY, David; CAMPBELL, Jas. L.; CAMPBELL, Jno.; CARSON, Jos., Same Admr., 0; CATRON, Philip; CLARK, Delila, 0, (6); CAYWOOD (Cawood), Jno. M.; CAYWOOD, S. T. (Stephen Trigg); CAYWOOD, B. B.; CAYWOOD, Stephen; CLARK, Jont. Jr.; COLLIN, Jno.; COLEGATE, Jno. F.; CATRON, Mary of C.; CATRON, Frans.; COLLIN, Jas.; CAULEY (Colley), Jno. Jr.; CAULEY (Colley), Jno.; COLEMAN, Monroe; CLARK, David B., (8); CLARK, Jane, 0, (5); CLARK, Miss Mary, 0, (11); COLE, Fairman; COALE (Cole), J. A. G., 0; CLARK, David, (4); CROSSWHITE, Golden; CAMPBELL, Faroline E., 0, (5); CAMPBELL, Hugh M., (4); Same Guardian, 0; CAMPBELL, Elizabeth, (3); CLARK, Matt. R.; CARPENTER, Jas.

1861, WCV UPPER DIST.: CROSSWHITE, Golden; CAYWOOD, Berry; CAYWOOD, Steve. T.; CAYWOOD, Geo.; CAYWOOD, Jno. M.; CARPENTER, Parmelia; CHAPMAN, S. T.; CROSSWHITE, Robt.; CARPENTER, Jas.; CALLAHAN, Ezekiel; CUDY (Cuddy), Henry; CUDY (Cuddy), Lilburn; COLLY, Polly, 0; CHAPMAN, Jas. Jr.; CHAPMAN, Andrew; CHAPMAN, Jas.; CAYWOOD, Jno.; CUDY, Gibson; CUDY, David

DEBUSK, Jno. Dr.(D.?); DUNCAN, Henry; DUNN, Mary, 0; DAVIS, Wm. of A.; DUNN, Thophs.; DUNN, Wm.; DAVIS, Thos. J. Jr.; DAVIS, Mary A., 0; DUFF, Wm. K., (1); DUFF, Saml J.; DUFF, Dicy, 0; (5); DICKENSON, D. C.; DICKENSON, Jno. P.; DEBUSK, Ira; DEBUSK, Elijah; DAVIS, Thos. J.; DAVIS., Wm. M.; DAVENPORT, Henry; DAVENPORT, Thos., (4); DAVENPORT, L. H.; DAVENPORT. S. R.; DAVENPORT, Peter; DAVENPORT. A. T.; DUNCAN, Jno.; DUFF, Henderson; DUNN, Jas. H., (4); DOWELL, Jas.; DAVIS, C. E.; DUFF, Jno. A.; DUFF, M. (N.?) H.; DICKENSON, Wm. B., (9); DOTTEN, Clark, one free white male; DUFF, S. B.; DUFF, Saml. G.; DEBUSK, Isaac Snr.; DEBUSK, David; DEBUSK, Thos.; DEBUSK, Timothy; DEBUSK, Jacob D.; DODSON, Wm. J.; DEBUSK, Isaac; DUTTON, Jno. J.; DAVIS, Jas. A., (4); DENNISON, Z. P., (1); DAVIS, Jos. W., (7); DAVIS, Jos. B.; DAVIS, Jos. W. Comr. & C., 0; DEBUSK, Wm.; DEBUSK, D. J.; DUNN, Saml. Dr., (1?); DUTTON, Peter, (1); DUNLAP, Jno. G.; DUNLAP, Wm. W.; DAVENPORT, Jas. N.; DEBUSK, Saml.; DEBUSK, Jas.; DUFF, Jas. M.(N.?); DARNOLD (Darnell), Jas.; DYE, Jeff; DYE, Richd.; DAVENPORT, Julius; DUFF, Thos. J., (4); DUFF, Wm. F.; DUNN, Thos. E., (4); DOLINGER, Wm.; DUFF, Saml.; DUFF, David C.; DUFF, Jno. G.



ERNEST, Jno. H.; ESTRIDGE(Eastridge), Wm.; ESTRIDGE, Ephraim; ELLIOTT, Thos.; EPLING, Henry; EDMONDSON, Jno. D.; EAKIN, Jno. & Jos., 2; EAKIN, Jas. N. (M.?); EADS, Joseph; EDMONDSON, Wm. B.; EDMONDSON, Thos.; EPLING, H. H.; EAKIN, Saml. S.; EDMONDSON, Martha, 0; EDMONDSON, Wm. C, (12); Same Guardian of Jdup(?) WISELEY, 0; Same Guardian of J. L. WISELEY, 0; same Guardian of M. A. WISELEY, 0; Same Guardian of Susan WISELEY, 0; EDMONDSON, W. M., (2); EVANS, Richd., one free colored male above 21; EDMONDSON, Andw. Est., (1); EDMONDSON, Saml. P.; EDMONDSON, Jno. B., (4); EDMONDSON, Wm. Col.; EDMONDSON, Robt.; EDMONDSON, Jas.; EAKIN, Jno.; EAKIN, Jas.; EAKIN, Wm. G.; EVANS, Wm. S.; EDMONDSON, R. B., (15); EDMONDSON, Martha, 0, (1); ESTLE (Estill), Allen, one free colored above 21 years; EARLS (Earle), Jesse L.; ESTEP, Lewis, 1; EVETT (Evitt), Tobias; EDMONDSON, Wm. B.; ESTLE, Peter, one free colored male above 21 years; ELDRIDGE, Wash; ELKINS, Jno. H.; ELLIOTT, Charles; EDMONDSON, Jno.; ELROD, David, 2; EDMONDSON, Jno. L. G. of Robt., 2; EDMONDSON, David; EDMONDSON, M. A.; EDMONDSON, Jno. M.; EDMONDSON, Jas.


FULLEN, W. C.; FULLEN, Andw.; FULLEN,, Whit., (58); FADDIS, Jas. W.; FORGASON (Ferguson), Wiley; FELTY, Michael; FRY, Andw.; FORENSWORTH (Farnsworth), Wm. B.; FOWLER, J. C., (5); FULCHER, Jas., (1); FITCHPATRICK (Fitzpatrick), Jacob; FRY, Geo. W.; FARRIS, Jacob; FINDLAY, A. J.; FADDIS, Jas.; FUDGE, Conrad; Same Admr., 0; FOSTER, Jos.; FIELDS, Maj.; FARRIS, Jas.; FARRIS, Wm. B.; FARRIS, Thos.; FRY, Geo. M.; FARRIS, David; FARRIS, Julius; FRY, Robt.; FULCHER, Wm. T., (4); FORGASON (Ferguson), Joel; FORGASON (Ferguson), Wm.; FOWLER, Jas. R.

1861, WCV, UPPER DIST.: FURGUSON (Ferguson), Wm.; FARRIS, Jas.; FURGASON (Ferguson), Joel; FARRIS, Jacob M.; FARRIS. Saml. M.; FADDAS, Wm.; FADDAS, J. S.; FARRIS, Wm. B.; FADDAS, Andw. M.; FULLEN, Wm. C.; FULLEN, Whitley, (25); FULLEN, Andw.

1862, WCV, LOWER DIST.: FULLEN, Hiram; FULLEN, John; FULLEN, Mrs. Jane, 0; FULLEN, Francis

GENTRY, Jos. O.; GATHER (Gaither), Wm.; GRADY, Auley; GOFF, Geo.; GOFF, Wilson F.; GRACE, Mary, 0; GRACE, Geo.; GRINSTED (Grinstead), Benj. F.; GLENN, Jas. S., 2, (5); GREGERY, Philip; GRINSTED, Margaret, 0; GILPIN, Frank; GALLIHER, Wm. J.; GALLIHER, Nancy; GEESLER (Geisler), Jacob; GALLIHER, Jno. & Leander, 2; GALLIHER, Jas.; GALLIHER, John, (15); GARRETT, Nancy J., 0; GRAHAM, Wm., (5); Same Guardian, (1); GRAHAM, Geo.; GEER (Greer), Thos.; GEER (Greer), Joshua; GOODMAN, Pat.; GARNES, Benj. F.; GARNES, Benj. T.; GARRETT, Thos.; GRANT, Gardner, (4); GRANT, G. & WRIGHT, 0; GRANT, Jno. P. H.; GRANT, Jas. T.; GLENN, Jno. & Brothers, 4, (10); GRAY, Jno. L., (1); GARNER, Thos. E., 1, (57); GREGERY, Jacob; GALLIHER, Wm.; GRANT, Isaac A.; GRANT, Robt. E.; Same Gard. of Wm SNODGRASS, (1); Same Admr., 0; GEER (Greer), Elijah; GRUBB, Betsy, 0; GRUBB, Pat. F.; GOBBLE, Jno. G. Exempt, 0; GRANT, Robt.

HEATH, Jno.; HELTON, Nathaniel; HENDERSON, Jas.; HAYNES, Austin; HELTON, Wm. K.; HENDERSON, Wm. C.; HICKEY, Robt., 1; HENDERSON, H. F.; HELTON, B. A. (Bryant Archibald); HELTON, Wm. B. (prob. Bryant); HELTON, Saml.; HELTON, Reubin; HELTON, Margaret, 0; HAYTON, Wm. J., (5); HAYTON, Randolph; HILT, Jas. P.; HILL, Jepthy; HUTTON, Arthur, 2, (9); HORNE, Jno. E., (1); HENDERSON, W. F. (Whitley Fullen); HEARTSOCK (Hartsock [Herzog], Jont.; HORNE, Martha, 0; HUTTON, Jos. S.; HUFFMAN, Leo. M.; HUFFMAN, Uriah; HUFFMAN, A. W.; HAWTHORNE, Mary, 0; HUTTON, Saml. C., 2; HAGY, Martin Esqr., (12); HOCKETT, Isaac; HILL, Noah; HAGY, W. C.; HAGY, Mary, 0; HAGY, Cath., 0; HAGY, Jessee V.; HAGY, Martin; HUGHS (Hughes), Geo. W.; HUGHS, Hiram; HILLIARD, Wm; HILLIARD, Jas. M.; HELTON, Ewell; HUTTON, A. D., (5); HUTTON, Amanda C., 0, (2); HAWTHORNE, D. S., (4); HAWTHORNE, Saml. T.; HUTTON, R. S. C.; HAYTON, Isaiah; HUTTON, Nancy, (1); HUTTON, Miss A. F. L., 0; HAWKS, Sarah G., 0; HAWKS, Fred. D.; HENNIGER, Jas.; HORNE, Isaac, (7); HORNE, Wm. T., (1); HORNE, B. L.; HAWTHORNE, Jas.; HOUSTON, Jas.; HARMAN, Wm.; HAYTER,, Jas. E., (7); Same Exr., 0; HANKLEY (Hinkley?), Jas. H.; HANKLEY, Jos.; HANKLEY, Jno.; HUTTON, Jno., (1); HAGY, Jas. V.; HASKEW, Jos., (1); HUMES, Jno. N. & Wm., Y. C. WHITE, Trustee, (15); HUMES, A. R.; HUMES, Miss Ellen, 0, (5); HAWTHORN, B. D., (1); HAGY, Jacob; HAGY, David C.; HANN (check also Hand), Jno. L.; HANN, Wm. of J. L.; HANN, Jess, one free colored male above 21 years; HANN, Wm. D.; HANN, Jas.; HOLLEY, David; HENDERSON, Robt.; HOCKETT, Ellen, 0; HUGHS, Robt. W., (4); HOCKETT, Jno.; HAYTER, Aaron H., 2, (9); Same Guardian, 0; HERINGTON (Herndon), Jessee; HERINGTON, Edward; HERINGTON, Elliott; HARRIS, Jno. E.; HANN, Thos.; HARRIS, Jno. M.; HILLIARD, Saml.; HOLLY, M. Y.; HUDSON, Wm.; HURT, Geo. W.; HURT. Jno.; HEARTGROVE, Howell; HOLLY, Jno.; HILL, Wash.; HAYTON, Champ; HAYTON, Thos.; HARRIS, Charles; HAYTON, John; HERALD, Hugh; HALL, Absolem; HOLMS (Holmes), Frans.; HERIN (Herrin; Herron; Herring), Saml. B., (1); HOPE, Jas. C.; HARLEY, Jane, 0; HOGUE, John; HARDEN, Isaac R.

1861, WCV, UPPER DIST.: HOCKET (Hockett), Isaac; HOCKET, Ellen B., 0; HOCKET, Jno; HENDERSON, Wm.; HUDSON, Wm.; HENDERSON, Robt.; HICKEY, Robt.; HELTON, Ewell; HELTON, Margaret J., 0; HELTON, Nathaniel; HENDERSON, Whit. F.; HENDERSON, H. F. (Hiram Fullen); HELTON, Samuel; HELTON, Ruben; HELTON, Wm.; HELTON, Wm. K. (King); HELTON, Bryant A. (Archibald); HOGSTON, Saml.; HENDERSON, Wm. C. (Campbell); HENDERSON, Jas.

1862, WCV LOWER DIST.: HOCKETT, Andrew; HELTON, Austin B. (Burton)

INGRAM (Interham), Jacob; IRESON, A. L. & Brother (or Boother?); IRESON, Robt. C.; IRESON, Jas. Snr.

1861, WCV, UPPER DIST.: IRESON, A. L. & A. B.; IRESON, Robt. C.; IRESON, Jas. Snr.

1862, WCV, LOWER DIST.: IRESON, J. James, (1); IRESON, James L.; IRESON, M. M. L.; IRESON, Wm. L.; IRESON, Mrs. Margaret, 0; IRESON, J. L. C.; IRESON, Wm.; IRESON, Absolom H.; IRESON, Andrew

JAMES, Jno.; JAMES, Jno. Jr.; JAMES. Andw., 1; JAMES, Thos., 1; JAMES, Jas.; JAMSON (Jamison; Jameson), Berry B.; JONES, Wm. E., (1); JONES, Andw. M.; JONES. N. D. L.; JONES, Wm. B.; JACKSON, T. M.; JAMES, Jno. Snr.; JOHNSON, Jno.; JOHNSON, Wm.; JONES, Jno. Jr., (0); JACKSON, Jno. R., 2; JACKSON, Alfred; JOHNSON, Jno. of Geo.; JONES, Henry D.; JONES, Robt. of H.

1861 WCV, UPPER DIST.: JACKSON, T. M.; JACKSON, Alfred P. (Preston); JACKSON, Jno. R.

KELLY, Pleasant, 2; KEATH (Keith), Jas. B.; KINGSOLVER (Consolver), C. J.; KETCHEM, Jno. H.; KELLEY, Fulton, 1, (1); KELLY, Jas. E., 2; Same Exr., 0; KELLEY, Wm. of F.; KELLY, Mrs. Nancy, 0; KEYS, Jas, KENT, Jacob; KETCHEM (see also Catchem), Saml. C.; KESNER (Kestner), Jacob; KIRBY, Jacob; KESNER, Jacob H.; KESNER, Jno. W.; KESNER, Jno. A.; KELLER, Geo.; KELLER, Jas.; KELLER, L. J.; KELLER, Jno. W., (7); KESNER, Philip, (5); KID (Kidd), Jno. J.; KELLER, Joseph; KELLER, Jno.; KEYS, Andw.; KEYS, Robt. Jr.; KELLY, Claibron (Claiborne); KEYS, Robt. Senr., 2; KELLY, Jno., (1); KELLY, Jas., (12); KELLY, Jas. Jr., (1); KELLY, Miss Jane, 0

1861, WCV, UPPER DIST.: KESNER (Kestner), Jacob H.; KESNER, Jno.; KESNER, Jacob G.; KESNER, Jno. W.

1862, WCV LOWER DIST.: KESTNER, John M.; KESTNER, Wm.; KESTNER, L. John; KESTNER, Michael; KESTNER, John & Peter, 2; KESTNER, David; KESTNER, Leander

LEE, Jas. M.; LITTLE, Wm.; LILLY, Bird; LEE, Emory H.; LITTLE, Branson; LITTLE, Jno.; LITTON, Jno. W., (7); LOVE, Jas. C.; LOWRY, Jno. M.; LETHCO, Archd.; LOGGINS, Namon; LOGGINS, Jno.; LARMORE (see also Larrimer), Saml; LARMORE, Robt. E.; LARMORE, Jno. N.; LOVERN (Lovens?), Henry; LOVE, A. K., (1); LOVE, Leonidas, (1); LOGGINS, Levi; LEECH, Jont., (2); LESTER, Levi; LOYD, Anderson; LINDSEY, Moses; LINTICUM, Wm.; LEECH, Jno.; LARMORE, Andw. M.; LITCHFIELD, C. T.; LITCHFIELD, Geo. V.; LOGAN, L. T., (6); LITZ, Margaret, 0; LOYD, Jas.; LARMORE, Robt. Snr.; LEEDY, Harvey; LESTER, David; LEFLER, Geo.; LOGGINS, Benj. D.; LINDER, Abram; Same Guardian, 0; LESTER, Jas. B.; LINDSEY, Isaac; LONGLEY, Edmond, (5); LARMORE, Jas.; LATHIM, Wm.; LITCHFIELD, Geo. V.; LARMORE, Wm. of Jno.; LOGAN, C. J.; LOGAN, Jos., (1); LOGAN, Jas. of C.; LOYD, Wm. H.; LYNCH, R. H., 0; LOWRY, Jas.; LINTICUM, Martha, 0; LARMORE, Sarah, 0; LETHCO, Henry; LAMBERSON, Jno.; LOGAN, J. N., (6); LITTLE, Jas.; LEFTER, Saml.; LAYNE, Eliza, 0, (4); LONGLEY, Jno., 0, one free colored male over 21 years; LESTER, Riling; LARMORE, Wm.

MONTGOMERY, Jno. B.; MEEK, Charles; MEEK, Cath., 0; McCLUER (McClure), Jas. Admr. & C., 2; McCLUER, Jno.; McCAULEY, F. M.; McNEW, Coner (Conner); McNEW, Jas. P. (Patton); McNEW, Julius; MANN, Henry; MARTIN, Jno. T.; MOORE, Wm.; McNEW, Jont. (Jonathan); MOORE, Jonas; MORRISON, David; McNEW, Amanda, 0; McGRAW, Thos. J.; MOORE, Wm., (4); McCALL, Wm. B.; McCALL, Elizabeth, 0; McKEE, Jno. R.; McCRADY (McCready), Wm. J. C.; McCRADY, Elizabeth, 0; McGEE, Jno. & H. C. (? Initials overwritten); McCRACKEN, Matt; McCALL, Robt. L.; MOORMAN, M. P.; McCORMACK, Mc., (7); MOCK, Jno. W.; MOCK, Henry M.; McCALL, Arthur, 5; MADEN (Maiden), Jno.; MADEN, Morgtan H. (or Margarett?); MADEN, Geo. A.; MORELL, Jno. & Lewis, 2, (8); MORELL, Charles; McCLELLAN, D. Robt.; McCLELLAND, Saml. A.; MADEN (Maiden), Daniel W.; MADEN, Jno. M.; MADEN, Henry A.; MADEN, Saml.; McCALL, Jno; MYERS, Stefly; McCLELLAND, Jas.; McGEE, Wm.; MORRISON, Geo.; McVEY, Wm.; MIDDLETON, Conrad; MOORE, Jno. E.; McCLELLAND, Saml.; MOORE, Jas. H.; McCALL, Jas.; McGLAUGHLIN, Jas.; McGINNIS, L. S.; MORELL, Jacob, (13); MORELL, Wm. M.; MADEN (Maiden), Wm. L.; MADEN, Geo. H.; McGEE, Jos. C.; McQUOWN (McKewen), J.(I.?) A., (2); Same Guardian, 0; MORRISON, Nathaniel; McKEE, A. J. Est., (1); McKEE, Wm. B.; MANTZ, Benj. F., (1); MONTGOMERY, Richd., (6); MUSSER (Mercer), Adam; MILLNOR, Wm. P., 2; MANTZ, P. G.; MOUNTAIN, J. C.; McKEE, Sarah, 0; McCLUER (McClure), Nat.; MILLER, Jno. L.; MILLER, Isaac K.; MOCK, Peter, (7); MOCK, Daniel; MOCK, Henry, (8); MOCK, Peter G.; McCANN, Jas.; McGINNIS, Sarah, 0; McNEW, Jno. B.; McNEW, Ed.; McNEAL, Austen; McNEW, Elisha; MOORE, W. A.; McNEW, Geo.; McREYNOLDS, S. P.; MILLER, Jas.; MINICK (Minnick), Jno.; MINICK, Jas. A.; MINICK, Thos. J.; MINICK, Jno. P.; MOORE, Jos. W.; MOORE, Robt. S.; MOORE, Jos. E.; MURDOCK, Wm., 0; MURDOCK, Jos. MALLICOTE, A. R.; McNEW, Alexr.; MILLER, Jacob; MILLER, Jno.; MEADOWS, Jos. & Mother, 2; McNEW, Jno. & Geo., 2; MURDOCK, Jos. Jr.; MURDOCK, Israel; MOORE, Wm.; McNEW, Trigg; McNEW, Jno. C. S.; McNEW, Wheeler; McNEW, Jas. Esqr., 3; MOORE, John; MONTGOMERY, L. C.; McNEW, Elbert S. (Sevier); McHENRY, Thompson; MORGAN, Virlin; MORRISON, Wm M.; MUSSLEWHITE, Erastus; McNEW, Saml., 2; MILLER, Isaac S., 2; MOSER, Wm.; MOORE, Hiram; McVEY, Anderson; MOORE, Jos; MOORE, Jas.; MOORE, Hiram Jr.; MANNAFEE (Menifee), Geo.; McCANN, David; MOREFIELD, Jas.; MOOREFIELD, Benj.; MONTGOMERY, Jas.; MONTGOMERY, Thos.; MAHAFFEY, Jas. S.; MAHAFFEY, F. C.

1861, WCV, UPPER DIST.: McNEW, Alexr.; McNEW, David; McNEW, Elbert; McNEW, Saml. M.; MORGAN, Verlin; McNEW, Jas.; McNEW, Joel M.; McNEW, Jno. T.; McNEW, Jno. C.; McNEW, Julius Jr.; McNEWLeander; McNEW, James P.; McNEW, Julius C. Snr.; McNEW, Jno. B.; McNEW, Edward; McNEW, Wheeler; McNEW, Elisha; McNEW, Jonathan; McNEW, George Snr.; McNEW, Geo. & John, 2

1862, WCV, LOWER DIST.: McNEW, Isaac

NORRIS, Isaiah; NEELY, Isaac; NEWMAN, Jno. & GRUBB, 2; NEEL, Daniel H.; NEELY, Jno.; NEFF, Jacob; NYE, Jno. R.; NYE, A. H.; NYE, Ann E., X (meaning 0 male tithables above 21); NUNLEY, Wm. D.; NEAL, Caleb, 2; NEAL, Wm. G.; NEAL, Daniel of B.; NELSON, Marshal; NELSON, Leander

OWENS, D. C.; OWENS, Alexr.; OAKS, Levi; Same Guard, 0; ODUM, Latin (Layton); ORR, Jas. of Jas.; ORR, Arthur, 2, (5); ORR, Miss Emily, (0); OWENS, Moses; OWENS, Jno.; OWENS, Margaret, (0); ORR, A. S., (2); OWENS, David; ONEAL, Jno.; OSBURN, Robt.; OWENS, Jas.; ORR, Campbell E.

POWERS, Jas., 2; PHIPPS (check also Phelps), Jas.; PETRE, Jno.; PRICE, Thos.; PRICE, Jno.; PATRICK, Andw.; PATRICK, Jno.; PATRICK, Elisha; POSTON, Ann & Sarah; POSTON, Jas.; POSTON, Jos.; PATTERSON, Thos. E., (3); Same Admr., 0; PATTERSON, Andw., (6); PAFFORD, Jesse; PAFFORD, Jas., 0; PAFFORD, Mitchell; PRICE, Jno. W.; PENINGTON, Andw.; PENINGTON, Caloway; PENINGTON, Eli; PENINGTON, Abel; PRESTON, Saml.; PRESTON, Jno.; PRESTON, Walter, (4); Same Admr. of Jno. N. PRESTON Decd., 0; PRESTON, Thos. N. (M.?), (11); PEARSON, Rufus; PERDUE, W. D.; POTERFIELD (Porterfield), (7); Same Admr., (0); POOL, Clairon; POOR, Jerry; PATTERSON, Samp. C., (1); Same Guardian, 0; PRESTON, Saml. A. & R.; PRESTON, Sarah S., (0); PRATER, Corington(Carrington); PRATER, Wm.; PAFFORD, Robertson; POTERFIELD, L. B., (4); Same Guardian, 0; POOL, Simmion, 1 free colored above 21y; PAINTER, Wm., 1; PALMER, Wm. N. B.; PALMER, Thos.; PERDUE, Robt.; PERDUE, Andw. G.

1861, WCV, UPPER DIST.: POSTON, Sarah & Ann, 0; POSTON, Cyrus (Josiah?); POSTON, Jos.; POSTON, Jos.

QUESENBERRY (see also Crusenberry), Willoughby

RIEKNEY (Rickney?), Jas.; ROBERTS, Jas.; ROBERTS, Jas. A.; ROBERTS, Jno. F.; ROSENBALM (Rosenbaum [Rosenbalm], Valentine, 2, (1); ROSENBALM, Jno. W.; ROSENBALM, Isaac; REMINE, Wm.; ROBERTS, Thos.; RAMSEY, Jas.; ROSENBALM, David, 2; Same Guard., 0; Same Guardian, 0; ROE, Jno. E.; ROE, Edmond; ROE, Ed. W.; RAMSEY, Jno.; REEDY, Elijah; ROSENBALM, Adam; ROSENBALM, A. & JONES, 0; ROBINSON, Jno. E.; ROE, Richd.; ROE, Robt. S.; ROE, Benj. J.; RHEA, Jacob H.; RHEA, Hetta, (5); ROBERTS, Jas. Jr.; ROSENBALM, Joel; RUDY, Saml.; RUTLEDGE, Mathias; REID, D. B.; ROUSE, Philip; ROUSE, Jno. W.; RICHARDS, Mary, 0, (2); REID, Hugh; Same Admr., 0; REID, Benj.; RUMLEY, Geo.; REID, Jas.; RYBURN, Mary, 0; ROBINSON, Elizabeth, 0; ROTENBERRY, Jas.; RAGSDALE, Jno.; REYNOLDS, Wm. R.; ROBINSON, E. A., Same Exr., 0; ROBINSON, Mary, 0; ROBINSON, Jane & Rachel, 0; RYBURN, Wm. Mc.; RYBURN, Jas. O., (1); RYBURN, Wm. B.; Same Guardian, 0; REMINE, H. V.; ROBERTS, Charles; ROBERTS, Henry; ROBERTS, Geo.; RYAN, Jas.; ROSENBALM, Jno. S.; RABO (as written; Rambo?), David Snr., (4); RAMBO, Jas. (Sr.?); RAMBO, Saml. K.; ROSENBALM, Daniel; ROE, Jno., (4); ROSENBALM, Jas.; ROBINSON, Jas. L.; ROBINSON, Saml. Est., 0; ROE, Thos.; RAMBO, Wm. D., 2; ROSENBALM, David; ROSENBALM, Isac; ROSENBALM, Jacob, 2; ROE, Arthur S.; RAMBO, David; ROSENBALM, Rachel, 0; ROSENBALM, Aaron; RHEA, Fannie; RHEA, Jno. W.; REES, Jas. G.; REES, Stephen H.; ROSE, Jno. D.; ROBINSON, Jas..; ROBINSON, Mary of A., 0; RHEA, Jas.; ROBERTS, Wm., (3); ROBERTSON, Wyndham, 0, (16); ROBERTSON & BLAEFORD, 0, (2); RYBURN, Wm. S.; RYBURN, Jane, 0

SMITH, Parker, (4); SMITH, Wm. F.; SNEAD, Adam; SISK, Timothy; SETSER, Abner; SPURIER (Spurrier), Sarah (Helton), 0; SMILEY, Jas.; SNODGRASS, Ann E. (?), 0; SNODGRASS, Abigale, 0; SNODGRASS, Jos. R.; SNODGRASS, Charles C.; STANDFIELD (Stanfield), Jas. W.; STANDFIELD, J. C.; SNEAD, Philip; SCOTT, Thos.; SMITH, Jno. H., (8); SNAPP, P. B., (12); Same Guard & c., 0; Same Admr. c., 0; SMITH, Robt.; SMITH, Frans. M.; SOUTH, Clark A.; SANDERS, R. J.; SANDERS, Henry; SMITH, Daniel D.; SHUGART, C. (Claiborne) L., (13); SMITH, B. P., (21); SMITH, Jonas, 2, (6); SNODGRASS, Margaret, 0; SNODGRASS, Jos.; SWINGLE, Mary, 0, (1); STROTHER, Jas. P., (50); SOUTH, Jno. M.; SNEAD, N. (Nickerson) Dr., (12); STEWART, D. M., (5); SHULTZ, A. M., (3); SMITH, Lewis; SMITH, Aven; SMITH, Wm. J.; SMITH, Henry H.; SUDDITH, Charles; SPEAR, Wm.; SCOTT, Robt. H.; SCOTT, Frans. E.; SAUL, Sarah, 0; SHARP, Wm. C.; ST. JOHN, Wm.; SWEET, H. S.; SWEET, F. P.; SUTTON, Jno.; SHUPE, Andw.; SCOTT, Jos. of Wm.(?); SCOTT, Jos. of O.; SPEAR, Alfred W.; SMITH, Jno. B., (11); SMITH & EMEST (Ernest?), 0; SMITHSON, S. M., (7); SHERER, Jno., (2); SMITH, Jas. R.; SNODGRASS, Jno. S.(?); SPOON, David; SIRA, Thos.; SPENCER, M. H.; SPRIGGS, Cory; SPRIGGS, Andw.; SKINNER, Saml., 2, (9); SKINNER, W. W.; SMITH, Tobias & c., 4, (2); SPEER, Wm.; SPEER, Jno. E.; SPEER, J. N. W.; SCOTT, Robt., (1); SHUFFIELD (Sheffield), Thos. P.; SHUFFIELD, Witney; SCOTT, Wm. E.; SHUFFIELD (Sheffield), B. R.; SNODGRASS, Jas.; Sherwood, Levi; STEWART, Thos.; SNODGRASS, Wm.; SNODGRASS, Eliz. A.(D.?), 0, (3); SNODGRASS, D. G.; STICKLEY, Margaret J., 0, (9); SNODGRASS, Jos., 2, (6); SUTHERLAND, Jas. K.; SHEFFY, Jas. W., 0, (10); SPEER, Jas. O.; SNODGRASS, Wm. (L.); SHARP, Jas.; SULLIVAN, Wiley; SHARP, Thos. J.; SHARP, Richd. E.; SMITH, Abram Jr.; SMITH, Abram; SCOTT, Granderson; SCOTT, Alexr.; SHUPE, D. S.; SCOTT, Sid M.; SULLINS, Train; SULLINS, Andw.; SULLINS, Wm. P.; SULLINS, Russell; SHARP, Benj. B.; SHUFFIELD, Jno.; STURGEON, Saml., (4); STURGEON, Jno.; SPEERS, David; SCOTT, Saml. P.; SCOTT, Jas. C.; SCOTT, Josiah; SCOTT, Campbell; SMITH, Jno. of A.; SHANON, Jas. D.; SNIDER, Wm.; SANTIFER (Sandifer), Saml.; SPARKS, Solomon; STATT (Stott; Scott?), Calaway; SMITH, Wm. R.; SPARKS, Ephraim; SNODGRASS, David

1861, WCV, UPPER DIST.: SNEAD, Nich., (6); SHAW, D. C.; SHAW, Jas. E.

TRIGG, A. B. Admr., (1); TRIGG, J. E. C.; TALBERT, Thos.; THOMAS, Henry; THOMPSON, Jas. H.; TAYLOR, Jno. L.; TAYLOR, Andw.; TRENT, Joseph; TOOL, Jacob, (1); TATE, M. B., (9); THOMAS. T. P., (7 or 9?); TRENT, Claibron (Claiborne), one free colored male over 21 years; THOMAS, Jos.(Jas.?); TILLSON (Tilson), David, (4); TRENT, Andw.; THOMAS, Matt.; TUIT(?), Thompson W.; TALLY, Pack.; THOMAS, Ed.; THOMAS, Saml. B., (1); TALBERT, D. M.; THOMPSON, Jas. of J.(?); THOMPSON, A. G.; THOMPSON, Jas. A.; TALLY, Henry; THAYER, Jas.; TERRY, Wm.; THAYER, R. B.; TILLSON, Stephen, (1); TRENT, W. K., one free colored male above 21 years; TALLY, A. L.; THOMAS, David; THOMAS, Andw.; TROXWELL (Troxell), Geo. W.; THOMAS, Isaac of D.; THOMAS, A. J.; TALLY, Thos.; THOMPSON, Robt. H., (1); THOMPSON, A. F.; THOMAS, Charles; THOMAS, Stephen; TROXWELL, G. B.(R.?); THOMPSON, Jno.; THOMPSON, Wm. N.; TALBERT, Bazell, (1); THOMPSON, H. V., (2); TAYLOR, Burges; TAYLOR, Stephen; THOMAS, Henry

1861, WCV, UPPER DIST.: TALBERT, David M.; TALBERT, B. S. (Basil Scott), (2); TAYLOR, Wm.; TAYLOR, Jno. L.; TAYLOR, A. J. (Andrew Jackson); TALBERT, Thos.

1862, WCV LOWER DIST.: TAYLOR, James; TAYLOR, Endymion; TAYLOR, Jerial; TALBOTT, Thos. J.; TALBOTT, Matthew; TALBOTT, Wm. H.; TALBOTT, Mrs. Sarah, 0; TAYLOR, Wm. (Noise); TALBOTT, Andrew J.

VA & Tenn RR CompanyCounty Levy, 10 slaves; VAUGHN, Peter; VANHUSS, Estt. & VANHUSS, Daniel, 2; VANHUSS, Jno. M.; VANCIL, David; VESTAL, Thos T.; VESTAL, Sol. S.; VESTAL, Jessee; VANHUSS, Anthony; VESTAL, Jno.; VANHUSS, Volent.; VANCE, Jas. A.; VESTAL, Simeon S.; VENERABLE (Venable), Wm.; VENERABLE, Richd.; VENERABLE, David; VENERABLE, Thos.

WIDENER, Eli; WEBB, Jno.; WEBB, A. H.; WORLEY, David; WOODARD (Woodward), Jacob; WOODARD, Jos.; WHITE, Spencer; WHITE, Wash.; WHITAKER, Cal.; WHITAKER, Moses, (14); WHITAKER, Rufus; WIDENER, Enos; WIDENER, Jno. F.; WIDENER, Elias; WHITE, Richd. Est., 0, (9); WIDENER, Nelson; WILSON, Jno. M.; WIDENER, Joel; WILLIAMS, W. W.; WHITE, Wm. B.; WILSON, Henry, one free colored male above 21 years; WEBB, C. (Charles?) W.; WEBB, Leonidas; WOODARD, Jno.; WHITE, Jno.; WARD, Ota H.; WHITE, Wm., 2; WRIGHT, Tobias; WIDENER, Abram, Exempt, 0; WHITE, Jas.; WHITE, Wm. Y. C., (44); WHITE, Saml.; WOODARD (Woodward), Hiram; WOLF, Wm.; WASHAM (Worsham), W. F.; WALDEN, C. (Charles) M., (2); WISE, Henry; WOODARD, Abram; WEBB, David J.; WEBB, Harry; WEBB, Joseph; WEBB, Wm.; WRIGHT, Charles, one free colored male above 21 years; WRIGHT, Robt.; WIDENER, Jno. A.; WIDENER, Saml. E.; WIDENER, Reuben; WILEY, E. E., (2); WIDENER, Lilburn; WIDENER, Elijah; WIDENER, Saml.; WIDENER, Ryburn; WIDENER, Wm. E., (1); WYOTT, Eli; WIDENER, Andw.; WIDENER, Elijah; WIDENER, Jas. J.; WIDENER, Wm. S.; WIDENER, Paulser; WRIGHT, Wm. S.; WRIGHT, H. F.; WILSON, Isabella, 0; WILSON, D. R.; WASHAM (Worsham), Robt. R.; WASHAM, Nancy (McNew), 0; WASHAM, Wm.; WASHAM, Alfred; WATSON, Jas. C.; WATSON, Jas. D.; WOOTON, Jas. T.; WOOTON, John, WHITE, Patrick; WRIGHT, Saml. H.; WRIGHT, Wm; WIDENER, Cal.; WIDENER, Michael; WIDENER, Margaret, 0; WYOTT (Wyatt; Wiatt), Pinkey; WIDENER, Philip; WIDENER, Wm.; WIDENER, Jno. R.; WIDENER, Jacob; WIDENER, Jno.; WRIGHT, Thos., 3; WIDENER, F. P.; WIDENER, Jonas; WRIGHT, Ann, 0; WRIGHT, Robt.; WILSON, Jas. W.; WRIGHT, A. K.; WRIGHT, D. S. K., (2); WRIGHT, Jas. H.; WRIGHT, J.; WRIGHT, Jno. M.; WRIGHT, Jno.; WIDENER, J. R.; WIDENER, Isaac

YANCY, Stephen L.

List of Free Negroes, Upper District, 1862, WCV(names; ages)

BRODDY (Broady), Thomas, 21; BASS, William, 45; BEATTIE, Washington, 39; BEATTIE, Stephen, 51; BOWMAN, Matthias, 51; BOWMAN, Louisa, 25; BOWMAN, Isaac, 18; BASS, Caroline, 39; CATO, Richard, 14; COLEMAN, Monroe, 25; DOTTEN, Clark, 30; EVANS, Richard, 38; ESTILL, Allen, 38; ESTILL, Allen, 18; ESTILL, Isaac, 16; ESTILL, Peter, 42; ESTILL, Noah, 18; ESTILL, Lavenia, 40; ESTILL, Margaret, 12; ESTILL, Mary Jane, 16; ESTILL, Mary, 14; ESTILL, Sarah, 34; HAYN (Hand; see below 1861 list), Jefferson, 21; LETHCO, William J., 23; LONGLEY, John, 56; POLL (Pool), Simeon, 38; POLL (Pool), Louisa, 18; SMITH, Sarah, 30; SMITH, Claiborne, 22; WRIGHT, Charles, 37; WILSON, Henry, 54

Compare the list above to (noticing how much more extensive the 1861 list seems to be):

List of Free Negroes, Upper District, 1861, WCV(names; ages)

BROADY, John, 78 (See PPTL List of Free Colored, 1863, age 80); BEATIE, Celey, 34; BEATIE, Joseph, 15; BEATIE, Mary, 13; BEATIE, William, M, 17; BLOOMER, Eliz, 29; BURNES, James, 31; BEATIE, Washington, 38; BRANCH, Darcus, 30; DOTTON, Andrew, 69; DOTTON, Clark, 22; ESTLE (Estill), Peter, 42; ESTLE, Lavinia, 38; ESTLE, Isaac N., 17; ESTLE, Mary J., 13; ESTLE, Allen, 35; ESTLE, Sarah, 33; GOFF, Delila, 60; HAND, Jefferson, 20; HAND, Sarah, 18; HAND, Caroline, 14; KILPATRICK, Spencer, 56; KILPATRICK, Mary, 38; KILPATRICK, Hariot, 21; KILPATRICK, Leora, 20; LETHCOE, David, 19; LETHCOE, Wm. J., 22; LETHCOE, Margaret, 17; LETHCOE, Andrew, 14; LONGLEY, John, 46; POOL, Liney, 25; POOL, Charles, 17; POOL, Simeon, 18; POOL, Nancy, 56; POOL, Rener, 37; POOL, Lilborn, 27; POOL, Louisa, 28; SMITH, Wm., 26; SPRIGS, Hannah, 75; SMITH, Sampson, 25; TRENT, Claborn, 22; VAUN (Vaughan), Nancy, 41; VAUGHN, Mary, 19; VAUGHN, Isabella, 14; WRIGHT, Charles, 36; WADE, Flora, 22; WRIGHT, Wm., 15; WRIGHT, Mary, 35