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Washington County, Virginia Chancery Notes

Jack Hockett:  Draft of 08 Jan 2006

These notes were gleaned very quickly from the Chancery Book films at the Library of VA. The documents are frequently very hard to read and not always dated. I had time only to make some more essential notes. They are a gold mine of information  highly recommended.

Reel 104: nothing noted

Reel 105: Daniel Davenport vs. James White‘s heirs: Daniel made contract with Col. James White, 31 Aug 1835, Col. James White departed this life intestate in Oct 1838; heirs: Mrs. Jane Humes, wife of Jno. N. Humes, Esq., Wm. Y. C. White, Ellen White, Thomas W. White, Ann Eliza Hannum, Addison White, Newton K. White, Milton White children of Saml. James White & Eliza White, Margaret White, John P. White, Jane White, James White, William White, Ellen F. P. White & Susan White.

IBID.John Clark Sr. vs Saml. T. Logan, Admr.: Sneed mention.

IBID.: Nickerson Snead vs. Francis A. Smith: Summer of 1854 entered into co-partnership with Francis Smith; deposition of Moses Asbury

Reel 113: Saml. Sturgeon vs. Jacob Gregory: 1867: Samuel Sturgeon & Benj. K. Buchanan would represent that John Sturgeon late of WCV departed this life in Jan 1865, intestate leaving ch. & grandchildren: complainant, Samuel, Harriet, wife of Eli Barbraw, Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Gregory, Minerva, wife of Samuel Gregory & Susan Elizabeth, infant dau. of John, a deceased son (See Benjmain, below) & Harriet, infant daughter of Patsy, deceased daughter, later wife of John B. McNew, John Sturgeon Senr. owned 100 acres, (See McNew Memorabilia) (1850c, WCV, HH85: STURGEON, John, 63; Nancy (Cawood), 60; Sarah A., 29; Harriet, 27; Samuel, 24; Benjamin, 23; Elizabeth, 17; Minerva, 14)

IBID. Catherine Forrest et als vs. Jas. L. Davis, Guardian et als, Catherine Forrest, Jacob Forrest, James Fleenor & wife, Rebecca, Peter Minnick & wife, Martha, & Robert Thompson & wife, Nancy, Henry Forest died seized of valuable property, leaving Catherine, widow, Jacob Forest, son & Rebecca, Martha & Nancy, daughters of lawful age; also Alfred P. & Joseph Forrest, minor & Henry & Martha Kesner, infant children of (blank) Kesner decd. who was a daughter of sd. Henry Forrest decd., his heirs at law, From T. Colley: I list 10 known children:
1.  Sarah Adeline Forrest (1832-08 Sep 1858) m. 07 Jun 1854 WCV, John Kestner, s/o David Kestner & Catherine Minnick 
2. Rebecca Jane Forrest (1834-  ) m. 29 Jun 1854 WCV, James Alfred Fleenor, s/o Lewis C. Fleenor & Elizabeth Ruley
3. Ann Forrest (1836-  )
4. Jacob Teeter Forrest m. 07 Nov 1865 WCV, Louisa Jane Gray
5. Littleberry Forrest (c1837-  )
6. Jacob Teeter Forrest (1840-  ) m. 07 Nov 1856 WCV, Louisa Jane Gray, d/o William Hillard Gray & Ann Fudge
7.  Martha W. Forrest (20 Aor 1843-22 Sep 1892) m. 23 Oct 1865 WCV,  Peter Weaver Minnick, s/o Isaac Minnick & Mary Kestner
8. Nancy L. Forrester (1845-  ) m. 23 Oct 1866 WCV, Robert Houston Thompson, s/o John Thompson & Elizabeth H. Fudge
9. Alfred P. Forrest (c1849-  ) m. 16 Jun 1870 WCV, Cordelia Davis, d/o William Davis
10.  Joseph Forrest (c1850-  )

IBID. 1867: Chapman Roberts vs Mary Roberts  previously noted, John Collins declares that he was acquainted with Chapman & Mary Roberts; they lived together as husband and wife in WCV 10 or 12 years, Mary Roberts abandoned her husband,

Reel 114: ,Summons Wm. A. Stuart, B. K. Buchanan, George W. Palmer & Joseph Jaques, partners under Stuart, Buchanan & Co., Joseph Haskew & Elizabeth, wife, Ann E. T. Campbell, Wyndham Robertson, George V. Litchfield & Rachel, his wife, Eliza Mitchell & Theodocia Mitchell, Rachel, John, Kate, George V., Wm. K., Daniel T. & Mary Mitchell, children & heirs of John D. Mitchell decd., Frances S. Trigg, Rachel D. M., Sallie, Wyndham R., Abram B., Thomas K. & Ann Trigg, children & heirs of Mary T. Trigg decd., Wade Hampton, Wm. Y. C. White, Thomas W. White, Newton K. White, Addison White, Milton White, Fielding Pope & Ann Eliza, his wife, John N. Humes Sr., Lawrence B. Sheffey & Elizabeth, wife, John N. Humes Jr., Wm. Y. C. Humes, James W. Humes, Andrew R. Humes, Thomas W. Humes, Ellen W. Humes, Francis W. Humes & Milton w. Humes(blank) Verner & Ellen, wife, Ellen W. White, inf. dau. of Thos. W. White, David C. Cummings & Eliza, wife, John G. Ogden, Edward M. Campbell & Ellen, wife, Susan P. White, John P. White, James L. White, Wm. Y. C. White Jr., Samuel Skinner, admr. de bonis non with will of John Vint decd., Sarah Claiborne, John Ramage & Mary, his wife, Sallie Claiborne, Henry L. Claiborne, James Claiborne, James T. Rucker & Sally, wife, Ann Hunter, Jane Hunter, Wm. H. Hunter, Ambrose Hunter, Daniel Adams & Ann, wife & unknown heirs of Charles Scott & Elizabeth, wife, Henry J. Morgan & Louisa (Poston), wife, A. Mc. King & Hatch D. (Dent) King to appear, this blank Jul 1863,

Reel 115: Henry Hays vs Flora Hays, on blank day of blank, 1866, he intermarried with Flora Smythe and lived with her as husband in harmony & affection for some 2 or 3 months. But in Oct 1866 she willfully abandoned him, and since that time has been living in adultery with any and everybody and is notoriously now a prostitute, sues for divorce,

Reel 116: Stuart & Glenn vs Glenn’s heirs: ,names children of David Glenn: James Glenn, Ann Lyon, Jane Lyon, Martha Stewart, John Glenn, Nicerson (Nickerson) S. Glenn, David Glenn & William Glenn, widow is Rebecca, that Robert Stewart executor of David Glenn, one of your orators, married Martha Steward (Glenn?) your oratrix and who is one of distributees in will of David Glenn, dates: From 1838 through about late 1840’s,

IBID: James C. Hope vs James Burke & wife & c, that James Clark late of WCV departed this life in 1847, wife, Jane C. Clark, widow Jane C. Clark married James Burke of Alleghany Co. VA, will of James Clark included,

IBID.: Moses Cawood‘s Admr. vs John W. Cawood & als.: ,Moses Cawood departed this life (date not included), taking 30 acres from his Johnston tract of land he devised remainder of it to his grandson, Moses, at 21 years of age, to Stephen Cawood(torn) Cawood, Samuel Sturgeon (some of paper torn), Moses Cawood, grandson of testator died before age 21, unmarried & intestate, his mother & father had both died before him, John M. Cawood, husband of Margaret & owner of life state, claims to have bought right of parties entitled to, that sd. John W. Cawood sold to Berry Cawood right to timber, that John M. Cawood, Stephen T. (Trigg) Cawood, Delila Clark, Samuel Sturgeon & Margaret, his wife, C. J. Smith, William Roberts, Thomas R. Friend & Sego, Palmer (Sego Palmer & Co.) be made parties defendant to bill, 19 Jul 1864, Moses Cawood the younger died at age of 16, Will of Moses Cawood included, dated 19 Jun 1836, proved 26 Nov 1856, (To ponder: Why was there a Berry B. Cawood and a Berry B. Johnson in WCV? Why did Moses Cawood have part of the Johnson tract of land? Moses Cawood, 06 Apr 1782  03 Jul 1856, s/o Berry Cawood & Nancy Ann Scott, mar. 29 Jan 1807 (bond), Tabitha McNew, d/o Edward & Nancy.)

Reel 117: Francis Smith vs George McNew & others: In year 1823, George McNew Senr. was largely indebted to your orator, notes, made settlement in that year, George McNew Jr., son of George Senr. had full knowledge, Geo. Sr. conveyed by deed of 20 Apr 1835, land therein mentioned, which is believed to be all he owned, also his personal property to his son, George Jr, fraud alleged,        some dates are 1841 through 1844, Separate answer of George McNew Sr, was intended to be deed of gift, defendants would state that for upwards of 20 years past he has been unable to labor. That he is now about 80 years of age and his wife is something older than he is. ,for years past has been inform and incapable of laboring much in her domestic sphere. This deft. has also had, residing with him, one of his daughters (prob. Sena McNew, unmarried), whose labor was scarcely adequate to her own support. In the year 1827, deft. George McNew Junr. attained age of 21 years, left this defendant and family and commenced business for himself, to have him remain with him (Geo. Sr.), proposed compensation for his labor during his lifetime of deft. and wife, accepted, supported this deft. & family as well as he could from 1827,land thus acquired by him is in fact about 106 acres, which by sd. deed there was conveyed 166 acres, some years ago deft. sold to his son, David McNew, certain boundary of land aforesd., believed to contain 60 acres, David paid this deft, Land so conveyed to George McNew Junr. was purchased by this deft. from Joseph Worsham and is part of tract of greater quantity purchased by Worsham from Andrew E. Fullen, upwards of $200, at date of conveyance to his son, deft was but little indebted, This respondent then owned and yet owns 25 acres of land about 2 ½ miles from Saltville worth not less than $200, At date , respondent owned wagon and team of 5 horses, with stock of cattle, sheep, hogs & c. worth some $6 or $700, 06 Oct 1841, (very long previous deposition of Geo. Sr.), Deposition of William Dunn taken, 31 Aug 1842, and that the old man and his wife hath been old people for many years past he supposes that they are both of them near eighty years old and that son George Jr. is upwards of 35 years old, Samuel Arnett deposes, That David McNew, as son of George McNew Sr. purchased of George McNew Sr. a portion of land, Matthew Buchanan deposes, Thomas McCulloch another witness deposes, Charles C. Gibson deposes, Nancy (Miller, wife of John McNew?) McNew Deposes  taken at home of George McNew Sr. on 12 Sep 1842 by George McNew Jr, she is the daughter in law of George McNew Senr. and she has lived in neighbourhood of her father in law for last 30 years, heard from her brother in law, Julious C. McNew, Julious C. McNew deposes… upwards of 10 years ago his father told him that he had sold to his son David about 70 acres, Joseph Miller deposes, I was married at thirty(?) years of age, Friday(?) 1842, Jonathan McNew deposes… I am 4 or 5 years older than George McNew, lived with father until was married, /s/ Jonathan McNEW… Jonathan McNew again called, Deponant says he is a son of George McNew Sr. and brother of George McNew Jr, he was married and left his father at about 20 years of age, has lived 5 or less miles from him since, John Hockett deposes, Joseph Warsham (Worsham) deposes, Wm. S. Logan deposes, Andrew Arnet, Manchester, Clay Co. KY deposes, 19 Sep, that David McNew gave his father for a portion of his land, 12 or 13 years ago David McNew purchased that portion of land laying across creek from the old dwelling from his father and paid him half of a wagon, half of a horse, half of the grain(?) & 2 horses for sd. land, worth $220,David McNEW has built a dwelling house, kitchen, corn crib, and stables and cleared some land and fenced it, and that George McNew Jun. hawled (hauled) salt to Russell County and wood to the Salt Town to procure money to finish paying for sd. tract of land, taken 19 Sep 1842, James Fitzpatrick deposes,neighbour of old George McNew, Thomas McNew (another son of Geo. Sr.) deposes, Samuel Arnett deposes, that he is a grandson of George McNew Senr. and has been raised by him since he was five or 6 years old and has continued to live there until within the last 6 or 8 years, James Fitzpatrick deposes, lived as a neighbour to George McNew, Elisha McNew deposes, John Hockett deposes, his (Geo. Sr.) son George hauled salt for Col. McCulloch, Alexander R. Preston deposes, a practicing physician for several years to family of George McNew Senr, Milly Walden (Mildred Hunt, d/o Wm. & wife of Lewis Walden) deposes, she has heard George McNew Senr. say that he has given his son George his land, for support of him and his wife, previous depositions taken 28 Jul 1842, on 16 Oct 1840, jury finds for plaintiff, $657.27 & int. from 05 Apr 1823, George McNew Jr. has not surrendered to your Comr. the personal property, 10 May 1843. /s/ Chs. C. Gibson, went to court of appeals, 04 Sep 1848 partly reversed decree of 22 Oct 1842 & on 14 May 1844, then Wyndham Robertson Exr. of F. Smith vs. George McNew Sen. & others, complainant recover on defendant George McNew Jr. sum of $142 & int. from 07 Oct 1840 with credit of $57.80, (This suit names many of the children of George McNew Sr. & Amelia Hargis: (1) Elizabeth McNew (1782): Implied through mar. to Daniel Arnett (mention of grandchildren, above); (2) James McNew (1784): not mentioned; moved to MO; (3) John McNew (1786): d. 1820; wid. was 2nd wife, Nancy (Miller, d/o Hugh), see above; (4) Anne (Nancy) McNew (1788): Not mentioned; almost surely the Ann, wife of Thomas Farris (1850c, WCV); (5) Julius Conner McNew (1791): See above; (6) Thomas Berry McNew (1794): See above, not here specifically mentioned as a son, but so in other records; (7) Celia McNew (1796): Not mentioned; had mar. Chas. Allen and moved to Lee Co. VA, then westward; (8) Sena McNew (1799): Implied above as dau. living in household with scanty contribution thereof; (9) Jonathan McNew (1801, twin): Mentioned above as son; (10) David McNew (1801, twin): Mentioned above as son; (11) Amelia Hargis McNew (1804); d. bet. 1850-60; mar. David Moore who d. c1839; (12) George McNew Jr. (1806): mentioned as son.

Reel 118: Isaac Hartsock vs Nancy Hartsock: Sometime in Jun 1841, he intermarried with Nancy JAMES, and lived with her in WCV until about 9 or 10 years ago when sd. NANCY, wife, without any provocation, abandoned your orator and went to Monroe County, TN where she has been living ever since. ,left him with 3 small children to provide for and take care of, still refuses to return, Your orator has no way to be relieved of bonds of this marriage, excepting in equity branch of your Honor’s Court. 04 May 1869. Abigail Felty, E. S. Booher & Saml. Hartsock give depositions. 12 Jun 1869; Abigail Felty is 50 years old, E. S. BOOHER, sworn, is 47 years old, Saml. Hartsock, about 62 years old, brother of Isaac Hartsock, they had 4 children, marriage dissolved between Isaac Hartsock & Nancy James, (Isaac Hartsock, b. c1814, VA, s/o Charles Hartsock (Herzog), c1783, PA & Mary Magdeline Mumpower [Mombauer], mar. Nancy (James), b. c1820, VA; some ch.: George, c1842; James, c1844; Mary c1846.)

Reel 118: To Benjamin Estill, Judge, Benjamin F. Fuller & others vs. Tobias Smith, J. Kelly, admrs. others: ,bill of complainant of Benjamin F. Fuller, Tobias S. Bradley, Mary K. Gray, late Mary K. Bradley, Charles Gray, Drucilla Fuller, late Drucilla Bradley & Sarah Bradley most respectfully represents unto your Honor that their grand father Jonas Smith of Washington County, departed this life some time in the year 1839, leaving behind a considerable amount of property and numerous heirs & representatives, his distributees, estate was very considerable, On 23 Sep 1839, Tobias Smith & James Kelly were duly appointed administrations of Jonas Smith, having failed to perform duties required by law, nor returned to clerks office any sale bill, Jonas’ will produced in court,. Tobias Smith, his son, heirs, James Kelly & Nancy Kelly, wife of sd. James Kelly, late Nancy Smith, Sarah Dixon, Elizabeth Holiday, Thomas Smith, James K. Smith, Edward D. Clark & Sarah, his wife, late Sarah Smith, Jonas Smith, Tobias Smith, Polly Smith, John H. Smith, William B. Smith, children of John Smith decd., and James, John & Charles Smith, children of Francis S. Smith decd, bill of complaint of Benjamin F. Fuller, Tobias S. Bradley, Mary K. Gray, late Mary K. Bradley, Charles Gray, Drucilla Fuller, late Drucilla Bradley and Sarah Bradley, others enumerated in same fashion, 08 May 1846 is date on one of documents, settlement of estate, 12 Oct 1849, Cash recd. of Catherine McNew (sister of Jonas Smith) part of amt. due deceased, $3.94, Hire of negro man Parlour for year 1839, date on one of the settlements: 17 Jan 1850, another date 13 Apr 1853,

IBID: Cunningham for & c. vs B. F. Aker, Complaint of Lana E., Calvin D. & Rebecca A. Jamison, infants under 21, by George Cunningham, on (blank) day of (blank) 18 their father, John Jamison departed this life intestate, leaving following children: Edward, David, William, John, Rebecca, who has since intermarried with (blank) Solomon and complainants, left a widow who has since intermarried with George Cunningham, died seized of a valuable tract of land upwards of 300 acres in upper end of WCV, adjoining lands of Arthur Hutton & Philip B. Snapp & others, depositions taken 28 Apr 1858,

IBID: Tobias Smyth ads Fuller & c.: Deposition of 01 Oct 1850 of James K. Smyth, he recollects that his grand father Jonas Smyth deceased lived some time previous to his death, at the house of the deft Kelly, but cannot say how long, believes it was several months, had his horse there, Jonas Smyth deposes, thin he lived there about a year, recollects of hearing his grand father say he was going to James Kellys to live a year, and is of the impression that he was there about that length of time, depositions certified by Jacob Lynch, M. Comr., 01 Oct 1850, On being cross examined by the deft. Kelly, deponent (Tobias D. Smyth) says that he has heard that the reason why his uncle Tobias Smyth moved to the plantation which belonged to his grandfather, Jonas Smyth, was that the old man was not capable of attending to the farm and settlement of his accounts, Uncle Tobias complaining and saying that the people were cheating the old man and that he could not, or was not capable of trading. The old man for some years previous to his death was very whimsical and often very much dissatisfied with his friends which in the opinion of the deponent arose from the want of mind. Grand father was illiterate and never was in the opinion of deponent, capable of keeping accounts, mind began to fail, John H. Smyth deposes, The old man was quite childish and feeble for some time previous to his death and his mind was failing for several years, dated 07 Mar 1853, Will of Jonas Smith produced, 01 Apr 1839, desire my yellow man, slave named Parlour (about 42 years old) have his freedom, estate of John Smith decd. is indebted to me for $200 & int, desire $100 thereof be released to or paid to Nancy Smith, widow of sd. John (int. to stop on $100,), the $100 is in consideration of her care and attention to me in health as well as in sickness, including also my board. ,that Jacob Lynch pay to agent or agents of Emory & Henry College, $20 out of my money of mine in his hands, my last installment of $100 subscribed to that institution. ,/s/ Jonas (his x mark) Smith, At court for WCV, 23 Nov 1840, LWT exhibited in court and John R. Nye & David Harley, witnesses, sworn, writing is true LWT of Jonas Smyth deceased, ordered recorded,

IBID: John T. McNew vs. Wheeler McNew: ,deposition of John C. S. McNEW, I was 80 years of age last June as appears from family records and I am the father of parties to this suit, (31 Oct 1868),

Reel 119: Hockett & wife & c. vs. John Colley & wife (Alcey Arnett), Isaac Hockett & Eliza (Arnett), his wife, James Arnett & Thomas Arnett would represent that Samuel Arnett died intestate on the (blank) day of (blank) 1860, unmarried, leaving his brothers & sisters and children of his deceased brother Andrew, his heirs at law. They are: Eliza, wife of complt., Isaac Hockett, James Arnet, Thomas Arnet, Alcy Colley, wife of John Colley, John Arnet & the unknown children of Andrew Arnet, nine in number, left small personal estate and was possessed of a tract of land containing about 71 acres in Rich Valley, WCV, adjoining M. H. Buchanan, George McNew, John McNew, & Kings heirs, personal estate amounts to $462.12, bill filed Feb 1861, case stretched through 1871, Apr, /// Isaac Hockett & Eliza, wife, James Arnett & Thomas Arnett for amendment to their original bill filed in court against John Colley & Alcy, wife, John Arnett & unknown widow & unknown children of Andrew Arnett, IsaHockett & Eliza, his wife & James Arnett sold to John McNew their ints. in tract of land in bill mentioned and John Colley & wife, likewise sold their int. to William Moore & made him a deed and Moore sold that int. to John McNew, pray incorporate this in bill, 1867, Elisha McNew takes depositions of Jonas Smyth, that one of the original heirs is dead and that he left a large family of children, M. H. Buchanan deposes, Conrad Fudge deposes, /// John McNew has now acquired land and int. of Andrew Arnett & Thomas Arnett in proceeds of land,

Reel 120: Berry B. Johnson et al. vs John W. Sands: ,Complainants: Berry B. Johnson, Elisha Moore & Mary (Johnson), his wife; Moses Moore & Evaline (Johnson), his wife, David McCloud, Sarah McCloud, Andrew McCloud, Emily McCloud, Caledonia McCloud, Rilley McCloud, Elizabeth McCloud & John McCloud (ch. of Hannah Johnson). That Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson in year (blank) deeded to Berry B. Johnson & Benjamin Johnson, land on S side of NFHR, WCV, adjoining Saltworks land, known as Benj. Ailworth (Aylesworth) Tract, 100 acres more or less, Benjamin Johnsons undivided int. in sd. land was sold under court decree of 28 Dec 1853, purchased by some one for Cyraneus (Cyrenius Rhea) Johnson, from whom the complainants claim the title by descent. Cyranius paid the purchase money for land but for some personal reason he preferred to send money by other persons. By some mistake, however, land was conveyed to Samuel Moore, the son-in-law of Cyrenius Johnson by the commissioner M. H. Buchanan, instead of Cyraneus Johnson. Samuel Moore never claimed land but after his death, his widow, Elizabeth Moore, the daughter of Cyraneus Johnson, conveyed her interest in it to John M. SandsSands by virtue of conveyance, has taken possession of whole the sd. Benj. Johnsons int., that part being claimed by him being all of sd. Benj. Ailworth (Ailsworth) tract except 50 acres which
Berry B. Johnson, one of your orators had before sold and conveyed to Scott, conveyed title of int. to Ernest Middleton as trustee for Palmer & W. A. Stuart, /// As trustee for Cyraneus Johnson and that sd. Elizabeth Moor (Moore) conveyed by her deed to John M. Sands only her undivided int. in sd. land which she inherited from her father the sd. Cyraneus Johnson, 1860s [likely c1867-8],

1.    1850c, WCV, HH90: McCLURE [sic: McCloud], Patsey, 80; Andrew, 35; TAYLOR, William, 53; McCLURE [sic: McCloud], Hannah, 40; Elizabeth, 16; David, 14; Sarah, 13; Emeline, 11; Caldonia, 9; Riley, 7; John, 2; Sophronia, 2). WCV, 03 Oct 1833, Andrew McCloud mar. Hannah Johnston. Alexr. McEwen. Apparently this surname is likely McCLOUD as per marriage records of Hannah. WCV, 22 Oct 1874: Andrew McCloud, 25, b. WCV, s/o Andrew & Hannah, mar. Mary E. Edmondson, 19, b. WCV, d/o David & Mary. By N. [Noah] C. Baldwin. WCV, 10 Jul 1856, Richard Dye, 23, b. RCV, s/o Henry & Nancy mar. Elizabeth McCloud, 22, b. WCV, d/o Andrew & Mary. By Isaac Forkner. Surname incorrect in 1850c for family HH90. 1870c, WCV, 1st Div, 07 Oct 1870: HH203/217: McCLOUD, David, 30; Sarah, 27; Emily, 25; Edgar, 23; Aurelia, 21; Jane, 20; Sophronia, 20. Living 1880c, Glade Spring Dist., WCV, HH3/3: McCLOUD, D. A., 40; Sarah, 36 (sis); Emily, 34 (sis); Aurelia, 32 (sis); John, 30 (bro); Saphronia, 30 (sis). IBID., HH262/265: McCLOUD, Andrew C., 33; Mary, 27; Margaret, 7; William, 6; Selva, 6/12, Nov; EDMONDSON, David, 69, father-in-law. Hannah Johnson (McCloud) died of consumption, 13 Jan 1854, WCV. David McCloud, 94y, b. 1835; d. 14 Apr 1914, WCV, s/o Andrew McCloud & Hannah Johnson

2.    1850c, WCV, HH99: JOHNSTON, Benjamin, 29; Mary (McNew), 25; Emeline, 4; William T., 2; Nickerson, 1. WCV 26 May 1880: George Johnson, 22, b. WCV, s/o Benj. & Mary, mar. Martha A. Eastridge, 20, b. WCV, d/o Priscilla [Taylor] Eastridge; WCV, 24 Dec 1873: Nicholos [Nickerson in 1850c] Johnson, 23, b. WCV, s/o Benj. & Mary, mar. Ellen Warren, 22, b. WCV, d/o James & Malenda; WCV, 06 Nov 1872, Walter Johnson, 22, b. WCV, s/o Benjmain & Mary Johnson, mar. Betsy Eastridge, 19, b. WCV, d/o Cilla Estridge [Priscilla Eastridge]. Benjamin Johnson d. in WCV, 19 Mar 1853 with spouse Mary Johnson given. However, Ms. V. Cuddy states that Cyrenius Johnson signed an affidavit saying that his son, Benjamin Johnson, was not married at time of his death [WCV MB11:7: 23 May 1853 & MB12:224:2 28 Apr 1856]. Other research seem to adequately dispute this information. Geo. Victor Johnson, 37y, b. 1876; d. 18 Feb 1913, WCV, s/o Nick Johnson, WCV & Ellen Warren, WCV; lived at Plasterco, VA.

3.    1850c, WCV, HH167: JOHNSON, Rhea (Cyrenius Rhea), 65. Cyrenius was alive to be taxed in the Upper Dist. WCV PPTL 1855, but not in 1858. Perhaps escapting taxation because of his age, he is listed, according to Ms. Vic Cuddy [VC] as dying May, 1860, b. NY, 76y. In a p.s. VC states that from Rhode Island Births, 1636-1930 (from George Luers), Elizabeth Aylesworth, b. 17 Dec 1756 (instead of 1750). See WCV 1850c, Annotated pp. 37 & 38: 167 & 175: JOHNSON, Rhea, 65; 168 & 176: JOHNSON, Berry, 63; Agness, 26; Mary, 22; Agness, 8; Martha, 7; Margaret, 2. As VC points out, this is more correct in: HH175: JOHNSON, Rhea, 65; Agness (Blanton), 63 and Berry Johnson & Mary Taylor are also correct in 176: JOHNSON, Berry, 26; Mary, 22; Agness, 8; Robt. 7; Mary, 2, so in HHs 167 & 168, it is clear the censustaker first mixed up Cyrenius (Rhea), Agness (Blanton, his wife), Berry (B.) & Mary (Taylor, his wife).

4.    1860c, WCV, HH131/131: JOHNSON, Berry B., 39; Mary, 36, NC; Wm., 18; Alexander C., 18; Mary, 12; Shadrick, 5; Louisa, 3; Beverley, 4/12 [died 1878, Greenup Co. KY]. Berry Johns(t)on married Mary Taylor. V. Cuddy found him dwelling in Greenup Co. KY in 1880c: HH300/302: JOHNSON, Berry, 6; Mary, 57; John M., 19; David M., 17. V. Cuddy states that Berry was b. 08 Jul 1820 & died 04 Apr 1880 and mar. Mary Ann Taylor of Roan Creek (NC or TN  p.s. of VC: T. Taylor has found this is part of TN); She was b. 09 Mar 1823 & d. 08 Aug 1902; Mary’s surname is verified by the death certificate of one of her daughters.

5.    1850c, WCV, HH465: MOORE, Samuel, 55; Elizabeth (Johnson), 40; Theophiles, 14; Margaret, 12; Permelia, 10; Lucetta, 8; Benjamin, 6; Sarah, 4; Hannah, 2. WCV, 1860c, HH82/82: MOORE, Betsey, 52; Sally, 14; Hannah, 12; Thuphilas, 23; Benjamin, 16. Permelia Moore mar., Lafayette Goff (1833-25 Sep 1892), s/o George Emery Goff & Malinda Markham; Wm. Moore died at age 94y 4m. in Smyth Co. VA; mar. Sarah J., b. 1832 (ditto ref.); Lucetta Moore mar. in WCV, 21 Oct 1858, Andrew Jackson Shaw, s/o Mary. On their daughter, Hannah’s death certificate in 1927 (age 72y 2m 1d), it was stated she is the daughter of Sam Moore & Bettie Johnson. Another daughter, Sarah (Sallie) Moore, mar. 1842, Joseph (also occasionally written Josiah) Poston; in turn, one of their daughters, Martha J. Sandifer, b. 10 Mar 1857; d. 09 Apr 1917 at age 66y 0m & 29d, d/o Joseph Poston & Sallie Moore.)

6.    1850c, Russell Co. VA, HH963: MOORE, Elisha, 42; Mary (Johnson), 36; Margaret, 18; Elisabeth, 16; William, 14; Egbert, 12; Moses, 10; Patterson, 8; Willis, 5, all b. WCV; John, 81, NK. Also noted in RCV, 1850c: HH738: MOORE, John H., 41, WCV; Sally, 40, Wythe; Abel A., 18; Elizabeth M., 15; Nancy Jane, 13; Margaret L., 9; Edward D. K., 6; Thomas D., 4; & Ellen L., 1, and HH1115: MOORE, Zacharia, 48, WCV; Barbary [Barbara Doran, d. 1861, Wolfe Co. KY], 44; Calvin, 21; Charles, 20; Egbert, 17; John, 17; John, 14; Peter, 12; Martha Jane, 10; Baker, 8, all b. WCV. WCV, 11 Sep 1856: James Moore, 21, b. WCV, s/o Elisha & Polly mar. Mary Ann Blackwell, 20, b. WCV, d/o William & Nancy; WCV, 26 Aug 1856, Wm. Moore, 21, b. WCV, s/o Elisha & Polly mar. Sally Darnell, 20, b. WCV, d/o James Darnell & Priscilla Taylor. See 1860c, RCV, HH568: MOORE, Elisha, 60; Mary, 46; Egbert, 22; Moses, 19; Patterson, 16; Willis, 14; Elisha, 12; Amanda, 8; Evaline, 2. RCV Births (Colley), p. 63: MOORE, Emaline, 15 Nov 1856, d/o Elisha & Polly.

7.    Not yet located: Moses Moore & Evaline Johnson, wife. Notice the names of Moses & Evaline in the 1860c family of Elisha Moore in RCV.

Of Note: Smyth Co. VA, Andrew Johnson mar. Catherine Moore, 30 Jul 1835. Also, is Louisa Johnston who married William Poston in Smyth Co. VA, 03 Sep 1841, any relation (granddaughter?).

Info of Ms. Victoria Cuddy: Elizabeth Aylesworth a d/o Benjamin Aylesworth & Mary Parker was b. in Rhode Island, 17 Dec 1750; mar. Benjamin Johnson, c1788, perhaps near Niskayuna, NY; about a decade afterwards moved to WCV & settled near Saltville; she died 1830 [register of Aylesworth Family by Sylvester Aylsworth). They had children: (1) Putnam, b. 1779; mar. Dorcas Fudge, 1802; to TN; one child identified: David, b. 1816; (2) Hiram, b. 1781, mar. Elizabeth Simes, 1803; d. WCV, 1810; (3) Cyrenius (Rhea), b. 04 Aug 1783; mar. Agnes Blanton; d. near Saltville, 1860; (4) Augustus, b. 1787; (5) Eliphalet Life, b. 1789;(6) Egbert B., b. 1784, never married; d. in WCV. He is listed as Egbert B. Johnson in the 1855 PPTL of WCV, Upper Dist.; one account says d. 1846 (=1856?), (7) Katy, b. 1784, mar. James Browning & died near Saltville, VA; (8) Margaret Gratty, b. 1786, never married, died in WCV. Further she states that Cyrenius (Rhea) Johnson was b., prob. In Niskay7una, NY, 04 Aug 1783 and married Agnes (Aggatha, Aggy) Blanton, b. 1783-4, d/o Wm. Blanton II & Hannah J. Hobbs.

IBID.: Conrad Fudge vs McConnell & Thomas, in 1862, C. M. Colley borrowed at Abingdon, VA from Thos. G. McConnell & D. G. Thomas, $300 in Confederate Treasury notes,

Reel 121: E. H. Lee vs Wm. B. Farris: Emory H. Lee, complainant, he bought together with Wm. B. Farris, 50 acres in WCV, dates from 1869 through 1872, Wm. B. Farris admits they bought land of George Felty, jointly, about 68 acres, after purchased, defendant authorized his wife to deliver to complainant a horse, as part payment for sd. land on condition that Felty would receive the horse at price of $80, deposition of John Chapman, 28 Oct 1869, Analiza Woodward deposes, 09 Jul 1870, stated, my father, Buck Faris, was to give Emory Lee 10 acres of land… more than he got himself in division of Felty land, before Emory Lee went to the Army, deposition of Timothy Sisk, age 53, deposition taken 08 Sep 1870,

Reel 122: William Scott vs Stephen Cawood & al.: Complainants: Wm. Scott, Obediah Scott, Alexander Scott & Thomas Scott, WCV, they & Elias Scott & Joseph Scott are only brothers of George Scott who died in WCV in 1852, George made his will shortly before his death, left estate to his wife, Nancy Scott, who, before her marriage, was Nancy Caywood. She has left a brother, Stephen Caywood, 2 sisters, namely Esther, who is now wife of Samuel Miller & Sally who is now wife of John McNeal; these being all of her brothers & sisters. Nancy made her will & died some time after her husband.. gave her estate: ½ to her brothers & sisters & other half to brothers of sd. George, either Elias or Joseph are out of state, land descended from father, Joseph Scott to his sd. son, George Scott & his sd. brother, and his sisters, viz: Elias Scott, Betsy McNiel, Luvicy Alison, Harriet Alsup, wife of Joseph Alsup & Julie, the wife of William Talbert, Thomas Caywood & wife (Sarah Scott  jh) both died without children, Betsy McNeil still lives, AllisonTalbert & Julie are now non-residents of VA, case from 1852 through 1898, will of Nancy Scott entered, Elias Scott went to Nicholas Co. KY by 20 Sep 1831, William Talbert & Julie were of Lauderdale Co. AL by 22 Oct 1834, (1850c, WCV, HH162: SCOTT, Obediah, 52; Eliabeth, 52; HH163: SCOTT, George, 66; Nancy, 56; TALBERT, Joseph, 23; HH164; SCOTT, Joseph, 30; Elizabeth, 22; HH160: CAYWOOD, Stephen, 50; John, 22; Amanda, 18; George, 17; Ann E., 14; Louisa, 12; Mary, 8; Malinda, 4; Thomas, 2; Ellen, 41; HH179: SCOTT, Thomas, 47; Saraah, 35; Jane, 20; Minerva, 17; HUDSON, John, 71; 1850c, WCV, HH165: McNEAL, Allen, 45; Austin, 33. It should be noted in 1850c, WCV, Annotated, HH163: SCOTT, George, 6; Nancy, 56,, it is noted that George Scott mar. 03 Mar 1808, Nancy CRAWFORD, This documents states, Nancy CAWOOD.)

IBID: Robert F. Clark vs Alice & Nancy Kelly: Pleasant Kelly died 29 Jan 1863,

Reel 123: Pratt & wife vs Thomas’ heirs: Nicholas Pratt & Sally, his wife, formerly Sally Thomas, heirs of John Thomas: William Thomas, now dead with widow, Obedience Thomas, and Eliza Thomas, John, Nancy, Sally, William, Barbary, Mary, Emily & Elizabeth, children & heirs of sd. Wm. decd., 3 latter infants, Tobias Thomas, Andrew J. Thomas, John M. Montgomery & Barbara, wife, Elenor Allison, Ephraim Sparks & Lydia, wife and your orator & oratrix, dates?

IBID: N. Hite & wife & others vs Henry A. Mann & others: Nicholas Hite & Martha L, Charles Mann departed this life on (blank); left will, gave 1/3 to wife Mary A. Mann and children & grand children: Eliza A. Smith who has intermarried with Emanuel Smith, Elizabeth Sproles, formerly Elizabeth Mann, & who had intermarried with Thomas Sproles, Henry A. Mann, Mary M. Phelps, formerly Mary M. Mann who had intermarried with your orator, John Phelps, Sarah Nunnally, formerly Sarah Mann who had intermarried with your orator, Osborne Nunnally, Martha L. Hite formerly Martha L. Mann who has intermarried with your orator, Nicholas Hite & Patsy Leucinda Mann, daughter of Richard Mann who was a son of sd. Charles Mann decd, date 1871 through 1873?

Reel 124: nothing of note

Reel 125: William C. Moore vs. Elizabeth M. Moore: On (blank) day of (blank) 1861, he intermarried with Elizabeth M. Taylor, both residents of WCV, lived together until sometime in 1862 when she left your orator, she is guilty of frequent acts of adultery with various individuals in which state she lived, now living with Henry Horn, date  about 1872, in 1872, Elizabeth was a non-resident of state, Millie R. Gillum, formerly Millie Lunsford, deposes,

IBID: H. M. Ledbetter, Sullivan Co. TN & Emily, formerly Emily, wife of William Medley who died in 1858,

Reel 126: Bill of Complaint of Humberson Miller exr. of Joseph Miller dec, at court 1850, WCV, judgment obtained by Josiah Fuller, exr. of Fleming Burke against your orator for $85 & int. from 25 Dec 1842, such judgment should be enjoined, new trial given, 11 Oct 1850,

Reel 127: William Hall vs Nancy Hall: ,1858, he was lawfully married in NC to Nancy Duncan, alleged adultery during one of his recent trips to NC,

Reel 128: nothing noted

Reel 129: William B. Nye vs Sarah M. Nye & others. ,your orator William B. Nye who sues by his next friend, Ann E. Nye that on (blank) 187(blank) one Richard Nye, grandfather of your orator, departed this life intestate, leaving widow, Sarah M. Nye and following heirs at law: Andrew H. Nye, James Stephenson & Elizabeth A., his wife (born Nye), Mary E. Nye, Hugh L. Nye and your orator whose father died before the sd. Richard Nye decd,

Reel 130: nothing noted

Reel 131: ,Complaint of Eliza White, Jane White & Margaret White would respectfully represent that their father, James L. White, departed this life in on the (blank) day of (blank) 1839, leaving widow Margaret R. White & 8 children, to wit, your oratrixes & John Preston White, James L. White, William White, Ellen White & Susan White,

IBID.: ,M. M. Bondurant, Richard Nuckels & wife Mary A. Nuckels, formerly Mary Bondurant & Josephine Campbell, formerly Josephine Bondurant, that P. L. Bondurant departed this life before 26 Feb 1862, intestate,

IBID. Samal. Maiden & wife vs James Butt et al.: ,that father of your oratrix, R. R. Butt was in his lifetime seized and possessed of real estate in WCV, about 377 acres, and sometime in the year 1874 departed this life intestate leaving your orator and oratrix and orator, James Butt, Joseph Butt, Henry C. Butt, Mary Butt who intermarried with one George Mantz, Edward C. Rodifer, Jackson Rodifer, Jas. Rodifer & Elizabeth Maiden who was formerly Rodifer, intermarried with John Maiden, children of Francis Rodefer decd. who intermarried with Emanuel Rodifer, who was a daughter of R. R. Butt, decd., Mary Butt wid. of Thos. Butt decd., Montague Butt, Jas Butt & Mary Butt who intermarried with Absalom Branscom, children of Thos. Butt decd. and Ally Butt, widow of R. R. Butt decd, (See 1850c, RCV, HH1777: PRUNER, George A., 30; Catharine, 27 & 6 ch. plus GIBSON, Henry S., 20 & MANTZ, George W., 24, shoe & bootmaker, b. Smythe Co. VA)

Reel 132: David Debusk & c. vs Dorcas Debusk: ,Bill of complaint of David Debusk and Robert Larimer & Sarah Ann, his wife, formerly Debusk, would respectfully represent that Samuel Debusk, father of David & your orator departed this life on the 10th of Oct 1863, intestate, leaving widow, Dorcus, your orator, David, your oratrix (who has since intermarried with your orator, Robert Larimer), John, Samuel W., James M. & George w. Debusk, last 4 names of whom are infants,

IBID. Austin D. McNeal vs. Helen Cawood & others: Humbly complaining your orator, Austin D. McNeal, WCV, he sold in 1860 to George Cawood then living, land in Saltville Township, 121 ¾ acres, same land formerly sold by Obediah Scott to Elizabeth (Cawood  jh) McNeal and now occupied by Helen Cawood, adjoining lands of Austin D. McNeal & others,. Helen (McNeal) Cawood is the widow of Stephen Cawood deceased and mother of George Cawood, Heirs of George are: Chapman Roberts & wife, Ann Eliza, formerly Ann Eliza Cawood, Simon C. Daniels & wife, Florence V., formerly Florence Cawood, Moses L. Branson & wife, Amanda, formerly Amanda Cawood, John Cawood, Thomas Cawood, John Hurt & wife (Mary Cawood), Mary Hurt, formerly Mary Cawood and 4 minor children of John & Laura Petre, formerly Laura Cawood and now deceased, whose names are: William, David, John & Mary Petre & reside in State of New York,

IBID. E. C. Stoffle vs Barb et al.: Separate answer of Mary B. Stoffle, she is widow of Isac E. D. Stoffle now decd., son of Jacob G. Stoffle, she now remembers before death of her husband who was killed the same year in the fall of year at battle of Chickamauga, (1863),

IBID. John d. Blackwell vs Mary Washam (Worsham) et als. Your orator, John D. Blackwell that one Wm. Washam departed this life upon (blank) day of (blank) 18(blank) intestate leaving a widow, Mary Washam and 2 children, viz, Robert Washam & Ann Washam who married one George Blackwell, his only children, Wm. Washam had about 56 acres in Rich Valley which descended to his said children, Robert Washam has sold his int. to David A. Collings who sold same to your orator 11 May 1874, Joseph Washam (husb. of Nancy McNew  jh), father of Mary Worsham,

Reel 133: Wiley Cawood vs Minerva Cawood: 1875: Wiley Caywood was in 1870 a resident of Hawkins Co. TN, married to Minerva Bryant with whom he lived as man and wife in sd. county for more than a year and his wife decided to leave State of TN mad go to WCV, former home of your orator, she then left him, one child born, Minerva Caywood lived in adultery with one Williams and is now living in adultery with him, They were married 19 Dec 1874 at home of John Wolfe in Hawkins Co. TN, per witness Penelope E. Wolf, aged 39 years, Minerva is living now with James Headrick and claims to have been married to sd. Headrick since living with sd. Wiley Caywood, (see 1880c, WCV, HH282/289: CAYWOOD, Wiley, 27; Nancy E., (Thompson), 21; George, 3; William M., 1; insofar as I know the identity of his first wife was hitherto unknown; he married at age 25, div., in WCV 26 Aug 1875, Nannie E. Thompson, 17, d/o Mary F.)

Reel 134: Mary F. Cook, that her father, Arthur Orr died in WCV on (blank) day of March 1866,

Reel 135: Mary Frances Cook divorced (blank) Cook; petition to resume her maiden name, Mary Francis Orr, 1875

Reel 136: Margaret Goode vs Jeptha N. Logan & A. H. Buchanan: ,your Oratrix, Margaret Goode whose maiden name was Margaret Carter then on (blank) day of (blank) 1837, she intermarried with John Goode of WCV, since dead, she is now citizen of Wythe Co. VA, oratrix advised she is entitled to 1/3 part, dates of trial from 1870 through 1875,

Reel 137: ,Petition of Thomas Mason guardian of Edwin P. F. Gallaher & Blench A. Gallaher, minor heirs of John C. Gallaher, Elizabeth Rickets formerly Eliabeth Gallaher on 10 Feb 1864 executed bond,

IBID. Samuel H. Millard vs James C. Ireson

Reel 138: Nothing  taken up by one case,

Reel 139: Â½ a continuation of case on reel 138, 2 other cases  nothing noted,

Reel 140: A. G. Pardue & wife vs Eva Minnick & ch. of James A. Minnick, decd.: Complainants: A. G. Pardue & wife, Julia A., formerly Julia A. Minnick, Philip R. Bowers & wife, Rebecca, formerly Rebecca Minnick, Wm. F. Hagy & wife, Lydia L., formerly Lydia L. Minnick, Robt. Dailey & wife, Elisabeth, formerly Elisabeth Minnick, Joseph Hawthorne & wife, Josephine, formerly Josephine Minnick, John P. Minnick, Wm. F. Minnick & Florence V. Minnick, John Minnick died on blank day of blank 18(blank), leaving widow, Eva Minnick & 8 children surviving him, all residing in VA but Josephine & her husband, Joseph Hawthorne who reside in TN, also one son, James A. Minnick who resided in MO and is now dead having left 3 children: Joseph, Absalom & Thomas Minick who reside in MO & are under 21 years of age..

IBID: On blank day of Jan 1853, William McConnell of WCV departed this life,

Reel 141: Helen Vance obtained in Feb 1869 in WCV court a judgment against Phillip Kestner & Jno. Hogue for $313.18, that Phillip Kestnor has departed this life, no property, date 1876,

Reel 142: Nothing of note  only about 2 cases; Reel 143: Nothing of note.

Reel 144: On blank day of blank 18(blank) your petitioner (W. B. Kelly) married Miss Ann Dutton of Pulaski County KY who was a sister of Adam Dutton decd. late of WCV, case 1861 through 1871,

Reel 145: On (blank) day of (blank) 1868 he, Isaac Guin, married with Elizabth Gwin whose maiden name was Elizabeth Hawk, soon after marriage Elizabeth abandoned him, adultery with various men, especially with one Jefferson Saxton, mid-1870’s

IBID. Mary G. Cunningham Committee & c. vs Sarah Jane Walden & others, Mary J. Cunningham who sues as committee & next friend of Janet Buchanan, Janet Buchanan rented to Sarah Jane Walden, 29 Mar 1869, executed on 05 Apr 1869 deed to Walden and her children, namely, Joel R., James L., Mary C., Sarah E., Samuel L. J. & Almella (Amelia) Walden, At court 27 Feb 1872, Cunningham was appointed committee for Janett Buchanan,

IBID.: Joel W. Hortenstine says his father, John Hortenstine departed this life 07 Sep 1869, made will of 22 May 1865, John Hortenstine left 6 children: Joel W., Jacob L. & Henry Hortenstine and Margaret P. S., Eliza Ann & Mary C., daughters and one son James W. Hortenstine who died before his father, leaving 4 children: John B., Jonathan A., Margaret I. (J.?) & James, heirs at law, Margaret P. S. intermarried with J. G. R. Davis; Eliza Ann intermarried with Wm. Hagy & Mary C. intermarried with Henry B. Roberts, residents of VA, Jno. B, Jonathan A. & Margaret J. & James  last 3 minors & non-residents of this state,

Reel 146: Benj. Haynes & wife vs. M. R. Mullins & others: 1876: Jessee V. Hagy, father of Harriet M., wife of Benjamin Haynes possessed land in WCV, 21 acres purchased from Sarah Saul decd. on S side of Saltworks road, Jesse V. Hagy died sometime in year 1862 leaving wife now living, Mrs. M. R. Mullins, present wife of Jno. S. Mullins and your orators Harrie M. Haynes & James A. Hagy, Sallie F. Milnor, wife of J. P. Milnor, Wm. D. Hagy & Lettie Hagy, only children & heirs, Wm. D. & Lettie are infants under 21, Answers of W. D. Hagy & Lettie Hagy, minors, Jessee V. Hagy decd. who departed this life 29 Apr 1862,

Reel 147: On 27 Jan 1864 she, Rhoda M. Sullins, was united in marriage with Elisha Sullins, lived with him until about 01 Jun 1876, she was in ill health and he brought to house, Margaret Ellen Bailey, Kate Bailey, 1876

Reel 148: Nothing noted; Reel 149: Nothing noted; Reel 150: Nothing noted.

Reel 151: Frank E. Roe vs Branson Dye Admr. & c.: Complts.: Frank E. Roe & Nancy E., wife, formerly Nancy E. Garrett & Peter S. Garrett & Jonathan D. Garrett, infant, Susan Garrett their mother was in her life time and at time of her death possessed of considerable estate, Branson Dye obtained letters of administration on her goods and chattels, Dye failed to account for some things, 1872-77

IBID: Mary Montgomery died Jan 1864; Jane Montgomery died Jan 1865. Testimony of Adam Richardson, former slave prior to 23 Dec 1864, 1870’s.

Reel 152: Mary Dunn et al. vs John McCulloch: 1871 onward: Complaint of Mary Dunn, formerly Mary McCulloch, Henry Cuddy & Mary, wife, Alexander G. Thompson & Eglantine, wife, Milton Ward, James Ward, Emma Ward & Ota H. Ward in parts of Ota H. Ward by their father & next friend, Ota H. Ward Sr., William McCulloch, Ota H. Ward Sr. & Martha his wife, Robert M. Linder & Ann E. Linder who sue by her father Abraham Linder, Robert McCulloch Sr. departed this life on (blank) day of (blank) 1849, appointed Col. Ota H. Ward & Jacob Lynch his executors, wife Sally, to James & Isabella, crippled son & deaf daughter he gave, Mary Dunn, his daughter, Robert died before his mother, James & Isabella died in 1862 unmarried & without children, Col. Thomas, now deceased, died in year 1857 and left children: John, Charles, Harriet wife of James Thompson, Mary, wife of Thomas W. Gobble, now deceased, leaving children namely, Thomas M., John M., Charles W. & Maggie J., wife of (blank) Shriner. Rebecca Fleenor, wife of Abram Fleenor, both dead leaving living: Thomas B. Fleenor, Martha J. Fleenor, wife of John Hancher, Eliza, widow of J. Callison & he died, Sarah, daughter of Rebecca married Andrew Smith and died leaving children, namely: Harriet J. Smith, Washington C. Smith, Thomas E. & Charles W. Smith; Harriet, another daughter married Isaac Hancher, both dead, leaving children: Mary A., Alice, & Olive O. Hancher  Washington, a son, died and left children: Virginia H., Millard & Adolphus Fleenor  Sidney daughter married Solomon Bridges & died & left children: John T., Abram F., James, Olive C., Columbus C., Mary E. & W. H. Bridges. Sally, daughter of testator married Abram Linder & died, leaving children: Robert m., Ann E., Mary, wife of Henry Cuddy, Eglantine, wife of Alexander G. Thompson, Sally, wife of Ota H. Ward Sr., now deceased, leaving children, Milton, James, Emma & Ota H. Ward Jr. Robert McCulloch now deceased  his children are: Martha, wife of Ota H. Ward Sr., William McCulloch, James McCulloch, Elizabeth McCulloch, Ann E., wife of Lilburn Cuddy & John McCulloch. Jack McCulloch, son of testator sold his int. to Abram Linder and he to Turner M. Jackson & he to William K. Heiskell, their prater in that John McCulloch, James G. Thompson & Harriet, his wife, Charles H. McCulloch, Thomas M. Gobble, John M. Gobble, Charles M. Gobble(blank) Shriver & Maggie J., wife, Thomas B. Fleenor, John Hancher & Martha J., his wife, Elia Callison, Harriet J. Smith, Washington G. Smith, Thomas E. Smith, Charles W. Smith, Mary A. Hancher, Alice Hancher, Olive O. Hancher, Virginia F. Fleenor, Millard Fleenor, Adolphus Fleenor, John F. Bridges, Abram F. Bridges, James Bridges, Olive C. Bridges, Columbus C. Bridges, Mary E. Bridges, W. H. Bridges, Wm. McCulloch, William K. Heiskell in his own right, Wm. K. Heiskell, admr. de bonis non of Robert McCulloch & Henry Roberts & Robert C. Craigetc. ,1871-77

IBID.: Burke & wife vs. Lynch Admr. compl. of James Burk & Jane C., wife, in 1847, James Clark of WCV departed this life leaving a widow, your oratrix who afterwards in 185(blank) intermarried with your orator,

Reel 153: Catherine E. Tadlock vs Wm. C. Tadlock: Complaint of Catherine E. Tadlock, on 24 May 1841, she intermarried with Humberson Miller by whom she had 4 children; he died on 13 Feb 1862, was seized of valuable real estate in WCV 6 miles E of Abingdon, 255 acres, one of children departed life intestate, an infant, On 22 Feb 1866, she intermarried with William C. Tadlock, Since Tadlock brought comparatively nothing in way of property to marriage. He had 6 children by a former marriage and he removed with them to your oratrix sd. house, 18 Oct 1876, (WCV, 22 Feb 1866 (as written), William Carmichael Tadlock, 35, wid., b. Green Co. TN, s/o Sevier & Mary) mar. Catherine E. Miller, 42, wid., b. Smyth co. VA, d/o Henry & Catherine Gravely [Sic: Snavely). Catherine E. Snavely married in Smyth Co. VA, 24 Jun 1841, Humberson Miller.)

IBID.: Samuel Robinson died in WCV, 1861, per Samuel A. Cossell, Elizabeth Robertson, wife, in 1868 Elizabeth Robertson intermarried with (blank) Barnett, left 8 children: Andrew L. Robertson, Freelove Robertson, Oscar L. C. Robertson, Rachel M. Robertson, who intermarried with Thomas Page, Susan Robertson, Martha Robertson, Robt. Robertson & Peterson Robertson, 1870-1877,

Reel 154: Nothing of note; Reel 155: Nothing of note

Reel 156: Lucinda Moore, formerly Lucinda Moree, agreement of 1858,

Reel 157: John Countess & wife vs Wm. L. & Eliza Hutton: Wm. L. Hutton died in year 1872 or 1873, Wm. Hutton died, leaving Eliza his wife, Wm. L. Hutton & Virginia Countess, formerly Hutton, who intermarried with one John Countess, his only children, 1877,

IBID. Petition of Andrew S. Gregg (?check Grubb), guardian of Corenne H. Whitaker and of Esther J. Whitaker, residents both guardian & wards of Washington County Arkansas, that Moses Whitaker died intestate in this county in year 187(blank) by the 9th clause of his will gives to children & wife of Moses Whitaker Jr. decd. $300, cause of Monday 12 Jan 1877, 9th clause: I devise to the children of my son Moses Whitaker Jr. and his wife Susan now living in Washington County, Arkansas the sum of $300,

Reel 158: Adam Shankle departed this life on (blank) day of June 1861, left 2 valuable tracts of land per Luther Shankle & David Shankle, children: King Shankle, Adam Shankle & orators, 4 in number,

IBID.: Sampson Smith (col.) declares that on (blank) Aug 1869, he married Fannie Williams, widow of (blank) Williams, lived together unhappily for 3 years, on 20 Sep 1871, deserted him and went to AL, orator is poor & cripple, no children,

IBID.: John F. Prater vs. Elizabeth A. Prater: About 1853, orator, John F. Prater, WCV was united in marriage with one Elizabeth A. Phipps at which time they were residents of TN, lived together until 01 Mar 1863,

IBID.: 1878: Buchanan Dickenson & Rambo vs. James Broddy et als.: ,judgment rec’d before James Kelly 01 Oct 1860 against Berry Caywood dec. who departed this life 186(blank) intestate for $36.81, land to John B. McNew and then to Mary Caywood, wife of Berry, residue conveyed to his father, Edward McNew and Edward conveyed to James Broddy, Berry Caywood left as heirs, Mary Caywood, his widow, Martin V. Caywood, Cassandria Caywood, Arkansas Caywood & Anna Caywood, his children, John C. Linticum mentioned, James Broddy deposes 12 May 1877,

Reel 159: ,Jonathan A. Hickey & Mary L. Hickey, his wife that Jacob H. Latham who was the father of your oratrix, departed this life in 1876 in WCV,

Reel 160: Isaac Fleenor departed this life in WCV, 1868, left widow, Margaret Fleenor, after her death valuables to go to her daughter in law, Sallie Fleenor & his heirs, widow & ch. of son, John Fleenor decd, son, Nicholas Fleenor who is somewhere out west, Sallie Fleenor was widow of John, when she intermarried with one Harrison Hobbs and left the place (farm),

Reel 161: F. N. & J. O. Webb vs Henry Davenport, admr. F. N. Webb, he is husband of Julina O. Webb, Moses Whitaker made his LWT 31 Mar 1874, 1876-1878, Will of Moses Whitaker Senior recorded, to daughter Lydia E. Litton, land in Poor Valley, grandchildren, Moses Terrell (Ferrell?), Arkansas P. Terrell & William Terrell, children of deceased daughter Julina O. Terrell (or Ferrell or Tewell?), land on NFHR near David Worleys, to daughter, E. A. Davenport, wife of Henry Davenport, land upon S side of Clinch Mt. purchased by me from W. Y. C. White & $400, to son, Calvin Whitaker, $300; to grand daughter, Ellen Worley, wife of David Worley, 4100; to grand daughter, Helen Woodard, wife of Newton Woodward, $100; to grand daughter Julina O. Webb, wife of Newton F. Webb, $100; to children of my son, Moses Whitaker Jr. & wife Susanah, now living in Washington County, Arkansas, $300; to my son, Absolom R. Whitaker, $1; to my daughter Lydia E. Litton & my son Calvin Whitaker and 3 children of my son Moses Whitaker Jr. & wife, Susanah, whatever I am entitled to as heir of my deceased son Wm. S. Whitaker who died in State of IL to be equally divided between them, thirds, household & kitchen furniture, cattle, hogs, divided between my daughter Lydia E. Litton, Calvin Whitaker and children of son Moses Whitaker Jr. & wife Susanah; to grand daughter, Clementine Litton, my bas (bay?) Sal on account of her kindness to me in my old age; devise to Lydia E. Litton, dau. are not to be liable for any debts due for any one from her husband, John Litton, if he is now alive, A. Little appointed exr, this 31 Mar 1874. Moses (his x mark) WHITAKER Senr. Seal. Proved at court 22 Nov 1875, proved by oath of Alexander & Branson Little, witnesses and codicil proved by oath of Branson Little & Wm. J. Henderson,

IBID.: Circuit Court of WCV, Harriet Palmer sues by Sampson C. Patterson, her father, She was married in WCV on 04 Jul 1872 to Thomas C. Palmer, about 01 Sep 1872, sd. Palmer caused her to be taken by one of his sisters to house of plaintiffs grandmother in WCV where she was sojourning at time of her marriage, cruel separation alleged, daughter born. 12 Apr 1873 now living with plaintiff, mentioned in will of Thomas Palmer as daughter Amanda and her children, daughter Susan & ch., dau. Nancy & ch., Isabella, dau. & ch., wife Elizabeth, 15 Aug 1873, proved 28 May 1875,

IBID.: Prudence Davis, WCV, wife of Wm. P. Davis, before her marriage with Davis, was widow of Martin H. Grubb who died in Jul 1861, leaving oratrix in comfortable circumstances, became wife of Davis in 1870,

Reel 162: Maggie J. Echols, formerly Maggie J. Hill & John Echols married in Sullivan Co. TN, Jul 1871,

IBID. In 1867, he, Pinkney Wyatt was married to Elizabeth Palmer, she deserted him in 1867, went to TN and she did this without cause, adultery alleged,

Reel 163: Paschal White departed this life in WCV, Jul 1872, following children: Polly White, married Chas. N. Rice, complainants, James White, Frank White who is a nonresident & supposed to be dead, Sarah White, Marvel White, Joseph D. White, Nelson White, Hettie White, Call(born) White, Eliza White & Liddy White, last 8 are minors,

Reel 164: nothing noted

Reel 165: Archibald Leedy & Mary A., wife, daughter of John Maiden, now deceased,; Reel 166: Nothing noted,

Reel 167: Jno. M. Caywood & wife vs Jno. D. Dishman: Complaint of Jno. M. Cawood & Lucinda his wife, formerly Lucinda Dishman, Wm. Dishman will admitted to probate 3 May 1875, to Jno. D. Dishman, son and to Susan E. Dishman his granddaughter, had 4 living children at death, sd. Jno. D., (blank) Price, formerly (blank) Dishman(blank) Worley, formerly (blank) Dishman and your oratrix, Lucinda Caywood, 1879, John Dishman was married on 11 Nov 1843. He was in 26th year. Except about 2 years, lived with testator, his father all his lifetime, father, Wm. Dishman died 29 Apr 1875, just 5 years lacking one day from date of testators will, (testimony of John D. Dishman), When he married family consisted of testator, wife (of Wm.), who was sd. respondents mother, and testators son, Wm. Dishman who was then about 21 years of age, was an invalid and continued such to be to his death in 1866, Testator’s wife died 08 Jan 1865, female respondent would shew that she is daughter of her co-respondent. At her grandmothers death, whose name she bears, she was about 6 years old; her grandfather took her to stay with him. This she continued to do down to his death, (statement of Susan E. Dishman), 25 Apr 1879, Will of John Dishman recorded, son John, all real estate after death to his widow, then to children, grand daughter, Susan E. Dishman bed she is now occupying.. 30 Apr 1879, /w/ Henry C. White; James T. Price, 03 May 1875, proved,

Reel 168: Jasper Hayter vs Davenport & others, that sd. Childers devised land to his sons Lilburn & Leonidas Childers and his daughter Frances Childres who married Jacob Busheval and removed to KY, he prays that Stephen Davenport, Samuel Santifer, Robert Santifer, Hiram Woodward & Pnea (Penny) Woodward, his wife, formerly Santifer, Joseph Poston & Jousha (as written) his wife, Samuel Santifer, Leonidas Childers(top of next page cut), Lilburn Childers, Jacob Burcheval & Frances, his wife, formerly Childers be made parties to defendant in his bill, 1878-1879, 01 Jul 1878 Summon: Stephen Davenport, Samuel Santifer, Hiram Woodward & Pena Woodward, his wife, formerly Santifer, Robert Santifer, Jona Poston, formerly Sintifer, William Sinantifer (Sandefur), Abner Setsor, Lilburn Childers, Leonidas Childers & Jacob Burcheval & Frances, his wife, formerly Childers,

Reel 169: 1879: Edmund Barker vs Allen Fleenor: …Benjamin Fleenor died several years ago seized of land in WCV, left widow, Sallie, and Allen Fleenor, son, living with mother at time of her death and now residing upon dower, Hugh, John, Jerry, Adam & Berry H., sons & Keziah, Susan, Adeline & Polly, daus. Being 10 in number. Adaline, died without issue, Allen Fleenor purchased all ints. or shares in dower excepting one hereinafter specified, Susan Fleenor, dau. of Benj. & Sallie was never married but before her death she gave birth to an illegitimate child whose father as your orator is informed was a colored man, a son, now living, illegitimate son named William H. Fleenor sold his int. in 1871, answer of Mary Fleenor, Christopher Booher & Isabel his wife, who was Isabel Fleenor and James Fleenor, answer of James Fleenor, infant child of Levi Fleenor deceased,

IBID.: Sarah Shankel reports she is widow of George Shankel who departed this life 07 Feb 1864; that she is in good heath & 77 years of age, 1880,

Reel 170: John Roberts vs Wm. I. Hayton, Wm. G. Garnes & c. Benjamin F. Garnes, warrantee departed this life intestate after assignment of warrant to Hayton, leaving children: William G. Garnes, Benjmain F. Garnes, Francis Garnes, Prudence Garnes who afterwards intermarried with one Martin H. Grubb (who afterwards died, when she intermarried with Wm. P. Davis from whom she had since been divorced), Milton Garnes, Elizabeth Garnes & Emeline Garnes, last 2 are under 21; James A. Davis their guardian,

Reel 171: H. Roy Smith vs Thos. W. Colley et al.Smith obtained in Oct 1876, judgment against Thos. W. Colley for $1000 & int. from 15 Aug 1875, Colley was owner of land, ½ acre more or less, about 8 miles E of Abingdon, WCV which he undertook, by deed 16 Sep 1876 to convey to David F. Bailey, Trustee, 1877, Deed of 16 Sep 1876 between Thos. W. Colley & Ann Eliza, wife to David F. Bailey, Trustee exhibited,

IBID. 1880: John Roberts vs Wm. I. Hayton, Austin Talbert, Josiah Talbert, warrantee, departed this life intestate, left children & heirs: Austin Talbert, Wm. Harrison Talbert, Sarah Talbert, George W. Talbert, Elizabeth Bledsoe, widow of (blank) Bledsoe, Bazil Talbert & A. J. Talbert; Bazil & A. J. Talbert have both since died intestate and without children,

Reel 172: nothing;

Reel 173: 1880: John Roberts vs Wm. I. Hayton, David Kingsolver & c.: Complaint of John Roberts, Charles Kingsolver, warrantee departed this life intestate, leaving children & heirs: David Kingsolver, Nancy Kingsolver, Mary A. Davis, widow of (blank) Davis, James Kingsolver & Andrew Kingsolver; first 2 are alive and citizens of WCV; James is a citizen of State of (blank) & Andrew removed to become citizen of state of (blank) where he has since died, leaving children & heirs, unknown,