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The Life and Times of Jesse Franklin Black 1858-1915

Prepared by Warren Houck

Jesse was born in 1858 in Ashe Co., NC, the son of George and Susan Burkett Black, His father was shot for desertion during the Civil War when he was just six years old, no record is found of his mother after the 1860 Ashe Co. census. He married Rhoda Elvira Gentry about 1878; they bore and raised the following children;

Julie Etta Black-1879-1952 married William H. Grogan
Joseph M.Black-1880-1962 Ida Horton
Clara Bell Black-1881-1959 Jacob Wilborne Grogan
Andrew Calvin Black-1883-1953 Gertrude Gentry
James Noah Black-1885-1968 Mary Perkins Hughes
Leatha Evelyn Black-1887-1963 1 Claude Houck 2 Arthur Graham

Jesse and family made their home along the headwaters of Three Top Creek, adjoining the lands of the Calloways and Grogans, later in 1899 he sold his land (49 acres) to the Calloways and bought 60 acres father up on Three Top Creek from the same Calloways, here he lived out his life as a farmer, poet, carpenter, barterer and a trainer of Oxen to work, until his death in 1915 at age 57 as a results of a fall from a haystack resulting in a concussion of the brain. (called brain fever in those days)

As is revealed in the following pages, Jesse had many visitors, and quite a few spent the night, unusual for he lived in a pretty remote place. Jesse also had a humor as revealed in some of his poems. Following are some he composed at different times in his life;


Once I had a breeding sow,
She was a great big elf
She’d push her own pigs out of the trough
And eat the slop her self
There are people just like her
They never seem to stop
To think of others, or even care,
Just so they get the slop

Short Weighted

Now the “Blacks” will nothing gain, for they thought they’d get to grind my cane.
But sense they’ve torn themselves with me, I guess they will leave my cane stalks be.
Yes they will, indeed you bet, Tom Jones or Holman I shall get.
If they don’t come, then I will beat it, or throw it to the cows and let them eat it.

Those “Blacks” have torn them selves with me, and I hope they will regret it.

They will try to borrow something you’ll see, but dam’em they will never get it.

Those “Blacks” are not honest in a neighbourly deal, especially with me when I go to borrow meal. They will pour in a vessel and not fill it up, any way when measuring in the largest cup.

I speak of the largest for they usually keep two, one “big”, one “little”, now what thinketh you?
Will folks that are honest do any such way, now give me your opinion I pray.
Way back in the eighties I had to buy corn, and it hurt me remarkable as sure as you are born. To think that my neighbour at the foot of the hill, didn’t have to buy any, for they had a mill.
Some times I would send a load of corn down, to “Blacks” little mill to have it ground. The in a few days my wife would say “meal”, I calculated once that the miller did steal.

No Salt

I tell you sir it was a sight, how I got mad last Sunday night.
For I had my supper just ready to eat-o, but I had no salt to go on my potato,
So I called to a kid or two, and told them what for them to do.
I said for them to get a sack, go borrow some salt and hurry back.

So away they went with the empty sack, with hats on their heads and feet right black.
They wanted some salt for poor old “Granny”, but alas for them they diden’t
get any. So away to their home they hustled back, and told a tale about the
Blacks, they said that Clara the salt did buy, I said at once that’s a lie.

I took a cup in my hand and started to brother Sams
I spoke to a Black I chanced to see., and I said you’ll borrow no more salt from me.
Then I went on without a halt, on to Sams and got some salt.
Then it was my supper I eat-o, for I had salt to go on my potato.

The New Preacher

It was about that time of year, when the news came to me,
that a preacher was very near.
Who came from Tennessee. (and was a Campbellite)

He begain to preach and go ahead, both to the rich and poor,
He said for us not to be afraid
But come and hear more (and compare it with the Bible)

He said that we should all repent
And have our sins forgiven
That after resurrection day,
we would all go to heaven. (and be with Jesus)

He said that all who were old enough,
No matter what his size, must go to the water stream,
And in obedience be baptised. (calling on the Lord)

And so he did not exort us all, to ever sing and pray,
And try to ever serve the Lord, and praise him night and day. (for his extended mercies)

And so we preached and sang and prayed until we all got warm.
And so we thought it a proper time, a body or church to form. (of officers and christian members)

He called upon the christian ones, for them to make the start.
And speak to them in earnestness to keep an upright heart. (for that was what we need)

So there was a rising up, of some two, three, or four, two Deacons and a secretary,
Who must look after the poor. (and report their condition)

So we joined in fellowship, in what we thought was right, and formed a
church here on Three Top on what’s called “The Cambellites” ( or Christian Church)

But in time that’s forever gone. And since the world begun, that Eve within
her Eden found a serpent with a tongue. ( and it didn’t fail to use it)

A dark and dreaded rumor rose about the godly man, some said he was a polygamist,
And all the Campbellite band. ( who believed in his doctrine)

Following is a portion of the journal Jesse kept for many years, the early years have been lost to time. The month of September 1903 is recorded, also the period from April 1910 to his death in April 1915 is recorded below.


Sep.15, 1903 – Today I am forty five years old, I have had a pretty hard pull through life up to the present, but hope for a more happy future.

12 O’clock, been digging in rye today, Julie Grogan and baby, also Josie Grogan is here. Julie gave me a shirt for a birthday present, have an extra dinner today in celebration of my birth. Have chicken pie, first since my marital union, also pound cake, sweet cake, apple pie and bacon and beans. Was expecting Clara to be with us today but was disapointed, would have been good if all the children were here. Must go back to work, O how dry everything is, I wish it would rain.

Sept. 16, 1903 – Cloudy and rained a little during the night, went to work, has begun to rain but I must not quit till I get done digging in my rye, sowed the last bushel I had, finished rye in a pourdown.

Sept. 17, 1903 – Road work near Trout today I am warned, got a sore toe, worked on celler- commenced pulling fodder corn, rather green, believe I’ll wait till corn gets riper- began on molasses tub and worked on it till night.-The air is turning cold very rapidly.

Sept. 18, 1903 – Got up rather early, O how cold everything is, feels like frost though I can’t see any. Cane is considerbly tangled by the wind last night. Worked on tub for a while then went after hoop parts. Thought I would cut a few shocks of corn. One O’clock, Helped Rhoda cut her tobacco.

Sept. 19, 1903 – Frost this morning, first of the season, not enough to do any damage.- must go to Woodford after my cradle, will have to cut buckwheat.- one Oclock, just got through eating dinner, had bacon and beans.- Been to Woodford, got my cradle, have been cutting buckwheat in Trivett’s field, think I will get through this evening, 5 pm, Have finished buckwheat.

Sept. 20, 1903 – Pretty heavy frost this morning, has stained the corn a little, no serious damage as yet.-Jerd Grogan and Ovan here today.- John Howell’s child sick- came on hill, hollard for Rhoda, Rhoda and Letha went, child better, Letha stayed all night.

Sept. 21, 1903 – Cold and clear, some frost,- been cutting corn – cut a little buckwheat– Have rheumatism in my hip and thigh.

Sept. 22, 1903 – Clear and cool, has moderated considerable,-Jene Calloway came by to buy rye straw, cain’t sell any- Jess Gentry came after cane mill, don’t know what I an going to do for a mill to grind my cane, hope there will be some way provided, think I will get a mill of my own.

Sept. 23, 1903 – Warm and pleasant, clouding up in the south, guess it is going to rain.- been cutting buckwheat- Jane Gentry started to John Howell’s- thrashed Trivett’s buckwheat this evening.

Sept. 24, 1903 – Pulled fodder,-fooled about.

Sept. 25, 1903 – Me and Noah cut corn for P. Gentry– Clarence Trivett commenced sewing rye.

Sept. 26, 1903 – Finished cutting buckwheat, then thrashed in evening. (5 bushel only)

Sept. 27, 1903 – Sunday today, all gone but me.- very dry but looks some what like rain.

Sept. 28, 1903 – No rain yet-Rhoda, Letha and Noah gone to Woodford.

Sept. 29, 1903 – Ovan Grogan came after fan mill.- threshed buckwheat in the evening.


May 16, 1909 – Jess Gentry died about 10: PM

May 19, 1909 – Rec. cook stove, cost $14.60

April 1, 1910 – Phillips-Toliver trial was to be at Toliver today but was extended to Creston on April 14.

April 8-9, 1910 – Will Grogan plowed barn lot and garden.

April 13, 1910 – Phillips – Tolivers and all concerned met today at Creston, no trial, Anner Gentry sick, could not be there, extended to May 13 at Creston school house.

April 18, 1910 – I and Rhoda went to Showns {Tennessee} in wagon, got caught in bad snow storm.

May 13, 1910 – Trial at Creston today, Mrs.Toliver acquitted, bound Charley to court in bond of $40.00

May 15, 1910 – Great frost and freeze killed nearly all fruit in county.

May 27, 1910 – Dr. W.R.Blackburn and Mrs. Evelyn Phipps (widow) was married, I.S. Gentry officiated.

June 3, 1910 – Bill Osbern and Henry Phillips went to Jefferson for trial, but didn’t have any.

June 4, 1910 – Henry and Nancy Lawrence here, started to Roby Houck’s

June 5, 1910 – It is raining today, Nancy and Henry cain’t go on their trip today, they are staying til tomorrow.

June 8, 1910 – Rhoda and Andrew started to Tenn. On a visit. ( it has rained nearly every day since they started.

June 11, 1910 – Isham and John Gentry came.

June 12, 1910 – Isham and John Gentry staid all night with me last night.

June 14, 1910 – Today I went to Field Creek-bought a gun- Rhoda and Andy got home from Tenn., they told of Charley Adams having his throat cut. – It has rained nearly every day since they left home.

June 15, 1910. Today was tax listing at Tolliver, I listed 355 dollars worth of stuff.

June 16, 1910 – Today went and tried to buy Molly Gentry’s calves, but could not, won’t sell– went on to Woodford and bought suit of clothes, cost 9.75, bought a pair of shoes 2.50, paid cash in full.

June 17, 1910 – Took clothes back to Woodford, too small.- went to Smith Holman’s, Sam Worley and Jim Worley to look at and buy calves, bought a heifer calf of old uncle Sam Worley, cost $11.00, paid 5 dollars down, balance when calf is weened.

June 19, 1910 – Sunday, Jim Howell and Coy Howell ( Henry’s boy) had a fight today (on Buffalo) also Isham Grogan and Claude Conners fought at Woodford same day.

June 21, 1910 – Bought calf of Jim Worley by Henry Worley, cost $16.00, paid $12.00

June 22, 1910 – Bought calf of Smith Holman, cost $16.00, paid cash in full, also left $4.00 with Smith for Jim Worley.-Emery Edwards second son born today.

June 24-25, 1910 – Andy went to Prof. Jones to see about a school house site and was appointed committee man.

June 28, 1910 – Heard today that Billy Wood on Forge Creek in Tenn. Is dead.

June 29, 1910 – Heard today that Ed Miller is accused of burning Alf Mortz’s barn.

July 2, 1910 – I took roan heifer to Bledsoe’s bull.

July 3, 1910 – Sent one dollar in silver to old uncle Sam Worley by Jim Worley, paid that much on calf.-Henry and Nancy Lawrence came home from Roby Houck’s.

July 4, 1910 – Jim Gentry at his father’s, on visit.- Andrew went to Jefferson to see about a school house site.

July 5, 1910 – Today I received my watch ordered from Chicage. ( on Andy’s express order)

July 6, 1910 – Today I went to Woodford, tried to get a 20 dollar bill changed, but could not, borrowed $5.00 of P.Gentry– went to Sam Worley’s and paid balance on calf, paid in full.- Tom Campbell and Walter Sheets here in evening, also George Stansberry, he came to sell me a horse, no I didn’t buy.

July 7, 1910 – Andy has just informed us that Bell Jones saw a vision, a coffin which scared her very much. – Frank Harden came by here, going to see Lucy Price at the Wnigler place.

July 9, 1910 – I went to Woodford, bought 3# clover seed, cost 60 cts.– paid P. Gentry $5.00 borrowed money.-Henry Phillips came for buggy in evening– Isham Grogan,Mag. And Gertie Gentry came, stayed all night.

July 10, 1910 – (Sunday) Claude Conner skiped his bond, 2nd. Time.

July 13, 1910 – Today I and Letha went to Smith Holman’s and Sam Worley’s and drove home 2 calves.- Rhoda Hived bee swarm.- Squire Stephen’s was buried today.

July 14, 1910 – Put up stack of hay today.

July 18, 1910 – I and Letha took 18# chickens to Woodford and swaped for pullets and one old hen.

July 19, 1910 – Sowed clover seed in barn lot.

July 22, 1910 – Evelyine Greer and Mag Gentry started to Erwin,Tenn.

July 25, 1910 – Took roan heifer to bull. (Bledsoe’s)

July 30, 1910 – Ham Turnner here, stayed here last night.- John Gentry came after mill-wheel lumber.

Aug. 2, 1910 – Today I went after calf at Jim Worley’s.-Clarence Trivett’s wife died.

Aug. 3, 1910 – Evelyne Greer and Conley Greer and family came to Woodford.

Aug. 5, 1910 – 14 little guineas hatched today.

Aug. 9, 1910 – Mr. John Southerland came to buy my calves, no, we didn’t trade.

Aug. 12, 1910 – Clara Grogan gave birth to a daughter, 4th one. (Ethel)

Aug. 14, 1910 – Sidney Coopper’s dwelling-house burned.

Aug. 17, 1910 – Took heifer to Jones.

Aug. 20, 1910 – Made window facing for Jim Greer, $1.20. Budd Moody took Andy’s old gennet off.

Aug. 22, 1910 – Bought Andy’s photographic outfit.

Aug. 24, 1910 – Rec.trunk fixtures, cost 58 cts- postage 64 cts.

Aug. 25, 1910 – Today we heard that Joe Wilcox is dead–died of colic.

Aug. 27, 1910 – Walter Greer came for Andrew’s trunk to take to Baldwin.

Aug. 28, 1910 – William Greer came and took away Andy’s saddle and saddle blanket.

Aug. 29, 1910 – Had a bee swarm today.

Sept. 3, 1910 – Conley Greer and family started back to Tenn.

Sept. 4, 1910 – Nando Worley’s baby died last night.-Claude Houck and Roby Lewis here.

Sept. 5, 1910 – Threshing machine at Henry Phillip’s and Allen Jones.

Sept. 7, 1910 – Took roan heifer to Henderson Phillips.–bought saythe snatch.

Sept. 11, 1910 – Walter and William Greer and Blain Phillips broke open school house door at Baldwin and disturbed prayer meeting at Holman’s Chappel.

Sept. 12, 1910 – John Hardin ran his land lines.

Sept. 13, 1910 – Rhoda went to see Becca Jones.- made molassis. (32 gal)

Sept. 14, 1910 – Mr. Wood Bledsoe came and took away Andy’s buggy.

Sept. 17, 1910 – Mrs.Polly Howell and Rachel Roten here.

Oct. 1, 1910 – Isham Gentry and wife and daughter started to Tenn.

Oct. 2, 1910 – We were honored with a visit from Mr.Hamp Greer.

Oct. 12, 1910 – George Holman married.

Oct. 15, 1910 – Paid Hamp Greer, 1/2 bu.beans $1.00–eggs 0.35

Oct. 16, 1910 – Henry Howell brought pig to my place.

Oct. 17, 1910 – paid Hamp Greer, 1/2 bu beans $1.00

Oct. 18, 1910 – Bought pig and corn of Letha $5.00– pd. 2.00 on same

Oct. 20, 1910 – Last night Andy Toliver’s house was burned.- Alex Kimberlin and wife came to Cal Gentry’s.-pd. Allen Jones, beans 1/2bu. $1.00 –Chas H. Cowles spoke at Todd Yesterday.

Oct. 25, 1910 – Paid Letha balance on pig $3.00

Oct. 26, 19110 – Will Grogan made molassis, 10 gal. –Walter Grogan hawled board batts.

Nov. 5, 1910 – Leach Gentry came home with Rhoda from Black Mountain, stayed all night.

Nov. 6, 1910 – Joe Calloway paid me a visit today.

Nov. 8, 1910 – Today was election at Creston, I went, had to walk all the way there.

Nov. 19, 1910 – Sold Harrison Phillips 7 ducks for 2.00– Frank Ray and Tom McGuire hauled lumber for John Grogan’s yard.–Andy,Oscar, Wilborn and Tom Jones made a fiz about the school house site.–Tom Holman took 2 sewing machines by here.

Nov. 20, 1910 – Old Lizzy Dobbins Died.–Sarah Trivett buried same day.

Nov. 26, 1910 – Jim and Lee Howell sawed wood for me, about 3 hours, they want molassis.

Nov. 27, 1910 – Molly Gentry and Nora here, Molly bought gallon and quart molassis. Will and Julie Grogan went to Molly Greens last night.-was a preaching today.

Nov. 28, 1910 – Letha went to Uncle Tom Ray’s after a spinning wheel.

Nov. 29, 1910 – Joe Calloway casterated 2 calves for me. ( cold as whiz)

Dec. 2, 1910 – Letha got 25# flour of Henry Phillips (on ducks).– Jim Howell moved to bluff.– bought 2 rabbits of Jake Grogan, pd 5 gun shells.

Dec. 3, 1910 – Letha carried home from Henry Phillips 75# flour, (on ducks) and balance cash, ducks 2.00,cash 1.50, total 3.50.

Dec. 10, 1910 – Took roan heifer to Henderson Phillips.– Frank Potter is painting Hamp Greer’s house.–Will Grogan and Letha sawed big oak.

Dec. 16, 1910 – Mr. John and Dan Cheek got lost and came on burnt ridge, started to Frank Church’s.

Dec. 22, 1910 – Andy’s entertainment at Baldwin.

Dec. 24, 1910 – Bought of Hamp Greer, side of pork, 19 1/4#-$2.70, box of stock food 50 cts,-paid cash $2.70

Dec. 25, 1910 – Jake Grogan and family took dinner with us today.

Dec. 28, 1910 – Henry Houck brought Andy’s trunk home from field creek.

Dec. 31, 1910 – Andy sold his camera outfit to Chas Lemley for $21.30.


Jan. 1, 1911 – Wm. And Julia Grogan here– sleety and slick.

Jan. 10, 1911 – I and Rodha dehorned roan heifer.– Andrew bought a yoke of steers of Frank Ray, Frank’s little boy Tommy came home with Andy and stayed till Sat.2pm, Jan.14

Jan. 14, 1911 – I made a trunk tray today.

Jan. 19, 1911 – Andy went to Solitude, went with a Mr. Henshaw and bought a suit of clothes.

Jan. 24, 1911 – Mr. Lee Grabeal stayed with us last night.–Tom Holman came to trade steers with Andy, Andy gone to Abe Lewis’s.

Jan. 26, 1911 – Swaped off Andrew’s steers to Thomas Holman, paid $25.00 to boot.

Jan. 27, 1911 – Went to Woodford, bought myself 2 top shirts, also a mattock.

Jan. 28, 1911 – took 1 1/2 doz eggs to Woodford, got gal coal oil.

Jan. 29, 1911 – Sunday, Jerd Grogan came after Rhoda for Ovan Grogan.

Jan. 30, 1911 – enormously windy.

Jan. 31, 1911 – I and Andy hauled fodder from Jake Grogan’s–Jim Gentry came with 3 knot mauls.

Feb. 1, 1911 – bought overalls of Hamp, cost 1.00.–returned mattock.

Feb. 3, 1911 – J.N. Worley here.–I and Will Gentry measured new ground, 1 3/4 acres.

Feb. 6, 1911 – Rhoda came home from Ovan Grogan’s.–Will and Leonard Grogan went to town.– Paid my tax $3.45

Feb. 7, 1911 – Rhoda and Letha went to Gaston’s.

Feb. 8, 1911 – Tom Fuches and Avery Price here.

Feb. 11, 1911 – Bought of Hamp Greer— flour 100# @ $3.20, candy 2 1/2 # @ 20cts, paid due bill 33cts, paid cash .07cts.

Feb. 12, 1911 – I and Rhoda went to Cal Gentry’s on visit.

Feb. 14, 1911 – Went to mill with steers and wagon, took 4bu corn, paid Allen Jones 25cts. Got a piece of a box of grease, cost 3cts.

Feb. 16, 1911 – Andy and Letha gone to Woodford, got 75# flour.-package from Roebuck, I got a pipe bender, steel trap and 2 wad cutters.– Walter Greer’s wife gave birth to a daughter,– Hiriam Phillips was arrested for bigamy, but got away.

Feb. 25, 1911 – Abe Sheets here,( he is a fugitive from justice)

Mar. 4, 1911 – I and Letha boiled sugar water, very windy today.

Mar. 5, 1911 – Julia, Will, Jake,Clara and Letha gone to baptising on Field Creek (Lawrence’s) –Rhoda is sick and in bed (grippe)

Mar. 12, 1911 – Mrs. Caroline Fox stayed all night at Jaake Grogan’s last night– Josie Howell and Dave Walden married, S.L. Gentry officiated.

Mar. 13, 1911 – Andy started an order to Sears Roebuck for photography outfit.–got typewriter at Tolliver.

Mar. 15, 1911 – Last night was the heaviest winds at my place since we came here.

Mar. 16, 1911 – Charley Toliver was aiming to start moving to Elizabethtown today, no, no he did not start then.

Mar. 17, 1911 – Josie and Mrs. Bessie Nelson came by here.–moving picture show at Todd tonight. ( Jack Campbell’s)

Mar. 20, 1911 – Letha bought an axe at Woodford, cost 50cts, paid one hen@ 40cts, cash 10cts.

Mar. 24, 1911 – Clarance Trivette dehorned 4 calves for me in evening.–Letha got meat at Allen Jones, 1.10, sugar .25– lard at Joe Calloways–she told us that Henry and Nancy Lawrence had moved back from Roby Houck’s on March 22

Mar. 28, 1911 – It was a tremendous windy all last night and is still blowing (time 12:pm)–William and Jim Roark and Mailand Eastrage started west.

Mar. 29, 1911 – Jake and Andy killed a shoat and cleaned it

Apr. 1, 1911 – Today I started to Henry Phillips mill, didn’t get all the way, mill broke down.

Apr. 2, 1911 – Sunday, I carried and boiled sugar water all day.

Apr. 3, 1911 – Andrew started to Erwin, Tenn. To meet Mag Gentry at William Calloway’s.–I have carried lots of sugar water today.– 12:pm no, Andrew didn’t go to Tenn., Mag didn’t come.— we have heard of John Lewis getting hurt, wagon ran over him.– John Southerland came to buy my calves, no we didn’t trade.– John Gentry is moving his household effects to Cal Gentry’s.

Apr. 4, 1911 – Andrew went to Allen Jones, got 1.00 worth of sugar, Allen had just gotten back from court.

Apr. 6, 1911 – I and Andrew hauled straw and fodder from Jake Grogan’s.==sowed tobacco seed.

Apr. 11, 1911 – I and Andy began plowing with his steers,–Rhoda and Clara gone to see Jordan Grogan, he is sick.

Apr. 13, 1911 – Wiley Greer and Grant Shown came from Tenn., –Mrs. Rebecca Jones died.–Walter Greer took Mag Gentry to Showns, Tenn.

Apr. 14, 1911 – Bought 10 1/2 # timothy seeds of Julie Grogan, paid pork to amount 1.25 –Andrew sent to Woodford and got a bag of flour, cost 80cts.

Apr. 15, 1911 – Rebecca Jones buried, Rhoda, Letha and Andy went to burial.–Oscar Lawrence and wife came home with Rhoda and Letha and stayed all night.– heared that Noah had gotten badly hurt at Banner,VA.

Apr. 17, 1911 – Easter and also Woodford, got bag of flour, cost 80cts.

Apr. 18, 1911 – Will Grogan plowed in meadow, I sowed and raked in grass seeds.

Apr. 21, 1911 – Will Grogan plowed 1/2 day in meadow and barn lot.

Apr. 22, 1911 – Ira Duncan and Kid Heak bought 3 calves of me, 2 steers and one heifer, pd.57.00

Apr. 23, 1911 – Bob Perkins daughter (Russel) eloped.

Apr. 25, 1911 – George Greer’s wife ( Willie) died.

Apr. 27, 1911 – Mrs. Nethie Lewis at Woodford on a visit.

Apr. 29, 1911 – Myself and Andy and Rhoda planted potatos in garden.

Apr. 30, 1911 – Tom Grubb preached at Jerd Grogan’s.

May 1, 1911 – I went to Commissioners court at Jefferson.–bought candy 5 cts, –crackers 5 cts,– 2 pr. Overalls, 1 pr. Shoes, 5- 1/2 gal cups,– 2 pt. cups — 2-1 gal coffee pots, –1 dipper, — 9 pkg. ??dyes,– 2 bottles liniment,– 1 bottle quinine,– ????

May 2, 1911 – I and Andy butcherd hog.

May 5, 1911 – Clarence Trivette and Jake Grogan sheared sheep today, Rhoda helped to shear, she got 3 # wool for helping shear.– Andy started to Sol Trivette’s, started at 5 1/2 pm.—John Lewis died of blood poison about 2 or 3 Oclock am,. Buried May 6 .

May 6, 1911 – Rev. I.L. Gentry here.–I bought bag of flour if Sandy Houck, 75 cts.

May 7, 1911 – Preaching at church today.– I swaped grip sacks, paid 50 cts. To boot. –I.L.Gentry preached at church today, Wiley Church and Annie Maxwell were married at Bill Calloway’s.

May 8, 1911 – Commenced planting corn today.–Letha went to Jerd Grogan’s and bought 1/2 bu potatos paid cash 50 cts, cane seed 15 cts..

May 12, 1911 – Letha took 2 1/2 # borax to Allen Jones and got worth in sugar.

May 13, 1911 – Andy gone to Field Creek after bicycle.– Aman came to us in new groung, Tom Miller by name, soliciting orders for enlarging pictures.–A great rain with hail came in evening.

May 14, 1911 – Sunday, Old Mrs. Grabeal died last night.– Jordan Grogan and Lottie visited Jake Grogan.

May 16, 1911 – Today Will McEwen took a list of mine and Andy’a taxable property.–a man was found dead in John Cox’s yard this morning.– got 125 sweet potato slips of Clara.

May 17, 1911 – Got done planting corn today, I and Andy plowed barn lot.

May 20, 1911 – Went to mill, took 3 pecks corn,– planted cane after I got back.

May 22, 1911 – John Howell and Will Gentry had a fight.

May 23, 1911 – Letha got bag of flour (Princess Annie) of Hamp Greer, also 20 cts worth of sugar, paid cash in full.

May 24, 1911 – Old Uncle Andy Dobbin started to go to Elisabethton, Tenn.

May 25, 1911 – Reports came that a man was found killed on the Three top mountain the other day, the mans name was Ed Rash.

May 27, 1911 – Sold 3 guinea fowls to Henry Lawrence 75 cts., Letha took them to Henry, then stayed all night.

May 29, 1911 – Andrew let me have $4.oo cash in part payment of what he was due me.

May 31, 1911 – Henry Lawrence came after tomato plants, also sweet potato plants at Jake Grogan’s,–rained in evening.

June 1, 1911 – Sent to Woodford by Letha and got sugar 50 cts, soap 5 cts, salt 5 cts, paid cash in full.–sowed cabbage seeds in new ground.

June 2, 1911 – Finished hoeing corn, first time.

June 3, 1911 – Went to mill, bought ?? leather 65 cts, matches 5 cts, shoe nails 10 cts. –Andrew gone to Creston to take pictures.

June 4, 1911 – Sunday, Lillard Gentry and Charles Greer come by, started to Lawrence’s church.—Jayne and Laura Gentry came to. –hot and dry.

June 5, 1911 – Jake Grogan took old red beauty cow to Henderson Phillips.– Andrew paid me 2 dollars borrowed money.

June 6, 1911 – enlarged vine trellis.– hewed sill and put in place.– commenced mill down at saw yard.

June 7, 1911 – Jake and Andy plowed tobacco patches.– I made plank fence till dinner then I worked in saw yard.

June 8, 1911 – Andy went to Creston to deliver pictures.– Roy Gentry and family came up to Three Top from Tenn.

June 9, 1911 – Avery Price, Tom Furches and Claude Graham eat dinner here, Tom Furches paid check for 30 ?.–Letha got a hoe at Hamp Greer’s .35 cts.– Frank Lewis blew his sawmill whistle, first time at Molly Gentry.– Old Uncle Tom Ray fell off a bed and become paralysed or speechless.

June 10, 1911 – went to mill, 1/2 bu.– Andy at Toliver picture taking.– Ham Turner passed our house, no he didn’t stop.– Jim Greer stabbed Wood Bledsoe, stabbed him in leg above knee.

June 11, 1911 – Sunday, Clara cooked old turkey gobler.

June 12, 1911 – Letha carried 50# flour from Toliver.– Wm. Greer came after crutches.

June 16, 1911 – sent to Woodford by Letha for sugar, coffee and paid for hoe, total 1.25.– Isham, Norman Gentry here, came to go fishing.

June 17, 1911 – Isham, Norman, Andy and Millard Howell went fishing, caught 26 fish, sent one to Cal Gentry.

June 18, 1911 – Isham stayed all night, Norman went home yesterday evening.— Chas. Hardin’s store house burned down last Sunday night,

Jun. 11.–had a bee swarm today.–prayer meeting at Cal Gentry’s in evening.–Ham Turner moved to old General Gentry’s place

June 20, 1911 – Dick Bledsoe came to sell a horse.

June 21, 1911 – Mrs. Charlotte Grogan here.–Andrew started to Woodford in order that he and Walter Greer might go to Galax,VA.

June 22-23, 1911 – Hawled mill timber and began fitting sleepers.

June 24, 1911 – Ira Church and Tom Howell had a fight.

June 26, 1911 – Letha, Julia and Will picked cherries at Wood Bledsoe’s for Andy.

June 27, 1911 – Hawled timber from top of ridge through Clarance field.–Letha took Andy’s steers to Will Grogan’s at noon.

June 29, 1911 – Had a bee swarm today, hived them all right, came out in evening and went off.

June 30, 1911 – Andrew came home from Galax,VA.

July 1, 1911 – Rhoda, Letha, Jake and others of the family gone to Woodruff with wagon, took beadwood leaves.– had a wreck coming back home, broke wagon tongue.

July 4, 1911 – Andy gone to Todd, picture taking, –it rained, it rained and thundered.

July 7, 1911 – Went to Woodford, took steers and wagon, hauled beadwood leaves. Bought 12 quart fruit jars 75cts., tea cups and saucers, 1 1/2 yds pillow ticking 30 cts. Sugar 28 cts. Worth. Paid beadwood leaves 78cts. Cash 25 cts.– today we heard that John Grogan and his wife had a fight. — also Molly Gentry and Doll Bledsoe, also John Howell and his father, Tom Holman went for a doctor for Henry Howell.

July 9, 1911 – Sunday, had a bee swarm today,– Rhoda, Letha and babe gone to Will Gentry’s.– Will Grogan started to Jeffersoon to attend court, as a juror.

July 10, 1911 – Heard today that Jayne Grimes died on the 6th.

July 11, 1911 – Heard today that Ross Miller and his mother is in this country from Nebraska.

July 15, 1911 – I, Jake Grogan and Letha took wagon load of beadwood leaves to Woodford, I had 48 cts. worth, bought shot shells 45 cts. (20 ga.)

July 16, 1911 – Jess Jones stayed here last night.

July 19, 1911 – Mr. Henry Gentry came to our place.– Andrew killed two old rattlesnakes and 4 young ones.– we robbed bees, took about 10# honey.

July 20, 1911 – Henry Gentry started back to Black Mountain.

July 21, 1911 – Jake Grogan hoeing corn for me, paid him .75 cts

July 22, 1911 – Today was a big picknik at Baldwin, Andy and Letha went to it.– Peter Tracy droped dead today, he was working in his buckwheat sowing, heart failure is supposed to be the cause.

July 25, 1911 – Letha caught a bob-tail ground-hog.

July 27, 1911 – Jim Nelson here.

July 30, 1911 – Sunday, Tom Grubb preached at Jerd Grogan’s in evening. — Ham Turner got his hip and face hurt last week .

July 31, 1911 – I went to Woodford today, bought 1 gal coal oil, cost. .20 cts, Andy paid for same, also got 1# candy and paid off my account at store.

Aug. 2, 1911 – Took heifer (??) to Ira Church’s bull.– Millard Howell carried rails for Andy at “little grass patch”.

Aug. 5, 1911 – Henry Lawrence and Wesly Gentry came here yesterday evening, stayed all night.– Julie got 5 1/2 # bacon (shoulder).– Evelyn Greer took a fit today – so says Letha.

Aug. 6, 1911 – Sunday, Andy started this morning to go to Tenn., to take pictures.

Aug. 7, 1911 – Dell Gentry gave birth to a daughter last night.– Win Greer got his head peeled yesterday at Todd, NC

Aug. 8, 1911 – Took steers to Bob Perkins for Alve Allen, sold steers for $67.00

Aug. 9, 1911 – Kinley Grubb brought wool for Rhoda to card.– Roy Gentry’s family returned to their home in Tenn.

Aug. 12, 1911 – Bought 1 1/2 bushel seed rye of Will Grogan for $1.50, paid cash $1.00.– Leonard and Ramon Grogan brought chickens, 6 1/2 # @ .09 =.58— Letha got a pound of candy at Woodford for me.

Aug. 15, 1911 – Letha went to Jerd Grogan’s and bought 3 1/2 # butter, pd. Cash to amount ,30, molassis 1 qt, .10 cts.

Aug. 20, 1911 – It is reported that Caleb Greer and Jennie Ray was married today.

Aug. 25, 1911 – Took Andrews trunk to Henry Houck’s, used Hamp Greer’s team.

Aug. 26, 1911 – Bought cake of soap and one pound of black pepper.

Aug. 28, 1911 – Leonard Grogan brought a half bushel rye, I paid cash .50cts.

Aug. 29, 1911 – Eight men ate supper last night and breakfust this morning, Price’s sawmill hands.– I bought of Hamp Greer, sugar $1.00, flour .07, butter .22, rice .25

Aug. 31, 1911 – The sawmill men went home, because of so much rain.– bought of Hamp Greer, bed springs $2.40, coffee $1.00

Sept. 1, 1911 – Went to Mill Creek to buy Joe Houck’s steers

Sept. 2, 1911 – Mr. James Kerd came to my place to see about getting board.–Oscar and Sally Lawrence came.

Sept. 3, 1911 – Oscar and Sally stayed all night.

Sept. 4, 1911 – Bought of Allen Joned, cotton batting 20#, $2.50, domestic 22 1/2 yds. $1.80, bed ticking 9 3/4 yds. $1.47, flour 25# .70, soda 4# .05, plates I set .55, knives (table) 1 set .45

Sept. 5, 1911 – Bought of Hamp Greer, granulated sugar 6# .50 cts Sept. 6, 1911 – Went to Joe Houck’s and bought a yoke of oxen, cost $70.00

Sept. 7, 1911 – Jake Grogan commenced plowing for me in orchard.

Sept. 8, 1911 – Jake plowed today in orchard.– bought butter of Lottie Grogan 6 1/4 # Paid $1.10 cash.

Sept. 9, 1911 – Jake plowed in orchard 1/2 day.– I went to Trout today to buy a bellows, no, I didn’t get it.

Sept. 10, 1911 – George Lawrence here, came to sell me a beef.

Sept. 11, 1911 – Rainy today, Jake Grogan hauled slabs for Laurence Wood.

Sept. 12, 1911 – Jake Grogan plowed for me, Clarance hill.– first load of Price’s sawmill came.

Sept. 13, 1911 – Mr. James Curd and his logging hands arrived today. — I went To Woodford, bought eggs .48, butter .93, pencil .05.—Clara Grogan brought me 24 eggs .24 paid cash for same.

Sept. 14, 1911 – Price’s sawmill men brought in boiler and engine today.–went to Woodford, bought flour 300# $9.00, bed ticking 10 1/2 yds $2.10, nails 0.08, towling 3 1/2yds 0.40, steer shoes .23 — Rev Roy Gentry passed through Woodford on his way to Johnson City, his family is at John Phillips on South Beaver.– Jim Glimpse and Joe Miller stayed with us last night, they were on their way to KY.–my roan heifer brought a calf.

Sept. 15, 1911 – Andy and Gertie came in evening.

Sept. 16, 1911 – Bought butter of Lottie Grogan, 4.9#, paid cash $1.41

Sept. 17, 1911 – Paid Jake Grogan one dollar for a bushel of rye.

Sept. 18, 1911 – Will Grogan brought us 1/2 bushel beans (snaps)

Sept. 19, 1911 – Monro Graham sent me 42# mutton at .47 per #.

Sept. 20, 1911 – Today I bought Joe Phillip’s cultivator, cost 3 dollars, paid cash in full.–bought of George Lawrence 133# beef at 5-6 cts per #, came to $6.67.— Henry Lawrence paid .60 cts on beef for Andy Black, I to pay Andy.—sold Jake Grogan one dollars worth of beef, about 15#.–also sold Wm. Grogan one dollars worth about 15#.–bought of Lottie Grogan butter .21

Sept. 21, 1911 – Letha got butter of Hamp Greer, .99

Sept. 26, 1911 – Letha got coffee of Hamp Greer, #1.00 — Letha got sugar of Allen Jones, $1.00 — Letha got 50 eggs of Clara.

Sept. 27, 1911 – Charley Campbell brought a hog for Andy.

Sept. 30, 1911 – Letha bought butter of Hamp Greer, .98—Mayland Dickins cut his leg..– Letha got 3 3/4# butter of Lottie Grogan.

Oct. 3, 1911 – Letha got 13 1/4# bacon of Allen Jones, $1.59

Oct. 9, 1911 – Settled up and paid Allen Jones in full.

Oct. 10, 1911 – Settled with Hamp Greer, paid $12.75. — bought butter 0.92, shirts $1.00, suit of clothing $7.90, total $9.82

Oct. 13, 1911 – Worked on sawmill truck for A.F. Price 1 1/2 days.

Oct. 16, 1911 – Letha got 1 3/4# butter of Lottie Grogan.— Henry Phillip’s child was buried.

Oct. 18, 1911 – Bought of Hamp Greer, bacon $1.44, butter 0.95

Oct. 19, 1911 – Rec. fire-dogs from Abe Lewis by Wm. Burket, cost .75, paid .50 in advance, bal. On recipt of goods.

Oct. 20, 1911 – Bought of Hamp Greer, sugar $1.00, coffee $1.00, soda 0.25

Oct. 22, 1911 – Sunday, payed Andrew Black $30.00 cash (borrowed money)

Oct. 24, 1911 – Bought of Hamp Greer, butter 13 1/2 # $1.98, flour 50# $1.50

Nov. 2, 1911 – Went to Bob Powell’s store, bought flour .75, bucket (10 qt) .15, sulpher .05, coal oil (1 gal) .15, –also paid Henderson Phillips one dollar for sire of calf.

Nov. 3, 1911 – Bought butter of Caroline Gentry 14 13/16 # at .16#

Nov. 4, 1911 – Setteled up and paid Hamp Greer $20.00

Nov. 7, 1911 – Paid Hamp Greer for Caroline Gentry to amt. $2.37 –Houck’s sawmill came to Jake Grogan’s.–Letha bought 100# flour of Jim Howell, cost $2.60

Nov. 9, 1911 – Letha got 8lb,8oz butter of Lottie Grogan @ .16

Nov. 11, 1911 – Bought flour of Allen Jones, 50# @ $1.50 —bought pork of Jerd Grogan, 36#, also lard 10#-5oz, paid Lottie Grogan $1.18 for butter Letha got on the 9th.–paid Allen Jones $2.00 for lantern and 50# flour.—Conley Greer and wife took dinner with us today.

Nov. 12, 1911 – Tom Howell, Troy Worley, Ira Worley and Quincy Worley were baptised.

Nov. 20, 1911 – Paid Jim Howell $2.60, sent by Lee Howell.

Nov. 23, 1911 – Claude Houck started west.

Dec. 1, 1911 – Andy Dobbin started to move to Bluff City,Tenn.

Dec. 2, 1911 – Ham Turner started to move to W.Va. — Claude Houck returned from W.Va. — I went to Dan;s mill.

Dec. 8, 1911 – Today was entertainment at Baldwin.

Dec. 16, 1911 – Little Marshall Calloway died.

Dec. 17, 1911 – Joe Black and Bloom Holsom came.

Dec. 22, 1911 – Bought rubbers for Joe Black, cost 90 cts, pd. $1.00

Jan. 1, 1912 – Joe started back to Va.

Jan. 8, 1912 – Noa Black came home from Va.

Jan. 23, 1912 – Joe Houck-Utzman died of tuberculosis.

Feb, 3, 1912 – Andy Black and Gertrude Gentry married.– also James Edwards and Maggie Gentry.

Feb. 19, 1912 – Sold calf to Bill Osbern, $7.50 in rye.

Feb. 20, 1912 – Noah Black left home, said he was going to Johnson City and join the Army.

Feb. 28, 1912 – Got Allen Jones to mend wagon brake.— Geo. Houck and Clyde Gentry here.

Mar. 6, 1912 – Wesley and Alvin Purd came after wagon, grabs, chains,etc.etc.

Apr. 24, 1912 – Lucy and Emmer Greer started to W.Va.

Apr. 27, 1912 – Letha went to Will Grogan’s to stay a while, Julie has measles.

May 9, 1912 – Joe Worth listed my taxable property, cattle 140.00, hog 5.00, fire arms 2.00, watch 2.00, kitchen furn. 10.00, land not listed, didn’t have scrolls.

May 27, 1912 – Swaped shotgun to W.P. Gentry for hillside plow.

May 29, 1912 – Leonard Baldwin and wife Nelia Goodman stayed here last night.– Jin Gentry and wife Lolia came over to Cal Gentry’s on the 27th.

May 30, 1912 – I and Noah worked on mudholes 10 hours each.

May 31, 1912 – I worked alone 4 1/2 hours, total 14 1/4 hrs. at 20cts. per hr.

June 1, 1912 – Worked on road 3 1/2 hours at 10 cts per hr.. Noah 10 hrs. at 10 cts per hr.— Andy Black and wife, James Edwards and wife came in a one horse wagon.

June 10, 1912 – James Duncan came in evening to haul lumber.

June 13, 1912 – Wm. And James Roark came to board.

June 16, 1912 – Lillard Gentry and Isham Grogan, also Oscar Lawrence moved Cal Gentry.

July 7, 1912 – Rev. Roy Gentry stayed here last night.– Claude Houck started to W.Va. to Mayburn (Maben)

July 8,9112 – Sold “tilda” cow and calf to Caroline Gentry for $33.00

July 17, 1912 – Found and hived a swarm of bees in field.

July 23, 1912 – Noah left home, started to Konnorok.

Aug. 1, 1912 – Julie, Letha and Leonard went to R.A. Hamilton’s

Aug. 6, 1912 – Hauled load of roots and bark etc. for Clara, brought home stove for Claude Houck.— sold 3 bushel onions to Hamp Greer at 75 cts per bu. –bought 100# flour.

Aug. 8, 1912 – Delivered three bushel of onions to Hamp Greer.

Aug. 10, 1912 – Claude Treadway Co. threshed at Allen Jones. –Noah and Andrew Gentry’s two boys came.— Will Gentry’s boy in a bad fix, (foreskin swelled).

Aug. 18, 1912 – Leack, Will and Thomas Gentry stayed here last night..

Aug. 20, 1912 – Sold Jake Grogan 6.45 ft. dwelling lumber of price at 30 cts. per hd., came to $1.93.

Aug. 22, 1912 – I and Rhoda went to Wilborn Greer’s and signed deed for Jake Grogan. — repaired my P. Gentry plow.— bought 2 bu.rye, 1 box candy, 6 yds domestic, 4# cotton batting. — took 1 1/2 bu corn to Henry Phillip’s mill.

Aug. 27, 1912 – Association at South Fork Church at Todd, NC

Aug. 28, 1912 – Bob Grogan married.

Aug. 29, 1912 – Commenced sewing rye.

Sept. 1, 1912 – Ovan Grogan brought 3 dollars to Letha from Roby Lewis.— Walter Greer and wife returned from W.Va.

Sept. 3, 1912 – Moving picture show at Skin Camp school house.

Oct. 8, 1912 – Sold Henry and Joe Phillips a cane mill.

Oct. 9, 1912 – Old Uncle Lewis Perkins was buried, on Buffalo.

Oct. 17, 1912 – Bought two pigs of Henry Phillips, cost $5.00

Oct. 29, 1912 – Sold Jess Jones 3 1/4 bu beans for $6.75 —bought walnuts of Mollie Gentry and Julia Grogan about 12 bushels.— sold steers to Oscar Lawrence for $100.00 — Claude returned from W.Va.

Nov. 1, 1912 – Susie Gentry buried. — hawled apples from Jerd Grogan’s

Nov. 19, 1912 – Nancy Lawrence died.

Dec. 1, 1912 – Old Aunt Millie Greer died.

Dec. 8, 1912 – Gaston and Mary stayed here last night.

Dec. 11, 1912 – Cicero Greer’s (son) Frank and wife started to Oklahoma.

Jan. 5, 1913 – Loaned Andy $5.00, by Clyde Gentry.

Jan. 24, 1913 – Claude Houck moved into his new house.

Feb. 3, 1913 – Went to Jefferson

Feb. 5, 1913 – Wesley Gentry and Nervie here.

Feb. 8, 1913 – Preacher John Shepherd here.

Feb. 13, 1913 – Smith Holman got killed.

Feb. 14, 1913 – Charley William’s entertainment at Conner school-house.

Feb. 15, 1913 – Claude Houck went after Dr. Graham for Letha.

Mar. 3, 1913 – Ike Conner moved to Wingler place.

Mar. 4, 1913 – Fruit agent here.

Mar. 5, 1913 – Noah Black has measles.—Rhoda went to Cal Gentry’s

Mar. 6, 1913 – Jayne Gentry got beans and meat.

Mar. 11, 1913 – Claude Houck left Letha.

Mar. 12, 1913 – Claude Houck came back and gave his household goods to Vergie.

Mar. 17, 1913 – Claude Houck started to W.Va.

Mar. 20, 1913 – Clara Grogan got measles.

Apr. 4, 1913 – Jake Grogan has measles.

Apr. 5, 1913 – Jorden Grogan came after Letha to stay a week or two.

Apr. 6, 1913 – Claude Houck came back from W.Va.

Apr. 7, 1913 – Emory Trivette returned from W.Va.

Apr. 24, 1913 – I have measles, all swelled up. — John Grogan’s house was burned.

Apr. 26, 1913 – Rosa Jones died.

May 2-3, 1913 – Lum Wood plowed about one day for me.

May 7, 1913 – Rhoda all swelled up with measles.

May 16, 1913 – Got tooth forceps of Henry Phillips, cost .50 cts.

May 25.1913 – Conley Greer, wife and child here.— I was very sick last night, bowel trouble.

June 1, 1913 – Thos. Grubb’s child buried today.—Letha, Rhoda and myself eat the last Virginia beauty apples I kept over from last fall.

June 2, 1913 – I and Rhoda went to Baldwin to see Andy, we heard he was bad off.

June 3, 1913 – Bought of George Howell 100# Eldeen flour,$ 3.28, pd. Cash.

June 15, 1913 – Oscar and Sally Lawrence stayed with us last night. –Letha, Vergie, Maud and Holly went to Andrew’s yesterday.

To make pure rye wiskey, take equal parts of rye (grain) and vinegar, put both in a jug together, stop tight then bury in ground for 6 weeks. (from Oscar and Sally)

June 20, 1913 – Finished kitchen porch.

June 30, 1913 – Took cow to Allen Jones, to bull.

July 7, 1913 – Went to court at Jefferson, — bought cow of Anderson Black.— subscribed for Recorder, 6 months.—subscribed for Union Republican, one year. — bought pr. Shoes of Will Duncan, $2.50

July 20, 1913 – Andy and wife here (Sunday) — Isham Grogan and Anner Trivett married.

July 21, 1913 – Started order to John M. Smyth Co., Chicago– $6.82

July 24, 1913 – Last night Old Uncle Noah Greer went to sleep and has not awaken, he is dead.

Aug. 8, 1913 – Old man Jim Calloway came to his destiny.

Aug. 17, 1913 – Dan Holman and Danford Adams married.

Aug.29, 1913 – Bought of Frank Gentry one jersey cow.– bought of Troy Gentry one yoke oxen.

Aug.30, 1913 – Sold Thomas Farmer and Lee Grabeal one cow and one heifer.–bought large yoke of oxen of Thos. Farmer.

Sept.7, 1913 – Rec. goods from J.M. Smyth, valley tin, wire cloth, copper.

Sept. 11, 1913 – Today is W.P. Gentry’s birthday, I and Henry Gentry were at his house, took dinner together.

Sept. 15, 1913 – Dan Jones and Jean Graham married.

Sept. 17, 1913 – Bought 5 bushel;s rye of John Howell.

Sept. 18, 1913 – Commenced new fence around grass patch.

Sept. 26, 1913 – Threshed rye at Calloway’s

Sept. 27, 1913 – Threshes rye at Jake Grogan’s, Jake made 29 bu.,Wm. Grogan made 12 bu., Wm.Gentry made 28 1/2 bu., J.F. Black made 9 1/2 bu.

Oct. 2, 1913 – Went to steam mill at Todd,NC — Old Aunt Emiline Stephens died today.

Oct. 5, 1913 – Paid Frank Gentry $10.00 bal. On jersey cow and got reciept from Felix Howell for amt. Frank was due on cow.

Oct. 31, 1913 – Sold Ira Duncan steers to T.J. Farmer for $125.00

Nov. 1, 1913 – Jake Grogan, John Howell and Tom Howell had a fight at Calloway’s mill.— Jake Grogan moved into their new house in evening.

Nov. 3, 1913 – Took roan steers to Trout for T.J. Farmer.

Nov. 4, 1913 – Went to Todd steam mill for self and Jake Grogan.– big Frank Greer, wife and son arrived from Oklahoma.

Nov. 5, 1913 – Went to Baldwin after jersey cow.—Ham Turner came to Bald Fork from W.Va.

Nov. 6, 1913 – Took Henry Phillip’s 4 1/2 bu onions, worth $2.75

Nov. 15, 1913 – Noah Black and Mary Perkins were married.

Dec. 7, 1913 – Noah Black and wife stayed here last night, first visit after marriage.


Jan. 5, 1914 – Wm. Greer returned home from W.Va.

Jan. 9, 1914 – Letha came home from Jerg Grogan’s

Jan. 10, 1914 – Geo. Howell took turn to get better last night about 4 Oclock.

Jan. 12, 1914 – Jake Grogan started to go to W.Va.

Jan. 13, 1914 – Noah Black started to go to Demascus,Va.

Jan. 25, 1914 – Wm. Greer and Ardney Tolliver married.

Jan. 27, 1914 – Jim Greer and family got back from W.Va.

Jan. 30, 1914 – Jake Grogan returned from W.Va.

Feb. 19.1914 – Bought cross-cut saw of Jake Grogan.

Mar. 1, 1914 – Tom Howell married.

Mar. 10, 1914 – Henry Lawrence came after Letha to stay at Walter Graham’s, or rather to see if she would go.

Mar. 23, 1914 – Got Letha’s sewing machine.

Mar. 25, 1914 – Walter Greer started to Washington.

Mar. 28, 1914 – Blane Phillips moved to Wingler place.

Apr. 6, 1914 – Went to Jefferson.

Apr. 8, 1914 – Rec. tinners shears and spt. Level.– amount of lumber Wash Miller got from Sandford and Fred W. Lumber Co. was 33-27-00

Apr. 14, 1914 – Field Creek John Gentry died in evening.

Apr. 29, 1914 – Victory Graham stayed here last night..– Lum Wood is plowing for Jake or Trivette.

June 9, 1914 – Loaned Clara Grogan $10.50

June 12, 1914 – Bought 2 pigs of Joe Phillips for $6.00

June 14, 1914 – Jim Green preaching at Oscar Lawrence’s.

June 21, 1914 – Took cow to Sam Millers bull.

June 22, 1914 – Went to mill for Jake Grogan, sold him 2 bu. Corn.– hawled beadwood leaves for Rhoda, Letha and Clara, took them to Woodford.– bought turn plow of Hamp Greer $8.50, also a hoe .35, paid on act. $5.00

July 17, 1914 – Paid Hamp Greer $1.75 — bought myself rawhide shoes of D.C. Howell $3.00, also crimson clover seed $1.30

July 21, 1914 – Big moving picture show at Skin Camp school house.

July 26, 1914 – Andy Black Ordained to be a preacher.

July 29, 1914 – Bought black cow and calf of Andy Black.

Aug. 8, 1914 – Thos. Gentry reported that a son was born to A.C. Black

Aug. 13, 1914 – Threshing machine at Jake Grogan’s today.

Aug. 16, 1914 – Clara Grogan brought forth a son, no. 2

Aug. 17, 1914 – Bought sugar plums of John Toliver, 1 bu. .50cts

Sept. 5, 1914 – I and Rhoda went to Jerd Grogan’s, got peaches, about 2 bu.

Sept. 10, 1914 – Began sewing rye, — Wm. Greer came from Shouns with gasoline engine.

Oct. 17, 1914 – Letha went to stay with Jerd Grogan

Oct. 21 to Oct. 23, 1914 – Jake Black here, stayed 2 nights.

Nov. 4, 1914 – Yesterday was election day, the Dem’s carried, — I went to Todd today after trunk. Sold 97# birds eye beans.

Nov. 5, 1914 – Bought coat of Clint Phillips.

Nov. 9, 1914 – C.M. Blackburn here.

Dec. 9, 1914 – Clara Grogan sold her turkies to Joe Phillips for $37.24

Dec. 19, 1914 – Bessie Grogan and Floyd Wilcox married.


Jan .9, 1915 – P. Worley and Laura Houck married.

Jan. 13, 1915 – Joe Phillips Worley moved to Elk Ridge.

Feb. 7, 1915 – Joe Phillips Worley moved to George Howell’s place.

Feb. 21, 1915 – Blane Phillips left his wife.– Millard Howell and Bonnie Fox married about March 4th.

Feb. 25, 1915 – Alex Gentry moved to new house at Wingler place.— Joe Phillips Worley moved to Dr. Blackburn’s place on Field Creek.

Mar. 9, 1915 – Killed hog (sow)

Mar. 14-To 15, 1915 – Ham and Mary Bum here.

Mar. 22, 1915 – I went to Walter Graham’s to inquire about Fouts estate, the amt. Is $678.58 for all concerned. — Millard Howell’s wife left him.

Mar. 25, 1915 – Dan Jones died.— Zade Wilcox’s wife buried.— I went to Tom Holman’s and Lee Campbell’s.

Mar. 28, 1915 – Old red cow brought forth a fine herford bull calf last night.

April 13, 1915 – Papa died

January 16, 1929. Mother died this morning at ten after one, now Papa and Moma has gone to shuck corn, I am keeping house.

Note: these last two entries were made by Jesse’s daughter, Letha, who continued the journal for some years after Jesse’s death.

Part II

Continuation of Journal by Letha Black daughter of Jesse

April 26, 1915 – Took black to Sam Millers.

May 2, 1915 – Noah stayed here last night.

July 19, 1915 – Noah sold his part of land to George Howell, Got 5 dollars down.

Aug. 1915 – Sold brin to Dr. Graham for $25.00, got $5.00 down and the rest, $20.00 in one month and a half.

Oct. 29, 1915 – Bought of Jake, one pig, cost 31 dollars.

Dec. 25, 1915 – Marg Wood came and stayed a while with us, we Went to Jake’s.

Dec. 26, 1915 – Will and Julia here.


Jan. 1, 1916 – I went to Andy’s to stay until Sunday, but stayed until Tuesday. Jake went to Jefferson to pay mother’s and his taxes, also paid Will’s.

Jan. 23, 1916 – Jim Holman came and stayed all day with mother, I went to Will’s and stayed all day.

Jan. 27, 1916 – Mother went to Woodford and took eggs and butter, Got sugar for same, I sent Andy 7 fish by her.

Jan. 28, 1916 – Helped Jake in new-ground all day.

Jan. 29, 1916 – Went fishing, caught 11 fish and lost hook, then Jake And I sawed back-sticks in evening.

Jan. 30, 1916 – Today is Sunday, mother and Vergie has gone to Jake’s, Clara and babies came up with Ma, got a letter from Noah, He is in Tennessee’

Feb. 1, 1916 – Went fishing and caught 36 fish. It is still damp and cold. Clara came up and is darning socks. Clara got her shoes yesterday from Roebucks.

Feb. 2, 1916 – Got my picture from Grover Trivette, cost me $3.25. Went to mill for Will, Julie borrowed 3.00 of me and mother, Paid me 1.65 in check and is still due me 1.35, Clara got in Her dress today she says it is too little. Jake, Clara and I went to preaching tonight .

Feb. 3, 1916 – Went to preaching today, had a fine time. Bought Clara’s dress, gave her my turkey and .25 in money.

Feb. 5, 1916 – Old black cow brought in a fine herford heifer calf at 9:o’clock.

Feb. 7, 1916 – Hauled hay from Will Grogan’s, came very near getting my neck broke.

Feb. 8, 1916 – Julia here today, borrowed one bag of flour, bought one pound of butter.

Feb. 9, 1916 – I and Raymond sawed up a big log and then carreid hay Till it rained at 20 after ten. The wagon came after Cardie’s things, and got some, but don’t know how much, nor what.

Feb. 11, 1916 – Clara and two babies stayed here last night for the first time Since the 12th of April, 1915.

Feb. 13, 1916 – We had Sunday school today, Andy came up this morning And Stayed a while. James Holman went to Charlie Gentry’s last Night, no, he did not stop as he came back.

Feb. 16, 1916 – Clara and I went to Woodford and heard that old uncle Jonnie Blackburn was dead, died on the night of the 11th.

Feb. 17, 1916 – Sis came by from store and said that one of Claude Conner’s children was burned, did not think it would live.

Feb. 18, 1916 – Today 29 years ago I was very small, I am feeling very bad with a cold.

Feb. 19, 1916 – The wind blew very hard last night, also snowed some, The cow got in with calf and it got all the milk, Yes, I guess it is full.

Feb, 20, 1916 – Will and Julia here, Clara came in the evening.

Feb. 24, 1916 – Went fishing, caught 18 fish, got wet and cold and Had to come home.

Feb. 25, 1916 – Went to woodford, took 74 cents worth of eggs and butter, Got 2 packs coffee, 1 box snuff and 25 cents worth of sugar.

March 1, 1916 – Clara’s red cow brought in a fine calf last night.

March 2, 1916 – Broke on (opened) bushel of meal today.

March 3, 1916 – Cordie Gentry sent a letter to her mother today, she wants To come home.

March 5, 1916 – Today I heard that Emeline Greer had her tail very high last night and this morning, she is showing what kind of religion she has. I and Vergie went to singing today.

March 6, 1916 – I went to Andy’s, he told me that Claude Conner’s little burnt child died Sunday. Also Eve left Sunday morning.

March 7, 1916 – We heard that Eve came back today and caused the bigest time at Woodford that has been heard of for some time, Andy found some clothes that they had stolled out of the store. I don’t think there is any christian in her or Hamp.

March 9, 1916 – Andy moved all of his goods from Hamp’s today, also took Girty and the baby to Todd in buggy.

March 14, 1916 – Cordie came home today, left Jim.

March 16, 1916 – Cold as whiz, 6 above zero, that is cold. Troy Worley moved to the Joe Phillips house today, had a cold move.

March 18, 1916 – Sis and Troy Worley here, also Zora Church here today. Had a big singing at Jake’s and a whole sight of fun.

March 23, 1916 – Set out onions, got done, Mary Phillips and Zora here, came after white ??. Julia gave birth to a boy (no. 6) nobody knew anything about it.

March 26, 1916 – James Holman here.

March 30, 1916 – Troy Worley’s wife happened to an accident last night.

April 1, 1916 – I and Hirel went to Andy’s and took dog.

April 3, 1916 – Raining, Jake cant burn brush.

April 5, 1916 – Thomas came here and will stay all night, I am glad to see him come. I and Clara went to Joe Campbell’s, I got one dollars worth of sugar and 2 dollars worth coffee.

April 6, 1916 – Set hen today.

April 7, 1916 – We had a good snow on the ground, and is still snowing.

April 9, 1916 – Still snowing and cold.

April 19, 1916 – Nora Grubb and sister came over, The last time eny of Jake’s children staid here was the 26th.

April 21, 1916 – I went fishing and caught 14 fish.

April 23, 1916 – Today is Easter, Clara and 3 of her children and I and Vergie went to SS, uncle Isom gave us a little talk. Julia and baby came up and stayed all day. I went to Jerdan’s yesterday, Hered that Dellia Roark died Thursday the 20th.

April 28, 1916 – Went to Jerdan’s, they are worse.

May 3, 1916 – I and Norman went to Todd today and I had fore teeth pulled.

May 5, 1916 – Jake took old roan to Sam Miller’s today.

May 6, 1916 – I helped Troy Worley plant corn one half day and had to come home. Vergie got in two dresses from Claude Houck.

May 9, 1916 – Uncle Pee had a stroke of paralysis and is very bad.

May 12, 1916 – Clara and I planted corn for Grayham’s. Jake took my saw to Allen’s today.

May 15, 1916 – Uncle Emmett came here just at night, and is about give out.

May 17, 1916 – Clara and I and the children went to the Holy meeting And it sure was fine.

May 22, 1916 – Set Andy’s hen.

May 24, 1916 – Took old roan to Sam Miller’s today.

May 27, 1916 – Got done hoeing corn, first time today.

May 29, 1916 – Uncle P died today, age 79 years, 8 months, 16 days.

May 30, 1916 – Uncle P was buried today.

May 31, 1916 – Noah come home with mother and staid till after dinner.

June 2, 1916 – Clara, Nettie and I helped Will hoe corn, Clara and myself are to get 75 cents a piece, and Nettie will get 50 cents.

June 4, 1916 – Badly dissapointed, I did not get to go to the Bluff.

June 5, 1916 – I howed corn for Andy, got new dress, cost $2.65.

June 9, 1916 – Set hen on Julie’s eggs.

June 10, 1916 – I did not get to go to the show, but I am going to Field Creek.

June 11, 1916 – I went to Field Creek and got to see the show and had a good time at the ice cream supper. We had a mess of new potatos on the 9th.

June 18, 1916 – The Graham Boys come up last night and we had a singing until about eleven o’clock, Clara and children were here too.

June 25, 1916 – Uncle Emmett come back here and is almost gove out.

July 10, 1916 – I went over to Woodford to day and sent out an order amounting to 4.63 for Clara, Mother and myself.

July 11, 1916 – Cordie Gentry gave birth to a fine daughter. Uncle Jerdin had a very bad spell today, and had to send for Jake.

July 14, 1916 – We finished cutting rye today, I Jake and Leonard.

July 15-16, 1916 – Rain, rain the bigest rain we have ever had, lots of damage done too.

July 18, 1916 – I went to Allen’s, took cherry bark, I had 64 cts, mother had 13 cts. I got 1 yard of white cloth, cost 25 cents.

July 27, 1916 – Clara Grogan killed five big rattlesnakes today on burnt ridge while out hunting berries.

July 29, 1916 – A fellow came here by the name of Calob Hadson and stayed all night at Jakes, then came back and stayed here all day about. Also Roby Lewis here and ate dinner.

July 30, 1916 – Will Grogan bought five pounds of bacon.

Aug. 2, 1916 – Went fishing, caught 14 fish and then went to Jordins.

Aug. 8, 1916 – We all went and put up the fence around PaPa’s grave.

Aug. 9, 1916 – A croud went berry hunting in the Bluff.

Aug. 11, 1916 – Leonard and the children and myself went to Todd and got flour, sugar. Hered that Blain Phillip’s middle sized baby died today with the summer complaint.

Aug. 13, 1916 – I and Vergie went to preaching, mother went out to Black mountain.

Aug. 14, 1916 – Mother came back from the mountain.

Aug. 20, 1916 – It is reported that three men came near John Howell’s house and shot at him , hit him in the hand with one shot.

Aug. 24, 1916 – Bought of Mr. Mack one 65 dollar machine, the threashing machine left here this evening, Jake made 36 bushels and we made 32 bushels of rye.

Sept. 2, 1916 – A fellow, Jim Pless here, seing after his part of the land. Noah here, he started home with Pless.

Sept. 3, 1916 – My sow hog brought forth 6 fine pigs. Tom Jones married, second time.

Sept. 5, 1916 – Noah and I finished covering the house with roofing today.

Sept. 9, 1916 – Andy and his family came in yesterday, staid here last night only, has gone to Calec??.

Sept. 10, 1916 – Went to preaching at Three Top, had a nice time. Frank Church came here, also Noah came in. Tom Howell and Millard Came and got their hogs that Clara and I had up.

Sept. 13, 1916 – A croud met here last night for the purpose of hulling beans, those present were Thomas G., Noah, Clara, Arthur, Con. G.,Nettie, Maud, Gaither, Ethel, Leonard, Norman, Thurmon, we sat up till 12 O’clock.

Sept. 17, 1916 – Sunday, Julia and some of her kids, Jake, Clara and all of their kids, Arthur and Grady Graham, Burt Gentry all here. Today I am feeling very bad, I got hurt yesterday carring Noah’s trunk.

Sept. 20, 1916 – The first frost is on the ground this morning.

Sept. 21, 1916 – Raymond and I went to Lee Campbell’s today and got us a pair of shoes, the prices are 2.75 and 2.50.

Sept. 22, 1916 – Jake and Clara have got very mad about the steer’s, but I caint help it.

Sept. 24, 1916 – Sunday, we went to preaching today, Leonard, Raymond and Noah here all day.

Sept. 29, 1916 – We finished cutting corn today, cold, cold.

Oct. 1, 1916 – Noah and I cut corn for Tom Howell yesterday and got very cold.

Oct. 5, 1916 – Mother started to W.Va. yesterday, it is raining this morning, don’t know wheather they will start today or not. Jake went and got some beef yesterday, I got fifty cents worth.

Oct. 10, 1916 – A croud met at Will’s to a apple cutting last night.

Oct. 12, 1916 – Another apple cutting at Will’s last night, those present were Noah, myself, mother, Maud, Ona and David Grogan, Walter, Joe and Florance Gentry, Arthur and Conley Graham and all of Will’s folks which made 20 with the babies. Jake got done making molases this morning.

Oct. 14, 1916 – Mother came from W.Va. tonight.

Oct. 15, 1916 – Sunday, preaching at church today, Uncle Isom at dinner here today, also Julia and three of her children.

Oct. 16, 1916 – Got pay from Tom Howell for cutting corn, after giving him a scare.

Oct. 17, 1916 – Sold Allen Jones $10.00 dollars worth of beans, got check for same.

Oct. 19, 1916 – Julia and I went to mill today, had to stay all day, and oh how hungry we got. Got Vergie a pair of shoes which cost 1.75, paid 1.38, got snuff 25 cents.

Oct. 21, 1916 – Clara and I went to Sam’s store, I got sugar 1.00, leather 65, thread 25, soda 20 cents.

Oct. 22, 1916 – Letha, Norman, Noah and Hollie have gone to Polly Graham’s funeral today. This is Sunday.

Oct. 23, 1916 – I turned my hog in pen this morning.

Oct. 24, 1916 – Went and took Andy’s rig to him, got very tired.

Oct. 26, 1916 – Jake helped get wood, two hours and 25m.

Oct. 27, 1916 – Clara and I went to David Lawrence’s today, then back to Lee Campbell’s, then went to Will’s and sold Junia a pig for 3.00.

Oct. 28, 1916 – Bill Trivett and Herbert Houck here and ate dinner on their way home from Showns Tenn.

Oct. 29, 1916 – Leonard, Raymond and myself went to meeting last night, also Conly and Grady.

Nov. 1, 1916 – Got done shucking corn today, don’t know how much we saved.

Nov. 3, 1916 – I hauled Troy Worley’s corn to Frank Phillips.

Nov. 5, 1916 – Sunday, Julia and two of her children here today.

Nov. 6, 1916 – I went to Sam Miller’s, got me a dress, cost 1.89, paid for meat .19 cents.

Nov. 10, 1916 – Nora Benge and her man here and ate dinner.

Nov. 11, 1916 – Thomas Howell ate dinner here today, also George and John here.

Nov. 13, 1916 – Dora Worley brought her cow here for me to feed this winter.

Nov. 15, 1916 – Clara and I staid at Bill Calloway’s last night, set up all night, snowed, some dusting, the night pretty cold.

Nov. 16, 1916 – Sold my pigs to Henry Phillips for $6.30, went and carried one of them for Henry. Got plaiver sugar and a knife for 1.60.

Nov. 17, 1916 – Jake and ourselves killed our hogs today, don’t know how much they weighed. Mr. Kay from Creston came here to buy some hogs, no, we did not trade.

Nov. 18, 1916 – Conley Graham helped me saw wood for two hours, Noah and Clyde Gentry came in at night.

Nov. 19, 1916 – Leonard and I went to Laurel Knob church to preaching today and had a good time.

Nov. 20, 1916 – Troy and myself cut wood five hours.

Nov. 21, 1916 – Clara and I went to mill, took 10 1/2 bushels grain, staid all day, ate dinner with Mrs. Conner, had a good dinner.

Nov. 22, 1916 – Plowed our’s and Clara’s gardens, then we put out onions, Clara, Conley, Arthur, Mother, Myself and some of the children worked till night.

Nov. 23, 1916 – Clara, Mother and myself helped the Graham boys shuck corn, rainy and cold, lots of wind.

Nov. 24, 1916 – I and the children went to Sam Miller’s, I took two doz. And nine eggs which came to .85 cents.

Nov. 25, 1916 – Clara sold her calf for 15 dollars, then came up and paid mother 10 dollars borried money.

Nov. 26, 1916 – Julia and I went to the Chappel to preaching, had a good time.

Nov. 29, 1916 – I went to Baldwin today to get some stuff for Xmas.

Nov. 30, 1916 – Mother and Clara went to Will’s to a quilting, said they had a good time and a real good dinner.

Dec. 1, 1916 – I went to W.L. Campbell’s, got sugar, coffee, dry goods, buttons and I took beans.

Dec. 3, 1916 – Mother got back from Black Mountain, Conly came up and staid till 9 o’clock tonight.

Dec. 4, 1916 – Noah is going to start today, sent out order, 98 cents, also sent Joe 38 lbs. Buckwheat flower, cost 90 cents to send to Joe.

Dec. 5, 1916 – Mr. Houck and a young man came after tole rye, got one bushel and a half.

Dec. 10, 1916 – Will, Julia and Clara here.

Dec. 12, 1916 – The first big snow is on the ground this morning, about 4 inches deep.

Dec. 13, 1916 – I went to Allen’s, got Conley’s order he sent out the 4th.

Dec. 14, 1916 – Still snowey and cold. Clara made Mother a apron.

Dec. 19, 1916 – Clara came up and told us some news, that the Howell’s had sold their part of land to Joe Phillips. Yesterday Clara got in her goods from William’s, yes, truly they are pretty.

Dec. 20, 1916 – Jake cleared, I went to Todd today, got Christmas goods and got cold too.

Dec. 22, 1916 – All went to entertainment at the church, some of the people had a good time but it was not me, Clara’s children went home with Andy.

Dec. 24, 1916 – Very dry today, Will and Julia and some of their children here, also Arthur and Grady. Then a man and a woman came up to stay all night, caint enjoy myself at all.

Dec. 26, 1916 – Raymond came and helped me saw wood, Thomas Gentry came and staid all night. Noah came back from Buffalo.

Dec. 27, 1916 – Thoms Howell moved to the Wringler place today.

Dec. 28, 1916 – George Howell moved to Dr. Graham’s place at the saddle gap today.

Dec. 30, 1916 – Thomas and Noah came in , going to stay all night.


Jan. 1, 1917 – Thoms and Letha started to Laurel Bloomery to see Uncle Ben Gentry who is sick.

Jan. 6, 1917 – Today I and Thoms got in from Tenn., had a good time. Got a letter from Thomas M. Black also.

Jan. 9, 1917 – Troy Worley helped me saw wood one half day.

Jan. 13, 1917 – Noah and I hauled hay from Will’s today, got another card from CC yesterday.

Jan. 14, 1917 – Sunday, F.C. Worley came came here to buy meat. Clara, Noah, Leonard and Raymond here. Nice day after the sun got up.

Jan. 16, 1917 – I went to W.L. Campbell’s, took meat, come to 11 D, 22c, got check for same.

Jan. 17, 1917 – Clara had a quilting, those present was, Julia, Mother and myself.

Jan. 23, 1917 – I went to Black Mountain yesterday to buy a cow, did not get any, then I went to Jake’s this morning and he got mad because I would not buy their old cow, he cussed me like everthing.

Jan. 25, 1917 – I and Noah went to Henry Howell’s and got me a cow, cost 41dollars. Mary and Willie came over to buy meat, sold her one ham, got 4.00 for it. Dora came after their cow too.

Jan. 28, 1917 – Clara, Leonard, Della and Allo Bledsoe here, also two of Clara’s children.

Feb. 1, 1917 – I got a letter from Mr. Baldwin yesterday, wanting me to pay for sewing machine, also got a letter from Joe today, (no did not get any money). T.S. Maxwell is around buying timber.

Feb. 2, 1917 – This is the coldest time we have had for years. We got a card from Joe, he is coming home to stay.

Feb. 5, 1917 – Joe and family got in from W.Va., came to Andy’s

Feb. 6, 1917 – Joe came over to see us today, has gone to Tolliver to see about lost money.

Feb. 8, 1917 – Raymond and I went to Field Creek and helped Joe and family to come across the mountain.

Feb. 10, 1917 – Our little brin cow brought a fine calf last night.

Feb. 11, 1917 – A crowed met here last night and sung until about 10 O clock.

Feb. 12, 1917 – Joe’s household goods arrived in Todd tonight, so we understand.

Feb. 15, 1917 – Joe’s house hold goods was brought in today.

Feb. 18, 1917 – 30 years ago I was very small, I am 30 years old. Joe has gone to Andy’s to have his trunks sent out.

Feb. 23, 1917 – Joe and I went to Buffalo to preaching yesterday, had a good time. I sent to Sam Miller’s after flower, sugar, syrup and so on.

Feb. 25, 1917 – A big box supper was at the church last night, and entertainment also, had an extra nice time, got about 15.00 dollars for the supper.

Feb. 28, 1917 – I went to W.L. Campbell’s this morning and got a plow point, cost 45 cents. Joe boxed up barn shed. J.M. Black, age 37 plowed his first day with a turn plow.

Mar. 6, 1917 – Old man Mayfield died this morning.

Mar. 7, 1917 – The Old man was burried today.

Mar. 9, 1917 – Grant Jones died last night with fever.

Mar. 10, 1917 – The boy was burried today at 12 O clock.

Mar. 11, 1917 – Sunday, Nettie and Mattie Calloway here today.

Mar. 15, 1917 – Joe Black sold his part of land to Will Grogan, got 40 down. I sold my organ to Joe.

Mar. 17, 1917 – Joe started back to W.Va. this morning.

Mar. 21, 1917 – Ida got a letter from Joe today, she is fixing to move.

Mar. 23, 1917 – When many miles apart we may be, you can see this but you cain’t see me. Ida B.

Mar. 27, 1917 – Ida and Dave started to W.Va. yesterday, I went as far as Todd with them. We learned that Mrs. Nan Campbell died Saturday with asma.

Apr. 1, 1917 – The Mr. Lewis came home with Clara last night, came up home with me and ate supper, then staid at Jake’s all night..

Apr. 5, 1917 – We paid Leonard in full for his work.

Apr. 8, 1917 – Uncle Isom and Charlie came over and staid with us last night. Grady came up and staid all day with us.

Apr. 10, 1917 – Charley Gentry died today at 3:30 O clock.

Apr. 11, 1917 – Arthur took old black to Sam Miller’s today. Grady and I went to mill too. Noah got in from Jefferson.

Apr. 12, 1917 – We all went to burriel today of Charley Gentry.

Apr. 16, 1917 – Vergie and I went to mill this morning, took one bushel and a peck of corn. I went to Sam Miller’s and got 50# flower and a new hoe.

Apr. 20, 1917 – Sold steers to Tom Farmer for 100.

Apr. 21, 1917 – Henry Phillips bought a little yoke of steers here this evening, cost 55.

Apr. 23, 1917 – Julia got seed corn, one gallon and ond 1 qt. 25 c

Apr. 28, 1917 – I went to Andy’s today, loaned him 55 dollars.

May 1, 1917 – We commenced planting corn yesterday afternoon.

May 2, 1917 – Price G. laid off corn ground for us today.

May 7, 1917 – I and Arthur G. Helped Will plant corn.

May 13, 1917 – Julia and I went to preaching over at Laurel Nob church.

May 14, 1917 – Dora Worley come and bought butter, 50c, honey 36 c, paid for same.

May 15, 1917 – I and mother helped Arthur sheer sheep one half day.

May 16, 1917 – I and mother sheered sheep, 3 hours each.

May 17, 1917 – I helped sheer sheep 4 hours. Went to mill, took 3 pecks corn.

May 18, 1917 – I and mom sheared sheep, I 4 hours, M. 3h.

May 24, 1917 – I and Vergie went to Sam Millers, got 60c worth coffee for butter, we have sold 15 lbs butter.

May 28, 1917 – There was a big boy born at the home of Tom Howell’s last night, the first one.

June 1, 1917 – Jurdin Grogan came after Clara yesterday, we had a terriable storm of rain and hail this evening. There was a girl baby born at the home of Isam Grogan’s last night.

June 8, 1917 – We got done hoeing corn today, first time.

June 9, 1917 – Got an old hen and chicks of Arthur G. today.

June 12, 1917 – I and Clara helped Arthur hoe corn.

June 13, 1917 – We hoed corn for Arthur today until 4 o clock.

June 14, 1917 – Clara and I went and dug roots 2 hours.

June 17, 1917 – There was a big frost on everthing and has killed lots of stuff. There was preaching at the church last night, Mr, Testerman did the preaching.

June 22, 1917 – Arthur, Julia and children helped me hoe corn one day each. Arthur paid up in full all he was due us.

June 25, 1917 – Noah brought a pig here, weight 20 #, cost him 3.00 dollars.

July 3, 1917 – I bought Noah’s pig for 4.00.

July 11, 1917 – Julia borried 4 gal buckwheat and 3 gallons corn, There are done thrashing buckwheat at our place.

July 12, 1917 – Will borried 1 1\2 gal buckwheat.

July 14, 1917 – Noah drove brin to Allen Jones.

July 15, 1917 – There was a box supper at the church last night, the boxes sold for $22.50.

July 16, 1917 – There was a daughter born to Mr. & Mrs. George Howell last night.

July 25, 1917 – We had a bee swarm today, the first one in two years.

Aug. 1, 1917 – George Lawrence died today about 12 o clock with tuberklosis of the bone. Julia, Leo and myself went to Lee Campbell’s store.

Aug. 7, 1917 – Ramon came and got Andy’s horse this morning to pasture.

Aug. 12, 1917 – Noah, wife and baby came here last night and staid till after dinner.

Aug. 31, 1917 – A crowd went after berries yesterday, I got enough to fill 4 cans, Arthur got enough for 3 cans, he has 5 cans up.

Sept. 1, 1917 – Henry Gentry came here today.

Sept. 9, 1917 – Henry came back today, will stay all night and take pictures tomorrow. Julia came up and got 3 lbs honey at 15 c lb. Paid mother a 2 dollar bill on what she is due us, she is still due us 28 cents. The two first frost are the mornings of the 12-13.

Sept. 16, 1917 – There was another son born to A.C. Black last night, Gabe.

Oct. 3, 1917 – A crowd started to the war today.

Oct. 5, 1917 – We took ?? bushels of corn to mill today.

Oct. 21, 1917 – Wesley Gentry and Leach Gentry’s girl came here yesterday.

Oct. 24, 1917 – The first good sized snow came last night.

Oct. 27, 1917 – Dan Jones baby died yesterday morning.

Oct. 28, 1917 – Uncle Henry Lawrence paid us a visit today.

Nov. 8, 1917 – I went to Andy’s today. The big sawmill came to the Calloway’s timber today, or a part of it, so I have been told.

Nov. 11, 1917 – Sunday, Andy, Julia, Oscar Lawrence and Will here today.

Nov. 16, 1917 – We killed our hog yesterday, it weighed two hundred and fifty. We got done shucking corn yesterday.

Nov. 17, 1917 – A croud met here yesterday to devide the land, they gave Clara her part and did not devide the rest, will see after it at another time.

Nov. 24, 1917 – I received a money order from J.M. Black yesterday amounting to $26.40 for beans.

Dec. 1, 1917 – Noah and I went to W.L. Campbell’s today and got 13.75 worth of stuff.

Dec. 11, 1917 – We killed our little hog today. Big snow on the ground.

Dec. 25, 1917 – A croud here today fir dinner, thoes present were Mr. And Mrs. Sluder, Mr. And Mrs. Miller and Will and Julia, Thomas Gentry and Noah, had a big dinner.


Feb. 1, 1918 – There was a wedding here last night, I changed my name to Mrs. Graham, Andy officiated, Julia, Will, Leonard and Clyde Gentry were present.

Feb. 8, 1918 – Andy, Will and Leonard sold their part of land today to A.D. Graham.

Apr. 6, 1918 – Mr Bob Sluder moved to Arthur Grahams.

May 20, 1918 – Took Rob Millers cow to pastur today.

May 23, 1918 – Took old black to Allen Jones.

May 26, 1918 – Sunday, drove bren to S.G. Millers


Feb. 23, 1922 – Brin will bring calf.

Apr. 7, 1922 – Bama will bring calf.

Apr. 28, 1922 – Little red will bring calf.

Jan. 16, 1929 – Mother died this morning at ten after one.

Jan. 17, 1929 – Mother burried today at 2 o’clock.

Nov. 11, ???? – Papa and Moma has gone to shuck corn, I am keeping house.

It is sad that the early part of this journal was lost, we could have learned much from it.

Warren H. Houck
GGrandson of Jesse
1388 W.T.Calloway Rd.
Todd, NC 28684