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Sutherland Family Cemetery

Galax, Virginia

Location: This small family cemetery in Carroll County Virginia, is within the City Limits of Galax Virginia. The graves are beside the residence at 139 Clover Street.


GPS Coordinates: N36.67394 W80.92337

Surveyed by: Buford C. Wilson Completed 12 Dec 2005 Updated 03 Mar 2007

Comments: There are 3 marked graves, and by family tradition there are more members of the Sutherland family buried here.

Sutherland Family Cemetery, Galax, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
SUTHERLAND, Emma G. “Emmie” 17 Nov 1860 15 Feb 1901
SUTHERLAND, Leonard S. 11 Jul 1824 21 May 1894
SUTHERLAND, W. Walter 31 Jan 1882 03 Dec 1908