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Sutherland Cemetery

Galax, Virginia

Location: This cemetery was in Carroll County Virginia, within the City Limits of Galax. The cemetery was located on the north side of Rt. 887 (Glendale Road) in the present day Glen Ridge Subdivision.


GPS Coordinates: N36.68491 W80.90428

Surveyed by: Buford C. Wilson Compiled 02 Mar 2007

Comments: This land was previously owned by Alexander C. Sutherland and the Sutherland home was nearby. When the land was developed, the remains of the people listed below were removed and taken to various local cemeteries. The information listed in [brackets] is inscribed on the stone.

Sutherland Cemetery Site, Galax, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
GALLIMORE, Mary F. (Mabry) 09 Oct 1861 26 Dec 1892 [Consort of William Gallimore] Dau of Absolom and Fannie Mabry. Remains were moved to the Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Carroll County, VA.
KENNEY, John W. These remains and the next were moved to the nearby Gladeville UMC Cemetery and a new stone erected there.
KENNEY, Laura Jane 30 Mar 1906 [Dau of J.W. & E.J. Kenney]
The following remains were moved to the Galax City Cemetery. GPS Coordinates for them is: N 36.66705 W 080.90909
SMITH, Esta 1873 1877 This and the next five appear to be children of James Freeman and S. Adeline Monday Smith.
SMITH, Cora 1877 1884
SMITH, Anna 1880 1888
SMITH, Weldon 1887 1887
SMITH, Fletcher 1887 1888
SMITH, Samuel 1884 1888
COLE, Rosamond Caroline 22 Dec 1850 05 Apr 1919
COLE, Mary 15 Apr 1830 15 May 1893 Dau of Patrick F. & Margaret Roberts; wife of Charles C. Cole
COLE, Charles C. Co I 51 Va Inf CSA
COLE, Lee, Dr. 22 Feb 1870 18 Dec 1897
KENNEY, Emma Nicatie 23 Aug 1863 30 Aug 1892 Dau of Jacob S. and Melvina Bishop; wife of John A. Kenney
TURNER, Sarah [Born ca 1800] 20 Apr 1885
ANDREWS, John J. 25 Jun 1855 20 Jan 1915 Aged 59 yr 6 mo 3 dys; son of Alford and Phoeba (Reddick) Andrews
MINOR, Isaac A. 18 Apr 1854 31 Dec 1906
JACKSON, infant [Infant Dau of S.H. & L.A. Jackson] Samuel H. & Laura A. (Goodykoontz) Jackson
JACKSON, infant [Infant Son of S.H. & L.A. Jackson] Samuel H. & Laura A. (Goodykoontz) Jackson
JACKSON, infant [Infant Dau of S.H. & L.A. Jackson] Samuel H. & Laura A. (Goodykoontz) Jackson
WORRELL, Amanda J. 14 Jan 1847 29 Sep 1903
WORRELL, Amos 30 Mar 1818 05 Oct 1895 Son of Amos and Nellie Worrell
WORRELL, Luvina 12 Feb 1827 [Aged 85 years 15 days; wife of Amos Worrell]
GOODYKOONTZ, Amanda 04 Apr 1826 31 Jan 1901 Stone is broken and the part with the husband’s name [Henry] is missing.
The following names are on one stone:
COLE, Ellen
COLE, Emma
COLE, infant son
GALLIMORE, James Irdle
GALLIMORE, Salindy Mildred 17 Mar 1855 06 May 1917 Dau of Edward and Malissie Vinson Akers; no dates on stone; wife of James Irdle Gallimore
SEMONES, Mary Ann 03 Feb 1835 30 Nov 1917 No dates on stone. Dau of William Gallimore
These members of the Dobyns family were moved to the Woodlawn UMC Cemetery in Carroll County Virginia. GPS Coordinates for the graves are: N 36.72722 W 080.81995
DOBYNS, B.W. 08 Mar 1831 11 Aug 1888 Benjamin W.
DOBYNS, C.V. 06 Feb 1842 01 Mar 1869 [Wife of B.W. Dobyns]
DOBYNS, E.A. 28 Jan 1869 16 May 1870 [Son of B.W. & C.V. Dobyns]
DOBYNS, Elizabeth [Wife of B.W. Dobyns] The headstone is missing. The foot stone has been used as a marker. It has the initials E.F.D.
DOBYNS, M.M. 03 Feb 1860 17 Sep 1862 [Son of B.W. & E.F. Dobyns]
DOBYNS, A.G. 15 Mar 1862 05 Sep 1862 [Son of B.W. & E.F. Dobyns]
DOBYNS, Lina H. 18 Feb 1837 18 Feb 1904 [Wife of B.W. Dobyns; Age 67]
DOBYNS, infant son [Son of B.W. & L.H. Dobyns]
DOBYNS, Elizabeth 28 Apr 1790 22 Aug 1866 [Wife of Abner Dobyns]
These members of the Sutherland Family were moved to Felts Memorial Cemetery before the land was developed. I assume the remains were moved shortly after the plots were purchased in 1935. GPS Coordinates for the graves: N 36.68080 W 080.90875.
SUTHERLAND, Alexander C. 16 Aug 1835 21 Oct 1907
SUTHERLAND, Sarah Ann 29 Apr 1849 10 May 1928 Wife of Alexander C. Sutherland
SUTHERLAND, Walter Lambeth 21 Feb 1891 27 Feb 1892 Son of Alexander C. and Sarah Ann Sutherland