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A New List of the Surviving Members of the St. Clair’s Bottom Church

April 9, 1831


Lester, Levi
Hubbel, Joel
Sherwood, Adaiah, Sen.
Cole, Hugh
Cole, Samson – Departed this life June 25, 1833
Bishop, Levi
Tilson, William, Sen., Departed April 9, 1833
Williams, Richard, Departed this life June 19, 1838
Senter, Aron, Exchuminated January 12, 1833
Stalcup, William, Dismist by letter August 1837
Tilson, William Jun.
Sherwood, Adaich, Jun.
Farnesworth, James, Excluded October 13, 1834
Samuel – Black bother, dismist by letter February 1822
DeBusk, Andrew – Dismist by Letter August 10, 1833
Surber, Josep
Grimes, James
Paterson, Andrew,- Dismist by letter November 11, 1837
Jack – Black Brother
Blankenbeckler, Georg
Bishop, Noah – Received by Letter April 2, 1821
Tilson, David – Dismissed – Received back by letter, excluded April 13, 1839, Restored
Madon, Newland Job, Receieved by letter February 1833
Haley, Amos, Received by experience June 8, 1839. Exclused June. 13, 1840.
Sexton, Joseph, Received by letter June 8, 1837
Rolen, William, Received by experience Jun. 8, 1938. Deceast, Marc 15, 1849
Cole, Samson, Received by experience
Wheeler, Stephen, Received by Experience
Dungan, John, Dungun, Received by Experience
Wheeler, Nathaniel, Received by Experience
Meed, William, Received by experience
Sherwood, Robert, Received by Experience
Black Jerry – Received by Experience, Departed March 11, 1841
Rolen, Mikel
Cole, Sampson
Abbott, Joseph
Pecck, Jacob
Ned – Black Brother
Jacobs, Alpha
Hopkins, Charles
Alsup, Luciel, Recieved by Letter May 28, 1825
Walker, Nancy, Received by Experience, May 28, 1825
Grose, Mary, Received by Experience Aug. 13, 1825.
Tuel ______, Received by letter April 8, 1827
Edmonson, Mary, Received by Experience, Nov. 10, 1827
Bishop, Margaret, Received by Experience April 11, 1828
Yogne, Ruth, Received by Experience, June 7, 1828
Bishop, Ann, Received by Experience, July 7, 1828
Wilson, Sidney, Received by letter September 11, 1830


Lester, Anna – Departed March 11, 1838
Rouse, Dorcus, Departed
Jackston, Elabeth
Stalcup, Marah, Departed this life Nov. 23, 1833
Bishop, Rhoda
Surber, Ruth, Departed
Dungan, Rebecky
Thomas, Freelove
Thomas, Martha
Wheeler, Margaret
Bishop, Rachel
Huston, Elizabeth, Departed this life Sept. 20, 1834.
Williams, Kisiah
Tilson, Eunice
Buchanan, Rebecky, Departed this life May 17th, 1838
Roberson, Elizabeth
Senter, Elizabeth, Excluded January 11, 1839
Rous, Anna – Dis. By Letter
Williams, Martha
Blankenbeckler, Sarah
Williams, Jayne – Dismist by letter August 3, 1835.
Cincanon, Martha
Margaret – Black Sister, Dismist by letter October 8 [no year stated]
Tomlinson, Sarah
Patterson, Elizabeth – Dismist November 11, 1837
Williams, Sarah, Departed this life, Novem. The 5th 1836
Rose – Black Sister
Farnsworth, Marah – Decest, January 1832
Sherwood, Persilla – Decest, April 17, 1836
Surber, Marah
Allsope, Levice
Waker, Nancy
Grose, Marah
Edmonson, Marah
DeBord, Margaret – Dismist by letter
Jayne, Ruth, -Deceast 2 February 1836
Bishop, Ann, Dismist by letter August 30, 1834
Tilson, Sydney, Dismist by letter October 3, 1832
Suite, Nancy
Konl, Marah, Decest, October 21st 1832
Shupe, Ester
Bishop, Sarah, Received by letter April 9, 1831
Fletcher, Margaret. Dismist by letter April 9, 1831
Silve, – Black Sister, Received July 1823 by experience
Roe, Elizabeth, Received July 7, 1832 by experience
Handy, Gracy
Handy, Elizabeth, August 2, 1833 by letter
Ashlin, Pheby, August 2, 1833 by letter
Lunsford, Mary, Received August 16 [no year stated] by experience. Departed this life Februay 13, 1836.
Rolen, Susanna, Received June 10, 1837 by experience

Membership notes in the last four pages of the Church book for the period, 1831- 1859

Hopkins, Abigail, Deceast, October 19th, 1846
Kincannon, Molly, Restored July 12th 1846
Dungan, John, Decease, Nov. 16th, 1846
Guinnelly, Anna, Dismissed Dec. 12th by letter [no year stated]
Hawkins, Solomon, Received by Experience and Baptism, October 10, 1846
Debord, Martha, Received by Experience and Baptism, October 10, 1846
Sherwood, Katherine, Received by Experience and Baptism, October 10, 1846
Roe, Elizabeth, Deceast, March 27th, 1847
Atwell, Nancy, Received by letter April 10th 1947, this act rescinded May 8th.
Robinson, Mary, Dect. May 29th, 1847
McClure, Pruciller, Dect. July 15th, 1847
Henry (Black man of H. Cole) Excluded July 10th.
Atwell, Nancy, Restored July 10th (above)
Sherwood, Robert and Mary his wife, was dismised by letter Sept. 11th 1847.
Bishop, Rhoda, Dect. Sept. 26th, 1847
Cole, James. Rec. by Exp. & Bapt. Octo. 8, 1847
Fadis, Lotty, Excluded Jan. 8th, 1848
Roland, Ann, Dect. Decem. 25th, 1847
Thomas, Freelove, Dest. March 22, 1848
Hubble, Rachel, Excluded Feb. 12, [1848]
Aron, Wm. Dismisst, Feb. 12, 1848
Bishop, Nancy, Dismist, Feb. 12, 1848
Richarson, Wm. Dismist, Jun. 11, 1848
Richardson, Mahala, Dismist Jun. 11, 1848
Allen, Martha, Deceast, October 24, 1848
Sherwood, Katherine, Dest. Nov. 26, 1848
Halsey, Elizabeth, Dest, Decr. 21, 1848
Sexton, Joseph, Dest, March 14, 1848
Baker, Leah, Excluded August 4th, 1846
Meriah, Black sister
McClure, Effie, Dest. Oct. 30, 1854
Haley, Elizabeth, Dest, Dec. 21 1848
Tilson, Liddy, Dis. By letter
Allen, Martha, Deceast, Oct. 29th, 1848
Copenhaver, Eliza Given for Constitution
Mettilda – B Sister Excluded
Blaninbecker, Pricella, – Dismissed
Shepard, Sela
Sherwood, Ennis
Catron, Anna – Dismist
McClure, Stellar – Deceast July 15th, 1847
Milley, B. Sister, belong to John Thomas
Hawkins, Elizabeth
Stuart, Susannah
Cole, Elizabeth
Debord, Martha
Debord, Katharine, Decst, July 4, 1851
Atwell, Nancy, Restored July 10th, 1847, Dismissed by letter
Allen, Ann
Hawkins, Mary
McClure, Eunice
Debord, Sarah
Hathorn, Mary
Cole, Dorias, Dest, May 27th, 1853
Cole, Plly Ann, Dect. October 10, 1859
Bishop, Mary
Hopkins, Elizabeth
Jacobs, Sarah – By Application Dect. 1853
Fanny, A Cullored sister belong to H. Cole
St. John, Hannah
Hawkins, Lucretia
Matilda – A black sister Dec.
Fanny, A black sister Dec. April 24th, 1859