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Minutes of the Twenty-Sixth Annual Session of the Senter District P. B. Association

Convened with the

North Fork Church, Ashe County, N.C.,

on the 22nd and 23rd Days of August, 1879.

The Introductory Sermon was delivered by Elder B. E. Caudill, Correspondent from the Mountain Association; from the 12th chapter and 22nd verses of Paul’s Letter to the Hebrews: “But ye are come to Mount Zion, and unto the city of the living God.”

After a short intermission, The Delegates assembled in the Church House and were called to order, by singing and prayer by Elder Wm. Hall, Correspondent from the Roaring River Association.

  1. Letters from all the different churches were handed in, and on motion were read and received, and their Delegates seated.
  2. Proceeded to organize the Association by choosing Elder A. J. Taylor, Moderator, and Brother Wm. B. Reves, Clerk.
  3. On motion, called for newly constituted churches of our faith and order, when Pleasant Grove church presented a letter which was received and the right hand of fellowship given her delegates, and they were seated in the council.
  4. Called for Corresponding Brethern from sister Associations: Elder Wm. B. Halsey from the Mountain, and Elder Wm. Hall and Brother S. C. Shumate from the Roaring River came forward and were seated in the council.
  5. On motion, Transient Ministers of our faith and order were invited to seats with us: Elder B. E. Caudill being present accepted and was seated with us.
  6. On motion, the Moderator was authorized to make all temporary appointments during the session.
  7. Appointed brethern A. Stuart, Jas. S. Owens, with the Delegates of this Church, A Committee to arrange the ministry during this session, who reported for Saturday: 1st. Elder Wm. Hall, 2nd Elder J. H. Vannoy; 3rd Elder B. E. Caudill. For Sabbath: 1st Elder Hall; 2nd Elder Caudill; 3rd Elder Wm. B. Halsey.
  8. Appointed Brethren Andrew Dixon, James Gambill, and Edward Barker a Committee to select correspondents to visit sister Associations, who reported as follows, viz: To the Mountain, Elders A. J. Taylor, R. Kilby and Brethern Noah Bladwin and Wm. B. Reves. To the Washington, Elders A. J. Taylor, J. R. Baldwin, and Brother H. B. Miller. To the Roaring River: Elders J. H. Vannoy, Jacob Koontz, C. C. Davis, and Brother Wm. B. Reves.
  9. Appointed Brother J. H. Waggoner to write a letter of Correspondence to the Washington, J. B. McMillan to write to the Mountain, and Edward Barker to the Roaring River, and have them ready for inspection by tomorrow.
  10. Appointed Elder J. H. Vannoy, R. Kilby, J. R. Baldwin, and Brethern Noah Baldwin and Harrison Miller with the Moderator and Clerk a Committee to arrange the business of the Association; Corresponding Brethern and Transients invited to sit with the Committee.
  11. On motion, adjourned till 9 o’clock tomorrow morning. Prayer by Elder B. E. Caudill.

Saturday, August 23rd, 1879

Met according to adjournment, and after prayer by Elder Wm. B. Halsey, proceeded to business.

  1. Called the names of the Delegates and marked absentees.
  2. Called on the Committee of Arrangements to report, who reported and were discharged.
  3. Read the Constitution and Rules of Decorum.
  4. Appointed Brethern J. B. McMillan, Wm. A. Stuart, and Jesse B. Miller, a Committee of Finance, who reported that they had received in:

    Contributions from the churches $21.75
    From the Treasurer of last year 5.00
    Total $26.75
    Paid to Correspondents $13.75
    Allowed the Clerk for Services 3.00 $16.75
    Left in the hands of the Treasurer $10.00

    Committee discharged.

  5. Called on correspondents to report, who reported and were discharged.
  6. Called on the Brethern that were appointed to write corresponding letter to read them. The letters being read, on motion, were received and the brethern discharged.
  7. On motion the Pleasant Grove Church was attached to the 2nd District.
  8. Called on the Committee that was appointed to visit the New River Church for failing to be present last year; who reported satisfactorily and were discharged.
  9. Appointed Elders Wm. B. Alsey from the Mountain, and Wm. Hall from the Roaring River, a Committee to select a Committee from this body, consisting of three members, whose duty it shall be to look after destitute members and churches, to notice Corresponding lines and cooperate with other like Committees of sister Associations, who reported as such Committee, Elders A. J. Taylor, C. C. Davis, and Brother Wm. B. Reeves.
  10. In answer to the questions from the North Fork Church we refer them to our standing committee.
  11. Appointed the Clerk Treasurer, and ordered him to have 425 copies of these minutes printed and distributed as heretofore.
  12. Appointed the next Association to be held with Big Helton Church, Ashe County, N. C., North-west from Jefferson 15 miles; to commence on Friday before the fourth Sunday in August 1880, and appointed Elder A. J. Taylor to preach the Introductory Sermon, Elder J. H. Vannoy, Alternate.
  13. Resolved, That we tender our heart-felt thanks to God and to the Brethern and citizens of this vicinity, for their kind hospitality to us during the session.
  14. Resolved that we now adjourn to the time and place of our next Association.

Admonition and prayer by the Moderator, adjourned.

A. J. Taylor, Moderator
Wm. B. Reves, Clerk

Churches and Pastors

Churches Pastors
Beaver Creek J. H. Vannoy
Bear Creek W. Dillard
Senter J. Koontz
Cranberry A. J. Taylor
Big Helton R. Kilby
Silas Creek R. Kilby
Horse Creek Kilby and Baldwin
South Fork
Roan’s Creek Vannoy and Koontz
North Fork J. R. Baldwin
New River J. R. Baldwin
Wilson R. Kilby
Pleasant Grove C. Davis and H. Miller

Statistical Table