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The Robert L. Perry Cemetery

Alleghany County, North Carolina

Location:  Fred Weaver Road off 113 via 1300.

Directions:  If you park at the old campground it is a short walk to the trail to the top of the hill. The trail is marked by an old cable stretched across it, but easily crossed. The directions from the Alleghany cemetery listings state that it is on the left, toward the mouth of the creek. It is opposite the creek and other small family cemeteries are along this road, some well hidden from the road by the woods. You cross the cable and follow the path to the top of the hill.

GPS Coordinates:  

Surveyed by:  Tom Perry

Comments:  The Robert L. Perry cemetery is located in Alleghany County, North Carolina. I visited there myself in August of 1996 and copied names and dates from the legible stones. I have clear photographs of some. Numerous other UNMARKED or ILLEGIBLE gravestones are present. The graveyard was well tended , fenced, and mown on my last visit. This includes all the legible names that were found there.

The Robert L. Perry Cemetery, Alleghany County, North Carolina
Name Birth Death Comments
David I Perry 3-25-1831 12-19-1919  
Mary Perry 6-21-1832 6-21-1897  
Hiram Perry 4-23-1864 6-14-1952  
Sarah Candis Roupe 2-5-1867 2-18-1936 wife of Hiram Perry
Lillie S. 10-28-1879 4-6-1935 wife of Robert L. Perry
Robert L Perry   1963  
JW 3-?-1886 7-19-1889 The “?” in JW’s record simply means I couldn’t clearly read that part of the date.
Mary E. 11-1-1890 5-22-1898 d/o of Hiram and Sarah Perry.
William E. 5-18-1904 6-16-1905 s/o of Hiram and Sarah Perry.
Two of the stones contained no name, but included the following dates
Stone 1 9-10-1909 9-10-1909
Stone 2 9-10-1907 10-31-1907

You may reproduce and share the above information freely, but do not attempt to copyright it. I verify that it is my own work, based on a personal visit and give this freely to PUBLIC DOMAIN.