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Directory of Richmond City Officials 1861-1865

Elected for one year terms from April to April, annually

Mayor: Joseph Carrington Mayo, 1861-1865
President of the Council: David J. Saunders, Sr. 1861-1865
Members of the City Council:

Ward Councilmen


Richard O. Haskins, 1861-1865
Nathaniel Boush Hill, 1861-1865
Allen Young Stokes, 1861-1865
John Hough Greaner, 1861-1862 William Holt Richardson, 1862-1865
Edwin A. J. Clopton, 1863-1865


George Knox Crutchfield, Sr., 1861-1865
David Judson Burr, Jr., 1861- 1865
Peachy Ridgway Grattan, 1861-1863
Thomas Hicks Wynne, 1861-1865, James Alexander Scott, Sr., 1862-1865
Richard Frederick Walker, 1863-1865
George Wythe Randolph, 1863-1865


David J. Saunders, Sr., 1861-1865
Larkin White Glazebrook, 1861- 1865
Samuel David Denoon 1861-1865
Fleming Griffin, 1861-1865
Thomas Carson Epps, Sr., 1861-1865

Ward Alderman


Richard D. Sanxay, 1861-1865
Dr. Abel Francois Picot, 1861- 1864
Charles B. Hill 1861-1862
George E. Saddler, 1861-1862
William Taylor 1861-1865
Nathaniel M. Lee 1862-1863
Edwin A. J. Clopton 1862-1863
James A. Inloes, 1863-1864
John H. Pleasants 1863-1865
Robert J. Christian, 1864-1865
L. T. Chandler, 1864-1865


James K. Caskie, 1861-1865
James Bray 1861-1864
William B. Smith 1861-1864
Robert M. Burton 1861-1862
John J. Binford 1861-1862
George N. Gwathmey 1862-1865
John Purcell 1862-1863
George W. Gilliam, 1863- 1865
Andrew L. Ellett, 1864-1865
Charles E. Wortham 1864-1865


John F. Regnault, 1861-1865
Nathaniel C. Lipscomb, 1861- 1864
William W. Timberlake, 1861-1864
Charles E. Anderson, 1861-1863
John W. Beveridge, 1861-1863
Adolphus Gary, 1863-1865
Thomas M. Jones, 1863-1865
James C. McCarthy, 1864-1865
James T. Williams, 1864-1865

Captain of the Night Watch:
Archibald Wilkinson 1861 d. 1/20/1862
Lewis M. Carter (Jan-Apr. 1862)
James B. Pleasants, 1862-1865.

Superintendent of Streets:
Micajah Bates (d. 7/14/1861)
Washington Gill, City Engineer, duties transferred to the City Engineer 4/7/1862

City Sergeant: Thomas Underwood Dudley, 1861-1865

City Collector: Julius A. Hobson, 1861-1865

City Assessor: Dabney M. Miller, 1861-1865

Superintendent of Water Works: James L. Davis, 1861-1865

Superintendent of Gas Works: John J. Fry, 1861-1865

High Constable: George A. Freeman, 1861-1865

Manager of the Poor House: John Pearce, 1861-1865

City Gauger: Richard Fox, 1861-1865

Grain Measurer: Henry Davis, 1861-1865

Elected for Four Year Term

City and Commonwealth Attorney: Raleigh T. Daniel, 1861-1865

Elected for Six Year Term

Clerk of the Hustings Court: Robert Howard, 1859-1865
City Surveyor: Thomas Mifflin Ladd, 1859-1865

Elected for Eight Year Term

Judge of the Hustings Court: William H. Lyons, 1860-1868
Judge of VII Circuit Court: John A. Meredith, 1860-1868

Officials Appointed by Council

Appointed for one year terms running from April to April annually.

City Health Officer: Dr. Albert Snead, 1861-1865
City Clerk and Chamberlain: Thomas Lawson (d. 12/9/1861); Allen W. Morton, Dec. 1861- 1865
City Auditor: Mosely S. Stratton 1861 – d. 6/9/1863; Thomas B. Harrison, June 1863-1865
Port Wardens (4): William Burk; James E. Riddick; Luther Libby and D. B. Bridgford all 1861- 1865
Clerk of the First Market: Samuel Ellis, 1860-1865
Weighmaster of the First Market: Thomas Diddep, 1860-1865
Clerk of the Second Market: John B. Valentine, 1860-1862; James P. Tyler, 1862-1865
Weighmaster of the Second Market: John B. Valentine, 1862-1865
Messenger of the Council: William James Epps, 1860-1865
City Engineer: Washington Gill, 1860-1865
Keeper of the Powder Magazine: Luther R. Reins, 1860-1865
Overseer of City Hands: Robert H. Higgins, 1860-1865
Inspector of Wagons, Carts, Etc.: John Talman, 1860-1865
First Officer of the Day Police: Reuben T. Seal: 1860-1865
Keeper of Oakwood Cemetery: John Redford, 1860-1865
Coroner: St. George Peachy, 1860-1865
Principal Engineer – Fire Brigade: Lewis L. Barnes, 1860-1865