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New River Notes Photo Gallery

A Collection of historic and current photos mostly covering the upper New River area of southwestern Virginia and northwestern North Carolina.

Wilkes Co jail819 viewsWilkes Co jail. "C. M. Elledge, Jailer, Wilkesboro, NC". Josh Pruitt (1871-1950) is in the back, just right of the man in front wearing the hat. Court records show that Josh was in jail in 1921 and 1922 for making moonshine. Courtesy of Jason Duncan
Johnson Cemetery off Grizzle Tail514 viewsCourtesy of Nanalee Wrenn
kenhts.jpg602 viewsKensington Heights, Wilkesboro, North Carolina, ca. 1910.
Kensington Heights, Wilkesboro, North Carolina, ca. 1910267 views
moravianfalls.jpg622 viewsFrom a 1900-1910 postcard.
Old Double Creek Church629 viewsThis church, of course, is now abandoned. Courtesy of Nanalee Wrenn
OldDoubleCreekSchoolHouse.jpg510 viewsThis building now serves as a community center. Courtesy of Nanalee Wrenn
oxcartwilkes.jpg771 viewsFrom a 1914 postcard.
pics 010.jpg
pics 010.jpg532 viewsThis photo was taken September 10, 2006 by Jeff Weaver at the Jumping Off Place just over the Wilkes County line from Glendale Springs. This view shows the Blue Ridge in the distance.
PineyGrove2.jpg510 viewsCourtesy of Nanalee Wrenn
PineyGroveCemetery2.jpg495 viewscourtesy of Nanalee Wrenn
ravinebridge.jpg505 viewsThis is a 1930-45 era post card of a bridge on the Boone Trail (Now US 321) between Wilkesboro and Boone.
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