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Some Notes from Washington County, Virginia

Jack Hockett: 20 Feb 2003

Below are a few notes I made in quickly reviewing some WCV records; unfortunately, I did not always record the page numbers, but perhaps something might be of help to someone!?

WCV FEE BOOK (undated)

#2-JOHN ATHY; 66 1807 June. Taking constables bond. 1808 Aug. adm. oath vs SCOTT, 1809 July, recording return vs KELLER, 1810 March caps vs MATHEW. Aug. Two cout. (?) vs. SCOTT,


-HENRY KESNOR. 1807 Jan. Recording deed from JONAS & LEONARD KESNOR to you. Four quarterly attendance vs MARKLAND. 1808 Jan. Oath vs MILLER & Wife to garnishee, att. vs MARKLAND. 1809 Nov, vs MARKLAND. 1810 Nov, ditto

-P.17: JOSHUA BURK. 1807 Feb. Order exempting you from working on road. 1810 Nov atto. ads. FULTON, TRIGG,

-P. 20 & 21: WILLIAM FULLEN,

-P. 24: 1807 Feb. PHILIP KESNOR caps vs JOHN KESNOR

-P. 30: 1807 Mar. SAMUEL HELTON. Caps. vs CROW,

-P. 33: 1807 Mch. GEO. E. GOFF. Certif. of admin. of J. BYRNES est. May. Recording Inv, (see p. 37 also)

-P. 35: 1807 Mch. JAMES DOLIN. Recording WHITLEYs deed, 1810 July. Atto. ads. MARTIN, ads. WHITLEYs,

-P. 55: 1807 May. NEHEMIAH EVETT. Whole fee for Ordinary license & bond 87 Dr.

-P. 65: 1807 June. RUTH WARSHAM & ROBERT WARSHAM, certif.. admin. ROB WARSHAMs est, 1808 Feb. Order to sell Slaves,

-P. 66: 1807 Jun. BENJAMIN CAWOOD,

-P. 79: WM. STEELE. 1807 Jul. Certif. of Admin. of JAMES CALDWELL’s est. 1809 Jul. Caps vs SHUGARTs, Nov two Rules,

-STEPHEN LEE. 1807 Jul. Caps. vs McREYNOLDS, 1808 Jun. Dismission,

-WM. POSTON. 1807 Jul. Caps. vs THOMPSON, 1808 Jan. Exon. & c. vs THOMPSON. 1810 Decr. Exon. & c. BYARS vs SUTTON

-P. 97: ADAM LITTLE. 1807 Sep. alto ads. NEELY

-P. 99: 1807 Sep. ELZAPHON JACKSON. Atto. ads. POSTON

-P. 105: DANIEL ARNETT. 1807 Oct. Caps. vs. STONE, vs. CRABTREE, 1808 Nov. Bail ret. vs STONE. 1809 Apr. Exon. vs STONE, June, Constable’s bond. 1810 Jun. Recording deed from CRABTREE. Aug. Caps vs JURNMONS (?). Nov Exon. vs STONE, vs CRABTREE.

-P. 108: 1807 Nov. WM. McNEW. Spa. Ads. FULLEN, 1808 Jul. do, Nov. for attendance. 1809 Nov ads. FULLEN. 1810 Mch. Do. May, Nov,

-P. 120: CATHARINE McNEW. 1807 Nov. ads. Oath ads. WOODWARD, 1808 Apl. Dism. 1809 Jul. Spa. Ads KEEWOOD. 1810 June Exon & C. vs. CLEMENTS (Same page: 1807 Nov. WM. WOODWARD. Three cont. vs McNEW. 78)

-P. 121: WM. HINDS;



-LEONARD KESNOR. 1808 Apr. Spa ads. MARKLAND. May, Judgt. for costs.

-P. 152: JOSEPH KEEWOOD. 1808 & 1809

-P. 163: WM. EVITT. 1808 Aug. Caps. vs. SMITH

-P. 167: RICHARD POSTON. 1808 Sep, return vs SPURGEON.

-P. 173: 1808 Nov. ELIZABETH JOHNSTON. Adm. oath 18 order exempting negro from taxes,

-P. 173: JOHN DAVENPORT. 1808 Nov. Recording deed from JOHNSTON. 1810 July atto. ads. MONTGOMERY,

-P. 175: JOHN BURK;


-P. 199: 1809 Jun. ARCHER LEE. Caps. vs THURMAN, vs PRATOR, vs. BROOKSHIRE. Nov. Rule. 1810 Nov, cont. vs THURMAN

-P. 202: JOSIAS TALBUTT. 1809 Jul. caps. vs ATHEY.

-P. 206: 1809 Aug. THOMAS DAVENPORT. Recording WOODWARDs deed to you 175. Dr.

-P. 206. 1809 Aug. JOHN STEEL. Adm. oath 18 ordr. ,re survey 26 copy 18 Dr.

-P. 211. WM. LAZWELL. 1809 Octo. Caps. vs McNEW. 1810 Jun. Rule, July adm. oath vs BYARS,

-P. 238. 1810 Jun. Revd. THOMAS COLLEY. Taking bond on granting testimonial,

-P. 239: 1810 Jul. JOHN LAZWELL. Cap. vs CLEMENTS,

-P. 244: 1810 Aug. ELIZABETH KESNOR. Order appointing persons to lay off dower. 26 copy 18 Dr.

-P. 248: 1810 Oct. HENRY DARNELL. Record. Deed from HENSLEY,

-P. 248: STEPHEN TAYLOR. 1810 Nov, Ordinary License,

-P. 250: 1810 Nov. JAMES STEEL. Caps. vs. MOORE,

WCV FEE BOOK 1811-1814



-P. 3: 1812, Jan 20. JAMES FULLEN vs GEORGE McNEW,

-1812 Jun 2nd, 24 Sep & 1822 July 1st. JOHN STEPHENS vs WM. LAZEWELL, JOHN LAZEWELL, JAMES DOLEN, WM. IRVINE & THOS. COLLEY (Was Irvine connected to the Lazwell family?)-1812 Jun 15. WM. TRIGG, vs. JOHN HOCKETT

-P. 18: 1812 Jul 9th, ditto vs THOS. DAVENPORT,

-P. 73. 1815 Jul 15th. JOHN ATHY. Admr. of MARY F. ROBBINS decd. vs THOMAS TALBUTT, Judgmnt. For costs,

-P. 53 (?). 1814 July 8th. HEZEKIAH BRODDY vs. L. L. HENDERSON acting exor. of WM. TRIGG decd. who was exor. of WM. KING decd,


-P. 139: 1817 Decr. 5th. NEHEMIAH EVITT for the benefit of FRANS. SMITH vs WM. CRABTREE, verdict & jmt. 15 day of Jany 1816 till,

-New Fee Book p. 122: 1812 Mch. GEO. AYLESWORTH caps. vs Com. (?), 1813 Mch,

-1812 June: WM. BROADY caps vs SOULE

-P. 132: 1812 Jun: JOHN ATHEY whole fee for ordinary license, bond, 18812 Oct, bail & bond vs TALBERT,

-P. 192: 1813. PHILIP HARLAS allo. Ads. SMITH

WCV FEE BOOK 1815-1819


-P. 12: 1818 Jan. CHARLES THURMAN. Sap. Ads. LEE,


-P. 253: 1818 Feb. NANCY PRAYTOR admx. of HARGES PRAYTOR. Cert. for admn. of HARGISS PRAYTORs est. May. Recording Inv. June. Addl. Inv. 1819 Dec. Caps. vs HUTTON

-P. 48: 1815 Mch. JAMES DOLAN. Order ads. Commonwealth,

-P. 48: 1815 Mch. THOMAS DAVENPORT. Order exempting from county levies &

-P. 103: 1815-1817: Exon. vs ROWLAND & caps. vs HORTENSTINE,

-P. 224: 1817 Jun. JOHN DAVENPORT Jun. Spa. Ads. MOBLEY. Aug 3 orders for ALLEN. Nov ditto.

-P. 24: REUBEN AYLESWORTH. 1815 Jan. Recording POA from ABRAM AYLESWORTH to you,

-P. 122: NEHEMIAH EVITT. 1815 Nov. Order to settle adm. accts. with WM. EVITTs estate, record settlement,

-P. 227: 1814 Aug. JOHN BURKE. Spa. In Chy. vs BENHAM & others.

-P. 89: 1811 Nov. Recording deed of Trust from SPURGEON, 1813 Jan. Certif. of probate of WM. EVETT’s will. Mch. Recording Inv,


-P. 75: WILLIAM BRODDY. 1832 Decr. WILLIAM BRODDY Dr. Caps. vs TONCRAY 18 doc. 8 attos. Ditto 34: 1824 Jun. Des. 26 pap 18 ditto 44.

-P. 238: 1821 Octo. HIRAM FULLEN. Recording deed from FOWLER to you with cert. of wife ack. 2.10

-P. 74: 1820 Mch. JOHN C. S. McNEW. Dr. Int. vs STURGEON 18. Copy 18 costs. 20 pap 18 exon 6(?)09. Aug. Motion on forth. Bond 108. exon 60. Sep. Taking Constable bonds 25. adm. 4 oaths. 72 order 26, 3.95.

-P. 74: 1820 Mch. JOHN BURKE. Indt. vs MENIFEE 18 copy. 18 costs. 20 pap. 18 exor. 40,

-P. 87: 18922 Nov. JOHN KESNOR. Dr. Alr. Ads. C. wealth. 8 ordr. 26 plea. 18, ditto 52. 1823. Feb. Spa. Ads. C. wealth. 18 Mch. Ordr. for atten. & copy 36. ditto 54.

-P. 138: EDMOND BROWNING. Aug 1820 ads. HENDRICKS,

– JOHN BRAWDY 222. caps. vs. DOLAN, Jul 1821. 1822 Decr. Rule vs DOLAN. Mch 1823; Aug 1824. Exon. vs DOLAN, Recording Deed of gift to SUSANNAH & ISAAC BRODDY,exon. vs DOLAN

-P. 206: BIRK, JOHN, caps vs HARDIN May 1821,

-P. 110 (?): BRODDY, Chas. Jul 1822. Caps. vs HUGHES.

-P. 111(?): BRODDY, John. July 1822. Caps. for KITTY BRODDY vs SALLY KELLY. Nov. Dism,

-P. 214: WILLIAM COUNTESS. 1821 Jun. Taking bond as guardian of EZRA 35,

-P. 63: JOHN COMER. 1820 Mch. Order ads. CHESTER, Ibid. p. 236. 1821 Sep. RICHARD COMER. Recording deed from JOHN COMER, 1821 Sep. JOHN COMER Jr, ditto,

-P. 202: JOHN P. COMER. 1824 Jun. Caps. vs PLEEMNER (Plumner?), Novr,


-ATHYUS ROBERTS, p. 52, vs McCRAVEY 78, vs KELLER.-EVETT vs. WALKER, p. 87, 1806 July 8th. WM. EVETT vs. JOHN WALKER



-P. 307-308: WHITLEY FULLEN & others heirs of JAMES FULLEN decd., dfts. vs JOSEPH WARSHAN (Worsham). Writ of Right, 10 May 1838.

-P. 132: Oct 1834. JAMES TAYLOR, sues for benefit of JOHN W. TAYLOR, ags. THOS. COLLEY,

WCV WB 18 -LWT of LACE FULLEN, p. 86: Son, JAMES ALEXR. FULLEN my soda fountain; Dau. CATHERINE FULLEN, bedsted now at JAMES KELLYs & 1 quilt at FRANCIS SNEDERS (Snider), to SUSAN FULLEN(,) QUINT FULLENs wife, remainder of personal property, QUINT FULLEN, exor, 15 Nov 1872, /w/ J. J. GEISLER; QUINT (his mark) FULLEN, recorded 27 Dec 1872 (p. 87),WCV WB 19

-P. 311-312: SAMUEL ARNETT, Settlement. JAS. ARNETT admr, 1870 Oct 13, THOS. ARNETT. Dip. Share in full. Do. same, agent of ANDREW ARNETT’s heirs, JOHN H. COLLY in right of wife, ISAAC HOCKETT, JOHN ARNENT, his distributive share, $488.10, 28 Aug 1877, recorded,


-Pp. 129-30: LTW of MARGARET FULLEN, sister, Mrs. NANCY B. MINNICK, wife of RICHARD MINNICK, 10 Apr 1880, adm. to record 26 Jun 1882,

-PLWT of FREEMAN WHITE, nephew, FREEMAN W. TATE; wife, ELIZABETH, 31 Dec 1879 28 Feb 1883,


-P. 254: MARIA AKERS ags. WM. ROLAND AKERS In Chancery, 30 Aug 1867 (heard). deft. Guilty of horse stealing tried & convicted & sentenced to 5 years in prison, bond of matrimony dissolved,

-P. 228: JOHN L. TAYLOR Compl. ags. HELAN Q. TAYLOR Deft. In Chancery. Circuit Court 09 Apr 1867, court orders that bond of matrimony be dissolved, that a divorce a venculo matrimonii be granted, infant children be restored to the possession of the complainant, he be allowed to retain the custody & care of them,

-P. 241: SALLY POSTON & others ags. THOMAS DOLAN’s heirs compl. LAZWELL & wife, Defs,. Thurs., 25 Jul 1867, land to be examined, contd.

-P. 247: MARIA AKERS. Comp. vs ROLAND AKERS deft. Placed on docket, 26 Aug 1867,

-P. 253-4: 30 Aug 1867. CHAPMAN ROBERTS ags. MARY ROBERTS, In Chry, bonds of matrimony, dissolved,

-P. 254: MARIA AKERS ags. WM. ROLAND AKERS, 30 Aug 1867 (see above),

-P. 257: SALLY POSTON ags. THOMAS DOLAN’s heirs, 31 Aug 1867,

-P. 260: MARY CAWOOD vs GANDISON SCOTT’s heirs, 04 Sep 1867, damages reduced,

-P. 191: WM. H. HENDERSON compl. vs NANCY HENDERSON, Deft. 04 Sep 1866 deft. Guilty of adultery,. Bond of matrimony, dissolved,

-P. 153: GRANDISON ROBERTS Pltff. Ags. ELIZABETH J. ROBERTS Deft. 14 Sep 1863. Deft., adultery, matrimony dissolved,

-P. 123/4: BERRY CAYWOOD Pltff. Ags. JOHN LINTICUM Deft, BENJ. K. BUCHANAN apptd. Com, to highest bidder, land, report, Tues, 10 Sep 1861, see also p. 150, Tues, 21 Apr 1863, sale of land, JOHN B. McNEW renter of land & that hei is also owner of the same,

-P. 47: RHODA HURST & c. ags. HUMBERSON MILLER admr. 18 Apr 1860, See pp. 21-22 also,


-P. 343: MATTHEW BUCHANAN Exor. & c. ags. JOSEPH POSTON admr. of THOMAS DOLAN decd. 19 Apr 1958, answer of JOSEPH POSTON admr. of THOS. DOLAN decd, SALLY POSTON, JAMES D. POSTON, ANN POSTON, JOSEPH POSTON & THOS. TALBERT & MARIA his wife, formerly MARIA POSTON, and it appearing to the court that the, heirs of JOHN LAZWELL & SUSAN his wife, formerly SUSAN POSTON & unknown heirs of JULIAS T. DAVENPORT and POLLY his wife, formerly POLLY POSTON & the unknown heirs of EDWARD POSTON and WILLIAM POSTON & SALLY his wife(,) should be made defts. in this bill, cause continued, (Note: See records of KY (Wayne/Greenup) for William Poston.)

-P. 373: RHODA HURST ags. HUMBERSON MILLER, 21 Sep 1858, appearing that the said RHODA HURST Has departed this life leaving children who are entitled,, namely EDWARD HURST, MICHAEL GRAHAM & SARAH ANN his wife, PHOEBA JANE HURST, CAREY SPRIGGS & ELIZABETH his wife, POLLY ANN HURST, HIRAM HURST & WILLIAM HURST, will of EDWARD McNEW, p. 374:… HUMBERSON MILLER admr, See p. 147 for entry of sit Monday, 02 Novr 1853 & held over several times (pp. 265 & 291), Friday, April 18th, 1856 & Sat. 20th Sep 1856, respectively,

-P. 102: CYRENIUS JOHNSTON & c. vs. BENJAMIN JOHNSTON & c, Sat., 31 May 1851,

-P. 402: 20 Apr, Wed., 1859 JAMES POSTON ags. KELLY & TAYLOR,


-P. 151: Saturday, 08 May 1875: WILEY CAYWOOD vs MANERVA CAYWOOD, deft. MANERVA CAYWOOD has been guilty of adultery, marriage, dissolved,

WCV WB 25:230:

-Appraisement of personal Estate of B. M. BURK decd., 05 Oct 1895, adm. to record.

-P. 62: LWT of THOMAS DAVENPORT, eldest son L. H. DAVENPORT, son S. R. DAVENPORT, purchased the entire interest in my (?) of EVELINE LOGAN wife of L. I. (Y.?) LOGAN, 2 single daughters ANN S. & LENICE W. DAVENPORT, 20 Feb 1890; proved 28 Nov 1894,

-P. 337: LWT of JOHN HOCKETT, son WM. H. HOCKETT, dau. MARY E. WYATT, gdau MAMIE J. HOCKETT, heirs JOHN C. & JAMES N. HOCKETT & LOUISE LOVE & SARAH C. LOVE. 25 Jun 1896; proved 11 Jan 1897,

-P. 395-6: LWT of ARCHER BURK, wife, space for grave for wife & myself around the graves of my 3 children buried at the MARTIN graveyard, sons, W. W., B. M., THADEUS T. & JEFFERSON D. BURKE, dau. LOUISA S. HAGY, CORA A. YOST, wife of W. L. YOST, dau. ARDELIA M. CASSELL, wife of JACOB, dau. MARGARET J. HELTON, wife of EWELL, p. 397, Son in law A. J. HAGY, p. 398- 10 Jan 1893, proved 27 Dec 1893,


-MARY E. TALBERT vs R. R. HUGHES adm. & c. At court WCV, 25 Sep 1865 WM. C. EDMONDSON now decd. qualified as guardian of compl. WM. C. EDMONDSON departed this life some time in the summer of 1883, complainant was born on the 5th day of May 1863 & was 21 years (old) 4th day of May 1884, Answer of ROBERT W. HUGHES, 27 Feb 1866. EDMONDSON qualified as admr. de bonis non of Est. of THOMAS TALBERT decd., father of complainant,

-WM. C. EDMONDSON De Bonis non of THOMAS TALBERT decd, 1867 Aug 20. To amt. recd. from Est. of JAMES McREYNOLDS decd. in IL. 30 Aug 1876, recorded. (What is the McReynolds Talbert connection?)

-Statement of MARIAH (her mark) TALBERT. $187.07 received of W. G. EDMONDSON guardian of M. E. TALBERT, deed of trust I gave him on my Interest in real estate to pay SHEFFEY & RICHARDSON fees in suit against ROLAND AKERS, that I propose now to have assigned to my daugter (sic) M. E. (Mary Elizabeth) TALBERT, this daughter has been delicate and has cost me more than my eldest daughter married to JOSEPH M. AKERS, this 17th Jan 1881. /w/ THOMAS H. (Thomas Henderson) AISTROP.

-Box 11: 28 May 1850: Suit of RHODA HURST vs HUMBERSON MILLER implemented, exr. of JOSEPH MILLER decd, from 3rd day of Oct 1829, (EDW. McNEW Est.), your Oratrix is extremely poor, RHODA several years before the death of her father, she & JOSEPH HURST her husband had moved from this County to the State of Missouri, where they lived for some years (how long he is not informed) until the plt. bore several children, perhaps some 8 or 9, when they separated & were divorced, believes JOSEPH HURST is still living in the State of Missouri & perhaps Iowa, Deft. Arrived at the residence of JAS. McNEW Decr. 24th, 1847, went to farm of MOSES CAYWOOD & took a house, brought with her from Missouri 2 of her daughters, ELIZABETH & POLLY ANN HURST, former, about 17 or 18 years old has married to CAREY SPRIGGS who is said to be a very industrious young man, the other about 15 or 16 years old, 28 May 1850, on 02 Apr 1849 MOSES CAWOOD & TABITHA wife, sued, Ags. SALLY HURST, JAMES JOHNSTON & ELIZABETH wife, RHODA HURST, EDWARD HURST, MICHAEL GRAHAM & SARAH ANN wife, SHADRACK BONE & NANCY wife, PHOEBE JANE HURST, POLLY ANN HURST & CARY SPRIGGS & ELIZABETH, wife, (Another document states that Rhoda Hurst was not actually divorced.)


-P. 117: NATHAN PERRY late of this county, indicted for larceny (horse stealing), to Jail Monday 11 May 1847, see also p. 140, 27 May 1846, 5 years in prison (see p. 2), p. 141, and rode her (horse) in the direction of his mothers residence in Tennessee some 20 miles distant,

-P. 127: EPHRAIM SMITH heirs, ags. JACOB CLAYMAN Tenant, & ISAAC STOFFLE on of the demandants having departed this life, by consent of EDWARD STOFFLE, HARRIET STOFFLE & WM. R. RHEA & LOUISA, wife, heirs at law of said ISAAC, suit revived, (Wed. 13 May 1846),

-P. 150: Comm. vs. MARGARET SWORD unlawfully retailing ardent spirits, Mon 12 Oct 1846, acquitted, see also p. 153 & p. 165,

-P. 170: Mon 10 May 1847: ABRAM HARLESS larceny, (Jr.), Jr. is under age 21, ABRAM SR. for & on behalf, see also p. 190 Oct 1847, acquitted,

-P. 246: Monday 16 Oct 1848: CLAIBORNE ANDERSON, late of the county of Lee, yeoman, who stands indicted for murder, appeared,

-P. 294: Thursday 11 Oct 1849: LWT & FRANCIS FULLEN produced in court by JOHNSON FULLEN & HIRAM FULLEN, heirs examined, MARY PERRY, wife of LITTLETON PERRY has departed this life since the summons was issued, leaving NANCY, WM. B., HANNAH, SUSAN, POLLY, ELIZABETH & LITTLETON PERRY her infant children & heirs at law, NANCY & WM. P. (?) PERRY are above age of 14 years, not appearing, guardian appointed,

-P. 361: Wed 10 Sep 1852: CAMPBELL SMITH, a free negro, stands indicted for Rape upon a white woman, guilty.. death, to jail. p. 362, p. 363, p. 374, (to be hanged by the neck, Friday 22 Oct next, between 11 & 5:00 o’clock), pp. 382-3, case continued, p 405: , to be hanged by the neck,


-P. 12: Friday, 21 Octo 1853: Order, certified, SARAH SAUL who is the daughter of STEPHEN VINEY decd. & only Sister of JOHN VINEY who was a soldier in the war of 1812, appeared, oath, said JOHN VINEY is dead, died unmarried, no children, left 3 brothers & a sister, brothers are JESSEE, ANDREW & WM, JESSEE left 2 children (living? not known), ANDREW, 2 children, one living; WILLIAM married & had children and left county about 50 years ago, last 7 years, no latter, dead or removed to some foreign country, about 6 years since she wrote SALLY LARIMER, a niece, lived in her neighborhood, no answer,/// SALLY McCORMICK appeared, she is the daughter of ELIZABETH BARKER decd, her oldest living child, there is no record evidence of marriage of her father & mother as far as she knows. She is from 72 to 75 years of age, p. 13: ELIZABETH CALLAHAM stated EDWARD BARKER died in May 1845 & his widow in June 1848. The children who survived ELIZABETH BARKER are: SALLY McCORMICK, EDWARD BARKER, JOHN BARKER, LUCY BARKER 2 last named dead & ELIZABETH & POLLY CALLAHAM,

-P. 22: Thurs. 03 Nov 1853: BENJAMIN SMITH, free negro, rape, exec. of sentence suspendr. By write of Error, by Supreme Court of Appeals,

-P. 32: Tues, 27 Dec 1853: GEO. M. SMITH, a free negro indicted for rape upon a female negro slave, age 12 years, to jail, p. 33: 6 years in prison,

-P. 243: Monday 15 Oct 1855: JOHN SNEAD, who stands indicted for murder, led to bar, (more extensive details forthcoming in my SNEAD update, jh)

-P. 184: Monday 14 Apr 1856: comm.. ags. DAVID COLLY Senr., assault, continued,

-P. 187: ALEXANDER MOORE, alias HENDERSON, alias THOMAS again led to bar, (Tuesday 15 Apr 1856, true name is THORNTON E. MOORE), see p. 191, p. 196: 16 Apr 1856, guilty, stealing horse & buggy,


-BOWMAN, AARON/BENJ. see Box 13 (1861-66)

-Box 14: WM. HENDERSON vs NANCY HENDERSON,. On 9th of Aug 1863 he intermarried with NANCY HAYNES lived with her 6 months, since latter part of January 1864(;) she willfully abandoned, living in adultery with any & every body, is notoriously now a prostitute,

-Box 14: JOHN L. TAYLOR vs HELLEN Q. TAYLOR HELEN Q. (has been) forgetful of her solemn bonds, adultery, bedding with single men,

Box 14: SAML. STURGEON vs JACOB GREGORY & others, JOHN STURGEON, late of Co. of Washington, departed this life January 1865 intestate, left the following children: SAMUEL, HARRIET ,wife of ELI BARBROW, ELIZABETH wife of JACOB GREGORY, MINERVA, wife of SAMUEL GREGORY & SUSAN ELIZABETH infant dau. of JOHN, a deceased son & HARRIET, infant daughter of PATSY, a deceased daughter, late wife of JOHN B. McNEW,

-Box 14: MARY CAWOOD vs GRANDISON SCOTT, MARY the widow of BERRY CAWOOD (who) died intestate January 1866,

-Box 14: CHAPMAN ROBERTS vs MARY ROBERTS, your orator CHAPMAN ROBERTS that in the year 1854 he was legally married in the County of Lee State of Virginia to one MARY BINGAN (Bengan), lived with her in WCV until 1856, abandoned & deserted him,

-Box 14: Cause of 30 Aug 1867: MARIA AKERS vs ROLAND AKERS, MARIA AKERS, formerly MARIA TALBERT (nee Maria Poston jh) & widow of (blank Thomas -jh) TOLBERT, on the 6th of Feb 1866 she intermarried with one WM. ROLAND AKERS, with him only a few months, he was arrested, convicted of horse stealing,

-Box 58: REBECCA DAVIDSON et al vs M. ASBURY. REBECCA DAVIDSON widow of JESSEE DAVIDSON Decd. GEO. M. DAVIDSON, JAMES R. DAVIDSON, NEWTON ORR & AMANDA, wife; JOEL FERGUSON & POLINA wife, About the month of August in the year 1866 JESSEE DAVIDSON departed this life, M. ASBURY administrator, CORA DAVIDSON was an infant,

-Box 78: D. C. FERN vs M. FERN. He is 44 years old (1878). In 1856 he married MARY KELSEY, (1880c, WCV, North Fork, HH 234/235: HOWARD, Wm. H., 69; Rebecca, 63; FORAN, David C., 45, boarder,


-P. 415: JAMES A. GALLIHER admin. of (ABRAM) A. ALLISON vs. W. W. ALLISON & others case heard 08 May 1874.

-P. 336: JAMES BURKE & wife, Plf. vs JACOB LYNCH adms, leave to file, about 25 Jan 1875.

-P. 255: BURK & copass vs WM. G. & GEORGE SANDOE, 21 Nov 1872

-P. 120-1: M. BUCHANAN Exor. Plt, vs. JAMES DOLAN & als.: SALLY POSTON & als vs THOMAS DOLANs heirs: A. G. THOMPSON admr. vs JAMES DOLAN & Als. 09 Sep 1871. Report of J. A. McQUOWN 29 Aug 1871,. And it appearing in the third suit above that JOSEPH POSTON admr. of THOMAS DOLAN, deceased, SALLY POSTON, ANN POSTON, JOSEPH POSTON and MARIA AKERS have been served with process, failing to appear,

-P. 121), MATTHEW BUCHANAN Exr. of ANDREW E. FULLEN, dec. recover of the deft. JAMES DOLAN the sum of $230, with interest from the 20th of Dec 1820, and it appearing that the defendant JAMES DOLAN, who is a non resident, has an interest in 2 tracts of land, one of 29 acres, the other 65 acres namely 1/6th of 4/9ths, proceed to sell,

-P. 234: LAVINIA J. WOODWARD who sues by her next friend SAMUEL M. SANDEFUR vs JACOB R. WOODWARD, In chancery 14 Sep 1872, charges of adultery & cruelty as set out in the bill have been established ags. the defendant, bond of matrimony, dissolved, children, to wit, JAMES, SUSAN, AMANDA, CALIDONIA, SARAH & REBECCA remain with the plaintiff,

-P. 91: HOCKETT & wife & others vs JOHN COLLEY & wife & others, 15 Apr 1871, appearing by said report that JOHN McNEW, purchaser of lands in the proceedings, owned, 3 shares, since, acquired the interest of ANDREW ARNETT & THOMAS ARNETT in, land, paid, $50, being the share of proceeds due to JOHN ARNETT, Commissioner, convey to JOHN McNEW the interests of THOMAS ARNETT, ANDREW ARNETT & JOHN ARNETT in the land,


-P. 192-3: Apr Term 1898- Comm. vs JAMES STANFIELD Feloniously Assaulting ALICE TAYLOR,

For more information on ARNETT family, see the notes I placed with the Abstracts of WCV WB 15, to be released very shortly. jh