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Past News from Dickenson County, Virginia in the 1890s

Name of the Newspaper is unknown

These articles were donated by Annette Damron and Louise Vanover Vore and transcribed by Rachel Vore Engle.


A man Kills his brother-in-law
Dwale, Va., Aug. 11 – Robert Stanley, a farmer, was killed by his brother-in-law, Caleb Lane, at the latter’s home on Lick Fork Creek, the other day. The particulars of the affair, as gleaned by your correspondent, are about as follows : The men were living within a short distance of each other, and one of Lane’s hogs went to the Stanley’s premises and was bitten by his dog, at which Lane became angered , and taking his gun, watched about Lane’s hose to get sight of the dog, intending to shoot him. Stanley was gone from home at the time, but when he came back his wife informed him what Lane ( her brother) had been doing. He then got his gun and had his wife to go with him , taking the dog along to Lane’s house. When they reached the premises, Stanley called to Lane, telling him to come out and shoot the dog if he wished to. Lane came out with his gun, but made no attempt to shoot the dog. The men then quarreled . Lane attempted to shoot Stanley, but his gun did not fire. Stanley then shot at Lane, missing him. Then Lane shot Stanley, filling his head and face almost literally full of shot, from the effects of which he died in a few hours.

Information just received from that neighborhood is to the effect that Lane surrendered himself to the authorities.


William J. Fleming, who turned detective a short time ago, is now in a lot of trouble. As was noticed in this correspondence a few days since, he arrested a man he thought was one John HOLLAND, who is wanted at Knoxville for murder. He had a man to come there to identify his prisoner which he did, but upon taking the man to Knoxville it turned out that he is a different man. He is Jake WHITE of West Virginia, and fills the description of HOLLAND in part only. FLEMING is out about $100 in money besides considerable time, and the man intends to sue him for damages and to charge him for kidnapping, which, under the statues of KY., where the arrest was made, is a penitentiary offense. WHITE came back with FLEMING, making him pay all his expenses.

Our mail is very irregular. About half the time our papers never reach us. There must be something wrong somewhere. Can not Uncle Sam lend us a helping hand?

Mrs. ROSE, widow of Rev. Elias ROSE, died yesterday of fever, after lingering a month. Her husband died two weeks ago of the same disease.


A Family in Cumberland Mountains are at Loggerheads. Dwale, Dickenson, Co., March 9 – A singular family feud had just terminated in Cumberland mountain, happily, without bloodshed. This section is rather isolated- the mountain forming the boundary line between the States of VA & KY. The people here off in a nook, where they are not affected by the march of civilization. They remain in something of a primitive state, while other sections are keeping pace the progress of the age. There are to be met in these mountains as unique characters as were ever delineated by the versatile pens of Dickens or our own Washington Irving.

Old Cornelius VANOVER, who is remembered as the oldest settler of the mountain, was always distant and much reserved in his manners, and went but little into social circles. He reared a large family. Most of his children partook of his strange peculiarities, for which the family has long been noted. The boys all married, but only one of the girls embarked on the matrimonial sea, the others, either from choice or necessity remained under the paternal roof. They range in ages from 25 to 55 or thereabouts.

David, the eldest son of the old man, has always lived with-in one-half mile of his father since his marriage. He reared two sons, who have been addicted to bad habits from their boyhood up. From some cause or other there grew up a hardness to express it in the mountain vernacular between David’s family and that of the old man, which was soon kindled into a flame. Dave and his boys armed themselves and swore vengeance against the others. The old man & his family were always afraid of Dave & his force, and usually kept under cover while the latter were about. But for this course, doubtless, there would have been bloodshed. On several occasions clubs and rocks were brought into play but nothing more serious than bruises had resulted from such affairs. This state of things continued for a year or perhaps longer – Dave & his force always on the aggressive side, while the others were on the defensive.

At length, realizing that they could not live within the bounds of the same neighborhood (the remainder is missing)

The Democrats of the legislative district, composed of the counties of Wise, Dickerson and Buchanan, will hold their convention at Clintwood on the 14th instant. the three counties have been taking the member of the House “turn about” under an agreement entered into some years ago, and it is now Buchanan’s turn. It is quite likely that Joseph L. ELSWICK, of that county, will be the nominee. The Republicans will probably nominate Attorney F.H. EVANS, of Grundy, for that position. The district is close, and it will be a hard fight.


Dwale, Dickenson Co., VA – Dec. 29 – Your correspondent learns that there was a cutting affray near Stratton, this county, on Monday, between Floyd SMITH and Floyd SUTHERLAND, in which the latter received twenty-one gashes, while the former only received one or two slight cuts. Full particulars of the affair have not been received here yet.


Dwale, Dickenson Co., VA., Sept. 22 – Andrew C. JOHNSON, proprietor of Hotel Fairview, of Clintwood, died about 4 o’clock this morning of typhoid-fever. He was taken ill about a week ago. Mrs. JOHNSON, wife of the deceased, is now confined with fever, and it is doubtful about her recovery. Mr. JOHNSON come here from KY and hand been in the hotel business for about a year.


Dwale, Dickenson, Co., VA., Nov. 18 – Your correspondent learns hat George ISAACS, aged 71 yrs., who, it is charged, has seven wives living in KY, VA, WVA & OHIO, eloped from Beaver Floyd Co., KY., Tuesday, with a pretty widow. Soon after arriving at that place, it is said, he learned that officials were looking after him, and he skipped, taking the woman with him. He married Mrs. Liza POLLY, a widow of Sergent, Letcher Co., and after living with her three months, he deserted her, going to Beaver, where he made his seventh matrimonial venture. ISAACS is hale and hearty, and can walk forty and fifty miles a day over rough mountain roads.


The residence of D. W. WEBB, a young farmer of Sergent, a few miles from here, on the KY side, was burned. WEBB’s little 8-year-old son set fire to the house while his parents were away.


There seems to be a general revival of religion in this section. 28 were baptized at Sand Lick, this county, on Sunday. Accession are being made to the church almost daily in all directions.


Dwale, Dickenson, Co., VA – Sept. 13 – Monroe LIPPS, a farmer of near Freeling in this county, had the misfortune to get his dwelling house and nearly all his effects burned yesterday. Mrs. LIPPS was preparing dinner, and the fire caught in the roof of the cook-room from the stove pipe, which extended out at the top. The fire was beyond control when discovered, and the woman was by herself. She attempted to save what she could, but was badly burned in her efforts. Their neighbors saw the smoke and ran in, but were too late. A smoke-house and granary were also burned, as well as two bee-hives. Mrs. LIPPS is prostrated and a physician was called to attend her in the evening.


Your correspondent learns that religious services were broken up yesterday (Sunday) near Sergant, a point a few miles from here on the KY side. James BATES and Tilden WRIGHT on one side, Wilburn and Daniel BENTLEY, brothers, on the other, became involved in a quarrel, and a general riot followed. Pistols, knives, rocks and clubs were brought into play and bloodshed was narrowly averted. Further trouble is feared, as the men swear they will not surrender themselves to the authorities. There is bad blood on both sides.


Dwale, VA., – Sept. 2 – Little Trigg, the 12-yr-old son of James DOTSON, of Beppo, in this county met a sad death yesterday. The little fellow was hauling wood, when his horse got into a hornet’s nest and ran away. They boy became entangled in the chains, and his body was mangled in a frightful manner, from the effects of which he died in a few minutes. He was a bright, intelligent boy, and the bereaved parents are almost distracted with grief at their loss.


Dwale, Dickenson Co., VA., Sept. 80 — Two women Mrs. HIBBITS and her sister, Mrs. HILL, of the fever stricken section of the Ridge, died yesterday. It is believed by the people of the surrounding county to be contagious, and as a result, nobody will go in to wait upon the sick, and they are dying partly for want of attention. These people are talking of establishing a temporary hospital for their relief.

Mrs. J. H. ROSS, of Clintwood, who had a paralytic stroke the other day, died yesterday afternoon. She was about 60 yrs. of age & a good woman.

Clintwood, VA, Nov 21* – Mrs. Cornelius VANAVER, of Osborn’s Gap, died on yesterday after a lingering illness. She had been afflicted with consumption for some years, and for several months past she had been confined to the sick-room. Deceased was over 60 yrs. of age and had for many years past lived in the vicinity where she died.

W. H. WERTH, a prominent attorney of this place, will remove to Coeburn, over in Wise County.

Ex-Judge JONES, of this place, will remove to Grundy, Buchanan Co., in the near future.


Clintwood, VA, July 12* – Jack HOWELL & Wiley DAVIS engaged in an altercation on Sunday in which the latter was seriously if not fatally stabbed. The men had been on bad terms for some years past, and Mr. DAVIS had started to church and met HOWELL near the house on the latter, when a quarrel arose between the two over DAVIS’s cattle having trespassed upon HOWELL’s premises. After some hot words HOWELL drew his knife and advanced toward DAVIS in a threatening manner. DAVIS then seized a rock which he threw at HOWELL but missed his aim, when the latter rushed upon him inflicting a dangerous wound in the region of his abdomen. HOWELL then doubtless thinking he had killed the man, ran and left him. DAVIS remounted his mule and rode home as he was not more than a mile distant. No one saw the difficulty. This is Mr. DAVIS’s statement; but no one who knows him can question the truthfulness of it. HOWELL was promptly arrested by the officers and will be dealt with as he deserves. He is said to be very disagreeable among his neighbors and one of his brothers is now in jail in Prestonburg, KY, awaiting trail for a horrible murder of which he is accused.

Andrew LARGE, a young man of this county who was indicted for felony sometime ago, and has been dodging the officers, was arrested by Sheriff HALL yesterday and brought to jail.


Clintwood, VA. Sept 30* – Noah MULLINS, a young man of this county, died at Nickel’s Gap, four miles north of this place, on yesterday and was interred today in the family burying-ground. Young MULLINS had been married two years and was living near Stratton, but about two weeks ago, seeing that he could not recover from the fell destroyer of the human race–consumption–he requested to be removed to his father’s, and he died there. He leaves a wife and two children with a host of friends.

(Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.)

Mr. P.S. PHIPPS left here yesterday to attend a medical school at Richmond. Mr. PHIPPS is an exemplary young man and we bespeak for him success in his enterprise.

Mr. D. P. VALLEY and his wife have just arrived here from Michigan on a visit to _____ Jones, the father of Mrs. VALLEY.

Clintwood, VA., Oct 21* – Last night there were about 16 gallons of brandy stolen from OWEN’s distillery about two miles below town. The “___ over joyful” was left at the distillery in a barrel, and as there was no enclosure around it, there was nothing to prevent it from , being stolen.

Samuel STANLY, a farmer who lives near here, has sold off his effects and is going to Illinois, where he intends to make his future home.

Clintwood, VA –

Wm. FLEMING, a farmer near this place, is on the sick list having a bad case of fever. His recovery was pronounced uncertain by his physicians a few days ago, but at this writing they think his recovery is assured.

Geo. W. ROBINSON, an old citizen of this county, is very low. He is feeble being very old, and has a cancer in his eye. He had been confined to his bed for several weeks and will not survive much longer.

There is a crack in one of the walls of our court-house; and it being a brick structure, that gives some alarm. The brick was an inferior quality and the building was badly constructed.

There is some talk of the race for the clerkship of this county, but it is not definitely known who will be the candidate but it looks at present as if Ira VANOVER and Joshua COUNTS are to be.

John C. SMITH’s school at this place is progressing finely but is not so well attended as it should be.

Clintwood, VA., Sept. 2 – There is a movement on foot to establish a college at this place. The citizens seem to be subscribing liberally to the building funds. Professor Milton KEMINEM of KY, is to be the president of the college if the movement proves a success, and he proposes to subscribe a large amount himself.

Miss Jane BROWNING near this place is very sick.

Clintwood, VA, Aug. 2 – Your correspondent learns that John E. BEVERLY, of Beppo, this county, was seriously, if not fatally, beaten by one Tom HAWKINS a day or two since. The particulars of the affair are about these; HAWKINS met young BEVERLY at a burial, and accused him of standing by with an open knife in his hand ready to cut him in a certain difficulty, which he (HAWKINS) had had with someone a few days before this time. BEVERLY told HAWKINS that he had no knife, and that he wanted no trouble with him at that time and place, and turned to walk away, when HAWKINS seized a rock and struck BEVERLY a violent blow behind the ear, felling him to the ground in an insensible condition. Not satisfied with this, HAWKINS sprang upon his victim with all the fury of a tiger, and having on a big, heavy pair of stoga boots, with the heels filled with tacks, he kicked and stamped BEVERLY till he was apparently satisfied, leaving him covered with blood and in a pitiful condition. BEVERLY seemed to have no friends by, while his assailant had quite a number. HAWKINS at last account was still at large, but the authorities were making efforts to arrest him.

Mrs. Robert STANLEY, of Beppo, died a day or two since, after a lingering illness. She was not more than 20 years old. She leaves a husband and two small children.

The school-houses and furniture of this section of the county are being badly abused by the unruly boys. The doors of the buildings have been broken down in several instances, and the furniture damaged. Many of the boys, who are addicted to the pernicious habit of gambling, enter the houses by night for the purpose of have a game at cards, while in the other cases it is just downright mischief that promotes the “vandalism”.

John P. VANOVER, of Freeling, this county, is very feeble. He is about 84 yrs. old and has lived on his present homestead for 40 years.

A party consisting of Leon ISSACSON, of the Yellow Popular Lumber Company; Russell S. MCFALL, Commonwealth’s Attorney; William E. FARMER and several others have started to “The Breaks” to fish and enjoy the romantic scenery of the place.


Almareen GWENS and wife were arranged before U.S. Commissioner RUSH, of this place, upon a warrant, charging them with operation an illicit distillery in the far side of this county. The evidence was not sufficient to substantiate the charges against them and they were released.

An effort will soon be made to sell the school house in this place, and build another on a larger scale.

A Normal school is being conducted here for the benefit of the teachers, by Prof. R. L. COUNTS, of Coeburn. The attendance is not very large, but we understand it is on the increase. From present indications there will not be teachers enough to fill all the positions.

Attorney R.E. CHASE has just added a Remington type-writer costing $125 to his already equipped office.



Clintwood, VA., Aug. 19 – County Court commenced its session here last week. It was thought that the case of the Commonwealth against William J. ROSE for killing his brother, Frank, last spring would be heard at this term, but while it is only passed for the present, it is quiet certain that it will be continued on account of the sickness of a witness. The general understanding that a trail of the case would be had at this term brought out the largest crowd that ever attended court at this place. ROSE was brought into Court when the case was called, and then there was a wild rush for the court-room, everybody being anxious for a sight of the fratricide. He walked into the bar beside the sheriff and took a seat near his attorneys. His wife and mother sat near him. He seemed in the best of spirits and talked familiarly with those around him. He told your correspondent, though, that his confinement in jail was telling on him, but he hoped to be soon be free again.

ROSE is a man of about 27 or 28 years of age, of medium height and weight, and has a peculiar countenance. He has unusually heavy eyebrows, which shade his eyes to such an extend that the expression of them is almost lost to the casual observer.

Miss Carrie. M. NEAL and Lucian PROEDA were married last week at the residence of the bride’s parents. Miss NEAL is a highly accomplished young lady, and a well known in Clintwood society.

Clintwood, VA., Aug 9 –

Your correspondent learns that the _____ are out for the marriage of Miss Maxie JONES, daughter of H. J. JONES to Mr. Delmon KELLY of KY., the wedding will take place on the 15th inst.

Clintwood, VA., Aug 19 –

A mass meeting was held at this place Wed. by the Democrats of this county for the purpose of electing delegates to the legislative convention of the district, composed of the counties of Wise, Dickenson, & Buchanan, called to convene here on the 19th day of Sept. The meeting was called to order by County Chairman Henry KEEL…the following delegates were elected from the several magisterial districts of the county:

Clintwood Dist – William R. REEDY & J.T. RAMEY
Ervinton Dist – Samuel L. CARICO & Robert W. ERVIN
Sand Lick Dist – Thomas K. COLLEY & Richard D. SUTHERLAND
Willis Dist – J.C. KERR & John WILLIS

One of James MOONEY’s children fell into the fire and was badly burned. It is getting along fairly well and will doubtless recover.

Mrs. Francis VANOVER, near this place, is said to be in critical condition and is not expected to live. She recently gave birth to a child and her illness dates from that time.

Hanan FLEMINGS, who was recently acquitted in a trial at Wise for the murder of the MULLINS family is in this vicinity. He was very much disfigured in the fight in West VA, having been shot in the mouth and “powder-burned” about the face. His brother, “Calv” was killed outright in this fight. Henan was very badly wounded, and after his partial recovery was brought to Wise where the crime was committed and incarcerated in jail to a wait his trail which resulted in his acquittal, much to the surprise of every body.

Preparations are being made for the trail of Wm. J. ROSE for the murder of his brother, Frank. The trial will commence at the August term of our County Court, which will convene next week.


“Mack” HILL, of Beppo, this county, was brought before U.S. Commissioner RUSH a day or two since, upon a charge of selling liquor without a license, and was bound over to answer an indictment at the next term of Federal Court at Abingdon. HILL is a man of 60 or thereabouts, and is badly crippled from the effects of white swelling and rheumatism.

Albert FLEMING son of Preston FLEMING near this place died on yesterday, after a brief illness. It is said that he overexerted himself while engaged in logging with some others on Crane’s Nest Creek.

David FLEMING rod a fine horse belonging to Columbus COUNTS from Dwale to Pound, a distance of 12 miles the other day and upon his return the horse dropped dead under the saddle. It was very hot, and it is thought that he rode the horse to hard and his death resulted from the cause.

The chairman of the County Democratic Executive Committee had called a meeting of the Democratic has called a meeting of the Democrats of the county of Clintwood on July 14, for the purpose of appointing delegates to the congressional convention for the 9th district which convenes at Wytheville Aug. 8. There seems to be general preference expressed here for J. F. BULLITT, of Big Stone Gap, for the standard-bearer. The Republicans are for James A. WALKER


Clintwood, VA., June 11 – the case of the Commonwealth against Harmon POWERS, charged with killing David WELLS & Will SALLIER on the “Ridge” last Christmas, was begun here today. The court-room has been crowded all day, and everybody seems to be anxious to hear the proceedings. The prosecution is being conducted by Attournys F. H. EVANS, A. A. SKEEN, R. S. McFALL & Frank GRIFFITH. The defense is represented by W. A. AYERS, G. H. ANDERSON, Columbus P. PHIPPS & W. H. WERTH. There was considerable trouble in finding the necessary number of competent jurors to try the case. So much had the affair been discussed throughout the entire county that everyone had heard more or less of the details of the killing. At length, after quite a number of men had been examined, and many rejected, a sufficient number were found competent, and the following jury was impaneled: Ezekiel SUTHERLAND, S. J. TYLER, J. L. SIEFERS, Alex SMITH, G. W. HAYNES, G. W. SUTHERLAND, James W. SMITH, C. A. SELF, H. A. BOSTIC, W. J. COCHRAN, Eli PHIPPS & N. C. EDWARDS.

There is a large army of witnesses in the case, there being 57 in the Commonwealth alone. POWERS is a man of about 50 or 55 yrs. of age, heavy and of a not very prepossessing physique. His son-in-law, Wade P. KENADY, is indicted separately as an accessory, but his case will not be heard at this term. POWERS’s friends seem hopeful, and think that he will be acquitted. The aged father of SALLIER, one of the men who met his untimely death is attending the trial, but through grief seems to have become somewhat deranged.

Clintwood, VA., Nov. 16 –

Henry VANOVER, of Johnson Co., KY, is here on business relative to the settlement of the estate of his father, who died in the early fall.

The first snow of the season fell here on yesterday, but there was only enough to serve as a gentle reminder.

County Court in session this week. It was thought that the case of the Commonwealth vs. Wm J. ROSE for killing his brother, Frank, last Spring would be heard this term, but the case was continued on the account of a sick witness, which the defense claimed as material.

“Son” MULLINS, of Beppo, this county, was sentenced two years in the penitentiary at this term for breaking into a mill and stealing __ack meal for a moonshine. MULLINS is a young man and perhaps will learn a valuable lesson in these two years.

John P. VANOVER, of Freeling, this county, died a few days since, at the advanced age of 84 years. Mr. VANHOVER was a pioneer settler of this section, and came originally from N.C.

Miss Carrie M. NEAL & Lucian PROEDA were married on Thurs last at the residence of the bride’s parents. Miss NEAL is an accomplished young lady, and is favorably known in Clintwood society. Mr. & Mrs. PROEDA will go to W.VA. where they will make their future home.

A new post-office, known as Dwale, has recently been established three miles east of this place with Frank M. BEVERLY, postmaster. This will be a great convenience to the people of that place.

Attourney R. E. CHASE, of this place, is attending a U.S. Commissioner’s Court at Bristol this week.

Clintwood, VA., May 14 ’96

Pursuant to call of the County Chairman, the Democrats of Dickenson Co. assembled in mass-meeting at Clintwood on the 14 of May. On motion, Wm. B. SUTHERLAND was made Temporary Chairman of the meeting; and John W. KERR, Secretary. the following delegates were appointed to the State Convention to be held at Stauton, June 4th:

Clintwood Dist – Felix SENTER, delegate; J. C. COUNTS, alternate.
Ervinton Dist – A. A. SKEEN, delegate; Geo. W. SUTHERLAND, alternate.
Sand Lick Dist – Wm. B. SUTHERLAND, delegate; C. W. JACKSON, alternate.
Willis Dist – J. C. KERR, delegate; J. S. WILLIS, alternate.

On the motion the following resolutions were adopted:

Resolved, By the Democrats of Dickenson, Co., in mass-meeting assembled, that we are in favor of the restoration of silver to the position it had at the mints of the U. S. Government prior to the year 1878.

William C. ROSS, of Pond Creek, Oklahoma, is visiting his parents at this place this week. Mr. ROSS went from this place when the “strip” was opened for settlement, and has been fairly successful, having secured a good homestead, and been appointed as County Superintendent of Schools of the county in which he is located.


Clintwood, VA., Dec 21 – Clerk PHIPPS, of this place, is just in receipt of a letter from Mrs. Eva Douglas WISE, of New York, as one of the Lady Managers of the World’s Fair from Virginia, in which she speaks in the most enthusiastic terms of the part old Virginia will take. She urges Mr. PHIPPS to secure a representation from this section in the way of the exhibits, and he is greatly interesting himself in the scheme, and doubtless some good results will be realized from his efforts.


Rev. Mr. MUSIC of Russell County, preached here yesterday and day before (Sat. & Sun.) to a very appreciative audience. He is of the Missionary Baptist persuasion and has quite a following in this place. An effort is being made to raise funds to erect a church house here by this organization, and some have contributed quite liberally to the cause.


A deed has just been put on record in the Clerk’s office conveying large realty on McClure Creek to Patrick HAGAN, of Scott County. This grantor is one Mr. Lovel STANELY, of this county.


Clintwood, VA., May 21* – James F. VICARS, formerly of this place, has started a new weekly paper at Norton called the Norton HERALD. It is to assume an independent-attitude as regards politics.


Clintwood, VA., June 20* – Dickenson County Court is in session this week. Judge George L. COUNTS presiding. Jasper SUTHERLAND, a prominent citizen of Ervington, had been tried in one case for felony and is now being tried in a second. He was found guilty in the first case and fined.

Peter NEWBERRY, of Tarpon, this county, had a fine horse killed in his field by lightning the other day.

Among representative Democrats of this section James W. MARSHALL seems to be their first choice for Congress. Judge AYERS, of Lebanon, says the sentiment in Russell Co. is strongly in his favor, and further that “Cyclone Jim” can be elected without any doubt.


Clintwood, VA., March 8* – A sad accident occurred here on yesterday. Sumter COLLEY, constable of this place, accidently shot himself while handling a gun, the ball taking effect in his head. The point of its entrance was just below the right cheek-bone and it ranged upward, lodging in the back portion of the head. Your correspondent was informed that the blood has been flowing from his ears, mouth, and nose. It is thought to be a fatal wound. Mr. COLLEY had been out hunting, and upon his return was handling his gun carelessly when it fired, with the above stated results. Many persons here are entirely too careless with their guns.


Rev. Cale HAYNES, who lives on the Pound River a short distance from this village, lost two of his children the latter part of the past week. The whole family has been “down” with fever. The first to die was a boy of some 7 or 8 yrs. old, and before the burial rites were said over his remains –a young woman 16 or 17 yrs. of age– passed away. The others seem to be slowly convalescing.

Gordon C. CLINE, of Wyoming Co., W.VA, is here on business.


Clintwood, VA., May 10* – The Democrats of this county held a mass-meeting on yesterday to appoint delegates to the State Convention at Richmond. The meeting was presided over by Hon. Richard L. COUNTS. The following persons were appointed as delegates from the county: F. M. BEVERLY, John WILLIS, E. T. SUTHERLAND, and Thomas K. COLLEY–this county being entitled to four. The sentiment of the meeting seemed to be divided as between HILL & CLEVELAND, but after some wrangling the delegates were instructed to favor CLEVELAND as first choice.


Clintwood, VA., Mar. 31* – Ira YATES, a young man, died from the effects of an overdose of worm-oil at about half-past 3 o’clock last night. He was feeling somewhat indisposed and asked his father to procure some of the oil for him, which he did; and instead of measuring the dose he drank it from the vial from which held it…Drs. PHIPPS & JONES were called to attend him….

Killed by an Overdose of Worm-oil -continued
it was found that he was poisoned, but they could do nothing to afford him any relief. He was sturdy, honest and industrious young man, whom everybody liked.

[*Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch]


Clintwood, VA., Feb 23 – Isaac CANTELL & Hank BRYANT two young men got into a difficulty over a game of cards and the former tried to shoot the latter, but was prevented. CANTELL was arrested and required to give bond for his appearance before the grand jury.


One of Harvey KELLY’s sons had the misfortune to cut his foot off yesterday while chopping on a log. By some means his foot slipped as he was standing on the log, and the axe struck it with a heavy blow, severing it. The boy is almost grown, and has been an excellent farm hand on his father’s farm.


Osborne FARMER and William STONES daughter eloped from her father’s the other night, the “old man” being adverse to the match. They soon found it impossible to procure marriage license here without permission from the girl’s parents. It is thought they will probably go to Bristol or to some other point in Tennessee. The girl is about “sweet sixteen”, as pretty as a picture, and is worth all the trouble she is likely to cost.

Clintwood, VA., June 1 –

Burdine DESKINS, an aged farmer living within half a mile of this place, had the misfortune to have his arm broken and mangled the other day by a large dog which he was trying to roll off a piece of ground. Dr. PHIPPS, who attended him, thinks amputation of the limb necessary.

Clintwood, VA., Feb 8*

Samuel KEEL is slightly better; it is thought by his physician that there is a chance for his recovery. There is a great deal of sickness in this county…fever, with now and then a case of the grip.


The post office at this place has been removed from the court-house to the east end of town. Mr. VANAVER, the post master, says that circumstances made the removal necessary. Many still call at the court-house for their mail every day and it is laughable to see the chargin upon finding there is no post office.

Clintwood, VA., Jan ___*

Mrs. Edom MULLINS, who lived near this place, died about 12 o’clock last night after a protracted and painful illness. She leaves a husband and six children.

Marion RAMSEY was arraigned before Justice HILL on Saturday upon a warrant in which he was charged with having tried to release a prisoner from Constable COLLEY. He was sent on and will doubtless be indicted at the January term of the court.

Wilbuer PHIPPS, a farmer near Clintwood, recently sold 868 large populare trees to George R. NICHOLSON of Michigan….


Dickenson County has something of a novelty, which I suppose no other county in the State has. It is a lady mail-carrier who carries the mail on a route leading from Clintwood daily. Her name is BAKER, and she is a widow of nearly 60; has reared a large family and is now dependent upon her own exertions for a livelihood.

Jackson VANOVER, of Freeling, this county, died of pneumonia-fever recently. Mr. VANOVER was about 45 years old and unmarried.


Noah SOWARDS is in the custody of the officers here upon a charge of taking some articles from the body of Frank ROSE, who was killed some time ago. He took, it is alleged, a pocket-book, with its contents, a knife, etc. He has been with the gang headed by William ROSE, the murderer of his brother, Frank, which has been terrorizing the people of the “south of the Mountain”. It’s said that the gang has been trying to get the opportunity to kill the two principal witnesses against ROSE.

Reports received here are to the effect that Lige WRIGHT died a day or two since near Pound Gap from a wound he is thought to have received in the Gap some time ago. One GIBSON of Donkey, was passing through the Gap and a man came out of the woods and attempted to hold him up and rob him; but GIBSON drew a pistol and fired at the would be robber, and it is supposed wounded him. It is now thought that the man was WRIGHT.


Killed in a Political row Across the Line.
Dwale, Dickenson, Co., Oct 18 – Intelligence has just been received here to the effect that incendiaries have been getting in their demon-like work in the vicinity of Sergent, a few miles from here. The barn and out-buildings of Hon. Nathaniel HALL were burned last night. Loss about $2,000, no insurance. There is a clue, and several arrests will follow. Also the barn of David HALL near there was burned last night. Damages heavy; no insurance.

A report has just reached here from Harlan Co., KY, to the effect that John M. MIDDLETON, a prosperous young married man, was killed there a day or two since in a political row. No particulars have been received as to the affair; but relatives of MIDDLETON left Letcher Co. near here, for that place. It is said the election in that county will be the warmest for years.


News from Dickenson County – Bloodshed and Love.
Dwale, Dickenson, Co., VA., March 18. – your correspondent lately had the privilege of looking through some papers of an old man, who has long since passed to that bourn whence no voyager returns. Some of these documents were unique, and bore dates ranging from 1830 to 1860. One instrument found among them reads as follows:

For value recd., against the first day of March next, I will pay RATLIFF & CECIL thirteen dollars & 15 cents.

This 16th Oct. 1832. JOHN FLEMON.

The following is a copy of an order granted by Floyd County Court, but whether it was the Floyd Co. of VA, or some other State rejoicing in a county of like name, there is nothing about the order to show:

Floyd County Court, June term 1835:
John FLEMING is appointed Surveyor of the road from the Dry Branch to the Picture of the Turtle. In the place of Frederick GLAMBAUGH, removed. And it is ordered that he call on all the hands on Beaver above where Samuel HARRIS formerly lived, and down as low as where William ISAAC’s to post. Him to keep the same in repair according to law; cut smooth fifteen feet wide, and dig six feet wide, where digging is necessary.

A Copy att. JACOB MAYO, C.F.C.C.


Marion MULLINS, son of Harmon MULLINS, of this place, went over into Pike Co., KY, a few days since and became involved in an altercation with one Eliju BARTLEY, who he shot twice with a pistol from the effects of which he died within a few hours. Young MULLINS was at once lodged in jail at Pikeville, the county seat. He claims that he committed the act in self-defence.

County Court is in session at Clintwood this week. The case of the Commonwealth vs. David FLEMING, charges with making a felonious attempt upon his cousin, Tandy FLEMING, last June, is being heard now, and is attracting considerable attention. The venire comes from the remoter parts of the county, and is composed of the following men: Noah SMITH, A. D. SILCOX, James McCOY, Garland KISER, John F. McCOY, Larkin VIARS, S. D. COUNTS, J. H. RASNICK, A. J. GRIZZLE, W. G. ROSE, Ira HALE, and Charles TURNER. This trial will probably not be ended before some time next week.

Yesterday, just after the opening of court, George MULLINS and Margaret HOWELL came into the court-room, and procuring a marriage license from the clerk, called on the Rev. J. C. SWINDALL to “say the ceremony”. The party retired to an upper room of the building followed by about two-thirds or those present, where they were made one – “two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.” The bride is only 18, while the bridegroom is her senior by about two years.

Old Billy MULLINS, who is the most venerable man in the county, being up in the nineties, is very feeble, and his death is expected at any hour.

We are having fine weather for farm work this week.


Dwale, VA. January 14 – County Clerk is in session at Clintwood this week, with the new Judge Alexander BEAVERS, presiding. There will not be any business of importance transacted at this term.

Notwithstanding the hard times, there is considerable building being done in this section. Dickenson Co. has just had erected a large and commodious court-house at a considerable cost. This is one of the neatest, best finished public buildings in this section of the state.

Clintwood, VA., June 19 –

John C. SMITH & Alfred SKEEN, two young men of this county, have just returned from Valparaiso, Indiana, where they took a law course. They are bright young men; are proud of their diplomas, and will enter the law profession here soon.

Mr. James P. MULLINS, of Ava this Co., had the misfortune to loose his pocket-book while on his way to — a day or two since.

James DAMRON’s little 6-yr.-old daughter fell and seriously cut her face a day or two since.

Sheriff George W. HAYNES’s child died of whooping cough the other day.

The jail here is being strongly guarded every night, as it is expected an attempt will be made by the friends of William ROSE, who is confined for the murder of his brother, to rescue him. There are several desperate characters belonging to the gang.

Robert WRIGHT & Emory CHASE have just returned from the National Normal University at Lebanon, O., where they have been studying for the last few months. WRIGHT took a course in short hand and typewriting, and CHASE mathematics and surveying.

Clintwood, VA., Mar. 14* –

William R. STONE, a prominent farmer, near Ava, this county, was arraigned before Justice HYLTEN yesterday upon a warrant charging him with having firing several shots at one Osborn FARMER with intent to kill. He was bound in a bond of $1,000 to answer an indictment at the next term of court. The proof showed some provocation on the part of FARMER. The two men have had a difficulty before.

Creed McFALL, a young man of 17 years, died yesterday at his father’s home, near here. He was stricken down with fever and lingered only a few days. He was an estimable young man and will be sadly missed in the community.

The publication of our county paper, the TRIBUNE, will now be resumed after a suspension of some months. Editor VANAVER says he will issue it regularly hereafter.

[*Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch]

John McROSE, a widower, who has seen the flowers bloom 81 summers, was married to on Miss REICE of 32 on yesterday. [Mar. 1893] December and May do not match well together, but it is hoped their married life will be agreeable.

George R. NICHOLSON, of Alpena, Mich., is here on business. Mr. NICHOLSON is a member of a northern syndicate which owns a vast amount of standing timber throughout this section.

___. S. PHIPPS, a young man of this place, has just returned from the Medical College at Richmond, where he has been studying for the profession.

Clintwood, VA., March 2* –

Silas HALL, a young man in the vicinity of Ava, this county, wa accidentally shot on Monday last. Young HALL and a companion were out together and the former wile showing him his pistol accidentally discharged it, the ball talking effect in his body. The wound is a serious one, and HALL’s recovery is a matter of doubt.

Deputy Sheriff HALL, of this place, and a posse of armed men made a raid on the two FLEMING boys, Cal and Henan. It will be remembered that they are indicted together with Doc TAYLOR, for the murder of the MULLINS family last Spring in Wise county. They were staying at the house of their brother some three miles from this place, and Sheriff HALL learning of their whereabouts summoned his guard and went there, but someone had informed the FLEMINGS of the intended raid and they had secreted themselves in the brush, and upon the approach of the officer and his men they opened fire on them, but without effect. The fire was heavily returned by the officer’s party, but it is not know with what effect.

Clintwood, VA., Sept 19* – Eli DAVIS with is wife and sisters was riding to church on yesterday when the mule upon which Mr. DAVIS was riding took a scare, turned and ran back toward the horses upon which the women were mounted, and the latter were thrown to the ground and badly hurt — so badly that they had to be taken home in a carriage and have been confined to their beds ever since.

Pridemore FLEMING, the 14 yr. old son of William FLEMING, had the misfortune to have one of his fingers cut off on Saturday.


Clintwood, VA., Nov. 16 –

On Thursday Sheriff J. B. KISER and William THORNBURY arrived here with William J. ROSE, who escaped from jail some time ago. It will be remembered that ROSE was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment in the penitentiary for killing his brother, Frank, last spring, and while was confined in jail, awaiting his removal, he effected his escape by knocking the jailer down and running over him. The jailer immediately offered a reward for him, but it was some time before is whereabouts could be ascertained but the authorities. A few days ago, however, KISER & THORNBURY located ROSE in W. VA., and immediately set out to find him, which they did near the place where he was arrested before his trial last summer. He will be conveyed to the penitentiary in a few days.


Dwale, Dickenson, Co., VA. June 27 –

Your correspondent learns that there is a man, by the name of Abraham MASTERS, living on Birchfield Creek, in the edge of Wise County, who is 97 yrs. old. He has a son, Reuben MASTERS, who is a very old man–gray-haired and growing decrepit. The elder MASTERS is unable to walk except by the aid of his cane and about he house. His home is in a rather sparsely peopled neighborhood, where he has lived for many, many years and he has seen some of his neighbors live out their allotted three-score and ten years, and die.

There is only one colored tax-payer in the Western District of Dickenson county. Formerly there were several living on Grassy Creek, but there seems to be feeling existing between the whites and these colored folks, and the latter have all left.

A summer normal school is being conducted at Clintwood by Milton W. REMINES, of Dorton, KY. There is a very fair attendance of teachers.

Mrs. Andrew FLEMING, of this place, was badly hacked in the face by an angry cow a day or two since. A gash was cut out of the woman’s cheek-bone, some two or three inches long.

The Republicans of this vicinity are dropping James A. WALKER for Congress, and declaring in favor of T. M. ALDERSON, of Wise. They say on account of WALKER’s free-silver views they cannot support him, even if he should be the nominee of their party.

There seems to be an unusual amount of sickness in this section at this writing. Grip seems to be quite prevalent, and a number of deaths have been chronicled during the past week, mostly among the aged. I note the death of John McROSE, a pioneer settler of this section, and James KILGORE, the former 85, and the later 80.


Clintwood, VA., Nov. 30 – United States Marshal B. B. COLLEY captured an illicit distillery in the upper end of this county Wed. night. It had been operated by some moonshiners in rough, isolated place for some time past. It is supposed that they heard COLLEY and his guard coming and ran off, as there were some articles of clothing found lying about the premises. The moonshiners from that section and the south of Cumberland mountains always have a supply of the “elixir of life” fresh from their distilleries on hand near Clintwood on all public days to supply those who are athirst for Clintwood is a “dry” town so far as the laws are concerned.

A base-ball club is to be organized here soon. A plat of ground is to be purchased and the outfit also. Roland E. CHASE & Gallie FRIEND are identified with the movement, which almost assures its success, as they are both young men of pluck and energy sufficient to give life to such an enterprise.

(Correspndence of the Dispatch)

Clintwood, VA., Oct 18 – Floyd CASEHOLT, a detective, arrested a man of yesterday thought to be John HAWKINS, who is wanted at Mt. Sterling, KY for murder. There is a $600 reward for the man. Rev. Caleb HAYNES, who is here from near Mt. Sterling, says this is the man. He says he saw the murder committed. It was at a church where services were being held. HAWKINS shot a boy in the yard, and the boy ran into the house for shelter, where HAWKINS followed him and cut his throat with a knife.

Circut Court for Dickenson county is in session here this week, Judge W. T. MILLER of Wise, presiding. Considerable business is being transacted at this term. The visiting lawyers are: E. M. FULTON & T. M . ANDERSON, of Wise; W. H. WERTH of Coeburn and Colonel James B. RICHMOND of Gate City.

Clintwood, VA., Oct 11 – William H. COUNTS, who was arrested on suspicion of killing James SUTHERLAND, Deputy Sheriff of this county, and Mrs. Cora DYER, who was on the ground at the time of the tragedy, had a preliminary hearing before Justice William J. KEEL a day or two since. They were held in bonds of $1,000 each to await the action of the grand jury. Mrs. DYER gave bond, but COUNTS failed to execute the required bond, and in default, was sent to jail. As was noted in this correspondence, COUNTS statement was to the effect that SUTHERLAND shot and killed himself; but there seems to be doubt among the people of the neighborhood in which the occurrence took place as to whether this statement is true.

The jailer at this place has offered a reward of $125 for the capture of William J. ROSE, who was sentenced to 8 yrs. imprisonment in the penitentiary; but escaped from the jail. Some persons had made efforts to trace him, but without success.

Hotel Bessie, of this place, has changed hands. J. F. Greer, who has been in charge of the property for some time, has retired, and Lucian PRAIODE has his sign swinging in front of the building.

Robert MARSHALL, of this county, had the misfortune to have his barn burned a few nights ago. There were 4 mules, 2 wagons and 2 sets of harness burned also. The fire is thought to be the work of an incendiary.


Clintwood, VA., May 1 – Ned ROSE, of “South” of Cumberland Mountain, was shot and instantly killed by his brother, Bill ROSE, on Saturday. The brothers lived near each other. Bill put his mare in Ned’s field to graze, and soon he found her outside. He accused Ned’s wife of turning the mare out and so he and Ned began to quarrel over the matter. Bill told Ned not to touch him, but the warning was not headed, as Ned playfully put his hand upon his brother’s back. The latter drew a pistol and fired……


Clintwood, VA., May 5 As Roland McFALL, of Freeling, this county, was crossing through Osborne’s gap, a notch in Cumberland mountain, a day or two since, several shots were fired at him from ambush. He put spurs to his horse and made his escape. Those who fired shots are supposed to be robbers. It is said to be dangerous to pass through the gap. The travelling public changing from that route and crossing the mountain several miles below. The district road leading from here to KY runs through Osborne’s gap, and so it is a great inconvenience to go out of the way to cross at the lower place.

Miss Carrie M. NEAL and Lucian PROEDA were married last week at the residence of the bride’s parents. Miss NEAL is a highly accomplished young lady, and a well known in Clintwood society.

James K. DAMRUN, an attorney of this place, and Miss Belle Sutherland, of Bucu, were quietly married the other day at the home of the bride’s parents. Miss Sutherland is a daughter of Ezeliel SUTHERLAND, a prominent official of this county.

F.F. REPASS, the Farmer’s Alliance lecturer of this Congressional district, spoke here on Sat. to a rather small audience. There would have been a larger crowd had the meeting been sufficiently advertised before hand. His address was rather pointed, but he did not define the position of the order in regard to some important measures.

May 5, – The authorities are trying to capture Bill Rose who killed his brother Ned a few days ago. Reports say he is hiding in Cumberland Mountains. It is said that Bill sought to kill Ned several times before, and that he had remarked on several different occasions that he would never be satisfied till he accomplished that object.. In his last difficulty Ned would not quarrel with him but only remonstrated, using such expressions as this “Brother you must do better than this,” in a perfectly good natured way.


Clintwood, VA., June 12 – Deputy Sheriff FLEMING , of this place , brought the outlaw, William Rose, here from W.VA. Monday. It will be remembered that ROSE shot and filled his brother, Frank, and had managed to dodge the authorities since. Until recently he has headed a gang that terrorized the people “South of the Mountain” . A few days ago he left that vicinity. A drummer, who came from W.VA. to this place through the mountains met a man and woman in an isolated place, whose description , as he gave it satisfied FLEMING that they were ROSE and a disreputable woman he had with him. So FLEMING with a guard started in pursuit of them and found them in McDowell County, where their arrest was affected without any trouble . ROSE has always been regarded as a reckless desperate character.

Little Ethel, the four year old daughter of William M. Thornbury, of this place, died of brain fever yesterday.

Jimmie, Mr. Thornbury’s 2 year old son, is in critical condition with the same disease and his recovery is a matter of grave doubt.


Dwale, Dickenson Co., VA., Aug. 29 _ Old Uncle Abner KERR of Ava whose illness was noticed a day or two since died at 11 A.M. Wednesday at the home of his son, J. C. KERR. He had been nearly totally blind for a year or more but would ride over the country by himself apparently with as little trouble as a person with two good eyes could. About ten days ago he went to KY. thru the mountains by himself to see some of the relatives and on his return he must have ______ fallen from his horse for when he was found he was lying in the road.


Dwale, Aug. 15- Abner KERR , of Ava, this county, lay in a critical condition from ______of his lungs……………….