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New Garden MM Minutes

Some Extracts from the Minutes from New Garden MM, 1771 (The Battle of Alamance was May 16, 1771)

(kept at Guilford College Library, across the road from New Garden Meeting House)

New Garden MM, 25 5mo 1771 (9 days after the Battle)

“There coming before this Meeting a matter of very weighty and difficult concerning the present situation of affairs and the request the present Governor requires of Friends of this Meeting; and as the Meeting is small by reason of high waters, it’s the mind of the Meeting that it adjourn to Center next third day at 10 o’clock in order that Friends be more fully collected together to consider theron.

New Garden MM, 28 5 mo 1771

New Garden, according to adjournment met at Center the 28th of the 5th month 1771. and calling the representatives they all appear, Except Thomas Kendall. Women Frinds requests assistance of this meeting to prepare a Certificate for Susannah Stanley and two Children. This Meeting appoints David Brooks to assist them therein, and report his care to next meeting.

The Matter concerning the Governor’s request which was Twenty Beeves and Ten Barrels of Flour, it again coming before this meeting and weightily conferred upon and the meeting agrees and concludes to furnish him with his request and appoints Jeremiah Reynolds, James Mendenhall and Zachariah Dicks to prepare a few lines to let him know that it is not possible to comply with it by the time, and that it’s not because we are guilty of any breach of Loyalty, that we furnish him therewith: which was drawn up and sign’d by the order of the meeting.

7 mo 1771

This meeting being informed that Jesse Lane (one of the children of Ann Lane) hath acted inconsistent with our profession in joining (in some measure) with those who stile themselves regulators of publick affairs; this meeting therefore appoints James Mendenhall to write to him and inform him that unless he will condemn his conduct this meeting will be under a Necessity to testify against him; and report his care to next meeting.

8 mo 1771

– The Friends appointed to visit Jesse Lane reports he has not had an Opportunity

– Edward Thornburgh offerd a paper condemning his misconduct in assisting those called Regulators with a gun: which was read and accepted. Thomas Kendall is appointed to read it at the close of first day meeting: at the Little Meeting on the West side of Deep River and return the paper with his care to next Meeting.

1 mo 1772

Deep River informs that John Stewart requests cert. to Cedar Creek VA

6 mo 1773

This meeting appoints James Mendenhall, John Talbot and Zachariah Dicks and John Macy to examine and correct the Minutes of this Meeting back to 27th of the 4th mo. 1771.