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North Carolina Volunteers Participating in the Indian Removal,
April 7, 1838

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General Winfield Scott informed his superiors: “I shall probably call for the following detachments of militia to rendezvous at the places mentioned, two regiments of 1840 Georgians to rendezvous at New Echota, one regiment of 740 Alabamians to rendezvous at Belfont, one regiment of 740 North Carolinians to rendezvous at Franklin, NC, one regiment of 740 Tennesseans to rendezvous at Ross Landing. 3700 Troops plus 2200 Regulars. Subsistence for the foregoing troops at the places mentioned, will be required for at least 90 days, commencing about the middle of May.

3 May 1838
Governor of North Carolina

The Adjutant General Has this morning reported to the Department, that the regiment of detached militia for the service fo the United States is composed of all volunteers, as follows, from Rutherford three companies, Wilkes, two, Yancey, one, Burke, three, and Buncombe one. You will learn by my letter of the 28th that a company has already been received by Col. Lindsay, and a company has been offered from Ashe, from whence none was asked or ordered. Col. Lindsay was positive in his exception to receiving troops from counties contiguous to the Cherokee district. Consequently the order was placed to the next adjoining and most convenient counties to reduce the distance of march.

In the end, North Carolina furnished thirteen volunteer companies composed of approximately 824 men and officers.

COMPANY A – Buncombe County Volunteers
COMPANY B – Buncombe County Volunteers
COMPANY C – Burke County Volunteers
COMPANY D – Burke County Volunteers
COMPANY E – Burke County Volunteers
COMPANY F – Macon County Volunteers
COMPANY G – Rutherford County Volunteers
COMPANY H – Rutherford County Volunteers
COMPANY I – Ashe County Volunteers
COMPANY J – Wilkes County Volunteers
COMPANY K – Buncombe County Volunteers
COMPANY L – Macon County Volunteers
COMPANY M – Yancey County Volunteers



John Gray Bynum; Colonel
John J. Bryan; Lt. Colonel
David R. Lowery; Major
James Calloway; Surgeon
Charles Dickson; Quartermaster
Joseph Mcdowell; Mate
William Coffey; Drum Major
Nathaniel Payne; Fifer


Enoch Cunningham; Captain
William B. Killian; 1st Lieutenant
William F. Davidson; 2nd Lieutenant
Daniel Reynolds; Ensign
Newton M. Foster; Sergeant
William C. Foster; Sergeant
Lytle Merrill; 3rd Sergeant
Benj. F. Foster; Corporal
Albert C. Davidson; 2nd Corporal
Wm. Davis; 4th Corporal
Joseph Banks; Musician
William Banks; Musician
Aaron F. Alexander
Levi Anders
Robert W. Banks
William Barnhill
William P. Basset
Jesse R. Bell
A. H. Brittain
Joseph Brookshear
Zachariah Bryan
Martin Buff
James Burnett
James Burney
David Byers
John Clark
William M. Clark
Wallace Creasman
Adam Creasman
John Creasman
Matthew Davis
Harvey B. Deaver
Aaron Dogen
Hiram Dogen
Ryall Dover
James Drennen
John D. Edwards
William R. Edwards
Hugh L. Freeman
Absalom Garron
George W. Garron
Joseph Garron
William Goldsmith
James Guthrie
David Halford
Jonathan Halford
George W. Hampton
Philip Hunter
Peter G.Hyatt
John Ingle
Pleasant Israel
Jackson Jones
John Ledford
James P. Lytle
Samuel Mcclatchey
Alexander H. Mcrea
John N. Melton
Jonathan Morrell
William S. Murray
Robert L. Owensby
Robert Patton
Marcus L. Penland
Abner Phipps
Balsar Rhodes
Robert Roberts
William Pressley
Adam Pressley
James O. Rice
William Prestwood
William Tow
William Towe
James Townsend
John West
John West S;
Andrew Willis
Samuel Willis
Samuel P. Young


James W. Killian; Captain
Thomas P. Miller; 1st Lieutenant
Eliazer Patton; Ensign
James Erwin; Sergeant
Joseph King; Sergeant
Joseph J. Patton; 3rd Sergeant
John Mckay; 4th Sergeant
Wm. J. Johston; Corporal
Benj. Atkins; 2nd Corporal
Jackson Shipman; 3rd Corporal
Abner Champion; Musician
James M. Fletcher; Musician
Josiah Alexander
Griffin Allen
Robert W. Allen
Samuel Allison
Levi Anderson
Alexander Beck
Henry B. Berrong
James W. Bryson
James Caron
Hezekiah Champion
George Claton
Thomas D. Claton
Thomas Cook
James Crane
Simon Dunn
Eli B. Erwin
Hiram Fortune
Jesse Framell
James H. Franklin
John Galloway
Simon R. Galloway
Thomas H. Galloway
Simon B. Glazner
Joseph Garron
John R. Hamlin
John R. Hamblin
William J. Galloway
William D. Hamilton
Anthony Hefner
Peter Hefner
James W. Hood
John Kitchens
Joseph A. Legon
Reuben Loftis
Adam Lyday
James W. Lyday
James C. Lyons
David Mccarson
John I. Mckay
John I. Macray
William Mckay
John W. Mckay
William Macray
William H. Moore
Jordan Morgan
Solomon Morgan
William P. Murray
Leander Nicholason
Farmer Orr
William F. Orr
James Owens
Charles M. Paxton
Philip Phillips
Ambrose Setten
Eli Shepherd
Jesse Shepherd
Stephen Sprinkle
James Stepp
Thermenter Stewart
John Summey
James Swainey
Lemuel Swaringame
Isaac Wilkinson
Wm. M Wooden
Wm. M. Wooten


W. L. Connelly; Captain
I. A. Pearson; 2nd Lieutenant
Henry Brittain; Sergeant
John Finley; Sergeant
John Mcfalls; Sergeant
E. P. Kincaid; Corporal
John Webb;Corporal
James Moore; 2nd Corporal
Thos. Mcgallard; 3rd Corporal
Charles Swain; 4th Corporal
Samuel Atkins; Musician
Josiah Pless; Musician
James Ballew
I. D. Baseman
I. D. Boseman
Thomas Benfield
Elisha Berry
James Brittain
H. A. Butler
K. C. Conway
David Cook
W. C. Corpening
Jacob Crider
I. Crunklton
Wiley Davis
William Denton
David Duckworth
Stephen L. Earnest
Wm. Elliott
William Erwin
Jacob W. Fowler
J. H. Garrison
Abraham Franklin
Joseph Garrison
Solomon Garrison
J. B. Gibbs
James Gilliand
Wilson Gilliand
Alexander Glass
F. B. Glass
George Glass
John Glass
John Hannah
John W. Hawk
Daniel Hawkins
I. S. Hawkins
Daniel Hicks
George Hodge
Ili Hoyle
Noah Hudson
William Hudson
Nicholas Huffman
David M. Isenhower
James M. Kincaid
Marcus King
James Lynn
John Mcpeters
David Mcelrath
Thomas Parker
James Mosley
Urban Powell
Michael Pearson
James A. Puett
I. W. Puett
Samuel Roper
Ambrose Scott
Emsey Scott
Benjamin Smith
Daniel Smith
Zachariah Smith
Samuel Stafford
Meredith Swann
William Swann
Lemuel Tallent
Samuel Walker
William Walker
William Walls
Edwin B. Reeves


Elisha Miller; Captain
James F. Dickson; 1st Lieutenant
Hosea Bradford; 2nd Lieutenant
George W. Barnes; Sergeant
Gilley F. Hayes; Sergeant
Adam Oxford; Sergeant
Israel J. Ballew; 4th Sergeant
Benj. Brown; Corporal
Wm. Mcleod; Corporal
Isaac Fincannon; Musician
Jacob Taylor; Musician
Jesse Austin
Finley Baird
Eli Baldwin
John Baldwin
Wasington Balloo
William Bradshaw
John A. Bush
Richard Bush
Monroe Caspening
Calvin Clark
Jacob K. Clout
William Collins
John Coon
Joseph Cooper
Joshus Cooper
Israel P. Couley
Joseph Courtney
Joel Crisp
John Crisp
Leroy Crisp
Madison Crisp
Robert M. Dickson
John Dockery
William Dorset
Reuben Freeman
Hamilton Greenway
Andrew Hayes
Benjamin Joplin
James Joplin
Eli Justice
Henry Mccall
Frederick Mccrary
James Mccreary
Rice Mcdavis
Charles Masburn
Isaac Matthews
Horatio N. Miller
John Mitchell
William Mitchell
John Montgomery
Lewis Moody
Richard Moore
William Moreland
Joel Nelson
John Nelson
Marshall Nelson
Elisha Oxford
Isaac Oxford
George Palmer
Israel Pearcy
Moses Pennel
Smith H. Powell
Hue Porch
Wm. T. Prestwood
Barton Read
Thomas Robinson
William Robinson
Joseph Smith
Morgan Snead
Joel Sumpter
William Sumpter
Joel Sumter
William Sumter
Robert G. Tuttle
Ephraim Watson
Peter Whittenburg
Arch Wilson
Jordan Wilson


Issac Hicks; Captain
Buris Alney; 1st Lieutenant
Alnet Burgis; 1st Lieutenant
Jesse Burgin; 1st Sergeant
Isaac Herman; 3rd Sergeant
Isaac Heman; 3rd Sergeant
James Stroud; 4th Sergeant
Duncan; 1st Corporal
John Jarrett; 2nd Corporal
Joseph Struart; 3rd Corporal
Joseph Truart; 3rd Corporal
Charles Haney; 4th Corporal
James Long; Musician
Joshua Ounger; Musician
Posey Allison
Thomas Allison
John Arrowood
James Bailey
Francis A. Bird
Aaron Bright
Merrill Brown
Joseph Burgess
Josiah Burgin
Berry Burnett
Israel Carver
Absalom Clark
J. W. Cuthbertson
Elias Davis
Willis Elder
Joseph England
David J. English
Thomas Erwin
James Finley
William Finley
John Flemming
Andrew Frady
G. W. Gillespie
Henry Glass
Alfred Green
Archibald Harris
James Harris
William Hawkins
Joseph Hill
Michael Hill
Simon Hillard
B. D. Johnston
Joseph Justice
Robert Justice
Drury Long
A. B. Mcfalls
Alexander Mckinsey
Zadoc Martin
Franklin Morrow
Jasper Neal
John Noblet
James Souther
John Stroud
William Stroud
Jesse Souther
James Stroud
John Thompson
Joseph Thompson
Joel Vanoy
Josiah Vaughn
Micajah Vaughn
Zimri Walls
Hoshua Whitaker
John Whittington
Hiram Wilson
Joseph Wilson
Posey Woods
Charles M. Young


Thomas M. Angel; Captain
James Truitt; 1st Lieutenant
Reuben Fletcher; 2nd Lieutenant
Wm. F. Mcfee; 2nd Lieutenant
John Deaton; Ensign
William Brown; 1st Sergeant
N. H. Palmer; 1st Sergeant
G. L. Mashburn; 2nd Sergeant
G. L. Washburn; 2nd Sergeant
Brassley Wilson; 2nd Sergeant
J. M. Keener; Sergeant
William Bryson; 1st Corporal
Martin Mccoy; 2nd Corporal
John Brown; 2nd Corporal
Daniel Carroll; Musician
John Hughes; Musician
John Angel
George Ballew
Andrew Barnes
J. R. Beaver
Allen Brown
William Brown
Absalom Bradley
Jackson Bradley
Cornet Burgis
James Canseller
Edward Chastine
John Chastine
Robert Clark
James Clarke
James Claton
Andrew Cornett
Collins Cornett
Elijah Cross
Bennett Crisp
George Coward
Robert Cunningham
Andrew Gibby
Stephen Graves
Robert Hall
Joseph B. Hammer
James Hanner
Abner Hawkins
James Huggun
Benjamin James
Joras Jenkins
Daniel Johnston
Smith Kerby
Levy Knight
Wiley Ledbetter
George Lindsay
Nathan Low
Nathan Lowe
James Mcdaniel
Albert Mckinney
John Mayson
Blackburn Millsaps
I. D. Moreland
George Morgan
Archibald Morrison
Henry Queen
William Reddick
M. J. Robinson
George Rogers
James Rogers
Parker Rogers
Matthew N. Russel
William Sheets
I. Smallwood
S. J. Sutter
S. J. Sutton
Hezekiah Tanner
Thomas Trammel
William Wickle
William Williams


Albert O. Irvine; Captain
David Baxter; Ensign
Jas. Blanton; Sergeant Major
Drury Harral; 1st Sergeant
Samuel Dunn; 2nd Sergeant
Wm. W. Wright; 3rd Sergeant
Thomas J. Blanton; 4th Sergeant
Green B. Humphuries; 4th Sergeant
Thos. G. Weathers; Corporal
Henry Gibbs; 3rd Corporal
Jonathan Taylor; Musician
John Bahler
Edward Bedfprd
John H. Bedford
Josiah Blanton
Ransom Blanton
William Blanton
William I. Blanton
David Canipe
John Collins
John Cook
Fielding Dobbins
Jesse Doty
John Ellen
Thomas F. Eliot
John Francis
Daniel Gerald
James H. Gettys
John Gibson
George Good
William Green
Banister Gregg
Timothy Haney
John C. Hardin
Richard Hardin
John Harral
Hamlin Horn
Henry Hoyle
William Hoyle
Abraham S. Irvine
Enoch Johnston
Lewis Jolly
Green Lovelace
Green Lawless
Milton A. Mccombs
Wm. S. Mcmurry
John Mathis
John W. Mood
Benjamin Newton
William Randall
William Robbins
Dillard Scruggs
Jackson Scruggs
Charles Sousing
George W. Stogdon
Evan Suttle
James Swafford
Wiley Turner
James Webb
Jeremiah Webb
William D. Webb
Howell Westbrook
Howell F. Westbro0K
Bluford White
Jeremiah White;
Martin M. Willis
John A. Wilson
Joseph C. Wilson
Thomas Wilson
Martin Workman


Marcus O. Dickerson ; Captain
Oliver Carson; Ensign
Leander Pace; 1st Sergeant
James D. Butler; 2nd Sergeant
Stanhope Hill; 3rd Sergeant
Abner G. Mcentire; 4th Sergeant
Madison Kilpatrick; 2nd Corporal
Allen D. Kilpatrick; 4th Corporal
John Robertson; Musician
John Williams; Musician;
John Ally
Henry Baker
Thomas Ballard
Joseph Ballew
William Ballew
David Beam
James Bingham
Joseph Braddy
John K. Cloud
William Cochran
John Colbert
Thomas A.
William Constant
Othnell Couch
Harvey Covington
Peter Coward
Chas. Dickerson
Peter Doggett
Peter Daggett
Govan P. Edney
Edward D. Eliot
James Evington
Peter Evington
William Flynn
Morton Freeman
Charles Gilham
Andrew J. Gibbs
Samuel Gray
Adam Glover
Andrew Gross
Andrew Grose
Hoyle T. Gross
Hoyle T. Grose
William Hannon
Robert Hamilton
Carson Hill
James F. Hawkins
John Hutchinson
Wm. Hudgins
Jeremiah Jackson
Ambrose Jackson
Elias M. Lynch
David D. Kerr
James Morris
Robert King
Nimrod Kilpatrick
Richard Mcentire
Jonathan Owensby
Ambrose Owensby
Wm. D. Underwood
John S. Panther
John French
Alfred Richardson
Aaron Pritchet
Kinson Ridings
George W. Pruett
Joseph Suttle
William C. Richardson
Willis N. Turner
Joseph Robbins
Wm. Privett
Robert Tenison
Robert Walker
Matthew Wadkins
Nathan Wadkins
Matthew Watkins
Nathan Watkins


James C. Horton; Captain
Calvin C. Jones; 1st Lieutenant
Wm. K. Vancy; Ensign
Henry P. Clingman; Sergeant
Thos. S. Wellborn; Sergeant
Amos Bumgarner; 2nd Sergeant
David Yates; 4th Sergeant
Elijah Coffey; Corporal
Bennet B. Welch; Corporal
Edward Harris; Musician
Richard Sanders; Musician
John Adams
Riley Adams
Jesse Allison
William A. Ballew
Larkin Barlow
Larkin Barton
Aaron Barrington
Allen Beach
George L. Bean
John Bower
Meredith Brooks
Burton Brown
Carey Calloway
John Church
Robert Coffey
Henry Cope
Andrew Cox
Alfred Dala
Alfred Dola
Alfred Dula
James I. Dockery
David G. Grant
David G. Green
Thomas J. Hayes
William L. Horton
Young Humphrey
Hugh E.Jones
David G. Kendricks
Aquire Kirby
Thomas Lefevers
Lindsay Livingston
Burton Mcgee
William Mcginnis
Thomas Malthea
John Marion
John Mulice
John Mullis
William R. Mulice
William R. Mullis
Uriah Paine
Hugh Nelson
Ambrose Pearson
James Parson
Thomas Pipes
Peter Phillips
Francis Reynolds
Morton Proffit
John Robbins
James Richard
John Sanders
Charles Sanders
Lake Tribble
Abner Tribble
Theophlius Morgan
Larkin Walker
Basdel Walker
Abraham Winkler
Hezekiah Webster
Valet Yale
Jonathan Wesong
Merry W. Welch
Wm. P. Withespoon
Amos Wheeler
Edmond C. Wheelin


Wm. W. Peden; Captain
John Finley; Ensign
Eli Richards; 1st Sergeant
John Mastin; Sergeant
John Martin; 3rd Sergeant
Thomas Martin; 4th Sergeant
Thomas Mastin; 4th Sergeant
Samuel J. Beaugoss; Corporal
William B. Johnston; Corporal
Reuben W. Kilby; Corporal
Samuel S. Ward; Corporal
Elishia Pratt; Musician
Edward Rose; Musician
John Arms
Meridith Armstrong
Reuben Beaugoss
Decatur Bess
Alfred Brockson
Alfred Brackson
Richard Cass
William Cass
Samuel Castle
James Cheatham
Robert H. Cleveland
John B. Cryste
Thos. J. Dancy
Samuel J. Gambill
John Dishman
John Desham
Lorenzo D. Gilreath
James Green
Thomas Green
Hiram Gregory
Andrew Hall
Henry C. Hampton
Johnson Hampton
William Holloway
Wesley Howard
Hartwell Jackson
James Johnston
Jesse Johnston
John S. Johnston
William F. Jones
John Kennedy
Abraham Kilby
James Kilby
John B. Kilby
John Laws
David Loyal
Benjamin Martin
James Martin
Nathan G. Martin
William Miller
R. J. Millsaps
Lazarus Nicholason
William Perkins
John Peyton
Henry Rigsby
Solomon F. Rose
Washington T. Rose
Andrew Silcox
Harrison Smithy
Willis W. Smithy
Gabriel S. Smoot
Jefferson Springer
Martin Southard
Wm H. Stephens
Thomas A. Tomlin
Andrew Wadkins
Samuel C. Wellborn
John H. White
Alexander Whittington
John W. Whittington
William H. Whittington
Henry Williams
William Williams
Andrew Wakins
James N. Vancy
Barnett Yates
Hugh Yates
John D. Yates


Willliam D. Jones; Captain
Charles D. Penland; 2nd Lieutenant
William B. Case; Ensign
Wm. M. Worley; 1st Sergeant
Elias Jones; Sergeant
Thomas W. Jones; Sergeant
Robert Joice; Corporal
Henry Roberts; Corporal
Alexander Jones; Corporal
John Mcfee; 2nd Corporal
John Brown; 4th Corporal
Nathaniel Cochran; Musician
Humphrey Brookshear; Musician
John M. Able
John G. Alexander
Stephen Ashley
Josiah W. Askew
James Black
Travis Bond
Edwin Brown
Riley Cannon
William H. Cannon
Moses Cochran
James Cook
David C. Craig
Daniel Davis
Robert T. Davis
Benj. C. Duckett
Jacob Duckett
Jesse N. Duckett
Thomas O. Duckett
Wesley Duckett
Milton F. Edwards
William Edwards
John Fannon
John Fish
Bently Franklin
W. H. Garman
Nelson Gragg
Joseph J. Gudger
Joseph Haney
Thos. Houlk
Thos. Houp
Geo. W. Howell
Andrew Ingle
Samuel Jamison
Riley Jones
Jonathan King
Solomon Luther
Jason Mcfee
Gabriel Meace
Lewis Morgan
Nathan Paris
William Plemmons
Philip Price
James Ratcliffe
Aaron Reynolds
William Ricketts
John Right
Aaron Robeson
Reuben Robeson
David I. Roberts
Richard Roberts
Archibald Roberts
Davenport Rogers
James Rogers
Washington Sluder
Luther Solomon
Jacob Stafford
Edward Struart
Charles Struart
Edward Truart
Charles Truart
William Tate


Issac Truit; Captain
John Dickey; 1st Lieutenant
Alfred Hall; 2nd Lieutenant
Madison Parton; 1st Sergeant
George W. Hayes; 2nd Sergeant
Alfred Truit; 3rd Sergeant
Cornelius Cooper; 4th Sergeant
Jacob Wyke;St Corporal
Alfred Greenwood; Corporal
William Conley; Bugler
David Ashe
David Brown
Enoch Burnett
John Canceller
David N. Cline
Mark Coleman
Calvin A. Colvard
James Colvard
John Conley
Wm. B. Crews
John W. Crisp
William Crisp
John Davis
Morton Dehart
Geo. W. Dickey
James Franin
James L. F. Ellis
Logan Endsley
Robert Endsley
Logan Ensley
Robert Ensley
William P. Fouts
Amos Galien
John W. Gibbs;
Charles Grant
Thomas P. Hair
Hyde H. Harris
Richmond Hill
Hosea Jones
Leander Killian
William W. Killian
Baley J. Kilpatrick
Drewry Kilpatrick
Felix Kilpatrick
James Kirkland
John Kirkland
Samuel Leatherwood
Jacob R. Lindsay
Riley Martin
Henry S. Morrow
William W. Morrow
Feliz Panther
Jacob Panther
John Panther
Willis Parker
Evans Poindexter
Francis Poindexter
Edley Pritchard
James C. Pritchard
John Ramsey
John A. Robinson
Andrew Roland
Gideon F. Rose
William Sawyer
Wiley K. Shearer
James Sheats
Charles Shelton
Thomas Shepherd
Jonas B. Sherrell
Moses Sherrell
Jesse Smith
William Stanford
Andrew Truit
William West
Martin B. Williamson


Nathaniel Kelsey; Captain
Stephen L. Pace; 1st Lieutenant
J. W. Garland; 2nd Lieutenant
Ezekiel Phipps; 1st Sergeant
William C. Ledford; 3rd Sergeant
William Mcneal; 4th Sergeant
Sylvanus Dedman; 1st Corporal
Amos L. Ray ; 1st Corporal
Andrew Banks; 2nd Corporal
Gutridge Garland; 3rd Corporal
Wilson Mahan; Musician
Benjamin Allen;
Joseph P. Allen;
Nathan O. Allen
Nathaniel Allen;
Martin Angel;
William B. Banks
Alfred Barkley;
James Barnes;
J. P. Bates
Jeremiah Boon
Hugh Brown;
Amos Brown
Alfred Brown;
James H. Bryson;
Goldman Bryson
Aaron Burleson;
Charles Bumgarner
Berry Calloway
Thomas Burleson;
William J. Carson
Daniel Cline
William W. Collins
Adolphus Collins
Jesse A. Cline
Ben Coward;
Nathan Coward;
Edward Delozier
Riley Dimsdale;
Robert Dobson;
Benjamin Elder
William R. Elder;
B. M. Enloe;
Grun Felmet
Joseph Fergusaon;
William Fergusaon;
Henry P. Foster
John Gamble;
Isaac Gibson;
William Hall
James Harris;
Max Harris;
Minter Hedgecock
Elizer Higdon;
Lewis Hogue;
Lewis Homes
William Ingram;
Henderson Jones;
William Jones
Thos. O. Lambert;
G. W. Lawless;
Jackson Leatherwood
Samuel Leatherwood
John M. Ledford;
C. P. Mcamish
David Mccoy;
John Mcfarland;
Arcibald Mcmahon
Charles Mcpeters;
James Mace-Mase;
Solomon Messer
John Mingus;
William Millard;
Lawson Mitchell
Lawson A. Mingus;
John H. Moody;
James Moody
James W. Patterson
Spencer Nations
J. W. Peak
John R. Patterson;
Joseph Ray;
B. A. Quinn
George Wilson;
John W. Ray;
Joseph A. Redman
Samuel Robinson;
Wyatt Robinson;
Nasa M. Shelton
Asa Sherrill;
George Sherrill;
John A. Shular;
Nathan Spencer;
David Watkins;
Melvin P.Whittington;
Jason Wiggins;
Elisha Wilson
Abner Wright