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Minutes of the 98th Annual Session of the Mountain District Primitive Baptist Association

Convened with the

Meadow Creek Church
Grayson County, Virginia

September 25, 1896

Ordained Ministers and Their P.O.

Wm. Lundy – Cabell, Virginia
J. D. Vass – Cabell, Virginia
E. E. Lundy – Cabell, Virginia
C. H. Collins – Ennice, North Carolina
W. R. Craft – Elk Creek, Virginia
P. K. Roberts – Summerfield, Virginia
F. M. Hackler – Summerfield, Virginia
S. M. Dickey – Independence, Virginia


1st. Introductory sermon was delivered by Elder W. R. Craft, from the 6th verse of the 14th chapter of St. John: “Jesus said unto him, I am the way and the truth and the life” etc.

2nd. After a few minutes intermission the messengers assembled in the house and were called to order by singing and prayer by the Moderator.

3rd. Called for newly constituted churches and received Pilgrim’s Rest from Grayson Co., by giving her messengers the right hand of fellowship.

4th. Received and read letters from all our churches and then were organized by appointing Elder Wm. Lundy, Moderator and B. Rector, Clerk.

5th. Called for correspondents and received from the Washington a letter and file of minutes; from the Senter Elder R. J. Fender, J. E. Craft, and Bro. J. B. McMillan with minutes; from Roaring River Elder W. R. Welborn with letter and minutes; from New River, Elder J. M. Jennings with Bros. N. L. Semonas, G. F. Burroughs and T. R. White; from Fisher’s River, Elder C. B. Denny with minutes and visitors A. C. Woodruff and C. W. York; Indian Creek, Elders H. M. Farley, J. A. Matherly and Bro. L. M. Poe; Silver Creek; Abbott’s Creek, minutes; Country Line, Mayo, Pig River, Smith River, Bear Creek, Red Bird, White Oak, Kehukee, some of them minutes, and some no news.

6th. Authorized the Moderator to make all temporary appointments at this session.

7th. Appointed G. W. Hawks, L. H. Hampton and George McReeves with the messengers of this church to arrange the preaching at this session, who appointed for Saturday: 1st. R. J. Fender from Senter; 2nd H. M. Farley from Indian Creek; 3rd J. A. Matherly from Indian Creek; 4th J. M. Jennings from New River.

8th. Appointed correspondents: To Washington, J. D. Vass, F. M. Hackler; to Senter, P. K. Roberts and C. L. Carr; Roaring River, Elders C. H. Collins, P. K. Roberts, W. R. Craft, Wm. Lundy, and Bros. A. A. Johnson, H. D. Estep, and H. S. Edwards; to New River, Elders Wm. Lundy and W. R. Craft; Indian Creek, Wright Wingate, P. K. Roberts, W. R. Craft, Wm. Lundy, F. M. Hackler, and Bros. W. Brindle and T. S. Higgins; Silver Creek, W. R. Craft and R. M. Halsey; Abbott’s Creek; Mayo; Country Line; Smith River; Pig River; Bear Creek; White Oak; Kehukee, and Red Bird we send minutes.

9th. Appointed a committee on arrangements: W. R. Craft, F. M. Hackler, C. H. Collins, P. K. Roberts and J. W. McBride with the Moderator and Clerk and correspondents and transients invited to sit with them.

10th. Adjourned until 9 o’clock tomorrow morning. Prayer by P. K. Roberts.

Saturday, Sept. 26, 1896

Met pursuant to adjournment. Prayer by J. D. Vass.

1st. Called the Roll of Messengers.

2nd. Called on the committee of arrangements who reported and were discharged.

3rd. Read the Constitution and Rules of Decorum.

4th. Appointed a committee on finance: J. M. Dickey, L. H. Hampton and Geo. McReeves who reported from the churches $26.65; to the clerk $3.00; for printing minutes $12.00; to correspondents $11.65

5th. Called on correspondents who reported and were discharged.

6th. The committee on the ministry reported for Sunday: 1st H. M. Farley; 2nd J. A. Matherly, both from Indian Creek; 3rd J. E. Craft, from Senter; 4th J. M. Jennings, from New River.

7th. Appointed a Union meeting at Antioch church the 4th Saturday and Sunday in July, next, Lundy and C. H. Collins to attend; one at Elk Creek the 2nd Saturday and Sunday in July, next, Wm. Lundy, W. R. Craft and C.H. Collins to attend; one at Meadow Creek the 1st Saturday and Sunday in August, next, Lundy, Craft and Collins to attend: one at Zion the 2nd Saturday and Sunday in August, next, Craft, Lundy and Vass to attend.

8th. Noticed the standing of the Senter Association and appointed Elders Wm. Lundy and W. R. Craft to write her a friendly letter.

9th. Appointed a committee to examine the standing and order of the churches in our association, to wit: Elders Wm. Lundy, W. R. Craft and C.H. Collins who shall report to our next association.

10th. Ordered the Clerk to be appointed Treasurer and have 1200 copies of these minutes printed and distributed as usual.

11th. Resolved. That our next association be held with the Little River Church, Alleghany Co., N.C., to commence on Friday before the 4th Sunday in Sept., 1897. J. D. Vass to preach the Introductory and F. M. Hackler, alternate.

12th. Resolved, That we tender our thanks to God and the brethern and friends of this section for their kindness shown us at this meeting.

13th. Resolved, That we now adjourn to the time and place of our next meeting. Prayer by the Moderator.

Elder Wm. Lundy, Moderator
B. Rector, Clerk


Sunday, the preaching was according to arrangements. 1st H. M. Farley, correspondent from Indian Creek, Text: “And he said unto me, son of man, can these bones live,” etc. 2nd, J. A. Matherly, from Indian Creek, Text: Isaiah 12th verse 11th chapter, “He shall set up an ensign for the nations,” etc. 3rd J. E. Craft from the Senter association, Text: Romans 8th chapter, 32nd verse, “He that spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all,” etc. The congregation was very large and the people behaved well, so closed a harmonious session of the Mountain association with a warm admonition by J. M. Jennings, from New River.

Obituary of Elder Wm. Hawkins

By request the undersigned proceed, though unworthy to do justice to the honor and dignity of such a distinguished character in the Ministerial duties as Elder Hawkins was. He was born in Ashe Co., N.C., Oct. 18th, 1826. Died at his home on Rock Creek, Grayson Co., Va., Nov. 22, 1894. He was married to Miss Mary J. McBride, Aug. 17, 1851. Professed a home in Christ in Sept., 1856 and joined Rock Creek church the following October. Was baptized the 16th of Nov., 1856, by Elder Enoch Reeves. Was ordained deacon, Aug. 19, 1868, and licensed to preach Nov. 5, 1870, and was ordained to the ministry July 8, 1872, by Elders George Douglas, Thos. Carr, Wm. Lundy, B. E. Caudill, S. M. Dickey and G. Hackler. Elder Hawkins was elected moderator of the Mountain association in 1893 and ’94. We have heard of those who were raised up with him stating he was a genteel young man and of respectability. Brother Hawkins was an officer of his county before the war, and, if not mistaken, was solicited to run for the legislature. Brother Hawkins was generally appointed as a correspondent to sister associations which he was prompt to fill as he was in all his appointments. He traveled thousands of miles through wet and dry, heat and cold, preaching glad tidings of great joy, and in his latter days was undoubtedly possessed with brighter views and revelations. He was a little slow in starting our on his text, but seldom failed to get the attention of his hearers. He was a bold servant and earnestly contended for the true faith and doctrine of the Old and New Testament scriptures and in preaching that doctrine he exhibited as much energy and as great zeal as any minister of his day. He was often heard to say in his preaching that Christ the Son of God redeemed his bridde and that upon the tree of the cross by the one sacrifice hath forever perfected they that are sanctified. His house was a home for the traveling ministers. He was entertaining in his conversation and instructive. Was appointed pastor of his own church and several others. He seemed to be greatly impressed in teaching the practical duties of the church and the discriminating laws of Zion and in unfolding the glorious mysteries of the oracles of God’s word to the edification of saints and the feeding of both sheep and lambs. The doctrine that he preached was not his, but his who sent him. He sought not to please men, thereby proving to be a servant of God, ever standing firm and unwavering upon the walls of Zion, contending for sound doctrine of the Bible, of which the scriptures encroach from the 1st of Genesis to the last of Revelations, notwithstanding the time would come when some would not endure sound doctrine. The highly esteemed Brother Hawkins preached salvation by grace through Christ before the world began. We traveled with him during last season to the churches and to some of the corresponding associations and the more we traveled and became acquainted the better we loved him. He was honored and esteemed by all sound Primitive Baptist.

He preached his last sermon at the Roaring River association on Sunday the 14th of Oct., last. We were sorry to see him standing in the cold, bleak wind, looking almost as pale as a corpse. He was taken ill on his return home. We visited him on his dying bed, he seemed to bear up with great courage and fortitude, but finally had to succumb to the monster death, leaving a kind and affectionate wife with many friends to mourn their loss, but not as those who have no hope. He was visited by many friends and followed by a very large concourse of people to his funeral and grave where he lies to await the sound of the great trump of God.

Wm. Lundy, C. H. Collins, P. K. Roberts, J. M. Dickey.

Churches Names of Messengers Members
Mitchell’s River C. Gentry, S. Snow, J. J. Mays 15
Chestnut Grove G. W. Hawks, O. S. Lyons 23
Good Hope Wm. Lundy, J. D. Vass, Bledsoe Rector 52
Crooked Creek Wesley Brindle, H. C. Davis, Legrand Sumner 71
Mt. Lebanon M. F. Edwards 11
Coleman S. Pane, T. M. Cox, C. L. Carr 27
Meadow Creek T. S. Higgins, R. M. Davis, Fielden Rector 31
Cross Roads L. H. Hampton, J. O. Brewer, Thomas Jennings 130
Crab Creek C. H. Collins, A. B. Hawks, B. Rector 37
Rock Creek J. B. Rector, A. W. Taft, L. A. Boyer 72
Pilgrim’s Rest P. K. Roberts, F. M. Hackler, J. M. Roberts 10
Knob Fork Ephraim Boyer, M. Moss 11
Little River John Choate, W. F. Rector 65
Zion H. M. Crouse, M. T. Norman, C. F. Edwards 60
Jordan Jackson Osborn, John Murry 31
New River E. M. Edwards, G. R. Edwards, Wiley Hudson 26
Peach Bottom Wright Wyngate, J. M. Dickey, J. W. McBride 31
Saddle Creek S. M. Dickey, Bluford Hawkins 117
Fox Creek R. M. Halsey, F. N. Roup, Mastin Halsey 84
Elk Creek J. W. Hawthorn, Geo. McReeves, Calvin Caudill 78
Piney Creek John Busick, G. R. Hash 71
Union Isom Fender, T. R. Caudill, W. M. Spicer 96
Antioch W. R. Craft, H. D. Estep, J. W. Tedder 84
Laurel Creek Salathiel Greer, Floyd Parks 23