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Letter from W. C. Parker

OAK HILL, VA., November 7, 1864.

Captain VENABLE:

This will be handed you by Mr. Young, who is on his way to his command with Mr. Greer. Captain Baldwin and myself, and indeed this entire community, have been anxiously looking for a dispatch from General Breckinridge in regard to our appeals for men to protect the country from the enemy, whom we learn are concentrating their forces in Alleghany County and other points, and should be promptly met and driven off or captured. Captain Baldwin wishes immediate action, if at all, and would like permission of the general to retain what soldiers are now in the county on furlough, &c., with the privilege of recruiting from details, &c. Can’t you see the general at once, and dispatch back by Messrs. Young and Greer? I learn that there is a notice now stuck up on our court-house door from the Tories to our enrolling officer and guard to leave the county at once. This, with the threatening aspect of affairs, requires, in my judgment, prompt action. We have no force to repel any invasion upon our property. I trust the general will see the importance of responding to the call promptly. Unless we have aid from some source it is probable we may all go up, and that at an early day. If the general will not give the commission Baldwin asks for, won’t he commission some one as captain and not limit the number of men he may recruit. Let us hear from you.

Truly yours,