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John Frost Cemetery

Carroll County, Virginia

Sulphur Springs District

Location: Hebron Community

Directions: On the west side of Rt. 635 (Hebron Road), 1.7 miles north of Rt. 887 (Glendale Road), a short distance from the end of Roseberry Lane.

GPS Coordinates: N 36.718332 W 80.895640

Surveyed by: Buford C. Wilson; 29 Aug 1999, Updated 12 Apr 2010;

Comments: The cemetery is located on land that was part of John Frost’s farm. As you travel through the fields to the cemetery you will pass by an old slave cemetery. There are no marked graves there.

John Frost enlisted as a soldier in the Revolutionary War in 1777. He served for five years at several different locations, including Valley Forge, where he was a guard at George Washington’s Camp.

After the war he traveled to North Carolina where on June 8 1786, he married a lady named Mary. Her last name is unknown. Some people believe she was the daughter of William Carico, but there is no proof that this is so. Other researchers think John Frost was the son of Ezekiel Frost and Alice Hopkins and that he married Mary Fannin, who was the daughter of John Fannin Sr. and Elizabeth Lipps. John and Mary had eleven children: Stephen-Alice-Ezekiel-Isabell-John-Elizabeth-Sarah-James-Rebecca-Jonas-Simeon.

Some of the old markers have been lost in time and it is difficult to find the location or number of unmarked graves. John and Mary’s markers have been lost. A government marker was erected for John in 1976. Mary’s grave is unmarked. The cemetery is well fenced but it is abandoned. Information in [brackets] is not on the stone.

John Frost Cemetery, Carroll County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
Unknown 3 fieldstones
WHITTIER, Lusinda [About 1848] 16 May 1912 d/o James Frost & Rachel Pierce ; w/o William K. Whittier
Row 2
FROST, “Frank” 19 Apr 1855 22 Nov 1944 Francis Madison; s/o Simeon Frost & Louvinia Lineberry; h/o Callie G. Linticum; Frank Frost took his wife and 5 children Dora-William Simeon-Dillie Ann-Emma M.-Callie F., and went west. He returned here in his old age and claimed he had been married 7 times
FROST, Simeon 18 Sep 1825 24 May 1913 Shared stone with next; s/o James Frost & Rachel Pierce
FROST, Louvenia 20 Jun 1828 14 Nov 1891 d/o Francis Lineberry & Elizabeth Wilkerson; w/o Simeon Frost
FROST, E. E. 1850 24 Nov 1855 I believe this is Elizabeth Frost d/o Simeon Frost & Louvinia Lineberry; Initials and date are scratched on a rock and difficult to read
FROST, John 1756 [13 Jul] 1834 New Jersey Cpl. 4th N. J. Regt. Revolutionary War
FROST, Mary After 1840 Unmarked; w/o John Frost
FROST, James 1864 Aged 64 yrs and 4 days; s/o James & Mary Frost
Unknown Rock with J. F.1863 scratched on it
FROST, A. J. 10 Jul 1875
FROST, Rachel [16 Jan 1885] Aged 74 yrs and 9 days; d/o Moses Pierce & Ellender Bird; w/o James Frost
Row 3
Unknown fieldstone
WHITTINGTON, John C. 17 Oct 1922 01 Sep 1929 John Cloyd; s/o Zelma Carl “Pete” Whittington & Myrtle Luella Felts
WHITTINGTON, S. F. [18 Apr] 1885 [08 Mar 1887] Simeon Frost; s/o Thomas Carson Whittington & Alvertie Louvinia Frost
FROST, Moses [23 Sep 1827] 14 Jan 1913 s/o James Frost & Rachel Pierce
Row 4
FROST, Clayton Willis 11 Sep 1899 05 Mar 1912 s/o John Melvin Frost & Nickatie Virginia Bowers
FROST, Troy S. 15 Aug 1890 14 Feb 1893 Troy Simeon; s/o John Melvin Frost & Nickatie Virginia Bowers
FROST, John M. 30 Dec 1869 05 Sep 1945 Shared stone with next; John Melvin; s/o Simeon Frost & Louvinia Lineberry
FROST, Nickatie V. [05 Sep] 1869 [26 Sep 1948] Nickatie Virginia; d/o John Wesley Bowers & Matilda Hylton; w/o John Melvin Frost
Row 5
WORRELL, Simeon T. 09 Nov 1891 24 May 1893 s/o Steward Wise Worrell & Laura Belle Frost
WORRELL, Hausel O. 20 Jul 1894 29 Nov 1898 s/o Steward Wise Worrell & Laura Belle Frost
WORRELL, Baby 21 Feb 1894 1 day old; d/o Steward Wise Worrell & Laura Belle Frost
WORRELL, Laura B. 04 Mar 1874 28 Mar 1911 Laura Belle; d/o Simeon Frost & Louvinia Lineberry w/o Steward Wise Worrell
Row 6
FROST, Mary Ellen [05 May 1894] 17 Sep 1894 d/o Lee Arthur Frost & Lydia Ellen Chappell
FROST, Rosey I believe this is Bedie Frost d/o Lee Arthur Frost & Lydia Ellen Chappell
FROST, Bennie Clene [31 May 1907] [25 Jul 1912] s/o Lee Arthur Frost & Lydia Ellen Chappell
FROST, Liddie E. [05 Nov 1867] 17 Feb 1918 Lydia Ellen; d/o Isaac Chappell & Eleanor L. Farmer; w/o Lee Arthur Frost
Unknown 2 fieldstones