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Minutes of the Jefferson Baptist Association — 1868

Twentieth Annual Session

Held With the Mt. Pleasant Church
Ashe County, N.C.

Commencing Friday, August 21st, 1868
J. Eller, Clerk, Jefferson, N.C.


Mt. Pleasant, Ashe County, N.C.
Friday, Aug. 21st, 1868

The annual sermon was preached by Elder Israel Hollow, from the Briar Creek Association.
Then, after a short recess, the Association convened in the meeting-house; and, after prayer, the Association was called to order by Eld. J. Blevins, Moderator of last year.
Letters from five churches were presented and read, and the names of delegates enrolled.
Then, on motion, the Association proceeded to the election of officers: Eld. J. Blevins was elected Moderator, and Br. J. Eller, Clerk and Treasurer.
Then read rules of order, and invited correspondents from Briar Creek; and Eld’s Israel Hollow and Wm. Dowel came forward and accepted seats.
Then, on motion, extended an invitation to correspondents from United Baptist: None present.
Then, on motion, invited correspondents from the Lebanon except members from Antioch and Young’s Chapel Churches. None came forward.
The Moderator then announced the following Committees:
On Devotional Exercise–David Blevins, and C. Penington, with the delegates from Mt. Pleasant Church.
On Arrangements–David Blevins, P. Blevins, D. Sheats, Jas. Blevins and E. Blevins, with the Moderator and Clerk.
On Finance–T. M. Duncan and W. Thompson
On Resolutions–Eld. W. Dowel, A. Pennington, and S. Denny.
On Propositions and Grievances–Eld’s Israel Hollow, W. Dowel, P. Blevins, A. Barker and Daniel Blevins.
The committee on Devotional Exercise report for to-night, W. Dowel; and on to-morrow Elder Hollow.
On motion, adjourned till to-morrow morning 9 o’clock; and that half hour be sepnt in devotional exercise. Prayer by Br. L. Barker.

Saturday Morning, August 22nd, 1868

Met pursuant to adjournment. Exercises conducted by Eld. W. Dowel.

The Moderator called the Association to order. Then called the roll and marked the absentees. Then read and adopted the minutes of yesterday.

  1. On motion, called on Committee of Arrangements; Report read and adopted.
  2. Called on correspondents to Sister Associations to report: Those appointed to Brier Creek, report that the attended that body and were kindly received. Report adopted.

    The messengers to Lebanon and United Baptist report that they failed to go, on account of sickness, and were excused.

  3. The Committee on Devotional Exercise report that Elder W. Dowel, will preach at 2 o’clock P.M. and to-night at the usual hour.
  4. On motion, called on committee to procure a blank book and copy the minutes for use of the Association. Report read and adopted.
  5. On motion, appointed correspondents to Sister Associations: To Brier Creek, J. Green; Isaac M. Carter, T. M. Duncan and Eld. J. Blevins. To the Yadkin, D. Sheats and D. Blevins. To the Lebanon, Eld. J. Blevins, J. Eller, Jas. Blevins, and A. Barker. To United Baptist, David Blevins, P. Blevins, S. Denny and L. Barker.
  6. On motion, appointed the next Association to be held with Apple Grove Church 16 miles north of Jefferson, to commence Friday before the second Sabbath in September, 1869: Elder J. Blevins to preach the annual sermon, and Br. Levi Barker his alternate.
  7. Called on committee of Finance: Report appendixes at letter A.
  8. On motion, Br. D. Sheats was appointed to try to procure the minutes of this Association from its formation to the present time.
  9. On motion, called on Treasurer, who reported satisfactory. See report at Letter B.
  10. On motion, adjourned for half hour.

    Afternoon Session

  11. The committee on Obituary, submitted their report, which was adopted. See report at letter C.
  12. On motion, the Treasurer is instructed to liquidate his debt out of the funds now in his hands.
  13. On motion, the Clerk is requested to superintend the printing of our Minutes, and have two hundred copies struck, and that he have $4.00 for his services.
  14. The committee on Resolutions reported. See report at letter D.
  15. The committee on Propositions and Grievances made their report which was adopted. See report at letter E.
  16. On motion the messengers to the Lebanon Association be requested to inform that body that we wish them to adjust the grievance that arose from Landmark Church, otherwise will have to drop correspondence with them.
  17. On motion, considered the Query from Landmark Church: After some discussion it was laid on the table.
  18. Then, on motion, called on committee on Devotional Exercises, who reported that Eld. W. Dowel will preach on to-morrow at 11 o’clock; and Eld. Israel Hollow at 1 o’clock.
  19. Then on motion, adjourned to the time and place appointed.

J. Blevins, Moderator
J. Eller, Clerk


Your committee report that we received from the Churches $20.10
Clerk’s compensation $ 4.00
For Printing $16.10


T. M. Duncan, Chairman


Received from the Association $16.08
Paid former Treasurer 1.95
For Printing Minutes 15.00
Clerk’s compensation 5.00
Total Expense 21.95
Leaving in the hands of the Association: $5.87


Whereas, it hath pleased our Heavenly Father to remove from labor to his rest above, our beloved brother, Elder A. Blevins, who was a faithful minister of the Jefferson Association, for sixteen years, and a faithful minister of God for a long time; who assisted in the ordination of ministers, deacons, and churches, and was universally beloved by all who knew him.

Resolved, That we consider the loss we have sustained in his death, irreparable to us, but eternal gain to him. May we all imitate his example and be prepared to meet him above.

He expired on the14th day of June, 1868, in the 53rd year of his age.

A. Penington, Chairman


Resolved, That the thanks fo this Association are due and hereby tendered to the brethern and citizens of this vicinity for their kind hospitality during the sitting of this body.

A. Penington


Dear Brethren: We have examined into a matter of grievance with the Antioch Church, and some fo the members of Young’s Chapel Church, to wit: Eld. W. C. Parks and Jas. Sheerwood [sic]. Whereas, a portion of Old Landmark Church agrees to dissolve the church and take letters of dismission to join other churches, after which a part of the church became dissatisfied, and rescinded the act of dissolving the church, the balance having letters, embodied themselves, in order to be constituted into a church in the immediate neighborhood of two other churches, contrary to the wishes of said church, without being set off or dismissed for that purpose,–said Presbytery being notified that it was against the wish of the members that removed Landmark Church, which course we believed to be contrary to Baptist usage.

I. Hollow, Chairman

Baptist Chapel is supplied by the labors of Eld. J. Blevins and L. Barker; has a Sabbath School and is in a prosperous condition.

Apple Grove mourns the loss of Eld. A. Blevins. Is supplied monthly by the labors of Eld. J. Blevins, J. Green and L. Barker. Church small, but in harmony and deserved to be built up.

Landmark is supplied by the labors of Eld. J. Blevins, T. M. Duncan and L. Barker, and is in harmony, with Antioch Church and Young’s Chapel, the difficulty existing between them having been adjusted. She prays for better times.

Mt. Pleasant has a flourishing Sabbath School, and has preaching regular. Pastor, Eld. J. Blevins; and the labors of Eld. A. Johnson, part of the time, from the United Baptist Association. Also J. Green, T. M. Duncan, and L. Barker have aided this church very much for the past year.

White Top has the labors of Eld. J. Blevins and L. Barker; is in a prosperous condition; carried on a flourishing Sabbath School, and has been doing much good.

On Sabbath, the closing day of this annual session, there began a revival and continued until Wednesday following. And sinners came flocking to the mercy seat for pardon; and there was a goodly number of conversions to Christ; and we hope there were many more brought to repentance and faith in Christ. So mote it be.


Statistical Table
Church Counties Post Offices Delegates Membership
Baptist Chapel Ashe Big Helton W. Thompson, P. Blevins, D. Sheats, D. Blevins 88
Apple Grove Ashe Big Helton A. Penington, D. Tucker, D. Blevins, E. Blevins 16
Landmark Ashe Big Helton T. M. Duncan, L. Barker, J. Denny 29
Mt. Pleasant Ashe Walnut Hill J. Blevins, D. Blevins, J. Eller, I.M. Carter, J. Green 42
WhiteTop Grayson, VA Big Helton C. Penington, Allen Blevins, Jas. Blevins, J. Edmunson 39
Total 214